Prayer to the Archangel Chamuel, to tie up a man

Prayer to the Archangel Chamuel, to tie up a man

Prayer to the Archangel Chamuel , is a very beautiful prayer that is generally used to attract the person you love, it also serves as a spiritual tool to obtain religious benefits, learn more about this prayer by reading the following article.

Prayer to Archangel Chamuel

It is established as a special prayer that is carried out inspired by the Archangel Chamuel, where he is asked to obtain benefits in love, in feelings and to obtain health, here we will deal with everything related to how prayer is and those that are used to maintain the love of a person, especially women who want to have the desired man also pray to Archangel Chamuel to attract love.

Who was the archangel Chamuel?

This Archangel has received various names through the ages and depending on historical traditions, for example it has been called: Kamael, Camel, Camel, Camel, Kamuel, Kemuel, Khamael, Samael and Shamael. He is also linked to Haniel or Aniel, and both are sometimes identified as the same being.

Also known as the “Archangel of love”, his name is related to everything related to the love of God, his name means “He who sees God” or “He who seeks God”. He encourages among human beings gratitude and love towards the supreme being.

In the Jewish religion, it still has importance, it is considered one of God’s direct contacts, it is the messenger of his grace and love, which represents the most important energy in the world and especially when it is directed towards God.

In Christianity it has been adapted to the figure of the 7 archangels that the Bible names, although it is never named, it only refers to Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, however, and although it is not found in any official Christian doctrine, the faithful They consider him to be one of the 7 major archangels.

Devotions have been observed where he is called the “Prince of Powers”, in fact he appears in one of the angelic songs of Pseudo Dionysius Areopagite, who was an important theologian and mystic during the Byzantine period.

His association with love has allowed him to become an emblematic figure for many faithful, he is considered the protagonist and driver of love, within the elements called angels he is one of the most invoked. 

In some cases it is related to sensuality and desire, being the example of all creation in nature, which is why it represents a romantic figure within spiritism and other religious currents.

What is the prayer to Chamuel for?

In most cases, the prayer is performed with the aim of restoring, recovering and establishing love relationships, being considered the messenger of God, Chamuel manifests himself with the colors of spring, in fact the candles that are lit in his ceremonies are pink.

For those who want to recover a love that is gone and find the spiritual feeling that will help them live in love forever, we recommend the following prayers.

When should you pray to Archangel Chamuel?

Some couples perform it to consolidate their relationship, others to strengthen the relationship that is beginning. The cult of Chamuel is directly linked to pure love, it is the bearer of new ideas that bring God’s love to men, it is the reference when the person feels that the couple has lost emotion and love.

In some cases it is not recommended to pray, for example if you have mistrust in your partner, for that it is advisable to pray to the Virgin of Santa Rita or another important figure related to that topic.

Knowing this, we suggest you pray if your case is the one stated above, if you have any sentimental goal, it is important to have faith and believe in prayer, as well as knowing how to choose the right person.

Invocation to the Archangel Chamuel

This beautiful prayer is full of feelings and thanks to the figure of the Archangel Chamuel, it contains a spark of miraculous divinity and helps solve problems of various kinds, let’s see how it is made:

“Beloved Creator of All That Is, I ask for the loving energy of Archangel Chamuel for my highest and highest benefit and within Your will. Archangel Chamuel, I call on your sweet presence and rejoice in you!”

“I ask you to develop in me the infinite strength of my heart to love and to allow love and harmony in my life. It increases joy, good communication and love in all my relationships, from the smallest to the most important.”

“Welcome me in your divine wings and help me open myself to love and resolve these conflictive situations: (the problem conflict is named). May my thoughts, my actions and my words reflect generosity of heart, compassion and respect for others and myself.

“Let all my dreams, my projects, my relationships and my existence be lit from the sacred flame of love. May my light and my love travel and expand wherever I go. Thank you,”

Allegory to Chamuel

The following prayer helps provide support to those who are lonely and lack love and respect. It is used to bring compassion in order to motivate peace, eliminate bitterness, protect property, get rid of envy, grudges and promote love.

Through this prayer Archangel Chamuel helps us protect our home and open paths to achieve the good things in life, balance emotions and maintain prosperity and spiritual well-being, it says:

“Beloved Archangel Chamuel, I love you and bless you and I beg you to keep me sealed in a pillar of pink flame of love and adoration to God, until it becomes contagious to all life that I contact today and always. I thank you. Amen.”

Soul Mate Prayer

The facility that Chamuel provides to eliminate negative karmas and go beyond the darkness, is presented full of light and hope, that is why the following prayer is dedicated to those people who know how to understand and love each other:

“I ask the archangel Chamuel and the pink ray of Unconditional Love, the opening of the channel of love, to receive my soul mate or affinity; that it be in correct harmony with my being in evolution, that it fulfills everything necessary, to open my mission, recognizing in my conscience, love as the only path of evolution.”

“I open myself to the channel of infinite love in action. I activate the triple flame of love in my heart. I activate, activate, activate love on my being, to be able to receive it in all its expression. Amen”

Pray this prayer for 21 consecutive days, but you must start on a Friday so that you can establish it in the three astral dimensions and of course do it with great faith.

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