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There are many people who are a great inspiration to move forward despite the adversities that may arise. One of these people is Nick Vujicic , an interesting biography that we bring you in this article and he is, without a doubt, an example of improvement and hope to follow.

Nick Vujicic Biography

Nick Vujicic is a Christian evangelist, born in Australia who has been recognized as a great motivational speaker, since he was born without feet and without arms. Therefore, all his life he has been unable to perform motor actions by himself, but in contrast to his physical appearance, he has stood out for being an impressively positive person in the face of adversity, who also has a great ability to motivate and influence others. all the people around you.

However, not all his life was rosy, since due to his lack of limbs as well as the inability to live like a normal person, when Nick Vujicic was a child he faced strong problems related to depressive episodes, as well as he was enveloped in a terrible loneliness.

Despite all this, the young man gave himself completely to the Christian religion and since then he has been a faithful believer in it, since he managed to meet God and thus found sufficient motivation to continue with his life, which was also the engine that drove him to motivate and be an example of many other people who, like him, go through difficult situations.

It is so much so, that even today he is the leader of an organization whose name is Life without limbs, which means Life without limbs, in Spanish.

Through this organization, Nick is in charge of helping millions of people in the sense that he inspires them to experience the love and support that Vujicic received from the people around him, which translates into the rebirth of hope. In the development of these activities, this character has traveled to more than sixty countries spreading the word of God, and taking everywhere a message of hope.


Now, to learn a little more about Nick Vujicic biography, it is convenient to take a brief tour of his life since his birth, his childhood and all those aspects that motivated him to be what he is today, despite all the limitations he had to face. In this regard, it should be mentioned that his first name is Nicholas James, and he was born on December 4, 1982 in Australia, specifically in Melbourne.

He was the first son of Dushka Vujicic and Boris Vujicic, who was a Christian pastor, and they were both Yugoslav emigrants who belonged to Serbia.

During her pregnancy, Nick’s mother took every possible precaution as she was working as a nurse and knew all the details about how to take care of her pregnancy. However, the baby had an agenesis and was born with a genetic disorder called Tetra Amelia Syndrome, which is a genetic alteration caused by the unexpected change that occurs in a gene during the process of embryo formation, which caused Nick Vujicic to be born. without legs and without arms, although totally healthy otherwise and said illness did not affect his mental capacities at all.

His mother had a hard time seeing her son born, so much so that when the nurse pulled him closer so she wouldn’t see, she didn’t want to. Nick Vujicic was one of ten children born from their marriage. In any case, the birth of his son was later assumed as part of God’s plan, since his parents were faithful believers and interpreted the child’s lack of limbs as part of a mission assigned by God in this world. .

Now, to know a little more about Nick Vujicic biography and appearance, he was born with two small but very deformed feet; so much so that some toes of one of his feet were fused together, which is why he underwent surgery to separate them. This separation allowed Nick from a young age and still today to use these small fingers to perform simple activities, such as turning the pages of a book or holding small objects.


It is evident that countless questions and doubts must have passed through little Nick’s mind regarding his peculiar appearance, he constantly wondered why he had to be so different from all the other children and his condition made his life extremely complicated. It is difficult for such a young child to assimilate such a situation, since he was frequently bullied by his classmates due to his disabilities, which led him to present constant episodes of depression and even thought of committing suicide.

So much so that he tried to drown himself in the bathtub when he was ten years old, but he did not let himself die because he always kept in his mind the great love his parents had for him.

However, Vujicic himself affirms that he lived a completely normal childhood, despite his genetic condition; In this sense, the operation that was carried out on his foot allowed him to use computers and his electric chair, as well as other simple activities.

Growing up in a Christian family, Nick prayed tirelessly for his arms and legs to grow, but they didn’t and as a result he felt grateful for his life, realizing that he was unique in dealing with this guy. of challenges, and thus their experiences could inspire many other people to continue forward despite the adversity they have to go through.


Reviewing the life of Nick Vujicic biography, we can realize that he was a victim of bullying throughout his childhood, but even so his youth was full of personal successes thanks to his ability to use his adversities as a powerful engine to get out. ahead.

It should be noted that initially, the laws of the locality in which he lived did not allow him to enter schools, due to the physical disabilities he presented; but some time later the laws changed and she was allowed access to education, which is a right, and thus she Vujicic was one of the first people with disabilities to achieve it.

Later, when he was seventeen years old, his mother told him about a person who had physical problems, but still managed to get ahead despite his limitations; From this moment Nick Vujicic was very inspired and began to give motivational speeches in a public speaking group to which he belonged. In addition to this, his success was also reflected in his performance as a student, since he managed to graduate from university at just 21 years old.

Now, during his high school studies, he was working with the student council of his institution in order to raise funds and donate them to local non-profit organizations.

Thus, he managed to create campaigns to help young people in his community who had disabilities, before later becoming a speaker. Another interesting fact about Nick Vujicic Biography, is that when he was 17 years old he had an inspiring encounter with the school janitor, and it caused a forever change in his life.

The doorman told Nick that he was going to be a great speaker as he had seen something very special in him and urged him to share his life story. Thus, this important character gave his first speech in front of an audience of six students, after having discovered and assimilated that he was not alone in his struggle, and thus wanted to help others regain meaning and hope in their lives.

Assimilation of your problem

The moment Nick Vujicic realized that he was not the only person in the world who was suffering from a physical condition, nor could he do anything to change it, was when he began to accept and assimilate his situation. It was then that he understood that he could use his own disability to motivate other people, who may or may not be going through a similar situation; that is, he could use his experience as an example of overcoming and hope.

In this sense, despite the fact that Nick Vujicic had no limbs, he learned to lead a normal life, and developed skills that allowed him to perform basic functions easily, including certain sports such as golf and skydiving. In addition to this, he is able to write using his toes, both with pencils and on keyboards; he can also hold and throw small balls, and pour himself glasses of water.

So, he then decided to speak in public and inspire others, so he founded his non-profit organization that served as a platform to share his testimony, and carry out his campaign against harassment.


To continue with the topic of Nick Vujicic Biography, it should be mentioned that at the age of 21 he managed to graduate from university, specializing in Accounting and Financial Planning; he also began his travels as a motivational speaker, focusing on issues facing youth today. He is also in charge of giving talks in the corporate sector, although his main focus is to be a motivational speaker of international stature, also for non-religious communities.

In this order of ideas, he frequently travels to different countries, in order to speak in congregations, schools and large congresses.

His beginnings as a motivational speaker occurred in the religious group to which he belonged, which later led him to form his organization Life without Limbs, which is considered an evangelistic ministry that takes the word of God to all parts of the world; It will be discussed in a later section.

Now, a motivational speaker is generally aimed at young people who are still studying at school, as well as young people or workers who are dedicated to different professional branches. He also carries his belief in Christ wherever he goes, as he has spoken of it in many Churches located throughout the world.

In addition, the same year that he founded his organization, he released a documentary in which he talks about all the difficulties he had to face since he was just a child, and also about how he lives and carries out his daily activities, as well as how he has also been able to get married and have a family, which can be very impressive to many.

Over time, his appearances in public and on television have increased, which may be due to his documentaries as well as his appearances in various film productions. By way of illustration, in 2009 he had a participation in the short whose name is The butterfly circus, by virtue of which he won an award for best actor.

Other appearances

In addition to the above, it is necessary to mention that Nick Vujicic has been invited to a large number of events and television programs during his career, for example in 2008 he was interviewed by Bob Cummins on an American television program. In addition to something throughout his life, he has written motivational books that have been published in various parts of the world, so much so that in 2010 he wrote a very famous book whose name is A life without limits, which will be explained in detail more ahead.

Throughout his life, he has given different speeches, among which stand out, the one he gave in a Swiss forum in 2011, which earned him thousands of applause for his participation. What made this speaker rise to fame was one of his phrases, which he said in one of his Christian motivational speeches, which is the following: “If God can choose a man without arms and legs to serve as his hands and feet, that means God can manifest through anyone with a willing heart.”

Personal life

Now, all the handicaps that limited Nick Vujicic’s childhood did not prevent him from marrying a beautiful woman and starting his family. Thus, in 2006 he moved to California and two years later he met a young woman from Texas with Japanese and Mexican roots, during one of his oratory sessions, her name is Kanae Miyahara and from the first moment she was amazed by this man, since despite his condition he was extremely cheerful.

They became boyfriends shortly after, and in 2012 they got married, they currently have four children who came into the world completely healthy.

Thanks to his mission to spread the word of God throughout the world, as well as to serve as an inspiration to others, Nick has traveled to around sixty-three countries throughout the world, and defines himself as a person who he was born again after having known the Christian faith. In addition to this, he is a faithful believer in the word of Christ and awaits with faith his second coming, which he professes whenever he issues his speeches.

In addition, its lack of connection with any Christian group in particular must be highlighted, which is why it remains free from these groups and spreads the word based on its beliefs.

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