Know the Prayer to the Holy Spirit for true love, here

Know the Prayer to the Holy Spirit for true love, here

For the human being it means a lot to have by his side a faithful and sincere person whose description is similar to the Ideal person. He knows the Prayer to the Holy Spirit for true love and his recommendations at the end of the post.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit for true love

endless father in kindness

and God of Love,

Where every great origin is shown

And where everything is brought to the world impeccable;

I declare your name, Lord,

I acclaim you, I praise you and I exalt you.

I request you to give me more confidence

To confront my daily life

And allow love and satisfaction

reach my heart,

Since I have unlimited longing

To appreciate and be adored.

From now on I’m separated from everyone else,

I ask you for help, Heavenly Father,

To have an amazing and stable relationship

I implore, my Lord,

that you illuminate my paths and break the chains

that disconnect me,

With the aim that no obstacle

get in my way.

In addition, I request that you open my feelings

and my heart to appreciate them,

with the goal that I can smile once again

and evacuate any negative contemplation,

insecure or blocking that may be in my brain,

in my body or in my feelings.

I request that you separate from me,


and everything that makes me feel uncertain or

fear of affection for a relationship.

My great God, I need another chance to worship,

to feel the fiction and sentiment within me;

I wish the gift of having my perfect partner with me

and have the option of sharing delights and anguish with her,

I need constant love

a genuine and lasting worship,

an individual who gives me unadulterated love,

amazing and related, i.e. full of affection,

of kinship and that we can pass on to each other.

I ask you Lord, help me in this most personal need:

(Tell the Lord, in case you have any

need that is not common)

Father of love, father of light,

It would be ideal if you granted me clarity,

so I realize how to discover the

individual who complements me and offers me his adoration,

the individual who wishes to be my accomplice and

with whom I can have a friend.

an eternal association,

appreciating each other with such power, 

May we be one heart for life

and build a lovely family

honored by you.

Holy Father, from this moment,

I thank you without limit, in light of the fact that

I realize that you have tuned in to me

and that my life will improve.

Essence of God from now on,

I welcome you to this place,

so they fill my existence with their quality,

you are the one who gives us relief and help us in the midst of deficiency,

today I present my request, that you overflow

my heart a genuine romance that can recover

and repair each of the wounds inside me,

that affection that I can have towards others,

fill my existence with the worship of God,

and that I can show it to everyone

generally around me.

Teacher, you did the best activity

of love that someone has made,

and I ask you to be the person who helps me constantly,

that you can be an individual anywhere you go,

show that agape love that is in you,

May my heart reliably adopt an attitude of

my spirit and my body

I thank you, Lord,

as I realize you hear my words

and respond to my requests,

for your kindness, you are extraordinary and incredible,

I declare in the implacable name of your son Jesus

that the appearance of your adoration will be evident in my life,

that his affection can reach people

who do not yet have any relatives with you.

Your affection is unceasing Lord

and your kindness is perpetual, thank you Holy Spirit,

since you reveal to me the adoration of my Father every day,

You help me in the midst of trouble.

Your adoration, sir, makes us live sure that we are

low on its wings and that its shadow covers us with all cunning

and the hooks of the adversary,

his affection makes us accept his promise every day.

Ruler in your valuable name,

I ask you to give me genuine affection

and I firmly accept that you have heard my plea.

Let me show you your affection

to each individual in need.

I am grateful for what you will do in my heart.

For the sake of Jesus, so be it.


Love is one of the most charming and innovative feelings that exist on the planet, we can find it in the family, couple, young people and among colleagues. (See Article The Power of Prayer )

All together so that the genuine affection that originates from God is shown in us, we should be confident in making a supplication or in this case a Prayer to the Holy Spirit for love, which is extremely important, so that this adoration is poured into our lives and we can give without waiting.

The expression of God speaks of various types of affection. When studying the types of love we find the Agape love, the Eros love and the indisputable phileo love. These types of worship are completely different, since agape love is that which originates with God, that which is not restrictive, is love without expectation of consequence, or without being answered, and is endured.

Filelo’s love is having an extraordinary enthusiasm for a person or thing, the love document implies a passionate and forceful association. One of the central perspectives to have a full and optimistic life is our nostalgic condition, given that the perfect thing for many people is to have the option of sharing each of our minutes and our encounters with an accomplice.

That goes with the intention of the heart, sustains, perseveres and beats us. However, in many events, this circumstance is obviously difficult to achieve, since, without knowing why, we think it is difficult to discover an accomplice who lives up to our desires and this generates pity and sadness.

That is the reason why we present to God our sentimental, charming and innovative request to approach our Lord for his preferred help, with the aim that he grant us that affection that we so desire.

Love is the most important engine of our reality, that is the reason why it is supernatural that we ask God, to give us expectation and peace, to find the perfect partner in our lives.


As God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, in order that all those who trust in him will not perish, however, they will have unceasing life.

Juan 3:16

Biblical discussions of different types of affection have spread throughout the world. There is the Greek word phileo, which means “kinship or affection.” At that point there is eros, which is the enthusiastic love we feel in a relationship. In any case, there is a third type: a higher type of worship such as Agape.

Agape is the kind of affection that God has for his Son and humanity. It is an affection that surrenders… The adoration that we find in John 3:16: For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son for each and every one of us.

There are numerous sacred texts on this matter; It’s something you need to drop and actually consider. Another sacred text that instructs the idea of ​​agape love is Matthew 5:44. It guides us to appreciate our enemies and appeal to God for individuals who offend us.

It is not difficult to appeal to God for people who consider you. Be that as it may, it takes you further to pray to God for the general population that has wronged you. It is anything but difficult to invest energy with your peers in the congregation. (See Article Night Prayer Psalm 4 )

However, it is increasingly difficult to find that person who looks so worried and desolate, to listen to him for some time. That is agape love. Penitent your consolation to make the right decision.

You can “have agape love” if individuals are cool with them, are thought of well, say something empowering to them, or say nothing when they could.

As people, we are generously childish, always asking, “Shouldn’t something be said about me?” It is an ideal opportunity to wage war on self-centeredness with the intensity of agape love.

It is a great opportunity to be great and to love people deliberately, as we consider and understand what the Scriptures say about affection. Also, let God’s agape love possess vast amounts of you toward others.

One way to express this love to others is as follows, Lord, your innovative agape love is amazing. Compromise me when I announce war against others and I choose the option of deliberately continuing a real existence of agape love.


The Bible speaks of two types of affection: phileo and agape. Both are Greek terms and appear in various approaches throughout the Scriptures. The Greek language also had terms for two different types of affection, eros and storge, which do not appear explicitly in the Bible.

To more easily understand phileo love, we have to investigate different types of worship. Fraternal is a warm love, the kind of affection one might have for a family or a partner. It is a type of affection that occurs normally, without driving it.

Some examples of brotherly love can be found in the stories of Noah, Jacob and the brothers Mary, Martha and Lazarus.

As its name implies, eros is energetic or sexual love, eros is the source of the sensual English word. While eros is significant within a marriage relationship and made by God, it can also be mishandled or confused with brotherly love.

For his part, he discusses the most dominant and honorable affection: conciliatory love. Love that is in excess of an inclination is a demonstration of the will. This is the adoration that God has for his relatives and that prompted the penance of his only Son, Jesus, for our evil deeds.

Jesus was love incarnate, to put it more subtly. Christians are to love each other with agape and phileo love, as found in Jesus’ Parable of the Good Samaritan. Philia alludes to genuine affection and is most often shown in a beloved fraternity.

The closest companions will demonstrate this liberal and tender love for each other, as each tries to make the other an optimist.

The biblical record of David and Jonathan is an incredible delineation of Phileo love: “After David had finished speaking with Saul, Jonathan became angry with David and worshiped him as himself…Furthermore, Jonathan made a promise with David since he he cared for him like himself”

1 Samuel 18: 1-3.

Since phileo love includes feelings of warmth and love towards other people, we do not have phileo love towards our adversaries. However, God directs us to have love towards everyone without caring if they love us or correspond to us, hence the importance of the Prayer to the Holy Spirit for love.

This incorporates those whose characters conflict with our own, individuals who hurt us and treat us badly, and even individuals who are antagonistic to our trust.

After a while, as we follow the case for God’s agape love for our adversaries, we may even begin to find phileo love for some of them when we see them through God’s eyes.

The most wonderful love that can exist, the affection for the companions and the supplication for them, apart from the Prayer to the Holy Spirit for true and unique love. In fact, it exists. You can discover a tremendous joy in being together with a partner, you can feel more satisfaction than with your accomplice, you should also be by your partner’s side constantly and have no desire to isolate yourself.

Never shake bonds of unbreakable trust, stress over him or her without prejudice, wish for his or her happiness in all things and spend some incredible minutes close and still not feel physical fascination, not wanting to have or be close to the person in question. This is Filos love, an adoration for brotherhood. The adoration that you can feel towards any companion, brother, tutors, etc.

Speaking carefully in couple circumstances. Numerous individuals confuse this with Eros love and despite the fact that the edges may keep them in a comfortable relationship of companionship, they possibly cannot keep them, at first together as a couple with no one else, as it is not enthusiastic.


It is the best known, it is the adoration that you typically “endure”, the most sought after and longed for. It is the affection where you look for your perfect partner, it makes you moan and feel joyful every minute. It is sensual, enthusiastic, reckless love.

Eros is the one that makes you feel sexual desire towards someone, you want to have it and even feel that you need it. It is the physical fascination you feel when you see such an “extraordinary” individual. Eros outlined “is the affection for the physical body.” Typically this fondness is held to practically nothing. He needs his other two colleagues to have the option to persevere.

It should be noted that one love leads to another type of love, in the end they all meet and form a whole. It is important to recognize when something comes from God, even when it comes to the love we want and yearn for all our lives. Even more, it is essential to learn the Prayer to the Holy Spirit for true love.

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