Learn how to pray for a seriously ill family member to be healed

The Prayer represents in itself an effective tool to speak directly with the Heavenly Father. In this Post you will learn the correct way to pray for a seriously ill family member to be healed.

What is prayer?

Prayer is an intimate way of establishing a connection with the heavenly father, whom we have undoubtedly called God. It is not something described as a definitive pattern whose general rule is unchanged, on the contrary, it is a tool that, when put into practice, will bring revelation to those who carry it out.

The purpose of the Prayer is to thank, to ask in this case individually or collectively. That is, for their own good or the common good. When we ask, we do so believing that we will receive without fail and according to the covenant made many years ago at the beginning of creation.

Prayer does not seek to be accepted by another but by God himself. It does not seek a personal purpose only but a collective purpose, that is, it keeps harmony for the performers. When we ask, our most notable desire should be to invest our time without limitations or claims. (See Article: Prayer for a terminally ill person )

It is not something that interrupts your work or your daily life, on the contrary, it strengthens even your way of fighting decently for those in need, in this case so that the seriously ill are healed.

Many facts confirm that God is already aware of what has to be asked of him, however, like every great father, he wants to listen to the voice of his children. We see that the importance of petition should be to strengthen our intimacy with God, to draw closer to him, to invest our valuable time in the quality of him, and to impart to him what our heart possesses.

So it follows that our closeness to God is significant and indispensable, it does not depend on rules or decrees attached by men.

We can understand the meaning of the Prayer, however, we are often not clear about how we should perform it or how we should really ask the Father for something. That is why God left written the model prayer that would be of great help to all humanity.

In a similar section of the Gospel of Matthew mentioned in chapter number 6 we discover “our Father”, known as the model supplication of the Lord Jesus. At first we must show our appreciation and love, perceive the meaning of God and the heaven of him. Our disposition must be simple and genuine.

At that moment we submit to his will and affirm that the best thing that can happen is for his kingdom to show itself in our lives. We proclaim the total certainty that his kingdom and his will are the best for us, since where the kingdom of God is, incredible things are shown to happen.

It is necessary to request our forgiveness and your ease of effort. In the meantime, we inspect our hearts to see if we have been happy to forgive and deal kindly with those who have offended us. It is an ideal opportunity to inspect ourselves. We realize that we appreciate God’s absolution of our lives.

We request your assistance and insurance against temptations so that we remain firm and do not give in. We realize that he is the one who, in particular, can protect us and free us from the temptations and from each of the assaults of the cunning enemy.

We end by giving thanks to God and trusting that the Prayer is alive and effective.

What is healing prayer?

The Healing Prayer is the request that is made to request God’s assistance when we have a medical problem. And, furthermore, when we are exhausted, tired, sick, or when a relative or a colleague is in these conditions.

As long as we come to God with a sincere heart, when we need help, he is there to help us.

When to do it?

By making prayer a great habit, you will find that you can perform it at any time of the day. At any time, it is necessary to feel the closeness of God, mediate and restore our well-being, and request help from the creator about our illnesses or those of our relatives, colleagues or neighbors.

There is not a day, a specific hour or a moment. You can do it in the room, on the street, in the most closed place you can find. It is something more of personal criteria than a simple general rule. You can do it at any time you consider appropriate, alone or in the company of friends or the patients themselves.

Why is it necessary?

Well-being is one of the themes that is constantly present in our supplications and for every person who prays it should be a priority. In addition, it will depend on our physical condition, how the person feels and how he is from the human perspective.

It is requested for healing because we recognize that God through his Only Begotten Son was able to carry each of our illnesses and that of our friends and family. No matter if we deserved it or not, no matter if we met the requirements to be safe or sound.

Jesus did it out of love and that is why we can come freely and confidently, believing that our requests will be received and not filed away like stationery in an office.

God anticipates that we should ask for and make use of the authority that is granted to the person called the daughter of God. Something that we must highlight is that God does not respond according to our way of thinking or according to our own opinion. He responds to us according to what he considers is best for each person.

Here we see the kind heart of God. He needs to give beneficial things to his young, however, we must ask, seek, knock, develop our association with our Father and express our longings.

Prayer for a seriously ill person to heal

The following Prayer is just a model that has been created for those who have never made a request for healing. So it is necessary to remember that it is subject to change by personal criteria:

Lord Jesus! Today I come before you, with clamor and pleas for the Health of my family and friends. But, before starting to tell you each one of them, I want to thank you for all the good things, all the pure things, and all that you have allowed in my life and in the lives of those around me.

Thanks to your divine will, today we live, today we breathe, today we think. Thank you! Thank you for listening to my prayer among so many that I may pray for you. Today I wish from the bottom of my heart and my soul, to ask you for each of the people, who are going through a strong health process.

Today I ask you for Health! I wish Health for each one of them. That through your hand they can be healed. That through you, they can recover. You King of Heaven, Divine Creator, you know us better than anyone. You created us in your image and likeness.

You created us with your love and with your mercy. You who carried our disease on the cross, I beg you for healing. Regardless of the disease, today I ask you to pulverize any malignant process that has been found in the body.

Perhaps there are things that medical science has determined as final or terminal, but you who know the future want to see your glory manifesting in them, I want them to be able to witness your power. I come to you because I know that there is no other name like you!

I recognize your power, that’s why I don’t give up asking you for them. Look at each serious patient who is isolated on a hospital bed for not having the resources to solve. Glorify yourself in them and in their relatives.

Look at those patients who are in the intensive care unit. There where science says that the last resources have been exhausted, where the last forces are left, where faith already becomes weak. There, glorify yourself Father.

Have mercy on those who seek you day by day, those who find you day by day. I ask you not to leave them alone, make them feel part of you. We know that from dust we were created and that we will return there.

But help us to go smoothly through every disease process. Do not allow death to take over our body, nor order where only you have the first place. Do not allow the disease to deteriorate and degenerate without turning back the lives of those we love, for this we raise the Prayer so that a seriously ill person can be healthy and free of all malignancy.

On the contrary, allow each tissue to be restored, each organ to be renewed by you. You can do that! Take what ultimately does not come from you, what is damaging, take that out. Eliminate the stains that appear in the margin in the studies whose diagnoses are terminal and you have manifested your prompt help.

Finally, I want to ask you to endow all the heavenly wisdom to the medical personnel who have to take part in these processes. Give them meekness, patience and kindness to feel the need of the one who asks for help.

Deposit security in them when executing any therapeutic behavior in diagnoses. Be your God, provider of resources, provider of sustenance. Don’t let these people die for no reason due to supply failure. We know that you work according to your riches and how to ask? We do not know. But what we are sure of is that you are rich to provide what is needed, without limits and without markings.

Your unmerited favor is the one that never goes out of style, in fact it has no license and will never have an expiration date. Well, it comes from you my God. The best provider.

For this and much more I will continue looking for your face and recognizing your benevolence. Thank you for listening to these pleas. I need an answer from you, I want to be a constant witness of your wonders and all the good things you have to show this world that your love is eternal and infinite.

As the same book of Daniel expresses it, I also trusted that even while I am pronouncing these words, in the same way the answer from heaven has already been sent on this Prayer so that a seriously ill person is healed and on this place. I trust it will come!

In the name of Jesus, who was given on the Cross as a living sacrifice; In the name of the Holy Spirit, our greatest comforter and, in the name of God, everlasting heavenly father, I raise a strong and firm AMEN, may the Lord do so.

Recommendations before praying

  • Avoid gadgets or anything else that interferes with your focus. To provide support, you can locate a quiet spot at home or at work and make it your one-of-a-kind request room.
  • Compose a summary of the pleading needs you have and separate them by classifications. This will allow you to remember what is important and, in addition, to concentrate on your requests.
  • Set a particular time that you can supply each day. You may have trouble keeping up at first, but if you keep going and stick with it, you’ll find that over time it will become a part of your everyday life.
  • Despite imploring at a certain time, do it discreetly for the duration of the day. Reveal to God the expectations, fears and considerations of him. Talk to Him as if you were talking to a colleague and don’t hesitate to let Him know everything that happens during the day.
  • Ask God to let you understand what your statement says, and then read the Bible. Keep a heart prepared to receive the message, and in case you do not understand what you read, pray again and trust in the intensity of the Lord.
  • Keep in mind that the Bible is God’s method of addressing us; and on the off chance that you don’t think about it, you can’t develop into trusting him.
  • Try not to ask only about your needs, but also about those of others, about your family, colleagues, people who treat you terribly, society, the nation and the world. Remember to be grateful to God and worship him for each of his characteristics.
  • God knows your heart; so it’s horrible to mislead him or mask your real expectations. When he asks, be direct with him and ask for absolution of his transgressions, but also refrain from falling into them again.

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