Mirror Hour 09:09: Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

Mirror Hour 09:09 Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

Nothing happens by chance, everything is meant to happen for a reason. This is the definition of synchronicity when we cross a mirror hour such as 09:09 repeatedly. It is your subconscious that guides you to see the time at every moment of the day, to let you know that the angels are communicating with you to tell you things related to your life, especially your future.

Meaning of the time 09:09 with guardian angels

The guardian angels want to send you a lot of messages. They brag about your beautiful soul, they say you’re a crystal-clear person. This double hour invites you to activate your full potential because there are many things you can do that will help people. You know very well that you are the portrait of the exemplary person in life, that’s how people perceive you. For this, be worthy of the responsibility involved with it.

Show your positive outlook on things in order to restore hope to people who are morally destroyed, and make the most of your ability to spread a spiritual radiance that helps people conquer their doubts. The guardian angels encourage you to deepen your research in spirituality, they will be your guides, and they will provide you with information that can lead to your spiritual awakening.

When you come across a mirror hour of 9:09 a.m., isolate yourself to practice meditation, the angels will bring you company and good guidance. You can thus increase your interior, thanks to the guardian angels who resource you, that is to say, they give you energy sources essential for your own spiritual development, and which serve to help others.

Which natural stone is linked to the mirror hour of 09:09?

If the mirror hour 09:09 is a harbinger of great miracles as well as long life, then it is necessary to find the right stone and adapted to this precise and special hour. Thus the choice of a natural stone must be made according to your personality and what concerns you. For this, you will have to carry out a test which will tell you very precisely your natural stone.

By carrying out this test, not only will you know the stone adapted to your personality as well as to the symbol of this mirror hour, but you will also be able to understand all the possibilities that the complementarity between this stone, your personality and this mirror hour can generate.

09:09 Angelic Interpretation

The guardian angel who coincides with the mirror hour 09:09 is called: Seheiah. It has a period of influence from 9:00 a.m. until 9:20 a.m. It is the symbol of long life, be it your spiritual longevity as well as your physical longevity. Also, it imbues in you the sense of mediumship and the penchant for the divinatory arts. If you are crossed by strange feelings about your future, or impressions of having already experienced events that concern you, or those that concern your loved ones, know that Seheiah transmits visions to you in the form of flashes of clairvoyance.

This angel assures you the protection, against evil and catastrophes, against all that can bring you harm. Thanks to his celestial shield, he protects you from diseases, pains, fire, accidents, lightning etc. Seheiah works on your joy, he guides you to the right path when you encounter confusion, he helps you make the right choice, and he leads you constantly towards happiness and fulfilment. He responds to you when you invoke him. For this, let yourself go with your spiritual cherub Seheiah, he has many beautiful things to give you.

Numerological meaning of the mirror hour 09:09

The mirror hour 09:09 has a numerological value of 18 because 0+9+0+9=18. Number 18 speaks of your fertile imagination, your judicious intuition as well as your ability to see things before they happen, namely your feeling of deja vu. You have very significant dreams, so you have to spend time studying them since they have a lot to tell you about your future and your life in general. You help others, you are a generous person who expects nothing in return. Also, you have a humanitarian, charitable and helpful temperament, which is why numerology qualifies you as a bearer of radiance.

You have powerful perseverance when you set a goal you go out of your way to achieve it, so that there are gossip trying to break you, but you leave no room for pessimism in your life. The 18 also signals an emotional imbalance, there may be problems with your partner. Finally this figure, it sows in you a kind of hesitation and fear of failing, when you feel these feelings, stay alone to think, it will keep you away from bad decisions.

Interpretation of the mirror hour 09:09 with the tarot

The tarot card that coincides with the mirror hour 09:09 is the Hermit. It is the ninth card of the Tarot de Marseilles. It materializes an old man who walks in the darkness leaning on a cane, and holding a lantern to illuminate. The Hermit designates an introspection, in other words, an observation of one’s own interior, and the deepening on the study of one’s own feelings.

It announces a period of withdrawal and loneliness that you will go through. How significant it is of the ageing process with its deficiencies. Thus, asceticism and the tendency towards perfection.

Arcane Positives

The Hermit a card that announces the arrival of a difficult situation, with which you must behave wisely and reasonably, and show patience. The lantern that illuminates the old man’s path on the map is a good sign for you, it designates a light that will illuminate your path so that you can overcome the pitfalls and the sticks in your way. The cane that helps the old man to walk is also a good thing. As she is the guide of the blind, and the support of old people devoid of strength, she will be the one who directs you towards tranquillity and peace.

Negatives of the arcana

The Hermit card when it is badly positioned in your draw, alludes to an impediment that inhibits your project, an unfavourable circumstance or a setback, etc. The Hermit also designates isolation, being distant from the world, and withdrawing into oneself. So, you are probably going to experience a similar situation, where taking a step back and questions engulf you. Be careful, don’t get carried away by this ugly stupidity, try to open up to others, it’s much more practical. This card, as it shows the old man with his lantern and his cane, is a symbol of ageing.

Summary and advice of the arcana

In love the Hermit constitutes an isolation, you will live an unfortunate situation with your partner, where doubts and questions will settle. Communication will be rare, which will lead to sadness and emotional loss for both of you. Try the best you can to overcome this.

On the professional level, the Hermit announces an unforeseen, unexpected situation which will cause you a lot of discomforts. It can be a good sign for people who work in research since it boasts of their analytical mind. Financially, it indicates a small crisis, a need for money that is approaching you. Pay more attention to your spending.

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