The Prayer To Saint Anthony To Get A Boyfriend Now

The Prayer To Saint Anthony To Get A Boyfriend Now

In life we ​​always wait for that love, which we see so much in romantic movies where the protagonist gets a boyfriend very quickly. Unfortunately in real life it does not always happen that way and we are left waiting. But there is another way through a prayer to get a boyfriend , which will help you with your goal. You just have to be patient and have faith.

Prayer to get a boyfriend

In today’s world where we live, it is so difficult to find a stable partner. It should be easier to get a boyfriend through all the social networks that exist today, but it’s not like that, now you don’t know if that person is really how they make themselves known on the different platforms or not. It is particularly a dilemma.

But do not be discouraged, all is not lost. In this life everything can happen and in unimaginable ways, it is so unexpected how things happen and how it changes them. So if you are possibly single right now, it does not mean that tomorrow it will be this way. The only thing we human beings don’t know is tomorrow.

Open yourself to new experiences, do not go with a closed mind to different places. Take the initiative in the situations that come and one of the first steps to achieve it would be to look for it, don’t expect things to happen by themselves, you contribute too. It’s like 50/50. The only thing you have to do is believe in yourself and in what you say, with that alone, you are one step closer to having a boyfriend.

The following is the prayer:

Blessed almighty father. I ask you to protect me and that with your sacred blessing you protect me from all evil. Do everything in your power so that my love for you runs out. And never leave me.

Father if I have committed any fault towards you or sins I beg you to forgive them. In order to be free from evil and with that my pure soul attracts a person who wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I loved myself fully even with flaws. Treat me like I’ve never been treated, as if I were after you my god, which must be respected.

Do not let men appear on my path who is not the right one. That he be a kind and kind person with me, who understands my feelings. I beg you that in his soul there are no bad thoughts or feelings of that kind. Like greed or bad character.

I ask you father and your son our Lord Jesus Christ to pay attention to my pleas. Please father you who know how I feel with this loneliness, look for that man to be my life partner, until you call us to your heavenly kingdom. Allow me to have a family that is surrounded by the most beautiful things such as love, kindness and may harmony always triumph in us. And so be it. Amen.

Prayer to get boyfriend urgent

If you think that your time is running out for any reason and you still haven’t got that person you need and are looking for so much, to have the things you’ve always dreamed of, the following prayer is to get it immediately, just remember that you have to have a lot of faith, you have to do it several times for at least a week and at night, before going to sleep, for it to work.

Our Lord Jesus Christ. You who know very well how it is to be with a stable and loving family. As you are aware of this, grant me the opportunity to have a husband to have a child and in this way form a happy family, where everything you taught us can exist, the search for love and respect for each one.

Beloved and adored Virgin Mary. You who were chosen by the father of us all to conceive the chosen one, the one who would be able to forgive our sins with his sacrifice. Oh holy virgin, you taught him your values ​​and your divine graces.

Grant me your will to get that person I’ve been waiting for so long and that his heart is as good as yours. divine virgin. We fill with wisdom so that in the future, we act as united, as if we were one.

I ask you too Saint Joseph, you who were the beloved and honored husband of the Virgin Mary. That thanks to your values ​​together with those of Mary, you gave unconditional love to her son Jesus Christ. So that you never miss anything. Grant my future husband the skills so that he can be a good family man and life partner, exemplary. Amen.

Prayer to get a boyfriend to San Antonio

Antonio de Lisboa or Antonio de Padua, was a well-known saint and the second fastest to be canonized for his actions that took place while he was still alive and even in death. Many traditions or beliefs are associated with it, but one of those is quite popular, for getting the saint to attract you, even your person a partner.

You have to pray it every day until you get it resolved, which is always quick. Try to make an altar with an image of the saint and a red candle, for the passionate love that you will obtain. And a white candle to make the union pure and harmonious. Try to be focused on these moments and with power in the words you say.

The following is the prayer to Saint Anthony:

You dear and honored saint. May your spirit be surrounded by goodness and mercy. Your values ​​have no limits. That only God granted you with full knowledge of your faculties. And thanks to this you were able to have so many works and miracles folded with love and wisdom. No one has ever doubted your divine power.

I beg you beloved saint. That you listen to me despite the fact that in this world there are many more people in need of your heavenly intervention. I know you will listen to me because it is in you that all the good things in this life exist, for this reason I will know that you will not abandon me and less when I am desperate.

You know I’m looking for someone who gives me more happiness than I have right now. Grant me the opportunity to find that eternal love, that accompanies me until the day I die. Someone who is good enough to worship you the way I do. Help me beloved saint to be able to have a beautiful and healthy family. Full of love. And so be it. Amen.

Prayer to find the perfect partner

great god almighty lord. You who were the one who created heaven and earth. The one who has dominion over everyone who lives in this world. Oh lord, I owe you everything. As I know that you are accompanying me everywhere and at every moment. I beg you Lord to feel my agony for being single. You know that to be in this world you have to be in a couple, as you created us.

I implore you to listen to my prayers and my requests to you my lord. I show you what I feel in my soul. Please let your divine intervention be present so that it is possible to achieve what I have desperately sought in my whole life. That meets all the requirements that I am looking for, faithful, loving, kind, pious. And may he be the perfect example of friend and lover.

Find me my soulmate I ask you sir. Do not let me accept in my life someone who is not willing to love you like me. It has to be someone who shares the same for you. This is all I ask of you and I hope you comply if that is your wish. 

Prayer to get your boyfriend back

Most of the time we get that person, who is meant only for us. But due to life situations or people due to their bad intentions, they separate. This does not imply that the love that united them in the first place still exists between the two. So there is still a chance that they can be together again, with this prayer to get a boyfriend again.

Son of our almighty father god. I come to you with all the hopes and love for you so that you change the thoughts and feelings that disturb the love we have for each other (Please enter the name of the person you want to recover) and me. Do everything in your power to make him be by my side again. Despite the distances that separate us as well as space and feelings.

He makes all his thoughts be solely and exclusively towards me. So that in this way, thunder or lightning, he will be by my side again. Please Christ, I beg you. Grant me the possibility of being able to hold him in my arms and share life with him. So that later we can form a great family. This is my request, which I ask of you with such faith that it even overflows. Bring it back to me.

Lord, I ask you to open his eyes and that thanks to your glorious light, he can see the path to a life together. That it only depends on him for this to work. 

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