Prayer for the marriage that is in trouble

Prayer for the marriage that is in trouble

The Prayer for marriage , is used when the relationship that was considered stable, begins to present difficulties, praying for the couple, and the return to love is a way of asking God to help us improve the marriage, know how to do it by reading this article.

prayer for marriage

This type of prayer is very simple and straightforward, it consists of a request that is made to God through Jesus, it must be done in a quiet place where there can be no interruptions, look for a suitable place, where you can carry it out.

When you are looking for a way to solve the problems that exist in your marriage, do not hesitate to use this prayer, it is important to get it done as a couple, convince the other, to do it together if you really want to save your marriage, the prayer is the next:

“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Lord Jesus, I want to stand in front of you and ask you to send your angels so that they can be with me and join my prayer for my family.”) In this part the description of the problem is made).

“We have gone through difficult times, painful moments and situations that have taken away the peace and tranquility of our entire family, they have generated anguish in us, fears, uncertainties, distrust, bringing disunity”

“You are our only help. Therefore, by the power of your name, I ask that any situation of interference from the negative patterns of marriages and relationships that my ancestors had be broken.”

“It doesn’t matter, Jesus, where it all started, what were the causes; I want, by the authority of your name, to cry out that your blood be shed on all past generations, so that all the healing and liberation that is necessary reaches them all now, by the power of your redeeming blood.”

“I renounce the cursed words of dissatisfaction that I said about our economic reality, because despite the fact that we receive little, despite the fact that the monthly salary is very fair, we have lacked nothing, Jesus…Forgive me Jesus, because I know that I have acted mistaken many times, and from today I want to start over.”

“I consecrate myself and my whole family to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary, so that she may bless us and free us from any attack by the Enemy. Amen.”

Advice before starting the prayer

Before beginning the prayer to save my marriage , it is important that the person take into account the following recommendations:

  • pray slowly
  • If you do it with the partner in conflict, try holding his hand and hugging him, then looking him in the eye.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about the problem that caused the breakup.
  • During the prayer, evoke situations experienced with the couple that have made them happy, such as the wedding day, going out together, etc.

morning prayer for marriage

One of the most interesting and rewarding moments in life is getting up and giving thanks to God for our existence, if we complement this situation with a beautiful prayer for marriage that allows, among other things, the following:

  • Reinforce love and understanding between the couple.
  • Consolidate the basis of marriage.
  • If there is any problem, solve it immediately.
  • Comfort yourself with God and your partner.
  • Feel safe and calm in your own home.

The prayer tries to remove all those people who seek disunity between two people who deeply love each other, the prayer in the morning for marriage, seeks to eliminate the obstacles that stand in a marriage relationship.

Marriage is the strongest knot that exists between two people, when it is consecrated by God, both parties must seek union in faith and love, the prayer of the spouses , implies involving the couple, that the relationship remains stable, where peace flows within the home.

That sentence goes like this:

“Lord, do not allow the love that unites us with my partner to be lost, in our hearts the desire to want to fight is born, in order to form a better home, Lord, give us wisdom, so that each decision we make is seen positively affected.”

“Help us in the most difficult moments of our relationship, we want to emerge victorious from our complications, open the doors of our hearts and spiritual restoration, everything returns to normal and we do not suffer further deterioration in the relationship.”

“Do not allow us to ever move away, so that my children do not suffer the pain of a separation, because we know how hard and the consequences it brings for the little ones to face those circumstances, and never feel alone due to the lack of a father or a mother. mother.”

“Bless the pact of love that we have made before your eyes and before all my companions and relatives, so that this seal of love is never broken or dissipated, and lasts for the rest of my days, until death do us part. Amen.”

If the couple really wants to maintain their marriage and for some reason problems begin, the best way to recover or protect it is by seeking God, and the communication that can be established consists of praying for marriage , do not hesitate to use it Always, even if you don’t have problems, she allows you to give God the permission to protect your marriage.

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