Discover how to know God from the privacy of your room

Discover how to know God from the privacy of your room

Many wonder how to know God, from the intimacy of the room, because this is glorious and allows us to develop a good life, where he stays in our hearts. Therefore, it is important to mention that there are many methods that allow us to open our souls to God. The need to be intimate with him is given to us through the knowledge of what he asks and offers for us. It is important to know that we were created to have a good development with our Creator.

How to know God from the intimacy of the room?

It is important when we want to have intimacy, we must be clear to know God that he loves us and for this reason he wants our company in his merciful and glorious life. Our Lord, in creating us, gave the best of himself. In the same way, he sought to deliver his most precious elements to his only-begotten son, in order to redeem the acts committed by Adam, which led him to renounce the garden, that is, He sought in this way intimacy with us.

Intimacy from the room is not an element that involves only one person. That is, it takes two to do it correctly. Our Heavenly Father has sought various ways to walk alongside humanity. (See: The Bible )

Proof of this is when he walked with Adam and Eve in Eden, until today in which he has sought that our sins be forgiven through the recognition and forgiveness of them, in order to reach the kingdom of God.

After all this, we must be clear then, that there are steps to get to know God

The first step to know and have an intimacy with the Lord, focuses on opening our hearts, in this way to know through his word every trait that awakens our love for him. This process is done through the Holy Spirit, who is in our soul.

God reveals to us through his spirit how to examine and open our hearts to know him in depth and in this way commit ourselves to his will towards our lives.

The second step focuses on starting a life with the presence of the Lord every day. For this, it is necessary to long for his presence and call him through prayer, expressing that he is a refuge for us. For our being always desires his presence in our lives through his blessed spirit.

On the other hand, the third step to become intimate and know God is due to the production of an intimate relationship that occurs through a direct prayer to the Father, always waiting for Jesus to send us signs to open us to the Creator.

Jesus reveals himself in the darkness of the early morning, because this is precisely the time in which he began to pray in the times in which he walked the earth to save us.

your passionate desire

The Lord has been very passionate since he began his desire to improve the relationship with humanity after the actions that led Adam and Eve to sin. God works intensely through the ages, with the objective that humanity return to intimate communion with the Creator, which is why as time passed, the process of intimacy began from the comfort of the room.

Our Creator, through his passion for us, gave us the supreme gift of being able to walk with him in the garden of life. It is from this garden that the Lord called the first man. Because of his mistakes, the Lord is waiting for us to go there, after opening our hearts to his glorious will.

It is by opening our hearts that we are able to understand the desires of intimacy that God desires with us, these in turn lead to a full life, full of peace and blessings. We must then have an incessant search with God, with the purpose of having a good relationship with him.

It is important then that we understand that the best way to communicate and become intimate with God from the comfort of the room is through a very good perception of who the Lord is and what he wants for us. When we do not understand his actions, it is very difficult for us to have an intimate relationship with the Creator.

On the other hand, it should be known that circumstances in our lives are sometimes those that do not allow us to approach in harmony with the Lord. For it is our Creator who always picks up our steps. The Lord will always be ready then to embrace and protect us, because we are his children.

your word

The word of God indicates that his desire is our strength, it is our castle, therefore our room is our spiritual chamber. Our Creator then is our only refuge and hiding place. God as our creator offers us the security we need to live.

That is why we must understand that we can be intimate with our Creator and it is he who offers us security. In fact, we must understand that it is God who incorporates and knows all the sectors of our life, improving each one and allowing harmony and peace in each of them.

For this reason, we must go to God and cling to the fact that we are doing exactly his will, because he is the only one who knows why we were created and he will never reject our soul. The Lord is never partial to anyone, we maintain an abundant life when we are in the presence of God.

We cannot know God if we do not spend time with him. Intimacy with God from our bedroom then develops as an intimate contact between father and son. It is this that will allow us to have the confidence to expect him to direct our lives. The Creator will always have the desire through his words to speak with us.

God knows everything we do and he is in every moment of our lives, showing his love for us. It is important to understand then that one must achieve intimacy with the Lord in order to perceive the love that he has to give us.


According to the scriptures, God loves us and his love multiplies the happy moments in our lives. That is why we must understand that in certain areas of life we ​​need to know God’s opinion to develop our lives in a better way.

In the scriptures, on the other hand, it is reflected that the Lord wishes to have a long communion with us, encouraging us to improve our lives every day. That is why we must have a constant fellowship with the Lord. (See: New Testament )

It is also recommended that if you want to have a more intimate experience with the Lord, we meet from the comfort of our room and place or read elements that reflect the Lord’s will with us. Intimacy with God is not just about talking, it is also about moments when we silently connect with him, meditating on his goodness and love.

It is important to think of God

To live correctly one must think of the Lord. In addition to this, we must seek to walk through the world as Jesus did when he was on earth and made relationships with man in the same way that we did.

When you spend time thinking about God and his word, everything flows and in this way allows us to feed our heart with love, which allows good guidance and encouragement in life. The more we think about and know about God, the more we can spend time with him, from the comfort of our bed, which allows us to have a greater connection with the Lord.

The intimacy in your room allows you to listen and hear. The Lord responds through our hearts with love and blessings towards us. With God we can communicate through the word or meditation, his will will always influence our hearts.

God loves us

God always manifests himself in our lives through our thoughts, actions, desires and dreams, in them he always shows us that he loves us. He always wants us to tell him what we feel for him and commit ourselves as the good children that we are. Fidelity must be part of our lives.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that there is nothing that cannot be said to the Creator that allows intimate comfort from your room, since it is a private space that reflects you as a person and allows you a simpler connection. Because there is nothing in his heart and thoughts that he wants us to hide from him as children that we are. God does not want us to bear a yoke.

God loves us eternally, in turn through faith we can vent our sorrows through the heart. This allows for a greater connection with the soul and the Lord. He always talks to us and through his love allows a good intimacy.

Openness, exposure and honesty

On the occasions when we find ourselves depressed, God is the only one who is capable of recovering and saving our soul from pain. That is why, as children of the Lord, we must be sincere enough to open up and talk about our problems with him, through the comfort of our room, because it is the easiest way for God to move into our hearts to be our savior

  • Opposition

People can present opposition from those who do not pay well and do not give God what is necessary to have an intimate relationship, that allows God to move into our hearts, that takes place from the comfort of our rooms. On many occasions there may even be slanders about God and malicious mockery of his omnipotence.

The opposition comes from the world and also from God’s own people. (Be sure to learn more about faith in God )

  • unanswered prayer

Sometimes there are times when prayers seem not to be heard, which causes despair to believers. Normally we should meditate and try to connect with the Lord intimately in the comfort of our room, since our bed is the refuge of our soul, so that he can respond to us correctly.

However, we have to keep in mind that normally when God does not listen to us it is because we are doing something wrong when trying to communicate with him. In other words, we have to look for and analyze what is the mistake we are making.

  • Failure

Human beings stumble many times in life. Many times we feel that we are walking with the Lord but suddenly our happiness is dimmed because we stumbled. It is for this reason that we must speak with him Lord from the intimacy of our bed.

On many occasions this happens because we do not meet the required standards that God asks of us to be correctly with him. We as believers have challenges to meet towards the Lord. You can’t pretend that everything is always fine, you have to fight not to keep failing.

It is positive that you speak from the heart, God will not be surprised or feel any kind of impact by what you say. You must open your weaknesses and honesty as well as the qualities that lead you into a good intimate relationship with our Creator.

grow in wisdom

From a very young age, our Savior Jesus had wisdom that caused great impact. The one who heard him was always amazed, because he had a lot of intelligence when it came to formulating answers. It is thanks to him that it was understood that the best way to communicate intimately with the Lord is through the intimacy of our bed. (See more about: story of Jesus )

Knowledge is considered knowing and bears fruit in life. Wisdom allows you to have a good life. This can be presented as a versatile element. It is extremely important to grow on an intellectual level, because on many occasions it brings you prosperity and a real intimacy with the Lord and leads to greater growth in wisdom.

On the other hand, Jesus’ relationship was always unique. It is thanks to Jesus that it is understood that he must constantly pray in order to obtain wisdom and control of life, receiving the word of God, therefore fulfilling his will.

Wisdom takes place through a movement that takes place with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is he who helps us not to feel fear that leads us to be good children of God.

  • Wisdom comes from listening

Wisdom is achieved through the willingness to listen and learn from others, it is what allows God to move into our hearts. An example of this is Jesus who always sat listening and asking questions of his teachers.

Intelligence then is a capacity that is achieved through the formulation of questions and answers to people who know specifically about a subject. On many occasions, the people who speak the least are the ones who know the most.

Asking questions and hearing answers is the best way to improve your life, to connect with God. It is important that you focus on what God gives you through knowledge.

  • Wisdom leads to simplicity

Wisdom allows us to be clear, full of a good intimate relationship with God, in which he moves in our hearts. Jesus, for example, was very aware of where he should be and what he should do. He took care to be in relationship with his Father, obeying his will.

Knowledge allows us to possess wisdom and in turn a close relationship with God.

  • Wisdom is comprehensive

Wisdom is not part of us only through what we say, but also the way we live. That is why Jesus comes down with his Father and illuminates the lives of his believers, that is why God’s entry into our hearts allows our salvation and redemption.

Wisdom is related to all the elements of life that are related to our intellect and our word.

  • wisdom must grow

When you have an intimate relationship with God from the comfort of your room, that allows us to know it, you can grow in wisdom and stature. God allows us to enjoy the favor of him, which allows us to obtain a life full of blessings. (You are interested in knowing about prayer asking God for help )

Wisdom should be increased every time we grow. Just like Jesus, because his wisdom grew every time he matured and in this way we should be the same, like his brothers.

It is important to know then that it is extremely important to pray for our Lord. What allows us to be people full of wisdom and with great faith. This in turn allows for real intimacy with God to take place. It is important to know then that God is our Father and we have to have a true relationship with God.

stop and listen

You cannot develop an intimate relationship with God, that allows us to know him, if you do not have a good way for him to move into our hearts from the comfort of our bed. In order to always communicate with the Lord. It is important then to understand that we must communicate with God. Our Lord always seeks to communicate with us just as he did with Moses, so that he could fulfill his mission to liberate the people of God.

God took care of talking to Moses, this became a two-way conversation. Our Lord took care of speaking with Moses face to face, calmly, he took care of speaking and listening to Moses generating in the chosen wisdom to face his mission with the people of Israel. (Do not stop knowing how to maintain a communion with God )

Today there is a much better way to communicate with the Lord and that is the Holy Spirit. It is no longer necessary to go just to a specific place as Moses says. Rather, God wants us to meet him in much simpler ways.

That is why the Holy Spirit allows us to have an intimate and eternal conversation with him in a much simpler way.

God guide us

Just as God guided Moses, to save the people of Israel. What allowed all the children of Israel to do each errand that Moses carried out, since he was guided by God.

The whole life of the people of Israel is related to the obedience to which God had charged Moses to lead through spiritual intimacy. That is why it must be understood that it is extremely important that we have a true intimacy with God in order to be guided by him.

Therefore, we should not disobey God’s will either, because our lives are not filled with the blessings that God has for us. It is also important to put into practice all the elements that allow us to practice the things that God desires for us and expresses to us through spiritual intimacy.

It must be understood that sometimes it is not very evident how God guides us. It is in this way that again the example of Moses is used. In the moments in which the people of God asked a difficult question, Moses did not know how to answer, he was busy connecting with God so that in this way he would be guided.

It is wise to open up to people and listen to the opinions of others, this in combination with the prayer of God, from the comfort of our rooms allows us to move forward correctly as children of God, where he is the savior who moves and develops his mercy in our hearts. Where we are able to have good communication with the Lord.

God is always with us, intimacy with him will depend on us and how we behave with him. We simply must communicate with the Lord and pray at the appropriate times, which in turn allow us to be guided on the right path. (Learn more about prayer for the brothers )

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