Mirror Hour 11:11: Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

Mirror Hour 11:11 Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

Crossing a mirror hour in the form of 11:11 a.m. is very unusual, we say to ourselves, but how come we come across four similar numbers? A question that deserves to be asked, since this mirror hour is significant for many things that concern our life. It is a synchronicity, the angels who communicate with humans to send them a celestial message through a mirror hour of 11:11 a.m.

Meaning of the time 11:11 a.m. with the guardian angels

Through the mirror hour 11:11, the angels advise you to see the bright side of things in life. “No one reaches dawn without going through the night path” following a distressing ordeal that you have experienced, you have to recover morally and physically so that you can regain your balance.

Also, this hour appears ahead because you are going through a period of anxiety and disarray, the angels are calling for calm. Pull yourself together, this storm affecting many aspects of your life will eventually go away.

11:11 is a mirror hour that alludes to a story that concerns you so much. This idea that you have in your head and you are undecided if it makes sense or not, know that it is a brilliant idea. Develop it, and use your charismatic nature to spread it.

Listen to this phenomenon of synchronicity, and draw your strength from the angels who encourage you all the time. Finally, the guardian angels recommend that you lead your life step by step, do not skip any steps. At this time you do not have the maturity necessary to assume a high responsibility or authority. Remember to forge and train yourself to reach this stage.

Which natural stone is linked to the mirror hour of 11:11?

The 11:11 mirror hour symbolizes luck, but also courage and kindness. In short, this special hour evokes the positivity brought and transmitted by your guardian spirits. To accentuate the effects of this positivity, it is important for you to know the natural stone that is intended for you and will allow you to fully feel the effects of the messages.

Thus, you are strongly advised to carry out a reliable and precise specialized lithotherapy test , allowing you to know your stone and understand its effects and virtues. Thus, you can then take advantage of all the positive effects brought by your stone throughout your life and your spiritual journey.

Angelic interpretation of the mirror hour 11:11 a.m.

The angel who coincides with the mirror hour 11:11 is called: Lehahiah. Its period of influence lasts 20 minutes, from 11:00 a.m. until 11:20 a.m. It is a symbol of that which relates to luck, peace, serenity, tranquillity and calm. Lehigh is an angel bringing calm, he soothes you from your anxieties and your fear, and he gives you a gentle touch in the midst of the cruel battles of life.

Invoke him when you need reassurance, he accompanies you in your difficult times while offering you good energy. Respectfully ask him for luck, he will bring you some in abandonment. If you are a practitioner of meditation, he will help you to discern many mysteries.

In addition to being your lucky charm, it also works on clarifying your ideas, keeping you away from dilemmas and confusions that can disturb you. Angelot Lehahiah impregnates in you the aspects of sincerity and transparency, you hate the false and the lie, that you are very demanding on it, you do not forgive.
Address your prayers to Lehahiah whenever you get lost, he will be your faithful guide.

Numerological meaning of the mirror hour 11:11

Let’s see what is the value of the mirror hour 11:11 in numerology. 11 + 11 = 22 is a good 22. The number 22 speaks first of all of your perseverance, for you you should devote all your strength and provide all your efforts to achieve your goal, without saving the slightest energy, so as not to not leave room for pangs of conscience towards the end.

You also have an aptitude for combining, whether it concerns people or fields of ideas. An ability that you must take advantage of to achieve success in any area of ​​life. The figure then highlights your analytical mind, you have the ability to fix a problem, objectives and hypotheses in a scattering of dislocated thoughts. You have this sense as your sixth sense, it is necessary to use it to evolve in an important search.

The 22 qualifies you as an architect who designs durable buildings on good foundations because you embody robustness. Finally, this figure highlights your modesty despite the fact that you accomplish immense achievements, but you remain humble and generous. You are a source of moral support for the people around you, especially in your relationship.

Interpretation of the mirror hour 11:11 with the tarot

The tarot card that coincides with the mirror hour 11:11 is strength. It is the eleventh card of the tarots of Marseilles and constitutes one of the main cards. It symbolizes determination, power, courage and also femininity. It highlights your dynamism, you are overflowing with energy.

Your brain is your master, all your decisions come from a long objective reflection. The strength card also qualifies you as a courageous and docile person. When you target a goal, you achieve it, come what may. This is a quality, but be careful of offending others.

Arcane Positives

The arcana is a card which materializes by a woman who opens the mouth of a dog with her own hands without fearing its bite. This graphic symbolism speaks of your character, you are a brave and courageous person. You can control the most complex situations with composure. Strength boasts of your strong will and determination that lead you to exploits. Keep it up, you show wisdom when it comes to solving problems, whether they are your own or those of others. It announces the birth of an investment and a business with a high degree of profitability.

Negatives of the arcana

The force when it is badly positioned in your draw, it indicates an unfavourable situation. It can be disputes, conflicts, and misunderstandings in any environment (family, marital, friendly or professional). These are circumstances that you will find difficult to resolve and put in order, you must show wisdom and courage, to prevent them from getting worse.

The card of strength when it settles negatively in your draw, it indicates a physical weakening, a health problem, or even an illness. But don’t worry, since it’s a momentary embarrassment, you’ll soon recover and regain your strength.

Summary and tarot advice

In the realm of love, the strength card describes the strength of the love you have for your partner. You experience a physical attraction similar to the magnetic effect between a magnet and a metal. It is due to your ardent feelings. In the field of work, you show honesty you work conscientiously, for you the work is rewarded with success, the thing for which you spare no effort. When it comes to money, “good accounts make good friends”. You manage so well that your employees blindly trust you in controlling finances. In this respect, you excel.

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