Holy Spirit: who is it?, symbols, how does it manifest itself?, and much more

Holy Spirit: who is it?, symbols, how does it manifest itself?, and much more

The time has come to learn all about the Holy Spirit, the comforter that Jesus left us when he had to ascend to heaven, so as not to feel his absence on earth.

What is the holy spirit

In the Bible spirit refers to the terms ruach in Hebrew and pneuma in Greek, in general, these terms refer to the intensity of God’s power in real life, that is, when the word holy spirit is named, it is clearly referring to the essence of God, can also be used additionally in the forms:

Breath or wind of God, the imperative power or vitality that keeps individuals and creatures alive.

Each of these implications shares something for all purposes as it alludes to things that are undetectable to the human eye but that produce notable impacts on people, the soul of God is similar to the breeze, it is imperceptible, surprising and it is not something physical. that we can see how we see a person.

The Holy Spirit makes us continue with a decent life as Christians, we receive this assistance in an exceptionally extraordinary way in baptism and confirmation, when we also receive the endowments of the Holy Spirit, thanks to the Holy Spirit, we can make a renewal in our being from of God’s grace and beg asking with all that is in us. (See Article:  The power of prayer )

At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is the focal point of consideration he is the greatest Counselor, which Jesus guaranteed to his followers, the holy spirit can help us with endowments, for example, knowledge and insight, be that as it may, the decision is up to us already that we are allowed to unfold with these blessings and consequently, the Holy Spirit can possibly support us in case we recognize it and try to accept it.

When we declare the word Holy Spirit we are having some type of differences in effect between the Holy Spirit and the human soul, this makes us understand the individual character of the Spirit and its closeness to God, this same closeness we can have if we accept the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is experienced more as quality and power than as an individual, since it is the hidden one that we cannot see, it is the one that is shown in a unique way doing miracles and revivals in the individuals of the earth, it is also the only one of the trinity whose reality remains mysterious and inconceivable.

In addition, where it is shown, it is together with the Father and the Holy Son, which makes the Holy Spirit a teacher, that is, it is not manipulable, it is not the soul of our soul, but the Spirit that returns from the Father and the Son. .

It is the nourishing Spirit in which we have genuine life, in this way, the Holy Spirit is not quantifiable because he gives life and life in abundance he makes the impossible possible, such as achieving eternal life.

The whole life of Jesus from the origin to the revival was a presence of the Spirit and our Easter experience that the risen Lord is available in the Holy Spirit and acts in the lives of all. (also see: Do you know how to pray for spiritual warfare?)

The mission of the Holy Spirit is to transmit to us the information of Christ, a learning that is obtained with faith and the exercise of daily sanctification in order to be acts of going to paradise, in this way, the individual who does it is the just one enabled by the Holy Spirit to obtain Christ and reflect on God with the help of the sacred writings found in the bible.

The Holy Spirit is the endowment of perfect love, which makes life and demonstrates the veracity of reality that bases the opportunity to go to heaven, God offers space for the creation of a new person in renewal through the holy spirit, God is the purifying power of repair that gives life to all human beings, maintains that life and restores it.

The Holy Spirit of God bases the new life on truth and opportunity, the Spirit, without inhibitions, grants genuine life, which cannot be created, but can be obtained, protected and also lost and recovered, the Spirit makes devotion conceivable , relationship, correspondence, companionship. (See also:  reflections of trust in God ).

Living by the Spirit of God involves tolerating life as a blessing, making room for another life, living in a relationship, giving ourselves the opportunity to be set free and to set other people free, despite all our commitment to stand firm until the new coming. to the land of the son of God, a curious thing is that the Holy Spirit does not relate to consciousness, although human knowledge speaks of a unique increase of the soul of life.

The holy spirit allows us to recognize what originates in God, each soul that admits Jesus Christ comes from the essence of the holy spirit, it is from God; and every soul that does not admit Jesus is not of God; in fact that is an attitude of the antichrist, these people are of the world since the king of the world is lucifer, that is the reason why Christians speak of the world and heaven.

In this way, the Spirit as agent of Christ, is an observer of the reality of the expressions of life and with it, helps his followers to the essence of the unbelief of the world, the one who accepts, finds himself as conceived again by the nourishing Spirit of God; by the Spirit of the Father and the Son, he finds himself qualified for an interpretation that he is in harmony with God, that he is Spirit and life, light and truth and above all that he is love.

Holy Spirit Symbols

The symbols of the holy spirit have been obtained through situations in which he has manifested himself in all his greatness to perform miracles, revivals, give a message, etc.

Among the symbols of the Holy Spirit we can find:


Mainly and emblematic symbol of the holy spirit due to several situations such as when Noah launched different birds to see if the earth could be inhabited again after the flood many were his attempts but when he launched a pigeon he was the one who returned with a leaf of olive tree in its beak and it is so emblematic because Noah was guided by the holy spirit to do what he had to do and the holy spirit answered through the dove.

Another event found in the Bible and in the history of Christianity itself, why the white dove is taken as one of the symbols of the Holy Spirit, is that at the moment that John the Baptist baptizes Jesus in the stream, a white dove well over it and it is a great reason why it is interpreted that when we are baptized the Holy Spirit pours over us guiding our whole life. (See Article:  The power of early morning prayer )


Water as a symbol was acquired due to the activity of the Holy Spirit at baptism, as water becomes the hallowed indication of that individual’s new birth.

The immersion of the Holy Spirit is a biblical precept that, according to all biblical accounts, is very clear and characterized, at the moment in which an individual has faith in the message of salvation, and gives his life to God, apologizing for his transgressions and obtaining to Jesus Christ as your savior and lord, that is the point where the Holy Spirit comes to stay within your heart, furthermore, this is classified as being sanctified through the water with the Holy Spirit, as shown in the Holy Bible.


It symbolizes the quality of the blessing with oil is synonymous with the Holy Spirit, in the holy observance of Confirmation, he blesses those affirmed to establish him as a follower of Christ.

In the Scriptures, reference is often made to blessing through anointing, which is regularly related to blessing the sick and this leads to miracles, for example, in Mark 6:13 we read that the witnesses of Jesus blessed many people weakened with oil and recovered and in James 5:14 we read that if there is someone sick among you you should call the older people of the congregation and ask God for him, blessing him with oil for the love and blessing of the Lord .

To bless it is intended to apply oil or balm to the head or body of an individual, on earlier occasions in history this was done for various reasons sometimes it was a hygienic motion or a gesture to please someone, the weakened or sick people were blessed with oil or balm as a medical prescription when they had skin lesions.

Blessing by means of oil was also done for sacrosanct reasons for example, under the law of Moses, heavenly blessing oil was used and prophets blessed kings and lords and the sick were blessed with oil as an important aspect of the path to recovery by faith and laying on of hands to heaven.

From now on in the Church, the olive oil that has been for the sacred objects, is used in different sacred functions, including the gift of healing the sick and debilitated even though the scriptures do not show it explicitly, we can hope that the blessing with oil has been part of the genuine and discovered religion since the Gospel was introduced to Adam on this planet.

If not for what reason olive oil is used instead of different types of oil, there is no solid clarification in scripture that way however despite the fact that in the New Testament stories oil is used as a image of recovery and light, the olive branch is regularly used as an image of harmony, while the olive tree symbolizes the place of Israel, olive oil can also symbolize the penance of the Savior when he came to our land, since the olive olive oil is unpleasantly very bitter when crushed and then creates a sweet oil.

The fire

It symbolizes the changing vitality of the Spirit demonstrations, the flame of the Holy Spirit enlightens us, saves us from the fog of fear, because of what we get in baptism, we can cast out all fear as we know that we are God’s beloved descendants, we liberates from the darkness of oblivion, guides us to the truth; builds our vision with the objective that we understand the word of God, we separate the terrible from the great and we can choose the ideal, what satisfies the Lord, in addition, it gives us the important gifts to go out and work in our reality the Kingdom of God .

The flame of the Spirit also gives us warmth, dissolves the ice in the heart that makes us cold and apathetic, and fills us with adoration, harmony, tolerance, liberality, goodness and abundance to transmit them to others.

People gather around a fireplace or outdoor fireplace when they are cold because in the same way, the Holy Spirit gathers us in the solidarity of the Church and coordinates us in the family of the Father. (See article:  Prayer to succeed in the work  )

The flame of the Holy Spirit, furthermore, encourages us to control, merge, our great activities and expectations, since it fills us with endowments such as cunning, science, exhortation, quality, devotion and fear of God, which makes us live as an obvious Christian.

The flame of the Holy Spirit also cleanses us, makes us perceive our mistakes, admit and overcome them, encourages us to achieve that self-centeredness that prevents us from putting what we are and have in the administration of God and our brother.

The flame of the Holy Spirit can also consume our hearts, awakened with adoration, harmony, fairness, forgiveness, we obtain it in our Baptism and confirmation; from there we have that fire and we have to maintain it.

Cloud and Light

Inseparable images in the appearances of the Holy Spirit, in this sense, always in the magnificent appearances of Jesus in heaven they are accompanied by a lot of light and the clouds open leaving a resplendent path to admire the great I am.

The stamp

It is an image close to that of the blessing, it shows the permanent nature of the blessing of the Spirit in holy celebrations and speaks of the sanctification of the Christian, as well as in the prophecy it is said that the devil will mark those who will be lost with 666 Likewise, God marks all his followers with the holy spirit, being sealed for all eternity as children of the king of kings.


Through the imposition of hands, the apostles and now the bishops transmit the investiture of the Holy Spirit to all believers and many are Christians, which is where the grace of God is received, which is why they raise them when praying, to praise and glorify him with great joy.

Who is the Holy Spirit

Many in this world have known about Jesus Christ and perceive that he is the Son of God and obviously they also know God who is the Father, but few know who is the essence of God for Christians, what is more, what is his work in advancing the deep existence of all who obtain Jesus as Savior, whatever it may be, Jesus himself indicated to us that it was important that we follow him so that we could meet him, the essence of God, who could become our Dildo.

In numerous places I have examined and, moreover, certain religions are known that consider that the Holy Spirit is a power or on the other hand, a Power of God and not as what it seems to be, an individual who has his feelings, his psyche and his own will.

In addition to this we have numerous confirmations in the Bible that prove and refute the case that he is the Essence of God for Christians, is the essence of God just a power? Could a power comfort him? A power? Could a power teach you? Could a power ever help you? The answers to each of those questions are a basic and clear NO.

That is the reason why the Holy Spirit is an individual, one of the three individuals of the Divine Trinity who takes on critical work, today, the holy spirit, being the individual that it is, does things that no one can do but individuals whom he accompanies.

To instruct, according to what Nehemiah 9:20 and the gospel of John 14:26 and 1 Corinthians 2:13 show us, in these three sections, in various pieces of the Bible, both in the New and Old Testaments, and in Several times, we are warned that the Holy Spirit is the person who shows us all things, that is, the one who instructs us on the way.

Declaring the words of God in various environments, will cause an individual instruction for each of us, it is the Holy Spirit, there is no other reasonable individual to do that job, educating our spirit as well, to understand God’s motivation for our lives.

In the same way that the Spirit shows us, guides us to all the facts, guides us to make the right choices and we must go the right way, several writings in the bible reveal to us that people who are driven by the Holy Spirit are descendants of God, so if you do not allow yourself to be led by the Spirit and do not tolerate its lessons, you cannot call yourself a child of God. (Be sure to read the article:  Christian prayer for a rebellious child )

The Holy Spirit encourages us in general, often even makes us not fall, have quality what is more, even encourages us to realize what we should ask the father, in view of the fact that on multiple occasions, we do not ask well and he must lead our plea.

There are numerous places in the Bible that show us that the Holy Spirit speaks to us, the Holy Spirit can speak to us in a voice capable of being heard, in the event that we discover how to perceive his voice and that we can achieve, through of the closeness that we have with him day by day and that we submit to his will, understanding that he simply guides us with the objective that we can have a real existence in blessing towards the Father.

This is something that Jesus discussed with his educated followers, which was useful to them, those words overflowing with adoration by Jesus towards his devotees he warns them that they will not ignore him, that the holy spirit will remain with them and now with us, we find that in John 14: 1 6 we can make sure that he comforts us when we are in tribulation or distress, only the holy spirit of God, you can give us solidarity to proceed.

How It Manifests

To answer this question, we must go to the word of God and see from that point of view what describes the Holy Spirit or see how one of the characters in the Bible is guided by the holy spirit and what better example than how Jesus lived.

The holy spirit remains fully in each devotee, not in parts, Jesus said in John 14:16 – alluding to the Holy Spirit that the one I implore the Father will give him another comforter to be with him perpetually.

Today, we must answer the question, What is it to be charged with the Holy Spirit? it means living, in a consistent and dynamic way, in the direction, dominion and control of the Holy Spirit. We see this control of the Holy Spirit consummately in Jesus, charged with the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan, and was led by the Spirit into nature (Luke 4:1); and about the early church they were all charged with the Holy Spirit and began to communicate in different dialects as the Spirit enabled them to convey what was needed (Acts 2:4).

Another relevant question is, how would we know when it is charged with the Spirit? Well, the answer is very simple, we are charged with the holy spirit when we are filled with his grace and it manifests itself through when they sing hymns, psalms and melodies, singing and applauding the Lord with his heart; continually expressing gratitude for everything, through our Lord Jesus Christ, to God, the Father; submitting to one another in the fear of Christ.

We realize that individual believers are filled with the Spirit, not when these individuals are acting in a confused and separate way, but when they are conversing with each other about Jesus and his glory, when they make gestures of acknowledgment to God with their souls, when they offer gratitude to God for everything and do everything for the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is fascinating that Jesus himself commands to be charged with the holy spirit, the word is the instrument that the Holy Spirit uses to guide and control our lives, an individual overflowing with the holy spirit is an individual in whom the word remains abundantly.

Even today incredible manifestations of the holy spirit have been seen and obviously the one that stands out the most is the expulsion of demons from individuals and how a person charged with the holy spirit can save lives instantly with just a touch or a prayer curing them of deadly diseases .

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Bible

In any case, all believers followers of Jesus Christ have an endowment, of the celestial essence which makes the blessings as he wishes, the sacred scriptures also reveal to us that if we want we can ask for different endowments and that if we make an effort they will be granted, each one he puts in the administration of others the blessing he has obtained, reliably supervising the beauty of God in his different structures.

God offers them to his children so that they can cooperate for the development of the congregation, they must be used with solidarity of direction, for the benefit of all, the fundamental desire must be consistently that Christ be celebrated.

Donations are not given to us as a reward for our Christian life, God offers them to us so that we can serve our brothers and support each other in our walk with Jesus, by using them with precision, we show that God is genuine in our lives and that he is who guides us

God empowers us to accomplish his work in this world through the gifts, the congregation is progressively viable and functions better when each of its individuals practice theirs, otherwise it would be like when a tooth is damaged, or we cannot use our hand to do the tooth work. Furthermore, the congregation stands and limps when their individuals fail to use or abuse the blessings that God has allowed them.

In the Bible we discover three fundamental gifts of the holy spirit which are:

Learning: knowing or obtaining knowledge of something about an individual or circumstance without having obtained the data by regular methods.

Phenomenal forces: they make signs and reflect on the normal laws to demonstrate the closeness and intensity of God in a specific circumstance.

Confidence: All the trust and faith in God’s guarantees that does not give way even with unfavorable conditions, is more prominent than the ordinary trust that all Christians have.

Cunning: it goes beyond human knowledge, it is being able to realize how to declare or make the right decision within the desire of God in a particular circumstance.

Recovery Endowments: Ask God for people who are physically or genuinely sick and can bring God’s healing power into their lives.

Foreknowledge: to impart a word of God, a stanza or entry, which applies to a particular circumstance, to admonish or support.

Recognizing spirits: ability to see what kind of soul acts in a specific circumstance and decide whether it originates from God or not.

Communicate in various dialects: ability to communicate in a language without having contemplated it to impart the message of the gospel, there is also the investiture of holy tongues, words that God only understands, they are for individual illumination and to have a rare communion with him.

Decipher dialects: to understand and impart a message that has been given in dialects of the language that those present cannot understand.

Educate: exceptional ability to obviously transmit the certainties of the gospel and train different Christians in the expression of God.

Evangelism: Share the message of salvation in an attractive and important route for people who have not yet received God’s forgiveness.

Help other people: an extraordinary affectability with other individuals and an incredible desire to do everything possible to ease the weight that afflicts him.

Organization: realize how to put things or exercises together, appreciate organization, assembly, and association.

Mental strength: Giving the expression of support or inspiration at the perfect time has a positive air that depends on the guarantees of God’s expression.

Give liberally: help those who are unlucky, appreciate sharing your possessions, time, skills and money with others, particularly with people who endure and with people who carry the gospel message to different places.

Initiative: extraordinary air to lead others and help them develop in their walk with Jesus, feel satisfaction in thinking and deeply supporting those whom God places in your consideration.

Show Sympathy: Exceptional love, real benevolence for the destitute, and the ability to relate to them.

It is fascinating to see that in many of these gifts blessings are pronounced that have as a shared factor the theme of affection and solidarity of the devotees, this is the reason why, obviously, the blessings must be used with affection, with the longing to contribute to the great structures of the congregation, will generally not satisfy the reason for which God has granted them.

In the event that you have the prescience endowment and see each of the puzzles and have all the information, and in the event that you have a confidence that you discover how to move mountains, but you need love it is like having nothing.

It is imperative to estimate the endowments that God has given us and the blessings that others have, all donations are essential for the best possible functioning of the congregation and we must not leave out any blessing, whatever blessing God has given you, be grateful and use it reliably, serve God with euphoria and let it move in your life and in the lives of others using your endowments.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The sanctification of the Spirit is an “inundation of the Holy Spirit”, when one is purified through the water with the Spirit, he obtains quality, power and fearlessness from God, to do his work and overcome sin in his own life.

Each individual knows if they have encountered the immersion of the Spirit, the followers of christ also knew it when they received it, they had clearly imagined how they would encounter the immersion of the Spirit and what they would feel, in any case, numerous people who have been immersed in the Spirit can identify with what I write here:

Life changes in a single singular movement, your body experiences the intensity of God frequently as an innovative current, and fills you with unlimited happiness and satisfaction, the followers were so filled with so much satisfaction that individuals thought they were just drunk.

Some people have so much love for Jesus that they get the immersion of the Spirit when they convert and sometimes even get the gift of speaking in tongues, this usually happens when there is a restoration of some kind however this is not really the case for everyone who converts some must experience a “dry period” before being sanctified through the water with the Spirit, in any case, there is obviously no fixed timetable of when this favored sanctification of the Spirit will be obtained.

A typical confusion among many Christians is to think that they were not absolved with the Holy Spirit because they have not received the gift of speaking in tongues or another, this blessing often comes later, many obtain it after a restoration has arisen and some even They get completely different endowments.

In the event that you see that your life is dry and substantial, at that moment ask God for the immersion of the Spirit, since you will need it when you want to overcome resentment, indignation, etc. It is written in the Word, that the Spirit is given to people who obey it, not that you should cling to the immersion of the Holy Spirit while you relax and continue to err as when you were not baptized.

Read in the Bible, regardless of whether it seems to be dry and that conflicts with the desire to be angry and upset, for example. One day you will be immersed in the Holy Spirit! You, who were recently bound in the fear of men, become bold, much like Peter at the coming of Pentecost and a brand new day will first light up for you.

The dry refrains of the Bible will come to an abrupt end alive for you through the Spirit’s revelation, and you can get help from God’s Word when you find yourself in troublesome circumstances. Why? You have already been purified through the water with the Spirit.

In any case, it is not the goal that they totally stop with the extraordinary experience of being purified through the water with the Spirit and not advance, the power that we have obtained through the immersion of the Spirit, which has made us so happy, we should use it to do great things, so that we can be partners with God on earth.

Jesus will sanctify us through water with the Holy Spirit and fire, when we pursue the impacts of the Spirit, we must endure bad circumstances, and this is what Jesus meant when he said that he will sanctify us through water with flames.

These are the conditions that come when we have to get it right, just like the disciple followers of Jesus when they were told about proceeding to make followers of everyone on earth, this implied that they needed to break out of their usual range of familiarity and begin to walk, regularly where they would not like, and that included tribulations that had to withstand the fire of the holy spirit, however, this also applies to those of us who have obtained the intensity of the Spirit within us.

Furthermore, despite the fact that we have been sanctified through the water with the Holy Spirit, we can always fall into sin if we do not do what the holy spirit desires in our life, the world we live in is full of sin and if If we fall into it, we would lose the connection with the holy spirit that we acquired in baptism.

That is the reason why one of the biblical passages of scripture says; “Be charged with the Spirit”, Ephesians 5:18, moreover, we are filled with the holy spirit not only at baptism but also when we earnestly plead to be filled once more and practice what we read in the Bible.

Holy Spirit Prayer

People frequently raise their supplications to God, to Jesus and some to holy people but they have no idea what the supplication is for the Essence of God or for the holy spirit.

What is more, the holy spirit has caused and still is causing an incredible debate, in light of the fact that many religions do not perceive that it exists, others rather accept it as if they were three different individuals, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, each of the three are one, and each of them is God.

The holy scriptures in 1 John 5:7 says that the three take the stand and that these three are one, there are a variety of varied ideas about the character of the Holy Spirit, some think it is a mysterious power, and others think it is a indifferent power, as the Bible says, there is no other definition, in light of the fact that the holy spirit is the essence of God.

When people recognize this fact, they can find what is the request they want to make to the essence of God, we can attest that the Holy Spirit is God, in view of what the Bible says, the sacred scriptures instruct us that the Father it is the main individual, the Son the second and the holy spirit the essence of both.

Once knowing and identifying the Holy Spirit and his task, which is to exhort us, break us, but above all comfort us, we can pray to him because we already know what he is capable of doing in our lives.

There is no pre-established request to ask the Holy Spirit, however it is necessary that our request is true, bone from the depths of our soul and heart, whatever it may be, this is a model, so that you can be guided and unwrap yourself in your own supplication. .

Heavenly Father who art in heaven,

I beg you to send the holy spirit to guide me,

Give him the opportunity to be my strength and my consolation,

Also, my inspiration consistently and be in front of my life as my shield,

With the aim that he can also direct me, what is more, that he can do his work in me.

Divine Holy Spirit, you are free to remain in me

Essence of God come and move in me

You are the person who restores my wasted soul

Make me feel your most consuming and most genuine flame

Inside my being, burning all sin in me

With the aim that I can be worthy of also through you

Make u change in those I appreciate and who also know you

Give me the opportunity to be your instrument, for those who need to contact you

Make me feel that you are with me

Also, revive my dry heart and fill me with your love

I ask you to come closer constantly

Also, shape me and change everything you don’t like about me

My dear dad, I bless your heart

As I realize that you will satisfy everything I asked of you

In the amazing name of your son Jesus

So be amen!

Miraculous Prayer

Normally when we talk about miraculous prayer it refers to the fact that we want the Holy Spirit to grant us the miracle of solving something very difficult, very often they are illnesses, these prayers must be made from our hearts and with our own words because no one knows better than ourselves. what is happening to us in life, then I leave a model of miraculous prayer for the holy spirit.

Lord God omnipresent, hear this healing prayer to the Holy Spirit, that with my heart full of humility and your grace I consecrate you, I beg you to give me strength to endure so much pain, so I beg you to send me to the Holy Spirit as consolation , so that my soul can be strong during this bitter moment that I am going through, help me to be more noble with my fellow men, to be in solidarity with those most in need, give me the light that illuminates and encourages your children.

Lord Jesus Christ, I beg you, grant me the kindness of being close to the Holy Spirit to heal my ills, clarify my paths and clear my enemies, keep me away from the temptations that disturb my mind, work on me doing the mercy of your miracles, save me from witchcraft, give me spiritual salvation and forgive my offenses, I beg you from the faith that comes from my heart in the mighty name of Jesus Amen!

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

These fruits, the holy spirit delivers in the life of the Christian and when he has good or bad experiences in his life it will prove to be fruitful; they will know you by their natural products says in the book of matthew, holy people are the people who have discovered how to sustain themselves under each of its fruits.

The products of the Spirit are consummations that the holy spirit forms in us as the main products of his endless glory manifesting in us, the convention of the Christian Church records that they are twelve which are:

What if now we see what these natural products consist of?


Whoever receives this fruit makes Christ enter his life and allows Christ to act in his life, in the event that affection feels lost, no extraordinary activity caused by the king of kings can be discovered and he will only have bitterness which is not a fruit of the holy spirit.


It is something that the one who possesses it radiates normally throughout their daily life, it is similar to daylight, or the aroma of the flower, or the heat of the flames.

This happiness does not go out between problems; despite what is happening, it develops and strengthens, when you are in communion with the love of God, the individual is happy; and also tries to satisfy others, it is a delight that surpasses all the pleasure established in material things.


Harmony is the perfection of happiness. Harmony makes us calm people and maintains the spirit that has a constant delight in Jesus regardless of everything.


Whoever possesses this fruit easily conquers and overcomes the disturbances that include daily life caused by the enemies of the spirit, likewise, it fosters a friendly experience with the individuals with whom we communicate.

Tolerance makes us Christians and they have the ability to control our being and prevent us from being angry, this organic product overcomes pity and prevents us from clinging to problems and suffering.


Being patient is a courage or strength, it is a powerful weapon to consider and execute the word of God, this organic product allows the Christian to realize how to sit firmly for the activities that are of God and allows us to continue advancing despite the obstacles. challenges.


It is a perpetual aura that encourages us to be delicate with exceptional gentleness in dealing with others, it is an incredible indication of the sacredness of a spirit and the activity in it of the Holy Spirit.


It encourages us to treat others with kindness and is a result of grace, but in an increasingly acute way that is not common in other people this fruit allows the Christian to judge others in horrible ways; He is also an example of Jesus Christ with his unlimited goodness.


It keeps away from disgust and vicious responses, contradicts indignation and hatred, prevents the Christian from falling into feelings of revenge, softness makes the Christian delicate in his words and in handling other people, making him humble of heart.


It is about safeguarding the trust that is given to them by another individual and does not hide the truth out of fear or misfortune because it is faithful to its principles.


This fruit is seen in the dress, in the speech and in the behavior of the Christian since the one who possesses this fruit does not focus on things that are not pleasing to God.


As its name indicates, it contains or maintains lust in terms of eating, drinking, having a good time and different joys of life, the fulfillment of these senses is requested in moderation as a result of the pride of God’s offspring that we have.


It is being able to be cautious and respectful in everything that alludes to the use of sexuality, whoever is chaste is pure of heart, regardless of whether he is a virgin or married, he finds himself with the delight of the welcoming fellowship of God.

How to Pray in the Spirit

To be able to pray and feel the holy spirit mainly as I have said before, you have to receive Jesus as your savior and at that moment the holy spirit will accompany you and the more you instruct yourself in the word of God the more you will be filled with the holy spirit.

At the moment they are baptized, that is the moment in which the Holy Spirit will completely fill your life with all of this. I mean that once they do this, the Holy Spirit will be in their life and everything they do will be done with it. be it praying, dancing, singing or anything else that comes to mind, you should only give yourself as an empty glass to him begging to be filled with his presence and do it from the heart to please him.

fullness of the Holy Spirit

In the outstanding content of Ephesians 5:18 you can see how Paul urges us not to drink alcohol, but to charge ourselves with the Holy Spirit to be happy.

Let us remember that the Holy Spirit is not the essence of God, it is not anything, a gas or a fluid or a power, that we could take, however, as the third Person of the Trinity he comes to stay in the life of each devotee from who receives him in his life.

The witness that Paul says in the book of Romans that in the event that someone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not of Him, the Holy Spirit dwells in all Christians, and does not come to us by part, it is not that when we convert we are given a little bit of the spirit, and then, in case we meet certain conditions, we are given a higher and higher degree, until finally we are full, it is not like that.

Also, there is no condition to satisfy the Spirit to stay in us, but to have confidence in Christ, all who accept Jesus and are baptized from that have the Spirit.

In the same way that drink influences the brain, the heart desires it, so we must be influenced by the Spirit in our psyche, in our heart and in our will in order to not succumb to our carnal desires.

To be filled with the spirit we just have to read the Bible, put into practice what we read in our lives, fast, congregate, have intimacy with Jesus and praise him at all times.

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