Mirror Hour 08:08 Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

It often happens that when looking at the time on your smartphone or digital watch, you come across a mirror hour. When this phenomenon becomes repetitive, it sows doubt and questions.

This is a celestial message, transmitted by the 72 guardian angels to keep you informed of the mysteries that concern your life. Be attentive to what they communicate to you, for this, we are going to discover the integral meaning of the mirror hour 08:08.

Meaning of 8:08 a.m. with guardian angels

The guardian angels announce to you a liberation, a deliverance and a relief, following the difficult trials that you live in the immediate future, relax, you will be freed from this weight which torments you in particular financially. Certainly, you are a person worthy of the responsibility entrusted to you, but sometimes you have to ask yourself questions, “am I really up to it? “.

The mirror hour 08:08 advises you to give yourself to the maximum because you have a potential of fire that must be exploited in order to achieve favourable results. This is possible if you show patience and perseverance. The guardian angels also invite you to come out of your hibernation, in other words, you must wake up, how is this possible?

They invite you to practice meditation. A practice also called: state of mindfulness. It is very beneficial, it allows you to relax, get rid of negative energies and fight your anxieties and fears. Follow this advice to find your inner peace. You are a person with the best advice, you do not hesitate to give it to others who come especially to you to seek it. You work hard to solve people’s problems as if they were your own.

Which natural stone is linked to the mirror hour of 08:08?

Regarding this mirror hour, it indicates the need to rely on your spiritual guardians who will give you the necessary tools in the achievement of your goals. To increase this, the acquisition and use of fortifying natural stone is ideal. However, it is essential to choose the right stone to have.

For this, a specialized lithotherapy test that will allow you to know your stone remains the best alternative. In addition to giving you the stone that is right for you, you will also be able to use all of its full virtues and abilities in achieving your goals. So, don’t wait any longer and take the test to change your life.

08:08 Angelic Interpretation

The angel who coincides with the mirror hour 08:08 is called Nith-Haiah. It has a period of influence which takes 20 minutes, from 08:00 until 08:20. It is a symbol of benevolence, kindness and moderation. Its mission is to develop in the human being an intuitive sense, that is to say, it gives him a feeling of knowledge of truth without recourse to reasoning, it could also be the prediction of danger, it is about a feeling.

Nith-Haiah also develops clairvoyance and offers broad perceptions in the field of divinatory arts and the faculty of spirituality. He responds to your summons whenever you need him. It assures you protection against the evil that emanates from people and from the evil spirit, namely spells and bewitchment.

Also, he will be your faithful companion if you plan to embark on angelology and the Kabbalah, by giving you the spiritual energy necessary to carry out these studies as they should be. Besides, if you wish, you can excel in the interpretation of dreams. Angelot Nith-Haiah gives you wisdom and logic in your life , so you can become a diffuser of radiance and advice to those around you.

Numerological meaning of the mirror hour 08:08

The mirror hour 08:08 has a numerological value of 16, because 0+8+0+8=16. A number that says so much about the field of spirituality, thanks to your intuitive gift you read in yourself and in others like a book. You have a predisposition to the divinatory arts and mediumship, which gives you the ability to perfect in esotericism. To this is added your skills in the field of reflexology, meditation and hypnosis. Thanks to your “intuition” faculty of mind which has so much to give to people who need your help. You are described as a “difficult to follow” person, you are not on the same wavelength as the people around you.

You have an independent and self-sufficient temperament. You are drowned in your affairs, therefore you neglect your family. Be more attentive with your interlocutor, so as not to screw up your relationship. The number 16 also warns of danger, the latter is linked to egocentrism and pretension. You must be more humble, otherwise, you risk failure due to pride. Having more skills than others is wonderful, but in estimating yourself be careful to underestimate others, otherwise, the consequences will be cruel to you.

Interpretation of the mirror hour 08:08 with the tarot

The tarot card that coincides with the mirror hour 08:08 is justice. It is the eighth card of the tarots of Marseilles, it symbolizes the law, righteousness, legality, equity, respect etc. The workhorse of this card is righteousness and rigour, it requires moral values ​​in your conduct and in your daily behaviour, in order to achieve a state of balance and harmony in life.

It conveys frankness, honesty and transparency in your friends, family and professional relationships. The justice card alludes to an authoritarian power that is exercised over you.

Positive points of the arcana

The card of justice, when it appears in a draw, it is always dominating, it is because justice is above everyone. It embodies a decision that you have been waiting for for a long time, it will be pronounced in any field (professional, romantic, family) followed by an act. It designates the correctness and a decisive situation, moreover, it also speaks of the events that your previous life has known on which it establishes a balance sheet. Having the arcana of justice in his draw is very appropriate for a person wishing to evolve in the administrative sector, because it alludes to righteousness and conscience.

Negative points of the arcana

If you have the justice card in your draw, prepare for a rough patch. It concerns a legal case which will be closed by a judgment against you, unfortunately, it indicates a punishment or a condemnation. On the affective level, it speaks of the breakup of a couple in a free union, or of divorce for a couple united by marriage. Ditto for work, there may be a termination of the contract. By often seeing the mirror hour of 08:08, the tarot asks you to be careful of what you express and what you do.

Summary and advice of the arcana

The justice card speaks of a marriage or a divorce or even a breakup. On the love level, it announces an important leap for both partners, which can be negative, that is to say a breakup, or positive, that is to say a union for life.

In the professional field , this card indicates the presence of lawyers, in particular a judge and lawyers, with whom you will have to deal. Therefore, be careful what you sign as this is a court case. Finally, on the money and finance level, it shows an inheritance problem that will go wrong.

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