Prayer Against Envy And Human Evil

Prayer Against Envy And Human Evil

People can have many good abilities but just as there are those, there are also bad ones. Like rancor, anger and envy. The latter has serious consequences, since by this you can destroy families, friendships and even jobs. You have to prevent this bad feeling with a prayer against envy to avoid problems.

Prayer against envy

There are many kinds of envy. For having a better job than the other person. The family you have or the friends you make. It may even be because they envy your personality. In conclusion, envy has no limits and can be installed in the purest hearts, so you have to be careful, with the prayer against envy it can be prevented.

So if you suspect that someone is envious of you, what you do or what you have, try to realize it in time before their bad vibes affect your life. But this can even happen even if you don’t know it, from people you can’t imagine. Sometimes we try not to think the worst of people but unfortunately we have to do it for the mental and physical health of each one of us and for the good of our loved ones.

The following is the prayer against envy:

Oh son of god. In these situations, my Lord Jesus Christ, I let myself be protected by you, as always at all times. I implore you to remove from me all evil that would like to enter my life, like the pure disease of envy that gets everywhere. But you, my lord, I know that you will take care of her from the people who attack me for that, since you know that the one who controls her is the devil himself.

I beg you to strengthen me, my faith and love towards you my lord. Don’t let my only defenses weaken. You know that for you I would give myself without hesitation and with the fullness of my heart full of love towards your spirit. I ask you that if there is some kind of beginning of envy in my soul, that you uproot it like bad grass but that with your hands it will be extinguished from me.

I know you have always seen for me but grant me more wisdom and happiness to face what may come. I know you will be with me every step of the way. I will never doubt that, my lord. Thank you for granting me everything I am and what I have, avoid all those envious of me and my loved ones who would never do anything against me. Protect me holy trinity. 

Prayer against visible and invisible enemies

almighty father. You who created everything that exists in this world, I come to you. Since you have the necessary domain to scare away from life everything bad that was not created by you. I beg you to put aside those people who only want to do evil to me, keep them away. To those who are influenced by the power of the devil, who are blinded in their lies and betrayals.

They know nothing more than to hurt. I ask you father to help me because before my eyes I don’t see all those who are envious towards me. But you see everything, you hear everything and you feel everything that others feel. I need your heavenly father intervention.

Make me invisible father. So that they never find me. And from me, do not let those feelings enter, consumers of souls. Protect my back because many do not say things up front and prefer to damage the back, which one cannot see. I beg you, do not abandon me in this valley of evil. Amen.

Prayer against envy and evil

Dad. You who know the truth of my heart, I beg your forgiveness, because I have sinned. I wish I didn’t have bad thoughts or ideas about various people but I inevitably fall into the clutches of the devil. So much so that I am already imagining what it would be like to be in the lives of those people, of what they have and do, forgive me sir.

I feel unhappy when I think that way because they are things that I don’t have. You who know that I’m not like this and I don’t know what’s wrong with me, father. I beg you to help me overcome this terrible situation, do not let the evil and envy I feel consume me. I beg you to remove her, my lord. Don’t let it control me.

They are such horrible feelings that I don’t want to see them again in my heart and soul. Take care of me and those to whom I am wishing evil, do not abandon them. I to take away the things that belong to them, my lord. Help me in these circumstances. Grant me some of your wisdom to learn to value what I am and what I have, all thanks to you. Amen.

Prayer the evil eye

Beloved and revered father of us all. I prostrate myself in these moments before you. Begging you that thanks to you, your powerful son Jesus Christ and the people who are already by your side in your heavenly kingdom, who were close to me. That they surround me in such a way that they create a divine shield around my body, my soul and my heart.

So any blow from evil or shot with envy, do not manage to penetrate me, because you are protecting me. And I beg you, father, to separate from me those impure and evil thoughts. May my mind be free from conscience since in no way has it done wrong.

Father that in me and in my family, in those loved ones, that they are not infected at any time by envy and evil. That despite the fact that some look at you and cause you misfortunes, they realize their mistakes and that they redeem your father. Because I know that it is never too late to realize that one may be doing wrong and that you forgive them, since you love us. Amen.

Prayer to protect yourself from all evil

You know blessed Lord, that in our souls there is only love, mercy and mercy towards our creator, to whom we were created in his image. I ask you to help us and bless us to cross all the walls that come our way.

Be our beacon so bright in these waters of darkness that are full of evil and envy. So that we can properly implement what you left for us. Don’t let our minds get infected with things that aren’t you.

Help us so that those sins that I once felt flow throughout my body and soul, go away. Grab everything that you think shouldn’t be or have in my life, as well as people’s too and throw them away.

Please don’t let anyone dare or comply with doing me harm, don’t take away what I have or what I have achieved by pure effort and thanks to you my lord. I ask no evil towards them. Quite the contrary, I hope you remove the influence of satan from your life and see you with new eyes of love and gratitude. Just like I do. And forgive me if I have committed any fault just like them too. Because in this life you have to forgive and that’s how you taught us. Amen.

Ritual to get rid of envy

It is not difficult to eradicate envy from our lives. This means of ourselves and the people around us, who sometimes do it without even thinking they did it. This ritual is only for you and anyone who approaches you with bad intentions will disappear.

All you have to get is three white candles, this will do for three nights. And just when you go to sleep you light one, followed by a prayer against envy , you have to have a very calm mind and free from any disturbance. At the end, try to pray three Hail Marys and Our Father. You will see how it works, remember that prayers have power if you think so.

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