For marriages, dynamics and Christian retreats

For marriages, dynamics and Christian retreats

The dynamics for marriages are usually very fun activities that couples carry out with the aim of strengthening their relationship. Learn in this article what are the best-known dynamics for Christian marriages , as well as those topics and dynamics for Catholic marriages, do not stop reading it.

Dynamics for marriages

There is a series of games and dynamics of a Christian nature, which can be practiced by couples or married couples with the aim of strengthening their relationship, since aspects such as trust, honesty, love and mutual desire are worked on, which It is of the utmost importance to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. It should be noted that these dynamics for marriages are usually Christian or not, depending on the religion that is practiced or agreed upon by the spouses, so they can be varied and diverse.

In addition to this, the dynamics for marriages are an activity that both members of the couple generally carry out together, and they can do it alone and even in larger groups, together with other couples, which can be extremely fun and fruitful. . In this order of ideas, these dynamics for marriages can be practiced once a week or only on certain occasions, but in any way they will help increase your intimacy and stimulate the personal growth of that union called marriage.

Thus, there are a series of games that can be carried out by couples, in order to strengthen their unions and know for sure to what extent they know each other; thus, they can have fun and at the same time detect the flaws they may have, in order to work on them and improve. Similarly, when a Christian couple is going to get married, they can also play some games and dynamics at the same party, in which the guests and family members attending the event can participate. Thus, it would not be an ordinary party since they can opt for quiz games, fun couple dynamics and games for spouses.

In this order of ideas, there is the dynamic called “Find the groom”, which consists of forming a line with the bridesmaids or with the guests in general, including the bride; On his part, the groom must have a blindfold covering his eyes and must only use his hands to feel the hands of the women in line and discover which one is his wife. As well as this, we have many other dynamics for marriages, which will be addressed in this article below.

Blessed Chess

This is one of the games intended for Christian marriages, which consists of a regular game of chess, but has certain exceptions. In this sense, it must be played by the couple, and each time one of the players takes the playing piece of his partner in excess, he must say the word “Bless me”, and then that player has the right to be blessed with some gift. romantic, you can choose freely. This romantic gift can be anything, as long as it lasts only two minutes, such as a kiss or a foot massage.

Similarly, the participant who is the winner in the chess game wins the right to a romantic treatment that lasts one hour, which is completely of their choice and can be redeemed at the end of the night.

romantic word

Another of the dynamics for marriages or games that couples can put into practice in order to strengthen their relationship and mutual trust, is called Romantic Word, and it consists of the same game of Scrabble, unlike the fact that only words that are related to love. The peculiarity of this game is that each word must be used in a sentence, and it must also be proved.

the kissing game

This is another of the dynamics for marriages, and it consists of the couple choosing a movie to watch together, which should preferably be a romantic genre movie. Now, every time a certain word is said in the movie, the two must kiss; said word can be any, and is decided by both moments before starting to see the movie. Thus, the couple must be aware of what the actors are talking about, in order to identify each time the word is pronounced to give each other a passionate kiss.

knowing you

This is another game that couples can play to strengthen their knowledge of each other; Thus, it consists of knowing a little more about the desires, likes and dislikes of your partner. To do this, before starting to play, a list of intimate questions must be prepared, which will later be asked of the spouse. Among these, you can ask, for example, what are the physical characteristics that he likes the most, or what is his favorite dish, among other aspects.

It should be noted that the couple decides which questions are going to be asked, but there must be at least ten of them; During the course of the game, every time one of them answers each question, the other must also answer it, and in the end both will be able to gather a wide variety of intimate details, to spend a nice romantic night together.

romantic word search

Another of the dynamics for marriages is about both writing a list of at least twenty words, then they must go to a library and look up all the exact words. Approximately, the game should last one hour, and the one who manages to get the highest number of words in the text will win a night where he has the power to choose five wishes.

Regarding the words that the couple will have to look for, they can highlight the following: love, blessing, Jesus Christ, God, friendship, kindness, among others. They must be romantic words or related to your relationship; For his part, the loser of the game must be the genie of the lamp and act fulfilling the wishes of the other, who was the winner and chose his five wishes.

Games for Christian marriages

Now, we also have a series of games that can be played when celebrating a Christian marriage, which are usually very fun and also involve the other guests. All this makes the meeting more interesting and joyful, in addition to the fact that it will leave them with a very nice memory; are noted below.

the shoe game

Within the games for Christian marriages, this is one of the best known, and consists of the couple sitting so that their backs meet, and in their hands they must have their own shoe and one of their partner. A person in charge of moderating the game will collect a list of questions that were asked by the guests, which must be asked out loud and either of them can give an answer by raising their shoe, to indicate who was the one who said or did what is stated in the question.

the handkerchief

This game consists of dividing the group into two teams with the same number of participants, it can be the family of the bride versus the family of the groom. To carry out the game, they must be placed in rows with a prudent distance between the teams, one in front of the other, and each player will be assigned a number to identify himself. Now, in the center of the room will be the handkerchief, which could also be the garter or a flower arrangement. The person leading the game will call out a random number, and those who have this number from both teams must run to the center to steal the handkerchief, while the rest of the team forms a barrier with their arms.

By the time one of the two manages to steal the handkerchief, he must run until he passes the barrier of his team, before his opponent reaches to touch his back with the palm of his hand, otherwise the point will be for the other team. At the end of the game, the number of points accumulated by each team is added, and the one with the highest score wins the game.

Tell me the story

Another of the dynamics for marriages that are usually carried out in these celebrations, consists of placing on a table elements such as the box with the wedding rings, a special detail that the couple has given as a watch, or a blackboard with the name of the first movie they saw together. That is to say, they must be representative elements of the couple and their relationship, and the guests can take any of them to ask about aspects related to it, and based on their answers they will build a story. Whoever comes closest to the true story is going to get some nice souvenir of the wedding.

Bingo matrimonial

To carry out this well-known Bingo game, lottery cards can be designed with the photos of the couple and distributed among the guests. The numbers must be in a bag, and they must be taken out one by one to say them out loud; The winner who manages to complete the table will win a special prize, it can be cups with funny phrases or other useful elements.

find its owner

This is another of the dynamics for marriages and it is done to integrate the singles who attend the meeting and the other guests, so that they can talk with other people. It consists of asking a group of men to leave the room, while the women leave one of their shoes in the center of the floor; Thus, when the men enter, they must choose a shoe and think about which of the guests it belongs to.

The name of the song

To carry out this game, a special playlist must be previously prepared with at least ten Christian or romantic songs; You can form two teams with the guests, placing them at the ends of the room, and place a microphone in front of each group, which is easily accessible to any of the teams. Then a part of one of the songs must sound, and the team will send a member to indicate the name of the song; thus, the team that hits a greater number of songs wins the game.

biblical couples

Thanks to this game, couples can exercise their biblical knowledge a little, and it consists of taking a piece of paper from an urn on which is the name of the biblical couples that they will have to imitate. Your team must guess who it is, to earn points, and for this the couple has thirty seconds to perform their representation, either spoken or acted, without pronouncing any name. Thus, the winner will be the team that hits the most times, or that accumulates the most points.

blind bowling

This game is ideal for outdoor weddings, and consists of placing bowling pins at a distance not so far from the launcher. The player will be able to see the distance and position, but his eyes will be blindfolded and he will be given a turn, and the one who manages to knock down the greatest number of pins wins.

Games for marriage groups

As mentioned above, the dynamics for marriages can be carried out only by the couple, or also as part of larger groups, in which two or more couples participate and also serve to reinforce trust between friends. Next, there are two games that can be played by groups of couples or married couples.

Guessing the husband

This is one of the dynamics for marriages that we will refer to in this article, with the particularity that it can be carried out in groups made up of several couples. It consists in that the husband must write on a piece of paper some things that bother him about her wife, at least ten, and the wife must guess the things that her husband wrote about her, as long as the man presents them with some mimicry Thus, if the couple manages to guess everything that her husband has written on the paper, they both win a prize.

set of chairs

This dynamic is intended for couples and consists of the members having their feet tied by the laces of their shoes, so that they can coordinate, talk to each other and agree on their strategies to win the game. There must be music in the background, and the game is that the couple must dance when the music starts to play, and dance when the music does the same. In addition to this, it must be taken into account that if there are five couples participating in the game, only four chairs must be placed.

In this order of ideas, the couples must fight for the chairs, since there will be one less and this corresponds to that of the couple that will be left out, which will be disqualified and for the next round another chair must be removed, and so on. It should be noted that there must be a coordinator, who will be in charge of managing and stopping the music, and placing it at full speed so that the game becomes a little more fun. He must also indicate whether the couples are going to move to the right or to the left, and in the end there should be two couples and only one chair, who will fight for the same chair between dances until only one can win.

All these dynamics for marriages are usually very fun and healthy, and can also include other members of the family, such as children, who can support their parents. After carrying out the games, the couples will receive a reflection talk, referring to those aspects that the Bible raises in relation to marriage. They are also very ingenious games, which can be played at home with friends from church or family, since some couples must be present to make it more fun.

Themes and dynamics for Catholic marriages

In addition to the games alluded to in the previous paragraphs, there are also other topics and dynamics that can be carried out by Catholic couples, since communication and fun are always necessary to strengthen their ties. Among these topics, the following stand out:

  • Play some Xbox games that are usually a lot of fun, exercise or dance.
  • Reading with grapes: It consists of each one of them having to peel and remove the seeds from ten grapes, and immediately afterwards they must select a biblical passage, from which the woman begins by reading five verses and then the man another five; and whoever makes a mistake in a word must feed his partner a grape.
  • Dynamic massages: This dynamic consists of playing coin and whoever loses must give a massage to the winner, who must count the multiples of seven; if he makes a mistake, then they switch positions and the one receiving the massage must start again by counting the multiples of seven.

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