Mighty Chaplet to Saint Michael the Archangel

Mighty Chaplet to Saint Michael the Archangel

With the reading of the following article you will be able to know absolutely everything about the Chaplet to Saint Michael the Archangel , we will talk about the spiritual benefits that come from praying this chaplet and how to worship it in the most appropriate way possible.

What is the Chaplet of Saint Michael the Archangel?

The prayers that are made to Saint Michael the Archangel through his crown or also known as his rosary, are a group of prayers, all belonging to the Catholic religion and his church. With this great set of prayers, the intervention of each of the celestial choirs is requested, in total there are 9 choirs.


To explain the Chaplet of Saint Michael the Archangel , first its respective prayer will be placed, then a deep analysis will be made of it and finally an attempt will be made to explain how to use it, by way of reflection, this procedure will also be followed with the other prayers in which he is asked.

Chaplet to Saint Michael the Archangel

In this chaplet we will invoke the nine choirs of angels. After each invocation we will pray 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys. We will offer this chaplet for the Church, so that it may be defended from all the snares of the devil, and for those who are farthest from God.

In the Name of the Father… The Crown begins praying, the following invocation:

“My God, come and help me. Lord, make haste to help me.”

Glory be to the Father, etc.

  1. Almighty and eternal God, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel and the heavenly choir of Seraphim, kindle in our hearts the flame of perfect charity. Amen. 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys
  2. Almighty and eternal God, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel and the heavenly choir of Cherubim, deign to give us your grace so that every day we hate sin more and run more decisively along the path of holiness. Amen. 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys.
  3. Almighty and eternal God, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel and the heavenly choir of Thrones, pours into our souls the spirit of true humility. Amen. 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys.
  4. Almighty and eternal God, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel and the heavenly choir of Dominations, give us dominion over our senses so that we do not allow ourselves to be dominated by evil inclinations. Amen. 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys.
  5. Almighty and eternal God, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel and the heavenly choir of the Principalities, infuse within us the spirit of obedience. Amen. 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys.
  6. Almighty and eternal God, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel and the heavenly choir of Powers, deign to protect our souls against the snares and temptations of the devil. Amen. 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys.
  7. Almighty and eternal God, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel and the heavenly choir of Virtues, do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys.
  8. Almighty and eternal God, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel and the heavenly choir of Archangels, grant us the gift of perseverance in faith and good works so that we may reach the glory of heaven. Amen.  1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys.
  9. Almighty and eternal God, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel and the heavenly choir of Angels, deign to give us the grace to guard us during this mortal life and then lead us to Paradise. Amen. 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys.

An Our Father is prayed in honor of each of the following angels:

*In honor of Saint Michael……  1 Our Father
*In honor of Saint Gabriel…… 1 Our Father
*In honor of Saint Raphael…….. 1 Our Father
*In honor of our Guardian Angel….. 1 Our Father

Glorious Saint Michael, leader and prince of the heavenly armies, faithful guardian of souls, conqueror of rebellious spirits, family member of the house of God, admirable guide after Jesus Christ, of superhuman excellence and virtue, deign to free from all evil those who We confidently turn to you and make us advance every day in the holy service of God through your incomparable protection.

V. Pray for us, glorious Saint Michael, Prince of the Church of Jesus Christ.

A. So that we are worthy of fulfilling his promises.

Let’s pray. Almighty and Eternal God, that by a prodigy of your goodness and mercy in favor of the common salvation of men, you chose the most glorious Archangel Saint Michael as Prince of your Church, we beg you to make us worthy of being freed by his powerful protection of all our enemies so that at the hour of death none of them can disturb us, and we can be introduced into the heavenly mansion to eternally contemplate your august and divine Majesty. By the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.  

Analysis at the crown

First you can see how at the beginning of this prayer the intervention of the nine choirs of angels is requested, then as in most prayers of the Catholic religion, the prayer of an Our Father is made and the prayer of three Hail Marys is made. . Then the prayer of this chaplet is offered for the church and it is requested that it be protected from anyone who wishes to harm it, in a nutshell, the beginning of this chaplet is to ask the Holy Catholic Church for care.

As can be seen, despite the fact that each greeting has small differences between them, the sequence is the same for the entire chaplet, it can be seen that the format of an Our Father for three Hail Marys remains unchanged throughout the prayer. The sequence of the rosary as it can be seen in the image, begins on the right and ends on the left, in the final accounts each one represents an Archangel and the medal has Saint Michael engraved.

In the first salutation, an invocation is made to the seraphim, they make up the first choir of heaven and surround the throne of God the Father Almighty where they spend their time singing. In the second Salutation, the cherubim are invoked, who are the ones who make up the second choir of heaven, these angels are responsible for taking care of the glory of God.

For the third salutation, the thrones are invoked, these are the ones in charge of carrying the throne of God and recording the actions of human beings. In the fourth salutation the dominations are invoked, these are the ones in charge of watching over the lower angels receiving direct orders from both the cherubim and the seraphim.

By the fifth salutation the principalities (virtues) are invoked, these are in direct contact with human beings, but they do not appear to them directly, they take the appearance of rays. In the sixth salutation the powers are invoked, this choir is in charge of the process of life and death of human beings.

For the seventh salutation the principalities are invoked, basically their function is to be guides of humanity. In the eighth salutation the archangels are invoked, these are perhaps the ones who have the most important missions that involve humanity, for example, they are: Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael. They fulfill the role of intermediaries between the superiors and the angels.

Finally, in the ninth salutation, the angels are invoked, they are the last choir of heaven. Angels are considered the workers of the kingdom of heaven, their duty is to protect, serve as guides and be in communication with all human beings, in addition, they also have obligations in the kingdom of heaven.

At the end of the invocations, the prayer of an Our Father is performed to honor the three archangels, Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael, in addition, it allows us to include our own guardian angel to whom a prayer of an Our Father is also dedicated. Subsequently, the achievements of San Miguel are highlighted to ask for help and serve God. Saint Michael is asked to pray for us and God is asked to make us worthy of his protection at the time of our death so that no one interferes with our entry into the kingdom of heaven. Like all prayers, it ends with an Amen.

Hierarchy in the choirs of heaven

In the kingdom of heaven there is a hierarchy which determines the role and importance of each of the members of your choir, it is structured in such a way that it could resemble a company or a ministry. The nine choirs of the heavens are separated by three categories, these in turn are divided into what is known as choirs, in conclusion, there are nine types of angels.

Each hierarchy is structured under a strict order, the first hierarchies are placed before the last ones, the first hierarchy is the one considered as the counselors of God. The second hierarchy is considered as a bridge between the first and the second. The third hierarchy is tasked with relating directly to human beings on earth.

When studying the operation of these, it is amazing how the human being emulates this operation in his daily world, each celestial choir works together as if it were a company, however, it is never specified, for example, what sex the angels are, which is why they are assume they don’t have sex. Another interesting fact is that it could be thought that the archangels are the most important because they are the ones who are in constant communication with humans, however, the most important are the seraphim.

Prayer to Mary as queen of angels

O August Queen of Heaven
and Lady of the Angels!
For you have received from God the power and the mission to crush the head of the infernal serpent; Deign to listen benignly to the pleas that we humbly address to you; send the holy legions so that, under your orders, they fight the demons, wherever they want to repress their audacity and persecute them until they are precipitated into the abyss.

Who like God?
Holy Angels and Archangels, defend us and guard us. Oh good and tender Mother! You will always be our love and our hope. O divine Mother! Send the Holy Angels to defend us and drive away the devil, our deadly enemy. Amen. 

sentence analysis

Here Mary is given the title of Queen of Heaven (a title that only God has), she is also called Lady of the Angels. This is because he received from God the objective of ending the enemy (Satan) he asks that the prayer be heard, this with the objective of giving strength, in order to push the corrupting forces of the evil one back to hell where they belong.

Then it is affirmed that there is no one like God, the Holy angels and archangels are asked to defend and care for us, an eternal love is professed to Mary and our hope as humans is placed on her. Our position and our intentions are also declared, which are clearly to expel Satan from our territories and to go away with his dirty intentions.

Origin of the sentence

History of this sentence:

Faced with the great spiritual combat that we wage, God has wanted to provide for us. But we must pray if we want help from him.

The Venerable Luis Eduardo Cestac, founder of the Congregation of the Servants of Mary, writes about the Queen of Angels:

In 1863 a soul… felt his mind raised towards the Blessed Virgin, who told him that indeed, the demons were loose in the world, and that the time had come to pray to her as Queen of the Angels asking for the holy legions to combat and crush the hellish powers.

“My goodness,” said this soul, “since you are so good, couldn’t you send them without us begging you?”

-“No”, replied the Blessed Virgin, “prayer is a condition imposed by God to obtain graces”.

– «So, my Mother», said the soul «Would you like to teach me the way to pray to you?»

And he thought he heard the prayer  “Oh Augusta Reina…”

Mr. Cestac was the depositary of this sentence. The first thing he did was present it to Monsignor Lacroix, Bishop of Bayonne, who gave him his approval. He immediately had half a million copies printed, which he distributed free everywhere.

It will not hurt to note that, during the first printing, the machines broke twice. The prayer to the Queen of Angels spread rapidly and was approved by many bishops and archbishops.

Saint Pius X granted three hundred days of indulgence to those who pray it.

Analysis of your history

God the almighty Father is aware of the spiritual war that human beings have in our hearts, which is why he left him as weapons against the evil one, strengthen us and let our prayers and prayers prevail, we must go to them if we need we want divine help.

You can see how the Virgin Mary chose someone and revealed how the legions of evil were around the world unleashing chaos and corrupting people, that is why she made it known that she will offer her protection to anyone who asks for her with the purpose of being able to crush the forces of evil.

It is evident that the soul in question that was chosen by Mary, following her human nature, puts her in doubt because Mary needs to be begged to be able to intervene, but prayer is something that has been there since the beginning of time as a means to communicate with God, therefore, it can be seen how Mary makes it clear that she does not set the rules, she only obeys the conditions established by God.

When the person understands this, he shows that he understands his position and decides to cooperate, therefore, he asks him to explain how to pray to him. It can be seen that Maria’s objective when communicating with her worked well, she wanted humanity to know how to defend itself against these forces of evil and now flyers were being distributed around the city with prayer, it can be seen that the objective was achieved because Even the Pope collaborated.

What is the history and origin of the crown to Saint Michael the Archangel?

According to the historical records that are available from that time, in the year 1750 this crown was revealed to a nun who was a member of an order that called itself “Our Lady of Mount Carmel”, as is to be expected, this nun I reveal it to her sisters. All this happened in Europe, more specifically in Portugal.

When the nun told her sisters that Saint Michael the Archangel had appeared before her, she also explained how to invoke him according to the instructions he himself gave her. The surprise that the nun had and that her sisters also had was that he wanted them to invoke him and make him known as humans.

Saint Michael the Archangel explained that they had to recite a total of nine salutations with the help of a rosary, once each salutation was finished, they had to pray an Our Father of three Hail Marys. Each greeting is accompanied by a request for help and intervention from Saint Michael the Archangel and the corresponding heavenly choir at that time.

Forgiveness Through Prayer

After the discovery of this prayer by the nun from Portugal, devotion, belief and faith in this prayer gradually spread throughout the world. Taking into account the power and popularity of this prayer, Pope Pius IX chose to grant the following series of pardons to all those faithful who make the prayer to the Chaplet of Saint Michael the Archangel :

  • A partial forgiveness for all those who, when they say this prayer, have a repentant heart.
  • A partial pardon for all those who carry the crown on a daily basis, they must also kiss the medal of the “Holy Angels” that hangs from it.
  • Total forgiveness for all those who say this prayer once a month, any day they have chosen, totally and truly sorry for the sins committed, they also had to have complied with confessing before the church and then they would have to have communion and requested by his Holiness the Pope for his intentions.
  •  Total forgiveness for all those who, fulfilling all the conditions described above, during the festivities of the Holy Guardian Angels that take place on October 2 and the festival in honor of the first appearance of Saint Michael the Archangel (September 29), finally, also for all those who celebrate the feast of the holy Archangels “Michael, Gabriel and Raphael” on May 8.

What are the benefits promised by Saint Michael the Archangel through his prayer?

Saint Michael the Archangel, at the time of revealing his prayer, also promised that all those who pray it will receive an angel from each of the nine angelic choirs. These nine angels will be in charge of accompanying the faithful believers during the realization and celebration of their communion.

For all those who make the corresponding prayer of each of these nine salutations every day, it has been promised that they will enjoy the benefit of having your full and sincere support throughout their lives and also after their death.

In addition, Saint Michael the Archangel also promised that those same ones who pray the nine salutations daily will be able to and will be accompanied by all the angels, as well as their loved ones and relatives will be released from purgatory.

Who is Saint Michael the Archangel?

Saint Michael the Archangel is the one who commands the armies that God possesses in many religions, however, only the three religions that stand out the most will be named and they are the Jewish church, the Islamic church and the Christian church. Christians have the belief that Saint Michael the Archangel is the defender in charge of protecting the church, he is considered as that lawyer chosen by the people of God the father.

In the Holy Catholic Church, Saint Michael the Archangel is considered not only as patron and defender in charge of protecting the universal church, but also, he is the first among the seven archangels of God. His main task is to stop Lucifer by all means, in fact, they are mortal enemies of each other, this is motivated by the fact that Lucifer is the archangel leader of all the angels who fell with Satan.

Representation of Saint Michael the Archangel

When Saint Michael the Archangel is represented in works, paintings and clay figures, he is seen wearing an armor similar to that worn by the generals of the ancient Roman army, he is seen as carrying a sword or a spear pointing directly at the head of a demon . Another very famous representation of him is weighing souls on a scale, he is represented like this because he is the lawyer chosen by God the father.

Saint Michael the Archangel in the Jewish religion

Because Saint Michael the Archangel in the company of the angels Gabriel and Rafael were the ones who announced the birth of Isaac, and also served as protector of the Israeli people while they were wandering through the desert, Judaism asks Saint Michael the Archangel to protect them within of their synagogues, in fact, as a curious fact, their sermons end with these words «Michael, prince of mercy, pray for Israel».

Representation of Saint Michael the Archangel in Christianity

In the past, some government and church authorities were quick to recognize the virtues that the archangel possessed. A clear example was the Emperor Constantine who attributed the victory over his enemies to Saint Michael the Archangel, which is why he ordered the construction of a very beautiful church near Constantinople to pay tribute to him.

Saint Michael the Archangel usually appears next to the Virgin Mary. The Virgin of Fatima in the 20th century swore that she had seen Saint Michael the Archangel himself kneeling, he was disappointed by all those who refuse to believe. In another apparition of Fatima when she appeared to her she suggested to resume the custom of prayers and prayers.

Perception of Saint Michael the Archangel according to Catholics

For Saint Michael the Archangel, it would not have been a problem to be the one who defended the Catholic Church, thus granting him victory against anyone who declared himself his enemy, however, the first Catholics did not recognize him as their military protector, but rather the following martyrs and saints:

  • Saint George
  • Saint Theodore
  • Saint Demetrius
  • Saint Sergius and Bacchus
  • Saint Artemio

This is why Saint Michael the Archangel was relegated to being the one who watches over the health of the sick. The first time he was revered in military affairs was in Phrygia, however, as he was known to be the one who watches over the sick, it was a more than controversial fact that generated astonishment in some. He was for many years the most important within the cult of the holy angels. Catholics have documented his most famous appearances and the list will be left here:

  • His appearance on Mount Gargano, this was the most influential during the middle ages.
  • At the top of the Castle of San Angelo in Rome, he appeared in front of Pope Gregory I
  • In front of Joan of Arc when she already commanded the French army

To honor St. Michael the Archangel, French Catholics dedicated the “Mont Saint-Michel” (St. Michael’s Mount) to him, making clear their praise and respect for him.

Saint Michael the Archangel for the Orthodox

In the churches that are in the East, their role is exactly the same as in the Catholic Church. His representation is with a tunic so he is almost no different from other angels, only that he carries a spear in one hand and in the other he is the carrier of a globe crowned with a cross, this represents the universe over which Saint Michael the Archangel has power in the name of Jesus Christ and God the Father Almighty.

Saint Michael Archangel is seen according to the Orthodox as the one who defends the purity, grace and holiness of God the Father against any threat that falsely wants to divert humanity. He is the angel of the Mystic night, night where according to God he lets the whole world see the true light.

The Coptic Church and its belief of Saint Michael the Archangel

In the book of Enoch of the Coptic bible, Saint Michael the Archangel is known as “the Great Captain”, it is said that he has a lot of mercy and is very patient, it is also said that he is in charge of protecting the best part of the human beings, that is, that part that is good at heart.

In Egypt they have the Nile River, this river is in charge of giving life to the entire nation, which is why the Copts decided to leave Saint Michael the Archangel in charge of protecting it, in addition, they set November 12 as a holiday and the days Twelve of each month they celebrated in honor of him, however, they use June 12 as a holiday because at that time of year the Nile River swells.

Protestant point of view

During the reform of the Protestant church, Anglican and Lutheran reforms, many beliefs were shared with the Catholic, Coptic and Orthodox churches, however, with other religions it is quite far from them.

the church of islam

In the Koran, (holy book of the practitioners of this religion) it is said that he was part of the three angels who visited Ibrahim and announced the birth of Isaac and Jacob. For them Saint Michael the Archangel is part of the four archangels in addition to Izrail, Israfil and Jibril (as they call them according to their religion), and is also one of the two angels together with Gabriel.

According to Islam, Saint Michael the Archangel is found in the seventh heaven, just after Gabriel, this because according to Islam, when Allah was in the process of creation, he sent Gabriel and then Michael so that they would cooperate and seek the clay with which later man would be formed.

In the Islamic religious culture, there is an almost infinite number of angels, however, Saint Michael the Archangel is considered as the one in charge of granting blessings to the people, in addition to that, the Islamists consider that the angels are assigned by departments and that Saint Michael the Archangel is the foremost in the department of blessings.

Final thoughts

The prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel despite not being so extensive, has mysteries that are hidden from the naked eye, the analysis of it allows us to know more about how heaven works and also him as God the father never leaves anything to chance, his decisions are full of wisdom because they are made with meditation, the phrase “God works in mysterious ways” applies only to human reasoning because his decisions are thought through to the last detail.

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