Mirror Hour 07:07 Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

The 7 is a special number in life, it is found in almost all religions, in Islam, it represents the 7 heavens, in the Jewish and Christian religions, it refers to the day of rest, as well as other representations for each given religion. This is why seeing a mirror hour of 07:07, we quickly move towards its meaning. According to the angels, numerology and the tarots of Marseilles, the explanations differ. We will discover them all.

Meaning of 07:07 with guardian angels

According to your guardian angels, this is an awakening, you will experience an awareness. It is an awakening which concerns spirituality since you once devoted yourself only to the studies of ecology, politics, technology etc. Now that you are waking up to spirituality, it will give you the opportunity to know yourself because you do not know yourself. You will discover your sleeping character. This transformation is already active, you are feeling it.

The angels also tell you that there is a professional affair coming up, it is a collaboration that you are going to sign with people who are on the same wavelength as you. You will experience success and prosperity. You are a person steeped in ideas and tips in all areas, express them because they will bring solutions to many problems.

The mirror hour 07:07 is also the affirmation of the angels, they validate your choice, and you have finally taken the right path in your life. They are always by your side, to help and protect you. When you hear a little voice that motivates you internally, listen to what it tells you without the slightest hesitation, they are your guardian angels.

Which natural stone is linked to the mirror hour of 07:07?

This mirror hour symbolizes strength and tenacity, precisely in difficult times. It is a symbol of strength and advancement despite difficulties. Thus, complementing this symbol with a positive wave diffusing stone is an excellent alternative. Among the many stones with this ability, it is necessary to carry out a specialized test in order to find the most suitable stone.

Choosing a protective natural stone with the ability to strengthen both the mind and the body is done through a lithotherapy test . Knowing the right stone will allow you to better experience its abilities and virtues.

Angelic interpretation of the hour 07:07

The guardian angel who coincides with the mirror hour 07:07 is called Yeiayel. Its period of influence extends from 07:00 to 07:20. Yeiayel symbolizes honour, charm, prestige and seduction. In life, it brings you happiness and supports you during your difficult trials, it helps you to emerge unscathed from the storms of life. At the end of each unpleasant situation, invoke him, he will listen to you.

In addition to being your protector, he is also your spiritual guide who transmits knowledge and knowledge to you in all areas of existence. Angelot Yeiayel confers glory and reputation, it gives the person an unparalleled charisma, to the point of becoming distinguishable among dozens of people. In addition, it makes you a real leader, to whom we say yes, your ideas are imposed and accepted with ease.

It sows in you the sense of union, mutual aid, and solidarity, which embellishes your personality, and makes you admired by the people around you. If you plan to start research or a doctoral thesis, go for it because you will make fascinating deductions, even a discovery, who knows?

Numerological meaning of the mirror hour 07:07

The value of the mirror hour 07:07 in numerology is 14 because 0+7+0+7=14. A very talkative number, it qualifies you as someone very curious, you are open to various subjects, and you also have enormous intellectual potential, which should be exploited to achieve your objectives. Besides being a liberal person, you are also very determined and daring. When you set a goal, you achieve it.

You have a lucky hand, you succeed in all your steps in life, and this rain of success brings envy. We advise you to do things quietly to avoid the evil eye . The number 14 also speaks of your tendency to seek balance, which justifies your willingness to discuss all subjects. But be focused so you don’t get lost.

You are a very communicative character, you express yourself very well in public, and you manage to capture the attention of your interlocutors. If you intend to evolve in a field, it would be good for you to choose one where you can put yourself forward, you have all the potential necessary to take on great responsibilities. Project management and being at the head of a team never scare you, on the contrary, you make sure.

Interpretation of the mirror hour 07:07 with the tarot

The tarot card that coincides with the mirror hour 07:07 is the chariot. It represents a chariot on which sits a crowned person, perhaps a king, which alludes to displacement and movement. If you cross the mirror hour of 07:07, the Tarot de Marseille tells you that you will be lucky in your life.

This mystery directs you to succeed in everything you do. As he can talk about travel, as mentioned above (movement), or a move, in any case on your marks, get set, go!

Arcane Positives

The carriage is a very favourable blade. It is clear that it indicates a transit or a movement, and the latter will be in the good on all the planes of life (in love, in work and in money). Your motto in life is “when the past knocks on the door won’t open, it has nothing new to bring you”, so you don’t waste your time rummaging through past mistakes, your future matters more. You are going to experience unparalleled success, which is why the 07:07 mirror hour intrigued you.

Negatives of the arcana

Like all the other cards, they have negative and positive meanings “like life for that matter, made up and down”. When the cart card is misplaced in your draw, it signals a tricky decision or risk. The thing for which you have to plan a risk is because this decision you are about to make will have repercussions throughout your life.

You must make the right choice, for this do not act hastily, take all your time not to make mistakes. The energies of the chariot invite you to keep your values ​​and your principles and to remain yourself.

Summary and advice of the arcana

The chariot in the field of love means that your life will be crossed by several love stories, not one. Also, by taking a trip you will meet a person, with whom you will form a bond of love. The trolley in the field of work, denotes a kind of promotion or elevation, it is a good sign, that you are going to have unexpected results that exceed the traced limit. The trolley in the realm of agent and finances, means the end of the need, you will finally meet your financial needs, and end this uncomfortable situation once and for all.

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