Mirror Hour 02:02 Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

When you happen to come across a mirror hour of 2:02 a.m., know that it was your subconscious that led you to do so, to communicate a message to you. A Swiss research psychiatrist speaks of “synchronicity” when seeing these two figures, which means that this meeting is far from being a coincidence. The Carl Jung theory above, therefore, explains why people who fall on this hour experience strange feelings. Let’s find out more about the mirror hour 02:02.

Meaning of 02:02 with guardian angels

The message brought by the guardian angels through this hour is: work on your own person! They tell you that you often face inner conflict or confuse good with bad. This is where you have to take your time to think things through in order to avoid possible bad decisions. Sensitive as you are, you feel great compassion for what people are going through. You have an underlying gift for mediumship , if you are considering studying esotericism (the study of dreams) your angel will provide you with a lot of information. Your altruism in the professional field, to the point of wanting to lead without showing your authority, can turn against you, and your colleagues may no longer consider you.

You are endowed with a charitable soul, you fear hurting the people around you, but dare to express your ideas and your interests otherwise, your generosity will be easily abused. In case you plan to associate with someone in the context of work, or you want to know if the chosen one of your heart is the right person, your guardian angels reassure you, go for it! You are a person steeped in qualities, You can get along with everyone.

Which natural stone is linked to the mirror hour 02:02?

Linked to decisions, their importance and the search for truth, the mirror hour 02:02 indicates a stage of choice between several options. Thus, the natural stones allowing to enlighten the thought and to exercise these choices in an effective way, are linked to this mirror hour. Also, it is important to know the type of natural stone corresponding to this precise time.

To know the type of natural stone in relation to this particular mirror hour, it is possible for you to carry out a test in connection with lithotherapy, indicating to you exactly the stone which will correspond to you. So, know how to fully assert yourself and execute the right decisions, starting to know your stone.

Angelic interpretation of the mirror hour 02:02

Achaia is the angel coinciding with the mirror hour 2:02 a.m., he is active during the period from 2:00 a.m. to 2:20 a.m., he symbolizes kindness, indulgence, forgiveness and beneficence. He is your guide in life, and clarifies the right paths for you to take, at the end of each confusion that you come across, he reaches out to you. This angel allows you to access the world of spirituality, by providing you with knowledge and gifts relating to faith and vibrational energies.

If you practice meditation while remaining alone with yourself, invoke this cherub to get a vision of the previous worlds that concern you. He will also be there to reveal to you all the enigmas and mysteries of esotericism, that is to say the study of dreams. He imparts divine patience to you. Pray for him, he will bring solutions to your most difficult problems and accompany you in your ups and downs. It is important to find after the message of the guardian angel when you see a mirror hour 02:02 , because it is communicating precious advice and important indications that one needs in life.

Numerological meaning of the hour 02:02

Let’s calculate the numerological value of the mirror hour 02:02, here’s how to proceed: we add 0+2+0+2=4 so we have a sum of value 4. Let’s find out more about what this number is hiding from us. This figure highlights your powerful focus, you are a persevering person, when it comes to achieving a goal you go out of your way to get there.

You are a methodical and orderly person in your affairs and this is your workhorse in life. The 4 also shows how much you care for your future, it is hardly a game, the thing for which you want to design anything you undertake, on a rigid basis. You opt for balance and stability in your friendly, professional and emotional relationships.

You show a lot of realism in life, and you don’t let yourself be carried away by excessive goals, which qualifies you as modest. Your pet peeve in life is the unexpected. You evolve in trades that require a lot of precision and success accompanies you. Be careful to distance yourself from others, be sociable and listen to those around you.

Interpretation of the mirror hour 02:02 with the tarot

The arcana tarot corresponding to the mirror hour 02:02 is the popess. It is the second card of the tarots of Marseilles, it symbolizes introspection which is the dominance of mental activity over physical activity. In the divine sense, the high priestess designates studies and instruction, it is for this reason that she promotes meditation and thought.

It alludes to wisdom and confidence. It lifts the veil on delicate mysteries through the intuitive impressions it provides. This card also includes negative and positive points that we will discover below, accompanied by a summary.

Arcane Positives

The Popess is reserved, she faithfully guards all her thoughts, and she wants to live and evolve in the circle of confidentiality. It is a card that represents the analytical sense and the meditative sense, so it encompasses intellectual and moral activities.

This implies that you will reasonably manage all the situations that you will encounter in your life path, in short, you show wisdom and maturity. She also announces the news to you, that there is someone close to you, who has feelings of love for you, a love that begins to bloom little by little.

Negatives of the arcana

When we talk about the negative points of the popess, we are talking about closure, a blocked case or a situation full of barriers and pitfalls. The High Priestess tells you that you analyze a lot, you reflect abundantly, and tells you that by dint of thinking and rethinking you can miss the train and lose the objective in question, time waits for no one, dare.

In addition, it signals withdrawal and withdrawal, you are distant and not very communicative with others, be careful not to fall into the trap of isolation, especially with your family, otherwise, it will tear itself apart.

Summary and advice of the arcana

Emotionally, the High Priestess is a symbol of compatibility, agreement, understanding, and agreement, but if you’re in a relationship that’s turned upside down, work on these points together to find balance. The popess declares to you the arrival of a child, a conception, a birth for you, or for someone around you.

On the professional level, it shows an expectation, that you will go through a training period before having your job. Finally, on the financial level, she brings out security, she admires the good management of your money, you spend it only for what is necessary.

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