Student Prayer in the morning, discover it

Student Prayer in the morning, discover it

Students sometimes go through difficult times when it comes to their studies, either because of a subject or because of difficulty with something specific. For this, Thomas Aquinas creates the student’s prayer , as a help so that through the Divinity there is happiness for them.

morning prayer for students

Prayer is extremely important and vital for our daily lives, because it makes us feel well positioned in life. Prayer in the morning is very powerful, miraculous as it gives us unattainable benefits.

The students who pray in the early hours of the morning go out to their daily study activities and because of this their study hours are blessed by our Beloved Jesus Christ, He helps them, gives them wisdom, protection, understanding as well as the ability to learn and retention of the information they handle.

They also have the ability and are more likely to answer questions such as logic in terms of languages, since God is kind and does not deny his help to anyone.

morning prayer for students

Lord Jesus, my faithful friend,

Before I start my day, I thank you.

I thank you for allowing me to open my eyes once again

and to be able to appreciate how beautiful life is.

I thank you for each of the fathers,

for each one of the brothers, for the friends, for the relatives, for the acquaintances,

and by said brightness that illuminates us, when everything for us turns dark.

I thank you for being able to breathe,

for being able to walk, being able to play physical and mental activities,

I thank you because you have given me a heart that knows how to love and be loved,

because I know that good feelings are around me.

I thank you for the schools,

for the educators who are in it,

by the directors who command this fine institution,

for them, who spend their lives teaching us.

I thank you because my classes are full of learning,

may you be my help in times of need,

that my studies become interesting,

and to be able to learn without anything to reproach.

I thank you for allowing me to be aware,

that remembering that boys and girls are not capable of studying,

they have no homes or something to eat, they are my inspiration and motivation,

to be better than I am, to be a better student every day.Amen.

Student’s Prayer and Saint Thomas Aquinas

The student’s prayer is created by Thomas Aquinas, who composes it, as its name indicates, especially for students, it, like other prayers of Thomas Aquinas, deals with very good theology.

The main reason for this prayer for students is to ensure that there is a light that dissipates the darkness that may occur at certain times in the student. It is like a help in difficult moments to give clarity.

As is well known, God is light for our life in every way. With this, it is sought that through our faith we enlighten our intelligence, since with a clear mind we are capable of acting correctly.

With this prayer of the student Thomas Aquinas, he only seeks that this light dissipates two positions present in daily life: ignorance and sin. Ignorance is a consequence of our limitation, it is not considered bad or guilty.

Ignorance is considered a symptom of human imperfection. Only God is perfection. For this reason, if we participate in divine perfection, the human being could reach elevation without limits.

Sin: this represents another present obstacle that affects our daily life. This is a consequence of the freedom of the human being who has lost his way or gone astray. Thomas Aquinas prays to God for us to be enlightened and return to the path of good.

With the above we can see that there are two obstacles in our lives that damage our daily lives, deteriorating our intelligence. We must take this as an important fact. Thomas Aquinas requests the light for intelligence, since faith is about intelligence and less about the heart.

With this prayer of the student Saint Thomas Aquinas asks God that his light extends in all areas of the life of the students in the moments of their learning, such as: understand, attend, interpret, comprehend.

He also asks for grace in quantity to speak or express himself. Since the studies, especially theology, are oriented towards teaching and transmitting ideas. Through it the student is called to be a teacher.

It is necessary for the student to have that call to be a good teacher since he must also learn to transmit the same knowledge to other people with knowledge. Hence the importance of the grace of knowing how to speak.

People or children of God with an enlightened mind can and know how to direct their daily lives. Ideas rule our lives and allow us to have a performance in one way or another. The person with clear ideas acts freely and spontaneously, he does not need The one who has clear ideas acts freely and spontaneously, he does not need a mandate of any kind to do good deeds, since he does what he thinks and what he feels.

Each student should be grateful to the prayer to Saint Thomas Aquinas , as it is a way of a direct encounter with Jesus in difficult times or dark situations that they may be going through.

Prayer for a student 

O ineffable Creator of ours,

highest principle and true source of light and wisdom,

deign to infuse the ray of your clarity

over the darkness of my intelligence,

removing the double darkness I was born with:

that of sin and ignorance.

You, who make the tongues of little ones eloquent,

instruct mine, and infuse on my lips the grace of your blessing!

Give me keenness to understand, ability to retain,

method and facility to attend, subtlety to interpret

and abundant grace to speak.

Give me success when you start, direction when you progress and perfection when you finish

Oh Lord! God and true man, who lives and reigns forever and ever.Amen

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