To drive a man to despair in minutes, a prayer

To drive a man to despair in minutes, a prayer

Prayer to drive a man to despair in minutes is done with the intention of driving a man crazy who, perhaps, is our soul mate, but for one reason or another is not by our side. If you want to know different prayers to make a man desperate in minutes, not only his body, but also his thoughts, then continue reading.

Prayer to despair a man in minutes

This Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes must be done to the spirit of despair, this is the one who will help you dominate any man or woman surrendered at your feet, or rather, desperate for you. This prayer is extremely powerful, so you should not take it lightly.

The Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes can be used in different ways, it all depends on what you want to achieve with it. As we mentioned before, this prayer is effective and incredibly powerful, which will allow you to dominate and have control of the entire situation.

The word dominate may sound somewhat strong, however, it does not necessarily mean “negative” in every context, that is, keeping the energy controlled is one thing, but it does not have to generate any consequence against you.

This Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes is prayed to the spirit of despair, and it is effective whether you are in love and want that person to share your feelings, or if you are going through a couple crisis, in both cases, this Prayer can be extremely useful for that loved one to stay by your side for the rest of his life.

Santa Marta la Dominadora, San Marco de León, among others, are Saints that are also invoked together with the spirit of despair, however, you should not worry about this, as there are thousands of specialists who can guide you step by step how to do it. .

By the way, this Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes is also effective to get rid of people who are constantly hurting you or affecting your heart or feelings in some way, and of course, getting rid of him or her will allow you to find that special person. with whom you will share a full life.

For example, a person who expresses love for you, however does not commit, and just comes and goes whenever he pleases.

How to drive a man madly desperate – zone of control

Control zone, what is it exactly? What does it mean? Put simply, it refers to using all the resources that are necessary to satisfy a desire, in this case, the love of a man or a woman.

Spells, prayers and rituals allow us that the energy and force of the universe conspire in our favor so that our desire materializes, however, a prayer, no matter how powerful and effective it may be, must be accompanied by action, that is to say , of a change in us so that everything flows.

Sometimes, we make the mistake of believing that a decree, ritual or spell will be enough to achieve our desires, however, we need a change of attitude, and in matters of love, evaluate our treatment with that person and vice versa.

Important, if until now, it was you who was interested, had details, wrote to him and always took the initiative, after this Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes you will have to do the opposite, that is, not have any type of contact with him or her until they decide to take the initiative.

Now, if, on the contrary, you had been absent, then you must take the first step and take control of the relationship.

Prayer to the spirit of despair

Light a red candle and perform this prayer for seven (7) days, and then recite: Doubtful and powerful spirit, I request your assistance, despair made spirit, I demand you today, spirit of Don Juan de Conquista to come to my help.

I also request the assistance of the Spirit of Juan Minero, the spirit of love, the spirit of Don Juan da conquest, the powerful spirit of San Marco de León, the compassionate spirit of Santa Elena de Jerusalem, the irascible Martha, the spirit of the four winds, paths and places and love to manifest and come to my aid.

Spirits full of compassion and altruism, enchanting spirit of Salvador de la Horta, spirit of María Cabeza, today, I cry out to you, request your help and order you to give me your assistance.

Living spirit, thoughts of judgment and will, master of the five senses, today I ask you to help me and help me dominate (say the name of the loved one), I require and request the saint of this day.

I request the saint of the day of my birth and the saint of the day of the birth of (mention the name of the person again), and our respective guardian angels and I offer this candle so that your body wishes me, in your mind, there is no thought that I get involved, that his hands just want to caress my body.

That his sexual member manages to get excited with me and with no one else, that his head thinks of me all day and all night, that his will, judgment and thought belong to me and that his feet only want to walk next to mine.

Spirits, to all of you, I ask you to grant me the ability to control the will of (name of the person) to be the only person you want and love me as if I belonged to you. And to the saints, I ask you to help me so that your love may be mine, because I deserve it, or rather, we deserve it.

Prayer for him to be desperate and look for me immediately

 The most effective way to make a man or woman feel desperate to be with us is to make them fall in love. This Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes will be addressed to the most powerful Goddess of love: Aphrodite. She has the power to drive anyone crazy and make her feel desperate when she is not by our side.

This Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes should be used only in cases that are really necessary, that is, separations charged with anger or strong in some other sense.

Aphrodite, to you who master the art of love, I beg you to help me with such and such because it makes me feel unappreciated, and you well know how it feels to be treated like this. This man / woman ignores me, does not look for me, or takes me into account in any way, therefore, I ask you so that (his or her name) cannot live, sleep or do anything without me and feel absolutely desperate ( a) when we are close.

Such and such needs me, show him your power, let him suffer as I am doing. I know you will grant me this, so I thank you goddess Aphrodite.

Note: “So and so” refers to mentioning the person’s name.

Prayer of despair for him to call me soon

This prayer is so powerful that even ten minutes after praying it with faith, your sweetheart may be calling you.

In short, this prayer consists of thinking everything when we want to experience with that person, our expectations with him or her, and then requesting the Ray of light to unearth any circumstance, thought or feeling that prevents you from being with that person.

The intention is that that person feels the uncontrollable desire to call you, to need you at all times and to want to be with you and with no one else. And with the permission of God, ask Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and his guardian angel to intercede for you, so that he hears your name in a whisper and automatically perceives you as his real and true love and you have control of his will.

Prayer to San Cipriano so that he despairs of longing for me

Holy of Holies, Cypriot Saint, recognized as the mighty among the mighty, today, I beg you and ask you with all my faith to intercede in the mind, body and heart of (name of person) so that he can feel nothing but desperate to want to be with me, want my flesh and your thoughts just be me the protagonist.

Thank you, for granting me the happiness that “so and so” (read above) can only feel uncontrollable when having me around or miss me painfully when he doesn’t possess me. Light a red candle that same night for the favor received (must be done in the dark).

Offering to San Cipriano

The offering is the red candle. Even if you have performed the Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes at San Cipriano during the day, it is after dark when you must offer him the candle. No matter the day or time, if you do it inside your house or in the patio, the important thing is that it be after dark and the same day of prayer.

How many times can I pray this prayer to drive a man to despair and make an offering?

Some people mistakenly believe that the greater the amount the result will be more effective and in less time, however, San Cipriano is so powerful that with just one prayer your wish will come true.

Something that you should consider (in case you want to perform this prayer on more than one occasion) is that for each prayer a red candle must be offered, and obviously, since it is lit at night, only one prayer can be performed at day.

Sentence of the thought to despair a man or a woman

Prayer to drive a man to despair in minutes , there are as many as there are people in the world, so below, we will share the most effective ones to achieve it.

The best sentences of thought and despair

The prayers that we will share with you below will not only allow that special man or woman to feel desperate to have you, but also, you will make them feel urgent to want to see or have you.

Prayer of thought and despair

This Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes must be done to the spirit of the domain, request his assistance and he will make sure that he keeps thinking about you all day and its result is immediate.

Prayer of thought to San Marcos de León

If your intention is to make a person unable to even sleep from desperately wanting you, then this Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes is for you. Do it for three nights uninterruptedly and you will see how he spends entire nights awake from thinking about you so much, and he will even call you.

strong thought prayer

A short but powerful sentence actually has an implicit tie. The thought of that person and San Marcos de León is requested that no matter where the person is, he feels tied to us and does not stop thinking about us all day. Finally, the word “think of me” is repeated three times in the name of the Father, son and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer to Don Juan of thought

Light a blue candle for a whole week (one candle per day) and implore Don Juan of thought not to stop thinking about you, until he decides to come as a little lamb. If you want to tie that person to you, then this is a short and effective way to do it.

Prayer to the angel alone

Prayer to despair a man in minutes extremely strong that will immediately make any man or woman feel despair of you.

7 thoughts prayer

The first thing you should do is write on a yellow candle the name of the person you want to dominate (applies to men or women), then light your candle for only three (3) minutes and turn it off.

Extract the wick from the other end of the candle and finally, concentrate on the 7 thoughts, and while you let it burn completely, recite the following: 7 thoughts I have to achieve, only 7 thoughts belong to (name of the person) and I wish that their thoughts and will bend before me and I can dominate them.

More prayers to bind and dominate

If you liked the prayers that we have shared throughout this article and seemed super effective, these are not only even more so, but they will also allow you to tie up and dominate that person, so take note.

Prayer to the soul just to dominate

Pray this powerful mooring prayer with faith for seven (7) days and you will be able to dominate and tie whoever you want, man or woman, whether or not they had any romantic feelings towards you.

Prayer to the powerful hand for love

With this Prayer to make a man desperate in minutes you will be able to attract that man or that woman with whom you are madly in love.

Prayer to Saint Catherine to tie or recover a love

This is a clearly domain prayer, so pray with great faith to Saint Catherine for nine (9) days and after this period of time you will be able to completely tie your current partner, or recover an ex love, that despite time, It still makes you feel those butterflies in your stomach.

Prayer to Pomba Gira to despair

A super effective prayer, not to say that it is the most effective, which after praying will allow you to tie up definitively, dominating that special person so that they stay by your side; True love exists, but sometimes, we should help each other a little, don’t you think?

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