Lord of Mercy

Lord of Mercy: Prayer to ask for a favor

In today’s article, we will tell you about the merciful Jesus, what his story is like, we will show you some of his images and we will show you some prayers so that you can ask for his help in times of difficulty or to make a specific request that you wish to make. In this way, you will have at your disposal a powerful weapon that will help you solve your problems.

History of the Lord of Mercy

The history of the Lord of Mercy consists of a Christian devotion that was initiated by the Catholic Church and whose focus is the mercy of God along with his power. It is important to understand that God’s mercy was the price we paid for the purification of our sins. For this reason, if we are able to have faith and full trust in Jesus, we will be able to cleanse not only our bodies and souls, but also; we will achieve eternal forgiveness and entry to heaven.

In order to worship and pay devotion to the figure of the merciful Jesus, we have to do both internal and external acts. On the one hand we must perform internal prayers in communion with ourselves and with the Lord. On an external level, we must venerate the image of divine mercy, go to the feast of mercy and perform merciful acts with our neighbor. As for the feast of mercy, it was instituted on April 30, 2000 together with the canonization of Santa Faustina. To be held on the first Sunday after Easter.

In fact, this devotion arises and is disclosed by the same nun Faustina Kowalska through the diary that she left after her death, where she narrates the different mystical conversations that she had with Jesus Christ, who, by his command, asked her to make a painting of him. . Another name by which this tradition is commonly known is the crown of divine mercy.

Prayer to the Lord of Mercy

In the following sections we will leave you with some of the most popular and useful prayers to the Lord of Mercy, whether to request a favor, ask for help with a problem, to come to your aid, for love, etc.

Prayer to the Lord of Mercy to Ask for a Favor

This prayer is ideal to request help and intervention from the Lord of mercy in difficult matters and problems. We advise you to pray this prayer for a period of three nights in a row to obtain the grace and help of the Lord:

« O God of great mercy and infinite goodness!

From the abyss of its dejection, all humanity implores your mercy and compassion today.

Oh God! She cries out with the mighty voice of misery.

God of benevolence, do not stop listening to this prayer of this earthly exile!

Oh Lord! Kindness that escapes our understanding, you who know our misery in depth and know that with our strength we are unable to rise to you.

We implore you: enlighten us with your grace and continue to increase your mercy in us, so that we may faithfully fulfill your holy will throughout our lives and at the hour of death.

May the omnipotence of your mercy shield us from the arrows thrown at us by the enemies of our salvation. So we can confidently and as your children that we are, wait until the last coming, that only you know what day will come.

We hope to get what Jesus promised us despite our meanness.

Because Jesus is our hope and it is through his merciful heart that we will be able to enter like him into the Kingdom of Heaven .

3 o’clock prayer

This is one of the most used prayers of divine mercy, it can be used to make any request. Although it must be repeated for three days in a row and it has to be done at three in the afternoon to get the help you want:

« Oh blood and water, which flowed from the heart of Jesus as a source of mercy for us, I trust in you!

Your earthly body will have expired Lord Jesus. But the source of life gushed out immensely for all souls and the ocean of mercy opened up all over the world.

O source of life! O infinite mercy! Envelop the whole world and spread over us.

O blood and water! that you sprang from the most holy heart of Jesus as a source of mercy for us, I trust in you.

O Jesus! you gave yourself for us with amazing passion solely for love.

Your father’s justice would have been expiated with a single sigh of yours and all your annihilations are acts of your mercy and your inconceivable love.

When you were dying on the cross, at that moment you sacrificed your eternal life for us. Having allowed your sacramental side to be opened, you opened up to us an inexhaustible source of your mercy; you offered us the most valuable thing you had, that is; the blood and water of your heart. Behold the omnipotence of your mercy, from it all grace flows to us.

O Jesus! eternal truth and our life; I beg you and I approach you begging for your mercy for poor sinners.

Oh sweet heart of my Lord Jesus! full of pity and unfathomable mercy, I beg you for poor sinners.

O sacramental heart! source of mercy from which rays of inconceivable graces spring forth over the entire human race. I beg you to illuminate poor sinners with your light.

O Jesus! remember your bitter passion and do not allow the souls redeemed with your beautiful and holy blood to be lost.

O Jesus! when I consider the high price of your blood, I rejoice in its immensity because a single drop would have sufficed to save all sinners.

Oh Jesus, what joy! for today it burns in my heart to contemplate your inconceivable goodness.

Oh my Jesus! I wish to bring all sinners to your feet so that they may glorify your mercy forever and ever. Amen « .

Once the prayer is finished, it should be finished by praying three Our Father and three Glories.

Prayer Jesus in you I trust

This is another prayer widely used to make the devotion to the Lord of Divine Mercy. It will help you find peace and clarity in the face of difficult and complex moments. Thus; It is very useful to pray it when you find yourself going through difficult situations or in any case, when you want to ask for help for a sick person or who is going through a difficult time in their life:

« Why do you get confused and agitated before the problems of life? Leave me the care of all your things and everything will be better for you. When you give yourself totally to me, it will be the day that everything will be resolved calmly according to my designs. Do not despair, do not say a hectic prayer to me, as if you wanted to demand the fulfillment of your wishes. He closes the eyes of the soul and tell me calmly: Jesus, I trust in you!

Avoid worries, anxieties and thoughts about what may happen next. Do not spoil my plans, wanting to impose yours on me. Let me be god and act freely. Abandon yourself and trust me, leave your future in my hands. Tell me often: Jesus, I trust in you!

What hurts you the most is wanting to solve things your way. When you tell me: Jesus, I trust in you! don’t be like the patient who asks the doctor to cure him, but suggests how to do it. Let yourself be carried away in my divine arms, do not be afraid… I love you!

If you think things can get worse or get complicated despite your prayer; don’t stop trusting me. Close the eyes of the soul and trust. She keeps telling me all the time: Jesus, I trust in you! I need my hands free to be able to work. Don’t tie me down with your useless worries. Satan wants that: shake you, distress you, take away your peace. Trust only me and abandon yourself to me.

So don’t worry, trust me with all your anxieties and sleep peacefully. Always tell me: Jesus, I trust in you! and you will see great miracles. I promise you for the love I have for you.

The feast of divine mercy is approaching and the Lord asks us to place all our trust in Him. Even in the most difficult trials or in moments of pain, when doubts assail us or suffering weighs us down. We just have to totally abandon ourselves in him and say: Jesus, I trust in you…! « .

Divine Mercy Protection Prayer

The following prayer to the lord of mercy is for love and protection :

« Let us venerate the Lord of Mercy, today we offer you this prayer for people who are without work, for people who are sick in body, mind and soul, for the poorest and most needy, for mothers and babies in the womb, so that they are not aborted, so that we find love and follow your teachings; for each and every one of your needs. Amen « .

Prayer of Promise to Divine Mercy

This prayer is ideal for those who are on their deathbed or near death. It works so that those who say it find forgiveness for sins committed in life before their last breath comes:

« Pray until you can’t this chaplet. Anyone who prays it will receive great mercy at the time of their end in this earthly world. The priests will recommend it to sinners as the last board of salvation. So that even the most hardened sinner, if he prays this chaplet once with all his heart and giving himself to the Lord Jesus, he will receive from him infinite mercy  .

Images of Jesus of Mercy

When the celebration of divine mercy was established, it began to spread among the faithful at great speed. In part, due to the image that Santa Faustina unveiled in 1931, and that became popular over the years. The story behind the painting is very interesting, as Jesus appears to her sister and instructs her to make a painting of their meeting.

At first Faustina tried to make the painting by her own means, but since she lacked the skills and artistic training, she realizes that she will not be able to do the work and speaks with her father to call a painter and order him to do it. painting according to Faustina’s instructions. People did not pay much attention to her, but her insistence was so great that her father finally gave in and sent for the painter Eugenio Kazimirowsky in 1934.

This painter begins to make the painting closely supervised by his sister Faustina and his father. When he finishes it, it becomes one of the most visited works of the time. Unfortunately, the painting is badly damaged as it was the victim of a fire that occurred during the Warsaw uprising.

Some time later, a second painter appears by the name of Adolfo Hyla who offers to make a painting as thanks to Christ for having returned alive from the war. The sisters of the congregation ask him to paint another picture of the merciful Jesus, but he does this by making his own artistic decisions. So the painting is somewhat different from the original. The painting was completed in the year of 1943.

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