Prayer for an Urgent Miracle

The Prayer for an Urgent Miracle , is part of a series of prayers that are addressed to God, to Jesus and to some Saint of the Catholic Church in the case of devout Catholics so that they are the ones who intervene in the most difficult moments of their lives. life. In the following article you will learn how to perform this kind of prayer effectively. 

Powerful Prayer for a Desperate, Difficult and Urgent Request

The Powerful Prayers for an urgent miracle is the solution for a request that becomes complicated, as well as desperate and emergency, it is a devout request to our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so that he may guide us along the path of tranquility and also of harmony.

Where we can stand firm and without drifting, in the meantime he collaborates with us with the assignment that is so complicated that we have, for the scope of the person which becomes extremely difficult to carry out, however, for Jesus Christ and God almighty nothing becomes impossible, that is why it is always good to leave all our request in his blessed hands and that we can be covered with the heavenly mantle, so that we never fall into the same risks again.

Next, we will teach you how to pray for an urgent miracle that you must do to the Lord Jesus:

Oh, beloved Lord Jesus Christ, you who are the great philosophy of walking life, you who are the universal truth, enlightenment, you are the true path to travel, Lord, dear Jesus, who came to say: “Ask and you will receive it will give, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you”, through the intervention of God, on this day I request you, I beg you with great faith and trust that you grant me what I have been desperately seeking for a long time: ( At this time he is going to make his request to the Lord Jesus). Thank you Lord because I know you are going to listen to me and because you are going to help me in everything I need my Lord. So be it.

Prayer to the Lord of Miracles to Solve Difficult and Urgent Problems

Generally, at a certain point in life, there are many people who go through difficult and very urgent situations and problems that deserve all your attention in order to find a solution. In these cases, it is when the problems must be analyzed in order to see what options are available, the time it will take for it to end.

In this sense, the human mind, the spirit, the conscience is the one that thinks that only 1 is going to be able to solve the type of problem, however, at all times and in every moment a person comes to evoke God, a saint who be it miraculous or to the Holy Virgin herself so that they are the ones who help to solve it, faith and this is why many are those who evoke the Lord of Miracles so that he may be the one to intercede for you. This is a prayer asking God for urgent help :

Prayer to the Lord of Miracles

Oh great Lord of Miracles, please listen to my voice at this time, hear my pleas, my prayers, solve all these difficult and urgent problems that I have at this time, please grant us the request that I find myself making. You, great Lord of Miracles, who have come to bear the burden of human suffering and know what trouble I am in, please help me.

I know that your heart is moved when you see me so afflicted and so disoriented, that is why I have come before you to implore you, that you become my faithful ally, oh Lord. With your miraculous help, all problems will pass, the solution is only yours and you will help us.

I am a man of great faith, humble, always devoted, I am a faithful believer, so I feel strengthened by your presence in my life, thank you for giving solution to each of the requests made. In these moments of strong agitation, it is that I come to you to say that you forgive each one of the faults that I have committed, for which I ask you to direct all your great energy towards me, so that I can come out stronger and that so much worry disappears from my life. .

Lord of miracles, please do not forsake me, I ask you not to leave me alone, please listen to my pleas, I thank you very much for your valuable intervention, with your help and with your protection, protect us against envy, against all kinds of bad intention, give us your blessing. Amen.

Do you need something urgently? Pray this Prayer to Saint Expeditus

His cult is among the myths and legends. San Expedito becomes one of the most popular saints in various countries such as, for example:

  • Austria–Argentina
  • Brazil–Chile
  • Colombian–Philippine
  • France – Italy (even more in the regions of Sicily, Campania and also in Lombardy)
  • Germany – Mexico
  • Nicaragua–Panama
  • Peru – Russia
  • Spain – Turkey
  • Uruguay–Venezuela
  • United States of America.

Its existence has been questioned on several occasions. According to Hipólito Delehaye, a great Jesuit historian and also a hagiographer, Expedito’s name is the one that comes from a misreading of Elipidio, a martyr who came to die in the Melitene regions along with his companion named Ermogene, without However, they are only a few theses that indicate that all of them, together with Expeditus himself, came to belong to the same group of martyrs until they came to be identified with only one person.

Saint Expeditus became a Catholic saint and martyr who would have lived between the 3rd and 4th centuries, being the commander of the Legion XII Fulminata of the Roman army, which was under the government of Emperor Diocletian. Saint Expeditus was beatified in 1629 by Pope Urban VIII, and was later canonized by Pope Clement X himself in 1671.

However, in 2001 this saint was removed from the Roman martyrdom, and since that same date he is no longer considered by the Catholic Church as a sanctioned saint due to the lack of evidence of his historical existence.

And the name of “Expeditus” would become rather a type of adjective that in the Latin language comes to mean (free of charges) that in general is a type of military language which would indicate all the members of the light infantry, however, everything becomes quite indicative since it is a type of saint that is very old from the era of the persecutions of Emperor Diocletian.

This type of play on words was what made him become the patron saint of all merchants (who should have been able to make agreements much more quickly) and of navigators, for the same reason, prayers are also made for those who are subjected to testing and the success of these processes.

Various legends came to be born around his figure, the best known is usually that of the “miracle of water” in the time of Marcus Aurelius. Saint Expeditus was a soldier already of the rank of commander of the XII Roman legion, called “La Fulminante”, who was fighting against the barbarians in the region of Germany (what is currently Armenia and Turkey).

  • Patron saint

Because of its name (which in the Spanish language comes to mean “fast”), the popular devotion that comes to consider it as:

  • The Patron Saint of Urgent Causes
  • The Lawyer of Impossible Causes
  • The Protector of Military, Students, Youth and Travelers
  • The Patron Saint of Too Prolonged Legal Causes.

He becomes a highly recognized saint by the Catholic faithful even though he does not appear in the Catholic liturgy. His act of canonization has not been reviewed by the Catholic Church, and his feast day on April 19 is not widely celebrated.

  • Origin of Devotion

You come to question what is the existence of this Santo Expedito. In the year 1781, a box containing unidentified relics arrived at a nunnery in the Paris region. The relics had been unearthed from the catacombs of the Denfert-Rochereau square.

The sender of the box, who was from the same city, had even written “Spedito” on the same box, which meant “express mail”, possibly to speed up its shipment. The nuns came to suppose that these relics came to belong to a certain “San Spedito”.

If you really need a favor for a kind of urgent cause, you can even ask Saint Expedite to act as an intermediary for you by praying the following powerful and miraculous prayer :

Lord Jesus, I come to your aid on this day! O Blessed Virgin help me! Saint Expeditus, you who are full of courage who opened your heart to the grace of God and never let yourself be carried away by the temptation of having to postpone your delivery, please help me not to have to leave for tomorrow what I should and can do today. for the love of Christ.

I ask you to help me from heaven to come to renounce all kinds of vice and temptation with the power that the Lord Jesus gives me. May I be diligent, courageous and also disciplined at all times in the service of the Lord, and not cower in the face of various trials. You who are the saint of all urgent causes, I present to you on this day my need (Mention his intention at this time).

Above all, on this day I beg you to intercede for me so that I persevere in faith, and in this way reach the joy of heaven with the Lord Christ, as with the Virgin Mary, together with the angels and the saints. . Amen

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