Prayer to Saint Anthony to find lost things

Prayer to Saint Anthony to find lost things

As our days go by, it is normal to lose our objects, sometimes it is difficult for us to get them, but for the impossible thing there is God and his divinity, we classify a group of prayers that we can mention as a prayer to find lost things.

saint of lost things review

San Antonio is the Saint to whom many people pray, he was a kind and honorable being in life for all the things he taught, San Francisco de Asís asked that the testimonies of San Antonio be taught by all the nearby towns and cities saint of lost things , this has always been a believer of the god since his childhood he liked to listen and preach the divine words.

Padua has become the patron saint of different countries and now we know him as the Saint of Lost Things, Francisco de Asís and San Antonio have been attributed countless miraculous events that are considered enigmatic for scientists, this happens because of the work and divine grace, this makes them position themselves as humble, affectionate men who comply with the requests that each devotee makes of them.

How to make a prayer?

First of all we must know how a request should be made, because Saint Anthony of Pauda is not only  prayed to find lost things  , he can be considered to make any request in the circumstance or moment that arises in his life, he lovingly He will fulfill his prayers if he does them with faith and from the depths of his heart the truth is that he fulfills the most longed-for wishes of the people who are devoted to him.

Let’s delve little by little more into the authentic meaning that prayer gives us, regardless of whether, throughout history, man has established a divine relationship between the sanctified and the sublime. Currently there are millions of testimonies that affirm miracles, confessions and conversations with the saint of lost things   and his divinity, this has really been achieved by the power of faith and prayer

It really is the most attractive, pleasant, kind way to be able to communicate and be thankful for our being, our existence, our whole life. In these times, it is wonderful that we have the power in our hands to make prayers with a true meaning for us, that It can well change our life or the life of any person or living being for this reason that we ask for miracles.

Recommendations to pray

  1. You must find a clear place where you feel the possible connection with yourself.
  2. Write your prayer of thanks and say it as calmly and happily as possible.
  3. If your prayer is one of petition, always remember that God’s will will be done, but even so, he never abandons his children, so feel at peace when praying.
  4. Do not forget, that not only in sad moments, be grateful for every moment of your life.
  5. Regardless of the fact that you can always place your faith in the divine hands, you are not alone.
  6. Acknowledge the degree of your request if it is something of great urgency.
  7. Make your request from the heart since the word is the strength and these are heard by San Antonio de Pauda.
  8. We must never lie when praying.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua to find lost things

If you constantly forget where you put an object or always lose something, I recommend these prayers:

“O great lord,

you who are merciful, kind and good with your people,

you who have all the power to move things your way

and restore everything that has been lost or has been moved from its place,

I ask you sir to please help me find (name of object)

that since (yesterday, the day before yesterday, a week) I can’t get it.

Lord, I also ask you to restore peace to my mind and spirit,

peace that I have lost in the search for my lost object.

This situation causes me concern and takes away my peace of mind;

My Lord, I ask you to please help me,

I know that you are in complete safety to do it,

Since you are omnipotent and almighty, I put all my faith in you.


For Catholics Saint Anthony of Padua known as the saint of all lost things, for this reason prayers for him will always be of great benefit to find them.

“Divine father,

Saint Anthony, with your great compassion for humanity and your great fidelity to the Lord

Sending his word to every corner of the world,

you who have been a preacher to every place you arrive,

On this day I ask you to help me find the objects that I have lost.

Holy Father,

help me to improve if I have to improve,

help me to be more patient so as not to despair in those moments

where I most need to have patience,

forgive my carelessness and make me worthy of having

all those objects that are now lost, due to my carelessness.

I ask you to help me to be more careful and to pay much more attention,

I beg you to listen to my pleas,

Patron Saint, I ask you not to let go of me and be kind to me,

to recover what today harms my peace.

Forever and ever,


This Prayer is considered powerful for lost or misplaced things, it is one of the most effective prayers of the saint of lost things.

“O glorious Father!

You are good and fair,

help me get my lost item back as fast as possible;


I beg you to take pity on me and help me recover

what I have lost that today I need so much,

I put my trust and my faith in you,

for this miracle to be fulfilled my lord,

a miracle that I know you will not deny me since you are always looking out for me,

to give me your love, your compassion and your attention.

Thank you sir for hearing my prayer

I fully trust in your power,Amen.”

Only when you are in a time of scarcity in your life we ​​recommend praying the following prayer:

“Most Holy and divine Father Saint Anthony of Padua, who with your compassion and hard work towards humanity, served the Lord by making his word reach all his children, you preached everywhere you were, wherever you arrived they acclaimed your name in search of your blessing and unconditional help, that grateful and satisfied with your miracles made you a beloved son of Christ Jesus and the Almighty heavenly father. On this wonderful day, I wisely ask you to help me find the objects that I have lost.

I ask you Holy Father to help me improve my patience with myself, because I need myself and I deserve all my love to accept my carelessness, today on this day I find myself in a situation of scarcity that has brought certain material losses to my life. I ask for all your heavenly help so that with your hands full of light you illuminate the path I have traveled these days to find the lost objects.

So I ask you to help me understand why I lack attention, help me to discern if what I am unconsciously doing is a message from God the Father to attend to a situation in my life.

To you Patron Saint, I beg you to listen to my pleas and guide me along the paths of patience and care for my life and those around me, Amen.

Make these prayers with faith and in the form of an affirmation as many times as you consider necessary, and always remember to thank Saint Anthony of Padua before and after the miracle. These prayers are your bridge between the divinity and us, Find a warm place, focus and connect with the prayer and what you want to ask for, the purpose is to recover what you have lost.

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