Prayer to Jesus of the Great Power for Various Requests

Prayer to Jesus of the Great Power for Various Requests

In today’s article we will teach you some prayers so that you can ask Jesus of the Great Power for help. His prayer for him can be used for multiple things and if you do them with faith and trust in him, we assure you that he will intercede to answer your requests.

Prayer of the Great Power of God

Below we show you different prayers of Jesus of great power to help you with different problems that may affect you. We recommend that you read them all and select those that best fit the difficulty you are going through.

Prayer to Jesus of Great Power for Desperate Cases

As the name implies, this prayer is ideal for when you are under a complicated problem or a complex situation from which you cannot find a way out. Performing this prayer will cause Jesus to intercede for you and help you find the right path.

« O my Jesus of great power! I trust with all my soul and heart in you, that’s why I come in my despair, since today I feel discouraged and abandoned. My beloved Jesus! I seek your help and understanding, offer me help with your immense power and mercy in this sadness that overwhelms me and this anguish that causes me so much suffering.

Strong arm and protector of mine, do not abandon me in this hurried trance in which I find myself. Don’t let me drown in my worry anymore. You who know everything; assist me, protect me and shelter me at this precise moment. Don’t stop listening to my pleas Jesus, the pleas of this downcast and desperate soul. Keep in mind the tears of this sad and afflicted heart but totally full of love for You.

You who are my only friend, father and protector. My Jesus, Jesus of my soul! I beg you to assist me in this difficult situation: (in this space pause the prayer and indicate the problem or situation that affects you and for which you want Jesus to intercede. Then continue with the rest of the prayer). I hope that my pleas full of love and hope are able to reach you, who are the strong and protective arm. Oh my Jesus! That you are the one who can do everything.

Oh my Jesus, Jesus of my soul! You who carried the cross and are my hope, my consolation, my refuge; come to me with your crown of thorns loaded with your heavy cross and with the rope around your neck, so that you relieve my terrible sufferings.

Oh my Jesus, Jesus of great power! May your divine eyes contemplate my needs and your sacrosanct ears listen to my pleas. I have full confidence in you; for this reason I implore you with all my faith, security and hope. Do not leave me without help in my affliction and may it always be blessed and praised with your most holy will. Amen « .

Once the prayer is finished, it is recommended to finish the prayer by praying a Creed, an Our Father and the Glory. In addition, the ideal is to perform this prayer for three consecutive days.

Great Power Jesus Prayer for Difficult Desires

If you have a request to make that you consider very difficult to achieve, this prayer is ideal for it. You just have to entrust yourself to the Lord Jesus of Great Power through the following prayer:

« Oh my Jesus, receive this act of contrition that we make with sincerity and appealing to your goodness; forgive our faults, sins and ingratitude and cleanse us of all hatred, resentment or baseness. You who came into the world to free us from all evil, protect us from every plan and cunning of the enemy, from everything that can affect us and make us suffer, take away our concerns and make us perceive your peace.

O Jesus! You who grant us your support with tenderness, increase our faith and submission to your adorable will, give us a heart capable of loving as you love us. That way we will know how to give you our hearts without fear and open it to your grace. Have mercy on us that with faith we entrust ourselves to you.

My lord, without you we are nothing, with you we can do everything. You are our good shepherd and you lead us on the right path, so we beg you to never leave us. Confirm us in the certainty that you will be with us giving us your love until the end of our days and grant us the peace that your gospel promises. I am yours and from today I want to live only on your love, waiting for the day that you lead me to eternity, may it be so forever. Amen « .

Prayer to Jesus of Great Power to Request Help

The following prayer can be used for various reasons and requests, so it will serve for any occasion in which you need to entrust yourself to the Lord Jesus of Great Power:

« Blessed Jesus of the Great Power, you who are the strong arm that can do everything. Supreme monarch, son of the eternal father. I always trust you, since with you by my side I fear nothing. Well, you are my hope. Oh my good Jesus! I hope you never forget us or forsake me. I believe in your goodness and your mercy, therefore I give you all my love and my devotion.

Oh sweet Jesus! placed at the right hand of God the Father. You who are tender, just and compassionate. May you never stop helping me and favoring my beloved Jesus. To those of us who come to you with simplicity and hope, I beg you to heed my pleas. (In this space we ask Jesus to help us in what we want to solve, then we continue with the prayer).

My Jesus Lord of great power, I have humbly presented you with my needs and my difficulties, please listen to my plea and give me the hand of your grace so that I can achieve my desires. Embrace me with your love and answer the request of my soul.

Jesus infinitely good and powerful, you who are my lord and my king. For your mercy, for your sacred blood spilled and for all your passion; Give me your miraculous hand in my falls and transmit your wisdom to correct my defects.

Make me possessor of the virtues of your passion and death so that by living a good life in this world and following in your footsteps, I may be able to see you risen and glorious in eternal life. To praise you forever in the company of the Virgin Mary, all the saints, the angels of heaven and the Holy Spirit. Amen « .

Since this prayer to the Jesus of Great Power is meant to be prayed when you feel the need to ask for help (and this can happen even several times a day), you can use it whenever you see fit. You can pray whenever you require a specific request or when you feel that you do not find the solution or way out of problems, either physically or emotionally.

On the other hand, if you consider that the problem you are going through is too big and intense, you can pray for three consecutive days, preferably at the beginning of the day and before going to sleep. In addition, it is advisable to accompany the prayer by lighting a white or purple candle before beginning the prayer. This candle must remain lit and must be replaced every day, that is; one candle per day.

Prayer to the Great Power of God to Ask for Protection

Useful prayer to request protection from Jesus of the Great Power for you and your loved ones from all evil that wants to harm you:

« May the Great Power of God be worth the strength of the faith of Jesus Christ and always accompany me. May the purification be with me.

May the Consistory of the Holy Trinity break the strength of my enemies, so that they do not harm me, or my children, or my benefactors.

Jesus Christ the Redeemer who defeated the world from the cross. Defeat my enemies for the death you had. Amen « .

It is important to highlight that the prayer must be repeated three times, beginning in each case with a Credo and ending in the same way with a creed. Also; Once this prayer is finished, it is recommended to pray the Novena of San Miguel .

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