Discover the most beautiful children's stories from the Bible, here

Discover the most beautiful children’s stories from the Bible, here

Children’s stories from the Bible can help you instruct your children in the best way. They are short stories that consist of cartoons and colorful, that is, attractive to your baby. Learn more about them in the next post.

Children’s stories from the Bible

There are numerous children’s stories from the Bible, where the characters when acting leave a beautiful teaching that marks even the smallest of the house. Here you will find the most outstanding:

Korah’s Resistance

Before, when Moses and the general population of Israel crossed the desert to reach the promised land, it happened that many of them who accompanied him complained against the God who had given him as a mandate, to leave Egypt. All this made them immerse themselves in an adventure that they never expected to experience.

God had ordered Moses to have great consideration for each of his family members and had given him 10 decrees composed on stone tablets, with the aim that everyone would realize how to act. Furthermore, he had chosen Aaron, his brother, as his fair esteem.

In any case, among the Israelites there was a jealous man named Korah, who had grown tired of following Moses through the sand and the hot sun. (See Article: The Power of Prayer )

“Why do we need to follow you, if not even God reveals the promised land to you?” he asked, extremely furious. “Besides, for what reason does his brother need to be everyone’s consecrated minister?”

Arriving at the site and meeting Korah, his objections were joined by 250 other men, as they had lost trust in God and were exceptionally tired of meandering in the desert. For what they expressed:

“We are exhausted from wandering around uselessly!” If God is in the same class as you declare, he is clearly with all of us and not just with you. In this way, any one of us could be a pioneer or an esteemed minister,” Korah said.

“Okay,” Moises replied, “I’ll propose something.” We are going to complete a test, to see who God really chooses. Take your incense. (See Article: The Power of Early Morning Prayer )

The men went to a place in the middle of the desert and there, they lit small flames to start burning incense, as if they were all consecrated ministers. Suddenly, a ray of light came out of heaven, illuminating Moses and his brother Aaron. And then, in addition, a voice addressed them:

“Moses, Aaron, avoid Korah and different men.”

The two obeyed, while Korah and the others stood, watching them angrily. At that point, a huge gap opened in the ground and the Insidious fell into it, perpetually disappearing from Earth.

“Moses, seek the chief of the considerable number of clans that go with you,” God said, “ask them to bring their staffs.” He take them and compose their names on them. At that point place them on the incense. I will grow flowers in one of them and for whoever has a place in that place, the consecrated cleric will be my chosen one.

Moses obeyed in an instant and sent each of the clan pioneers. He took his sticks and wrote his names on them. Aaron also put down his cane. At that time, they set them on fire with incense, similarly as God had told them, and resigned themselves to rest. (See Article: Psalm 91 of the Bible a Night Prayer )

The next morning, Moses took the sticks and showed them individually. He took Aaron and saw that the flowers had developed.

– There is no uncertainty, God needs my brother to be the esteemed cleric (Exclaims)

From then on, no one else examined Moses’ options, as they realized that he was the chosen one of the Lord and that they must constantly trust him.

the shining symbol

Once in the kingdom of Babylon, an incredible lord named Nebuchadnezzar stayed, who had a propensity to take young Israelites to his castle, teach them and transform them into reliable defenders.

Between the three most cunning young men named Shadrach, the great Meshach and Abednego, who, in addition to being completely sensible and caring, had an extraordinary and unimaginable trust in God.

At some point, Nebuchadnezzar had an amazing dream, where he saw a tremendous statue made of unadulterated gold, so huge and enchanting that its shadow covered every one of the subjects of his kingdom.

When he awoke, he was so disturbed by the image of his fantasy that he trusted it to be an amazing sign and immediately ordered him to assemble a symbol that would be the equivalent, with the best gold bars from the coffers and brimming with valuable stones.

The statue was placed in the fields of Dura and before it, the most notable individuals of the kingdom were to be found. These three young men presented before the king were also called by the ruler, since he thought of them with complete certainty.

“From now and for the foreseeable future, whenever you hear the bagpipes, trumpets and harps, all must bow to this image,” Nebuchadnezzar said, “whoever defies my petitions will receive dire discipline.”

Shifted by danger, His Majesty’s Men disregarded all their devotion to Heavenly Father and bowed before the statue, while music declared the landing of this new god in Babylon. Only Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego stayed where they were, declining to love him.

“My lord, those three Hebrews have purposed to ignore your requests,” one of his guides told Nebuchadnezzar, “such an offense must be rejected!”

Surprised, Nebuchadnezzar sent for the young men. “How about we see it? I will give you a unique opportunity to reflect, ”he warned them, bowing before the icon and loving it as others do.

-“We simply love a God, he takes care of us and protects us against each one of the shades of evil on the planet”, they answered.

“In fact, how about we check if you can protect them from the discipline they’ve earned for their discontent?

Nebuchadnezzar asked them to turn on a huge heater and asked his soldiers to tie the young men up for consumption. There they were thrown, but they were never heard screaming in agony. Despite what might be expected, amidst the flames they continued to offer gratitude to God and repeat that no matter they would die, they would still love him.

Seeing this, the man asked them to raise the temperature of the grill, however, the flame did not contact the young people. Exactly at that moment, he asked them to put out the flames and release them to get out of there.

– There is no doubt that the divine force of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego has sent one of his heavenly assistants to secure them. No one is more adoring and charged with power! I’m sorry I was so stubborn, from now and for the foreseeable future, I will never question you again.

Governor Nebuchadnezzar and the four sons of Babylon

Quite a long time ago, there was a gigantic kingdom called Babylon and a man named Nebuchadnezzar ruled over it, who was looking for the most cunning men in the place to serve in his royal residence. At some point, he asked for four insightful and understanding young men to be brought from Israel. Their names were Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

As young as they were, Nebuchadnezzar concluded that they were all going to be taught just like the other young Babylonians and, after a while, find a chance that they would be qualified to serve such an extraordinary ruler as himself. So they were received at the royal residence with different young people.

Nebuchadnezzar asked them to feed them the same as the different young men who ate pork and drank wine. In any case, they accepted a lot in the expression of God and realized that in order to applaud him, they had to deal with their bodies, practicing good eating habits.

So they wouldn’t ingest these things. In this way they stated:

“We’d rather not eat the same as everyone else,” said Daniel, “if it’s not too much trouble, bring some vegetables and some water.” That’s all we could possibly need for us.

The guards of the gentleman, amazed, tried to convince them of how delicious everything was on the table, but the young people continued demanding that they only go to eat vegetables. It was then that Ashpenaz, Nebuchadnezzar’s most important employer, moved towards them stressed.

“The Lord has officially chosen what you should eat and drink,” he clarified, “he needs them to grow solid and resplendent, in order to keep them as smart as they are now.” If they don’t grow up as well as the other youngsters, I might accuse myself and lose my life.

“Try not to stress, old friend”, “introduce us those vegetables and give us what we ask for ten days”. Then he can contrast us with the different young people who eat what the lord says, and he will reveal to us who is more beneficial.

Aspenaz agreed to take the test, and for the next ten days, Daniel and his companions fortified themselves with vegetables and crispy water. In general, they made sure to express gratitude to God for the food and instruction they would get, they seemed to be more intelligent and more alert than the rest of the young people.

The moment the guardians understood that their welfare was still comparable to that of others, they agreed to proceed without eating what Nebuchadnezzar requested.

After three years, all the young men brought to the royal residence had finished their training. His majesty made everyone accumulate, to find out who were the most intelligent and allow him to take care of the affairs of the kingdom.

When he saw these youngsters, their appearance once again, he was shocked at how much their intelligence had developed. She had questioned each of them on different topics, which she had tackled several times over the rest of her cohorts.

Nebuchadnezzar chose to make his new helpers, and the four companions at that time guaranteed them that they would constantly trust God, since gratitude to him was so fortunate.

Daniel in the Sanctuary of the Lions

This is one of the extremely accurate children’s stories in the Bible, where you can see the extraordinary confidence that a man can have on troublesome occasions and get out of any danger.

The prophet Daniel was a boy who had grown up in Babylon with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The lord was really fine with these men as they were persevering and legitimate.

They were constantly given the most significant occupations and this caused different specialists of the lord to envy each other. The ruler’s name was Darius and he loved Daniel’s method of being in no doubt.

He realized that Daniel was a decent worker, so he decided to make him responsible for the entire kingdom. The different workers of the lord were envious of Daniel and tried to discover some motivation to put Daniel in a difficult situation.

They were trying to get King Darius to kick him out of the kingdom, however, God had incredible regard for Daniel by his adversaries and they couldn’t figure out any reason.

At last, these men said to each other, “We cannot discover any explanation behind the ruler for kicking Daniel out of the kingdom since he is subject to the demands of King Darius.” The main way Daniel might have a chance to challenge the lord is if there is a god’s law against him.

So they went to King Darius and said, “Your majestic, extraordinary ruler, you are brilliant to the point that no one should appeal to anyone like you.” “That’s a good thought!” Then the men proceeded: “Everyone must do this and anyone who goes to any god must be thrown into the lion’s corner.”

The workers lied and said that everyone who worked for the ruler agreed. Daniel hadn’t been told this thought, as they realized he wasn’t going to agree.

The lord did not know this, so the law was made and could not be changed. The moment Daniel found out about the new law, he did what he usually did. He went back to his house in an upstairs room and opened its windows that sat on the city. Several times that day he stooped down and appealed to God as he usually had.

These men gathered at Daniel’s house and discovered him asking God for help and reaching out to him. So they quickly informed the ruler and declared, “Your worker Daniel is ignoring your requests.” Today we have seen him appeal to his God several times. The moment the lord heard this, he turned out to be miserable.

She really enjoyed Daniel and didn’t need him dead, but alive. He tried his best to change the law to prevent Daniel from being thrown into the lion’s corner, however, the men came to him and advised that the law could not be changed and that Daniel would have to be rejected.

So towards the end of the day, the ruler gave the request, and Daniel was brought and thrown into the lion’s den. The Lord said to Daniel:

“I trust that your God whom you implore will protect you.”

A huge and overwhelming stone was placed before the entrance, where Daniel was locked and the ruler returned to his castle with tears in his eyes. That night, King Darius could not eat or rest because he was very stressed about what could happen to Daniel with the lions. The next day, when the sun rose, the lord got up and hurried to the lion shrine.

As she walked towards him, she called out, “Daniel, could he save you from the lions, your God whom you serve and pray to?” The lord sat quietly for an answer.

At that moment, Daniel suddenly declared: “Lord, gentile, live until the end of time. My God sent a holy messenger and closed the mouths of the lions. They haven’t hurt me, as I haven’t.”

The man jumped to happiness and quickly asked Daniel to get him out of the well where he was with the lions. What’s more, when Daniel came out, there wasn’t even a scratch on him, since he trusted God.

The ruler realized that the men had tricked him into rejecting Daniel, so the lord rejected them. At that time, the lord made another law and declared, “Daniel’s God is incredible, and everyone in my kingdom must consider his God, who protected Daniel from the eager lions.”

Abraham and Sarah

Within the beautiful children’s stories of the bible, we find that long before, a man named Abram lived on Earth and was committed to God. Every morning when she got up, she remembered expressing gratitude to him for every gift she had given him, and in light of the fact that she had never needed anything.

At some point, he met a lady named Sarai, with whom he felt deeply in love, due to the fact that she was also a grateful and firm person.

They both got married and decided to start a family. Tragically, time passed and they couldn’t get pregnant. This caused Abram extraordinarily stressful, as he emphasized growing old without having children.

Currently, who am I going to acquire each of my things when I die? She reflected on the anguish. At that moment, God, understanding his anguish, made him a guarantee.

“Could you count every single star in the sky?” He asked.

“I can’t, there are too many,” Abram said.

“In fact, similarly, as there are a large number of stars in the heights, you will also have many children.”

After hearing this, Abram concluded that he would not lose confidence. From then on, he chose to change his name to Abraham, which means “the father of numerous groups of people”, and Sarai changed her name to Sarah, which means “princess”.

The years passed and Abraham turned ninety years old. Being so old, he seemed like he would never be a father and he figured God had passed over his guarantee. At that time, one day three travelers touched base at his house, to request a hotel. Abraham got them compassionate and ordered them to sit down at the table, bringing them bread, milk and meat.

By the time the outsiders had completed the eating process, they asked her where her mate was.

“She’s dozing in the room,” replied Abraham, somewhat surprised.

At that moment one of the travelers addressed him. Remember very well what I am letting you know: in a year I will visit you again and by that time, you will have had a son.

That was so surprising to Abraham that he laughed at his visitors. How could it be conceivable, as if he were to imagine that he and his wife could conceive if they are old people? Without a doubt the most peculiar thing that it takes to play a joke.

That night he chose not to give more importance to his words and arranged the bed for the travelers to rest. In the early part of the day, they expressed their gratitude towards him and left early in all respects, yet Abraham continued to consider what the young man had said.

He had no idea, but the traveler who had addressed him was really God himself, who had taken on the human frame to warn him that he had not been overlooked. Not long after, Sarah found out that she was pregnant and her partner was stunned by the intensity of the plea.

Together they had that child, whom they named Isaac. Much later, when Isaac grew up, he married and discovered how to have an extraordinary posterity from which the primary clans of Israel were formed. Furthermore, that is how Abraham actually became the father of numerous groups of people.

Isaac’s penance

The Bible says that there was a fine and simple man named Abraham. He constantly trusted God above all things, never questioned his plans, and made a point of being benevolent to the general population around him.

Abraham had a lady, Sarah, with whom he had long wanted to have a child. Be that as it may, the years passed and both became more established without finding the endowment of fatherhood.

Until the day came when God had mercy on them and made Sarah think of a fine man, whom they called Isaac. As soon as Abraham adored that young man more than his own life and set out to train him to be a good young man, loyal to the Lord and kind to other people.

By the time Isaac grew up, he was an employee as committed to God as his own father. They were both sure and Isaac never held on when Abraham asked him to fulfill something. At some point, the creator needed to test Abraham’s trust by requesting something horrible.

“Abraham,” she said from the highest point in the sky, “I need you to take your son and climb the highest mountain on your property together.” There, you should lose it on my behalf.

Abraham, bewildered and burdened with problems, resigned himself to looking for his son without going out to answer. In general, he said that the Lord knew why he did his things and that he was not going to start examining his plans.

He called Isaac and revealed that they would make a special area on top of a mountain. When they reached the top, they put up branches to light a flame, but the young man was surprised to see that they hadn’t taken any creatures with them.

“Father, now we have fire and wood, but where is the sheep?”

– Do not stress. God will give it to us.

Lentils from Esau

There were once two twins named Esau and Jacob, who were sons of Bible characters like Isaac and Rebekah, and grandsons of Abraham, the extraordinary father of the twelve clans of Isreal. Esau, the eldest, was a talented tracker and his father’s best choice, since, thanks to his bow and bolt skills, he could usually give his family a large prey to eat.

However, Rebekah had Jacob as her best option, since he had a better and more stable character. She never minded helping him with the housework and she cared for everyone.

Even though they had totally different personalities, they were both excellent companions overall. Be that as it may, Esau, because he was brought into the world for the first time, would be the one that favored his father the most to have each of the lands that had a place with him, something that he thought was a significant privilege. .

At some point, returning from chasing, Esau was hungry. So much so that he wouldn’t want to trust his mother to cook the creatures he had hunted down.

Upon entering her house, she met Jacob, who was going to eat a delicious dish of lentils. The lentils were so hot and radiated such a succulent smell that they quickly made the more established twin’s stomach growl.

“What do you need for that plate of lentils?” He asked his brother, not taking his eyes off his food.

Jacob thought about it for a minute.

“I need you to give me your privilege as the firstborn so that the father is in favor.” If I give you my lentils, I will acquire each of his territories later.

“Fix”, said Ésau without much idea and jumping on the rich lentils, which he ate with incredible pleasure.

Clearly, he hadn’t been paying attention to what his brother had said.

In any case, when years after the fact, it was time to await his legacy, his father went to Jacob instead of him and that angered him greatly. He took his gun to execute his brother, and after seeing this, his mother became worried.

Rebekah then went to God to follow up on her son’s heart, helping him remember how much he adored his brother.

“If you don’t mind, Lord, don’t give him the opportunity to subdue the most terrible sin of all.”

After landing at his brother’s house and seeing him so happy for his legacy, Esau was not afraid to take his own life. I don’t remember the last time I saw him so happy (He expressed)

He dismissed all the contempt and jealousy that had entered his heart, and congratulated his brother on his new motives, regarding the understanding they had made. In addition, as Jacob also adored him, he recognized that Esau continues to live in his territory and that they continue to be brothers and great companions.

Some time later, Jacob went to the grounds of Haran and married an extremely kind lady who lived there, as his father had requested.

Both of them had a few youngsters who were constantly learning to care for one another, as God commanded all men to do.

Joseph the visionary

These children’s stories from the Bible, including Joseph, are about a boy who had the option of translating dreams. Many years before there was a reasonable and great man, descended from Abraham, whose name was Jacob. He had come to have thirteen children, whom he cherished with his entire existence.

His most beloved anyway was the youngest of all, named José. He was an exceptionally cheerful young man and had the beautiful gift of translating dreams. When he understood, he chose to give her a beautiful blessing.

He had a fine knitted robe that had all the shades of the rainbow. After understanding this, his brothers felt great disappointment against him and began to hate him. Things took a turn for the worse when one day Joseph revealed to them two dreams he had.

“In both of them I perceived how all of you bowed down to me,” he stated, having no desire to upset them, because he usually spoke of reality.

However, the young men were angry at this information and imagined that Joseph was being extremely arrogant. Since they couldn’t bear to see all the consideration his father had for him, they began looking for an approach to get him off the beaten path.

While they were all dealing with their father’s sheep, one of them proposed that they kill him.

“No, we can’t do that”, said Rubén, the most established of the thirteen, “it is necessary to throw it into the water hole, which is dry”. Let’s think how to manage it.

Furthermore, said and done, Joseph was thrown deep into the well until night fell dramatically.

As much as she screamed and called for help to get the others out, her every second thought was ignored and before long she grew tired of calling out to them. She sank into the side of the well.

Sooner or later, his brothers returned with some Ishmaelites they had met on the way, who had agreed to give them twenty pieces of silver in exchange for their brother, who was taken captive to Egypt. What savage treatment by his own blood!

Joseph’s brothers took the colorful robe that had been left in the well. They plotted against his brother and ripped him apart, no matter what his father thought. Thus they expressed:

“When we were dealing with the sheep, a monster appeared and immediately crushed José,” they let him know, demonstrating the evil clothes that had not been able to save him. The main thing we had left of him was the robe you sent him to wear.”

The moment Jacob saw Joseph’s clothing, he began to cry harshly, regretting that he hadn’t secured it better. Seeing him so seriously, the rest of his young women felt a little regret, but he had already passed the point of no return. Joseph was on his way to Egypt to serve an extremely influential man.

He had no knowledge of it yet, however, God had a deal for him and on that land, he would discover the predetermination that he had been imagining to such an extent.

The Birth of the Child Jesus of Nazareth

As the Bible says, a young virgin named Mary was very focused on Joseph. Before reaching intimacy, she became pregnant, José had never slept with her, so he ended his responsibility towards María, but he behaved like a decent man, since otherwise he would have needed to blame her openly, as they did around him when he found out.

One night, while he was resting, a holy messenger appeared to him in a dream and said:

Don’t be afraid José, you should marry Mary since it was God who got her pregnant. The moment the little one is conceived, you will call him Jesus. When he grows up, he will be the person who frees the world from his discipline because of his wickedness.

The moment Joseph woke up, he obeyed God and married Mary and they did not rest together until Jesus of Nazareth was conceived, whose name means “God is with us”

As the sacred texts indicate, this is fulfilled as a guarantee from God to Isaiah when he declared:

– Be considerate! A young virgin will become pregnant and bear a son, and that child will be named Emmanuel.

Jesus was conceived in Bethlehem of Judea when Herod was their ruler, when some cunning men originated from the east and got information about the introduction of the new lord of the Jews, they reported that they came to worship him guided by a star. The ruler Herod was so scared that he requested everything about the child.

The experts proceeded with the guidance of the star and when it was placed on a small house, the cunning ones entered and prostrated themselves before Jesus, giving him gold, frankincense and myrrh. After bowing to God, he let them know in a dream to return by another way to his nation and they did so as is.

At that moment, God, also in a dream, declares to Joseph that they should escape to Egypt since King Herod needed to kill the child, so that is what they did that night, escape! This is the way God’s guarantee is satisfied when he said to the prophet in the sacred texts:

“From Egypt call my son.”

The Poem of the Magicians

Like Christmas, the day of the Three Kings is a date that causes a lot of enthusiasm in young people.

In addition to the identified stories and children’s stories from the Bible with these beloved characters, we can share wonderful poems for young people to tell at school or at a family party. We trust that you will like the one you are going to see immediately.

In Bethlehem there is a star.

that shines more than the other little stars

they put it at the entrance

Along the path of the shepherds.

the wizards are coming

to meet the savior child

they are full of blessings

They offer you with much love.

In the desert there are three cunning men,

who go east

They think of the baby of Mary and Joseph,

Since they have to go see it.

I am gaspar with incense

said the first of them,

I’m walking down the street

hoping to see God in the divine child.

the wizards are coming

to meet the savior child

I am Melchior with myrrh

says the second in a performing voice

I’m walking down the street

See God in the Divine Child.

I am Baltasar with gold

Says the third with extraordinary responsibility.

I’m walking down the street

See the ruler in the Divine Child.

Let everyone go to Bethlehem.

To see Jesus of Nazareth!

Let everyone go to Bethlehem.

Worship our new Lord!

the wizards are coming

to meet the savior child

they are full of blessings

They offer you with much love.

They have just reached the entrance to Bethlehem.

They prepare to celebrate with Mary and Saint Joseph.

Dear Jesus, we were waiting for you, favor the day!

tomorrow when they leave

Jesus will remember us by the stories told

Also, to each of the descendants of the world.

of the endowments will be filled.

the wizards are coming

to meet the savior child

They offer you with much love.

So remember to be awesome

On this day dedicated to the Lords.

All things considered, in case you are benevolent and faithful

They will leave you the blessings you deserve!

Three Kings Day makes all children happy!

The Christmas Eve letter

The shepherds approach.

to a corner that looks like Eden

In the sky the ensembles of holy messengers sing.

For the child God was conceived in Bethlehem.

The stars in the sky are descending,

come to see Christ who is now conceived,

Nestled in an unassuming straw stand

while Saint Joseph and the Virgin sing to him.

An angel star has moved on to become

to illuminate the entrance of Bethlehem

look amused and moved

each of the endowments given to the child.

The shepherds approach.

to a corner that looks like Eden

In the sky the heavenly assistants sing.

For the child God was conceived in Bethlehem.

The young man is cold

Also, she won’t stop crying.

In any case, the darling arrives.

How hot will it be?

It does the same to you with your breath.

What respect has brought the breeze?

dress the divine king.

The shepherds approach.

to a corner that looks like Eden

In the sky the heavenly assistants sing.

For the child God was conceived in Bethlehem.

There are melodies.

All things considered, the event is joyous,

an important meeting in paradise

On earth and within the heart.

Primary Christmas had just been declared.

God needed his son to bring joy.

to men and youth

 of all shapes and sizes.

The shepherds approach

to a corner that looks like Eden.

In the sky the heavenly assistants sing.

For the child God was conceived in Bethlehem.

Unadulterated voices are heard.

Singing everything in great numbers:

Glory is to be in the highest and most sublime,

The king of Israel is conceived!

There by the eastern grounds.

Three cunning men please their camels.

they streamline the crowns

moreover, they are stacked with the most wonderful feats.

Ministers all together

try not to stop visiting us (José expressed),

will they be quiet?

Seeing David’s heir!

There’s a wizard out there

all wearing lots of gold and silver

He is the most beloved of the Divine Word.

Also, everyone at the entrance loves it.

The baby Jesus cries and smiles.

as he waves his little hands,

every minute he laughs

My heart of feeling is mixed.

The shepherds approach

to a corner that looks like Eden

In heaven the best heavenly assistants sing.

For the child God was conceived in Bethlehem.

To complete this writing

I just do them what’s left to do

I am the one who needs you from my heart.

Be optimistic and be well.

a privilege that not everyone enjoys,

Also, always remember that Christmas Eve.

It is an event to celebrate.

all together and as a family

That affection is extraordinary.

The shepherds draw near

to a corner that looks like Eden

In the sky the heavenly assistants sing.

For the child God was conceived in Bethlehem.

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