Find out what the baptism of the Holy Spirit consists of, and how to obtain it

Find out what the baptism of the Holy Spirit consists of, and how to obtain it

Learn through this article the importance of baptism for Christians, and how we get a response from the Holy Spirit when we do it.

Origin of Baptism

Since the period of the Christian legend, that is, since Adam and Eve were on earth, sin entered it through this couple, in case we go back a little further, we will obtain that, the cause of the transgression occurred, perhaps, centuries before.

What’s more, I mean when lucifer tested god in paradise and made the effort to maintain his honored position as divine ruler altogether, lucifer thought of god as a dictator, or at least tried to make different holy messengers think that he it was. (Also read about the article high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

And you can think, well, but what do these stories have to do with baptism? Well, baptism has a lot to do with it, it is the cleansing of all our sins and after we do it is when the Holy Spirit comes down to our body and we try to to be holy as worthy children of God.

As indicated by the Christian religion, Lucifer is the main cause of sin and bad feelings such as tares, anger, resentment, hatred among others and therefore having these feelings in our soul against another person is a sin and because there is sin is that today there is baptism in the Christian religion

In those remote occasions there were no people, God had not yet started to make people, however, after what happened with lucifer, he did, he saw that the earth was disordered and began to organize it, to make life in it.

From the man who took the lady he gave her as a mate because Adam was alone, at that time, Eve became Adam’s friend and they were both in Eden and had no knowledge of sin.

Lucifer seeing that the lady was the perfect unfortunate victim to cause humanity to fall into transgression through her, who would later cause Adam to fall into evil deeds as well, for he did not obey God.

Eve knew that they could eat anything, with the exception of the tree of knowledge, and there was the other work of lucifer inciting sin and filling humanity with it. (See Article: The power of prayer )

Lucifer made Eve eat from the tree of knowledge, under the delusion that when she did, they would resemble God; an attractive offer, right? In the end, Eve jumped at the chance and ate from the tree that God had advised her not to eat.

She could not stand it and gave half to Adam, advising him to eat the fruit he was eating, Adam knowing what was happening ate and understood the exposure of his partner and his own, he felt disgrace and shame and so did Eve.

Through this story we can realize that initially the sin occurred in Lucifer, it went to the woman and then to the man, that is, the misdeed entered the world through the rebellion of both, despite the fact that God he himself revealed to them not to eat, they ate from that forbidden tree.

As we have officially placed ourselves on the stage of what happened in the past that restricted humanity and mixed us with sin, the relatives of Adam and Eve were cursed and inherited that sin from generation to generation, that is, that sin is also in all of us today if you are not a converted baptized Christian.

We can also observe with the story of Cain and Abel how death enters the world through the two of them, another of the most horrible sins of humanity, murder, at that point, as the ages passed, the clerics who accepted God believed that an immersion could cleanse a man of a single sin, through baptism.

Believing that, in a similar way to how it used to be done in the areas of ancient Babylon, ancient Egypt, where this type of holy showers were held at that time, at that point it is evaluated that from there comes that old routine of baptism in Christianity.

Within the Christian religion, as we have just mentioned, there is the conviction that each individual has the first sin, that is, the one we acquired from Adam and Eve when they passed it on to us many years ago. Whose irregularities were transmitted from one era to another until our time.

At that point, considering that this misconduct has been transmitted from one age to another, our parents have presumed that with immersion, said sin is invalidated and the individual is free from the main sin, therefore, the act of absolution turned out to be very significant within the Christian religion. (See Article: The power of early morning prayer )

Let us also remember that the Bible portrays that when Jesus Christ was crossing the earth in his main objective of recovering man from all evil, God himself made man in addition to the service of baptism when John the Baptist baptized Jesus through the water in that stream. 

Many testify that Jesus Christ did it, for example, to make different followers see that immersion was important to totally free themselves from all evil deeds, including the first sin of Adam and Eve.

At the time that Jesus Christ did that, he clarified the imperative meaning of baptism in Christianity, since God himself let his son be purified through water, in that way, we could affirm that this demonstration also applies to all ages. until our time when baptism is still being tried.

Having quickly investigated the authentic foundations of the reality of purifying an individual through water, we could characterize that it is a sanctified function to which the individual submits because he needs to be completely free from irregularities, including the first sin.

In any case, in certain varieties of the Christian religion, baptism is connected in the main long stretches of the person’s life, but in others that are not allowed, they only accept that they must consecrate their life to Jesus.

One case of this is that Catholics regularly sanctify their children through water at a young age, even though they are only children, with the goal that something so unadulterated is extremely unadulterated and has no burden of sin. .

However, despite the fact that this idea is reinforced by numerous people, there are other people who maintain that a young person does not have adulteration or sin until he is six or seven years old, so practicing sanctification beforehand is controversial.

Evangelicals want to be sanctified through water as adults and they have a purpose behind that, evangelicals’ view of being sanctified through water as adults is that as adults they can choose what they need for their lives.

Being just kids you don’t have the benefit of choosing if you really need to remove your sin or not, all right, this can spark debate, but if the kid is abruptly acquitted and then becomes a dealer, at which point the immersion in him would have been of little advantage since that individual did not sanctify his life to God.

The possibility of baptism as adults is that, when the individual concludes that he is ready to do that, it is because he is really determined to give his life to God and dedicate himself only to him since he chose it that way in his conscious state.


We definitely realize that the Christian is an individual who has chosen to bless his life by giving himself to God, that is, having decided to move away from sin a little and do something great, at that point of sanctification, we could say that baptism is a instrument that allows him to reaffirm his duty to God.

On the other hand, absolution also implies that the individual as a Christian recognizes that his old self has perished with Jesus Christ on the cross, and that similarly as he comes to life once again, the Christian experiences another birth, in any case, that is what it says in the book of Romans, it is a way of being covered with God until death and all this thanks to baptism, so that when Christ came back to life by the greatness of the Father, that is how we will walk in a new life . (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

Which more or less implies that the book of scriptures section of the book of Romans indicates the man who chooses to be sanctified through water recognizes that in order to sanctify his life he must have God, he must give the old man as the Christians say goodbye with the aim that the new man be conceived and lead a direct and clean real existence before God.

It is essential to refer to that, being purified through the water baptism of the Holy Spirit does not imply that the individual will never be seduced to sin or that consequently, that terrible reasoning will be eradicated from him, it does not, however, help to conquer the wisdom of God as Jesus did.

With such reason in the heart, God will open his word to us, so that we can continue applying the method of his decrees, this new life will deliver in us that we reap the endowments of God instead of the results of bad actions and this leads as a consequence eradicate sin from their lives.

There we can see that Jesus Christ did not like that individuals for compensation of sins brought contributions to the cleric, a devotee with the objective that when entering the most blessed place they only offered offerings to God to forgive sins.

Jesus Christ saw a compensation of truth, not to sin is more ideal, that is, the point at which he came changed practically every act of the Old Testament, never again was it important to have to bring contributions to the esteemed minister so that he could be represented , however, basically with a supplication to God, with a responsibility and with a sanctification that symbolizes the introduction of another being, it was all that someone could need to go to his paradise.


We could affirm that the baptism of the Holy Spirit has its regulation, in this way, the sanctification of the water was actually a mandate of Christ himself, the Christian religion expresses that all those who have recognized Jesus Christ as their savior and father must be immersed in forsaking sin and being baptized and reborn. (Be sure to read the article: Christian prayer for a rebellious child )

It is seen as the main demonstration of the fulfillment of Jesus Christ, since it is through immersion in water that it is affirmed that this individual has really put actions in Christ and will give his life to God, not to be sanctified through water is to keep the first sin, would be the primary rebellion, which would give a terrible declaration of the Christian.

It should be clarified that when we speak of immersion in water, it is because there are different types of sanctification in the Christian religion: that of the Holy Spirit and that of Fire, on the other hand, it is essential to specify that in order to avoid it, it is not important to purify yourself through of the water, in light of the fact that only by admitting Jesus Christ as a guardian angel, is he now free.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not important at first, but it is the underlying sign that we have been saved, it is the indication of submission to Christ, the man executed next to Jesus was not sanctified through water, however, he made a confession to Jesus and obtained salvation, since Jesus told him: “Truly I tell you that today you will be with me in heaven”.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not fundamental to salvation does not imply that it should not be performed, in light of the fact that, in reality, as we have said a few times before, the absolution of the water is a demonstration in which the “old individual ” dies to offer the way to the new man blessed by God.

It is being instructed that the sanctification of the water no longer needs to be done, this depends on what the Bible says in Hebrews, in this way, leaving the foundations of the convention of Christ, we go to perfection.

However, what these little focal points of people miss is that Jesus Christ himself was immersed when he was here on earth and that he also showed his teachers that immersion was meaningful to a Christian, absolutely because of what it symbolizes: the demise of the corrupt man and the birth of the new man.

On the other hand, there are Christians who insist that the correct method to sanctify through the baptism of the Holy Spirit is for the sake of Jesus, that is, without including the Father or the Holy Spirit, the trinity, Peter only told them: » Repent and may each one of you be purified through water for the sake of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins; and you will obtain the investiture of the Holy Spirit».

Examining the three sections, it appears from the beginning, it seems that this is what it is showing us, that it is only to be immersed for the sake of Jesus, in any case, the order of Jesus regarding baptism was to sanctify through water by love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, that is, of the Trinity.

We realize that Jesus is the most amazing specialist when it comes to baptism, however, we also discover that Peter and Paul immerse themselves only for Jesus, in any case, it must be understood that the absolution of Jesus alludes to sanctification for the love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

That is the reason, it is stated that when Peter and Paul talk about the immersion of Jesus, what they are doing is giving the name of the type of absolution that they were performing, that they accepted and instructed, the Baptism of Jesus.

Types of baptisms by the Holy Spirit

Anyone could believe that baptism is just immersing in water and developing again and voila no it’s not that basic it’s extremely something deeper than that there are several types of immersions referred to in the bible eg , the sanctification of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of fire.

Immersion in water alludes to the devotee fully understanding that he depends on Jesus Christ, as a promise to live up to him and yet symbolizes the blessed path to God that the individual will currently have.

In any case, we must emphasize that it is not the water that actually purifies us, we are saved from effort through trust, on the grounds that even by works we are not saved, we are sanctified through water on the grounds of that our Lord told him, in this sense, go and make all followers equal, sanctifying them through water for love of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. (See also: Do ​​you know who were Shepherds in the Bible,  before following Jesus?)

Immersion in water is for everyone, in any case, there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled beforehand, that is, we must accept that we are evil and that we need salvation, we must also accept that Christ went to the cross for the absolution of our transgressions, that was dead and came back to life to verify our place in paradise.

At that point, when we go to Jesus, asking him to forgive our transgressions and be our Lord and Savior, and acknowledge him accordingly, we are newly conceived by the intensity of the Holy Spirit, our unceasing salvation is assured, and we begin to transmit ourselves and living for Christ and according to the Scriptures, we are prepared to immerse ourselves and sanctify ourselves before God for eternity, that is, to be baptized.

The absolution of the water is a genuinely realistic representation of what Jesus Christ has achieved for us, since when the Christian is completely submerged in water, it symbolizes the burial of that individual with Jesus Christ on the cross, while when the individual unfolds in Christianity is never again a captive of its nature.

When we leave the water, we are emblematically revived, resurrected to another life in Christ to be with him perpetually, naturally introduced to the group of our worshiping God, immersion in water also represents the deep purification we experience when we are saved; Just as water washes cloth, the Holy Spirit cleanses our hearts when we trust in Christ.

Christian baptism ritual

Depending on the religion in which sanctification by baptism is practiced, its procedure changes, this time we will see the custom of absolution both in Catholic and external holy places, and we will understand that the custom is not the same in all religions.

In the Catholic church, the entire procedure begins with the landing of guardians and godparents in the sanctuary, who will stop for a moment to talk with the cleric responsible for the sanctification, there the guardians will say the name of the baby that will be purified through the water and the minister asks if they will join the guardians, that is, the godparents.

The clergyman examines the sacred texts and then again asks the parents and godparents of the baby to purify themselves through water, the minister continues to approach the baptismal font to favor its water, the parents say they abandon their perverse life and affirm trust of Christ to guide your little one on the right path.

The parents, the godparents and the minister approach the baptismal water to purify the child through the water saying “I absolve you for the Father, the child and the Holy Spirit” pouring water several times over the baby’s head.

Evangelical Baptism Ritual

Because of the evangelicals, the thing is somewhat simpler, from time to time, particularly during Holy Week, in the fervent camps, several of the individuals will be purified through the water, the individuals must have passed the baptismal school, which resembles classes where the identity of individuals sanctified through water are prepared to understand what immersion is.

At the moment in which the individual concludes that the time has come to purify through the water, the minister of the congregation takes the meeting of individuals to purify through the water in a stream or river, the women must wear white and the men must wear white shirts and dark jeans, they are immersed in the depth of the water and the acquitted individual must present his baptismal stanza from the Bible, while the minister says: “I purify through the water by the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.” Holy” and immerse the individual for a couple of moments and then they help you stand up.


“Today you begin to live under the eyes of God, your hands welcome me to this new world.”

“We trust that today, after accepting your blessed water, our son will remain unadulterated forever and will always be the taste of happiness.”

“Lord, we thank you that we reveal to you that she is our child, a product of us and our lives, of your imaginative love and adoration for you.”

«May this experience with Jesus be for me, a source of light on the path of my life».

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