Learn how to pray the Christian prayer for a terminally ill, here

Learn how to pray the Christian prayer for a terminally ill, here

Whenever it’s within your reach, you need to learn how to perform a powerful Christian prayer for a terminally ill person. You must make sure that the person who is weakened confidently receives every word spoken and makes him believe in the endless mercy of the Lord.

Christian prayer for a terminally ill

One of the fundamental things that the person who prays seeks is that God through his prayer heals the sick person’s ailments, but there is something that cannot be ignored, which is more important, the timely care that the terminally ill patient deserves.

They are two different things, and both important, remembering that both go hand in hand. It may happen that, when contemplating the injuries of the body or physical, the injuries of the spirit are disturbed, which are progressively slower and progressively more difficult to repair.

Such a large number of individuals have no luck in receiving the miracle, just as many of them fight for expressions of sweetness, and offer solidarity to continue with their bedridden or go to meet the Lord: If so, they must go trusting in the Lord. You can also pray as follows:

Dear Father God:

With certainty, I put within your reach this being that I appreciate and love,

who will soon leave this world.

Welcome to your divine home,

forgive each of your transgressions so that I can see you face to face and thus make the most

his worship until the end of time.

I ask you to strengthen his spirit, put peace in him, a lot of peace. The one that only you can give.

Forgive his offenses, above all, make him trust in your grace and salvation.

Don’t let his soul be lost.

Almighty God, I place it in your hands, I know that your plans are better than mine,

I know that after enduring such a deadly disease

issued against all men,

my neighbor must return to you,

that you are its creator,

framed from the ground.

Since his spirit is going to leave this world,

bright beings like angels are incredible,

that must come marching for your soul,

they go looking for him; the triumphant spiritual force comes to receive him;

surround yourself with the splendid horde of confessors;

Allow yourself to be perpetually with the Holy.

 I ask you for the medical staff that cares for each of these patients,

help them so that with wisdom they can implement their knowledge

and each of the tools

that in one way or another you have deposited in them.

I ask you for each of the relatives of these patients,

first help them to believe in you,

in your plans and in knowing that salvation comes from you.

Give them no opportunity for mistrust,

On the contrary, may they find in you salvation and certainty.

In the name of Almighty God, in His Holy Spirit and Lord Jesus Christ.Amen.


Our God is love, he accompanies us and favors us in general. God has given us the best wonder that we can understand: the salvation of our spirits. However, he also needs to help us in the midst of our daily battles and challenges.

One of the most common requests we make is Health, since we live in physical bodies that experience the harmful effects of illness and disagreements. (See Article: The power of Prayer )

In the Bible we find numerous cases of amazing healing. The intensity of God does not change, God is one yesterday, today and forever. That is why we can believe that regardless of his recovery. How about we take a look at some of the healing mentioned in the Bible and strengthen our confidence in God’s healing power?

-Ana could not have children, something for which she endured pushes and torments. One day she went to the sanctuary and poured out her heart and her tears before God. She assured him that if she allowed him to have a son, she would offer him to him and experience childhood in God’s administration.

God tuned into her, brought her back from barrenness, and after a time, she gave birth to a boy, Samuel, who became an extraordinary pioneer and prophet to the general population of Israel.

-Naaman was the leader of the armed forces of the ruler of Syria, a brave and highly respected soldier who was eliminated with impurity. In her house there was a young Israelite house cleaner and she enlightened them about the prophet Elisha and how she could cure Naaman of sickness.

-Diminish and John went to the sanctuary to inquire one night and saw a weak and wounded man asking at the entrance of the sanctuary. This man asked there constantly and when he saw that Peter and John were advancing he asked for help with the expectation that they would probably give him some coins.

Diminish replied: “I have no cash or gold, but what I have I give you. For the love of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, get up and go!” And her taking it by the right hand, she picked it up. Immediately, the man’s feet and legs picked up quality.

Acts 3:6-7

After an accident, Pablo and each of the individuals who had been shipwrecked with him touched base on the island of Malta. The main authority of the island, Publius, made them compassionate in his home and facilitated them for three days.

The father was sleeping, bothered by fever and loose bowels. Pablo went in to see him and, after imploring, laid his hands on him and retrieved him. As a result of this, the other eliminated individuals on the island also came and were repaired. According to the story in the book of Acts.

Step by step instructions to pray to God

As descendants of God, we have indeed found the intensity to ask God. We realize that He, like a decent father, needs to give beneficial things to his children and urges us to ask him what we need:

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will discover; Knock and it will open. Since everyone who asks gets; the person who searches, finds; and for the guest, it opens. Which of you, if he asks for bread, is given a stone? Or, again, in the event that he asks for a fish, do you give him a snake? Because if you, despite being terrible, realize how to give beneficial things to your children, how much more will your Father in paradise give beneficial things to people who ask!

(Mateo 7: 7-11)

However, we should not only ask for what we need but also ask for others. We should ask modestly, within God’s desire as explained in 1 John, with confidence as the book of James deduces, believing that what God does is what is best for us.

Asking God to repair should be a part of our life as Christians, since it is part of the mission that God has given to people who trust in him. (See Article: The power of early morning prayer )

“These signs will go with the individuals who accept him: in my name they will expel the evil presences; they will speak in new dialects; they will take winds within their reach; and, when they drink something harmful, it will not harm them; they will lay their hands on the weakened and restore their well-being.” Said Jesus

We will not do these things in our own quality. We will speak to them in the name of Jesus, in silence and following his model, according to Philippians.

What happens if God decides not to heal?

There are times when God chooses not to physically repair an individual. At the time this happens, remember the following:

  • We must continue to depend on God’s ability, love and goodness for us. He did indeed grant us the supernatural occurrence of endless life and that is what we really need.
  • Since the wages of evil deeds is passing away, while God’s endowment is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
  • We must not accuse ourselves or the weakened individual. We should submit to the will of God in light of the fact that there are things that we will not understand while we are in our human body.
  • Currently we see indirectly and hidden, as in a mirror; however, then we will see God face to face when he needs it or gives himself completely, however, then I will know how I am known.
  • Keep in mind that God’s considerations are unique in relation to ours and what He wants most is to give us what encourages us in our development in another world.
  • As my contemplations are not yours, nor are your ways mine”, says the Lord. I shall affirm you, according to the book of Isaiah.
  • Do not avoid the will of God, but strengthen ourselves in him and trust in his guarantees.
  • As therefore the transcendent Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In apologies and tranquility is your salvation, in tranquility and confidence is your quality, however, you would prefer not to remember it!

Below is a series of verses that you can use as reinforcement in your prayer to the creator. It is necessary that in the middle of each prayer you remember the word of God that is alive and effective. Remember that the magnificence of God is remarkable when you seek him with pleasure and devotion, so trust that the prayer you have launched will reach the right place.

Psalm 103: 3 says:

He is the person who forgives each of your bad deeds, the one who repairs each of your illnesses.

Santiago 5:15

Furthermore, the supplication of trust will save the weak, and the Lord will raise him up; and in case he has presented sins, they will be excused.

Once again, the presence of God in the face of a cause of illness is notable, and that regardless of how sinful we may become, he is willing to forgive us, to take us before his throne and welcome us with open arms.

-The centurion answered and said: Sir, I am not qualified to enter under my roof; He just gives the signal and my hireling will recover.  Matthew 8: 8

-At that time, they brought him a demonic, visually impaired and incapable; and he retrieved it, for the quiet and visually impaired to watch and talk Matthew 12:22

-Furthermore, Peter said to him: Aeneas, Jesus Christ repairs you; Get up and make your bed. Furthermore, he quickly got up. Acts 9:34

-Furthermore, Jesus went out, saw an extraordinary large number, and empathized with them, and repaired the individuals who were tired of them. Matthew 14:14

-He sent his promise, retrieved them and transported them from their ruin. Psalms 107:20

-What’s more, numerous people moved towards him who brought the weak, visually impaired, silent, lunatic and many other people; and they laid them at the feet of Jesus, and he repaired them. Matthew 15:30

In addition, God himself was in charge of appointing twelve more people of his trust and who had the real disposition to serve, to be with him, and send them to give a preaching, and have a specialist to recover ailments and expel demons. All this was what from the beginning Jesus wanted to leave as a legacy to those who followed him.

-I have seen his ways; however, I will recover him, guide him and give comfort to him and his afflicted. Isaiah 57:18 (See Article: Prayer to succeed at work )

-At that time, Jesus pointed out: “Enough will be enough; leave And contacting his ear, he repaired it. Luke 22:51

I will mend your insubordination, I will love you with unadulterated beauty; in light of the fact that my angst shifted somewhat away from them. Hosea 14:4

-Admit your offenses to each other, and appeal to God for each other, in order that you may be redressed. The convincing request of the righteous can do much. James 5:16

Christian prayer for a terminally ill person must be continuous and carried out with faith. It should be noted that God is not a being who responds to whims or emotions, on the contrary he acts depending on his will and plans for each of his children.

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