Delight yourself with the most effective prayers of God to lift your spirits

Delight yourself with the most effective prayers of God to lift your spirits

There are times when nothing gives encouragement to smile, since things are not going as desired. It is for this reason that in these moments it begins with the realization of prayers of God to lift the spirits. This is because even though things don’t turn out the way you want, it’s not right for you to be disappointed in life. That is why you have to trust our Lord, since he loves you and is always attentive to your requests and prayers.

Prayers of God to lift your spirits

In periods of our lives we go through problems, led by financial crises, debts or complicated situations related to the family environment, either with partners or with children. It is precisely in these moments that the loss of spirit begins. For this reason, the smile is usually lost and leads to nostalgia and sadness.

Many times this sensation generates paralysis and it is important to get out of those lapses quickly. This position can lead to depression, a situation that will be difficult to get out of. That is why it is positive to create prayers related to the work of our heavenly father. Seeking that the situation does not advance and despair does not lead to problems.

That is why it is important that you do your part when praying and connecting with God. Since He is able to push you to get up. At the moment in which the spirit is lost, the people who have it lose interest in life. (See Article: Prayer of serenity and tranquility )

Any joy is diminished, therefore it does not generate moments of improvement. Discouragement causes them not to love themselves or work for their lives. This even makes you not want to get out of bed. Discouraged people fall into constant depression, something that should not be allowed.

There are many reasons, whether due to lack of work, family, couple or study problems, among others. The prayer is as follows:

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you today to give me the courage to lift my spirits and face every problem that occurs in my life. Don’t let the evil one get my spirits down.

It is because of you that I have the strength to face every display of evil from satan. It is you who makes me a rock full of faith and love to give.

Be my shield, the only one to guide me through every adversity. May the confusions made by satan never lead me to the path of evil. Allow me to always have the hope and faith of having you close, on the lookout for me.

My soul wants to always have you close, because you are the one who gives me the confidence required to move forward. I am willing to serve you eternally and fulfill every dream that you traced in me since the day you gave me life.

Allow me to give my best every moment and fill those who are close with love and kindness. Focus on getting the best for me and getting rid of every obstacle that can lead me to misfortune and discouragement.

Help me to exploit every talent I have and not lose heart when something doesn’t go my way. Let me understand that your time is perfect and only you have our success and happiness in your hands, through your great merciful love.

In the name of your beloved son who died on the cross to save us from our sins the Lord Jesus Christ and in the name of your glory and wisdom, do not disappoint me, amen.

Reasons why you lose heart

There are several options that are related to loss of mood, among the most important are the following:

love breakups

This type of discouragement can be said to be the most outstanding among the situations that lead to discouragement and total loss of interest in people. This leads people to go through a period of incredible sadness.

On the other hand, it leads to a lack of desire to continue with life. It is for this reason that isolation is reached. This is because many people do not want to be asked about it and for this reason they tend to be isolated.

What it causes is that people want to cry and hide trying to release the pain that this type of breakup causes.


Today my dear God is asked to collaborate with me and help me reduce the great sadness I suffer. This discouragement overcomes me and invades me, it has me dominated by fatigue.

This relationship has come to an end, even though I am aware that nothing is eternal and it is important to mention that this pain will not continue forever.

It is necessary to say enough is enough and get up. Since I am aware and grateful that you do love me as I am. In turn, I want you to give me the strength to continue on my path that you have written for me.

I don’t want to live without your approval in every step I take. That is why I want you to do your will and this lack of encouragement disappears from my being. In turn, allow the person you have scheduled for me to arrive at the right time and under the perfect circumstances.

Let me wait in peace to have a good time, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and heavenly father, amen.

Financial problems

On the other hand, the lack of encouragement can be due to problems related to money. This may be due to lack of employment or the resources they give us are not enough to survive in good conditions. Which causes the situation to worsen if there is a family and children to support.

This type of problem in many cases causes people to distance themselves from their families. Since they do not want to face the situations related to the demands they may have and they do not want any communication with their relatives. Which causes relationships to break creating a bad situation.

That is why on many occasions it is positive to pray to God to lift our spirits. Because it helps us understand that if we can get out of this situation and leave behind the abyss in which we are. Since it is believed on many occasions that you cannot get out of it and it is necessary to have a light that is at the end of the tunnel.


My dear heavenly father, today I ask you to raise my spirits. Since I know that despite all the things that happen you have a good plan for me and I thank you for it. I know that despite this bad time you have given me the fortune of giving me health, a situation of importance since without it I am nobody.

It is through health that I can get a proper job. That improves the situation of my family and in turn mine. I know you don’t want me to be in this shortage forever. Rather you want him to live in an environment full of abundance. That is why I ask you my God to enlighten and guide me with reference to the factor that causes it to fail, with the aim of correcting it.

For this reason I ask your forgiveness if in any way I have failed you, causing this situation to occur. Lift my spirits, I will be for you my loved one always. I repent for all my sins. In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ and heavenly father, amen.

problems within the marriage

Normally there are stages of marriage in which you begin to believe that love is ending. However, it is important to mention that this is not the case. That is why it should be noted that in any relationship there are periods of crisis that must be overcome correctly to strengthen the relationship.

We must always seek to bless the marriage through our Lord, with great faith. In search of obtaining the best tools to always have encouragement regarding a better relationship. Which generate positive moments in the relationship.

The best way then is to pray to God to lift our spirits, through true faith and enough desire to continue with whom we swear to share the rest of our lives. (See Article: Prayer of faith )


Oh my dear God almighty. Blessed king of the universe, I am in these moments asking through this prayer of God to seek to lift my spirits. This is because love has been lost and this causes the marriage to be in an unpleasant situation.

I implore you my dear heavenly father that we come out as a successful couple and in turn together. I ask that we fill ourselves more with love, seeking that we can be together whenever complex situations occur and we present ourselves before you together my dear heavenly father, amen.

When you lack the strength

It is important that the mood is not allowed to drop, it is important that you cheer up and not lose heart. You must trust in God, that he will never abandon you. Because his kindness and his love goes beyond his imagination. For our Lord has the trait of surprising us in the strangest ways and with the least possibility of waiting.

It is just at this moment when you must be clear about the new challenges that he intends to deliver to you. Always believing in God, since he is the one who has power over us. You must believe in yourself and that he is always with you, because he is in your heart.

Do not succumb to the voices that try to discourage you and stop your goals. It is important that you always remember that you are a product of the love that God feels for us, his earthly children. For this reason, you must always keep in mind his presence in you and in your heart. In search of being a good son, capable of repenting of his sins and living by and for his works. Without any kind of low spirits, because we are loved by our heavenly father.


Today I thank you my dear Lord Jesus Christ. It is you who always stays by my side. Especially at times when my spirits drop and I feel defeated. Thanks to you I don’t succumb to pain and despair.

I am your humble slave, I give you every moment of my life. It is you who fulfills all my wishes, as long as they are for my well-being. I ask you to bless my work and my family.

Do not allow my effort to be exposed by discouragement. That they value my desire to give the best of me. I praise you every day my Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to you I give all my strength. I appreciate the love and commitment you have with me.

My dear Lord Jesus Christ, I am clear about your blessings and protection that you give me after every step I take. As well as my weaknesses that can lead to failure if I do not have faith.

Do not allow the storms led by the evil one to lead me to lose my faith and the horizon that leads me to the great love that you give me. I ask for your merciful compassion. Allow patience to come to me and confidence in every step I take.

You are love, patience and trust in my life. Every fault will be rewarded by you. I love my neighbor and every test you give me will be surpassed by my great love for you. Amen


It is important to mention that God should never be distrusted. This is because God is the one who has the last word, since he is the one who controls all situations. You must walk with great security and great courage, always hoping to be affirmed by our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to his promises, you can always walk confident in the triumph that leads to happiness.

Think that God loves you and keep in mind that you are extremely important to Him. For this reason, God seeks the best for us. He has the ability to do wonderful things for us. (See Article: Prayer of faith to accept Christ )

Our heavenly father never forgets us despite the fact that sometimes he does not manifest himself in the same way and is distant and quiet. It is important that in the moments in which you find yourself without encouragement or faith because God has not appeared and nothing is related to a good moment in your life. Well, you have to think of our Lord and resume faith. Put everything is possible in Jesus Christ who strengthens.

You must understand that saying that will not take away your problems. It’s all about raising your spirits, acting on it and having a lot of faith. In addition, the peace and serenity generated by believing in our Lord helps you to face problems.

You have to understand that our Heavenly Father is the God of challenges and in turn the God of victories. He is our hope and therefore the one who gives us the dreams that we fulfill. He gives us joy and allows us to succeed. Since he is the one who makes us happy and rejoices because he generates victory for us.

For this reason, believers in our Lord should not feel defeated despite the fact that problems and difficult circumstances occur on many occasions. When God is on our side there is no problem that can stop us. That is why we must trust in the love that he professes for us. In turn in fidelity and promises that reciprocate his love for us.

It is important to feel that it accompanies us on the journey of life, which generates great triumph and happiness in our lives. Since our Lord is sun and shield, our grace and in turn glory. The Lord of the universe makes happy men who fully trust in him.


Lord, I implore you to give me the courage and clarity to lift my spirits and face the difficulties that arise without any problem. Don’t let my spirits drop Lord. Well, thanks to you I have the strength to keep going. You are my shield, my rock and protector from adverse events. Do not allow us to doubt those of us who have faith in your mercy and our hopes are always placed in you.

My heart has the responsibility to be filled with trust with each element related to you Heavenly Father. You are my confidence and my strength, that which allows me to commit myself to embark on my journeys directly to my dreams.

Allow me to give the best of me in each step I made. Help me to count on purity and goodness that is transmitted through your love. Do not let me start a path in which the center is not your glorious words. It is you who holds my lap and collaborates with overcoming every obstacle that comes my way.

Help me with the exploration and discovery of my person. Let me get the talents that I have that have been sown and reaped by you. In search of success in my life. May happiness fill me and collaborate to fully comply with each task I performed.

In your name Heavenly Father, I ask for help, to overcome every problem that arises. I trust in your skill, compassion and mercy to help me face every problem that comes into my life and leads me to a moment of disappointment. I beg you Lord, amen.


When you find yourself summed up in darkness, you need to reach out your hands in faith. The moment you extend your hands so high, our heavenly father will extend his the rest of the distance.

These types of phrases are perfect to resort to at the moment when we feel without faith in the dark that lead to emotions of sadness and discouragement. It is important to stay connected with God in search of not going through a depression picture.

Post this type of darkness can lead us to the abyss of having little faith. Since this leads the soul to a spiritual darkness that does not allow our being to unfold easily under the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Which gives evil a greater opportunity to hug us tightly.

If you have faith, everything is possible. This is the key to get out of difficult times because God always extends his hand to his children. In this moment of calm and loneliness, people are too immersed in pain and despair, which often reduces the desire to live and fulfill the destiny that God has drawn for us.

That is why it is precisely in these moments that a greater spiritual contact with our Lord should be sought. That He with his mercy is able to improve any inappropriate state of mind for us that causes us to turn our backs on our Lord and commit sin after sin.

God is so glorious and merciful that he can get us out of any delicate situation if we so wish and ask him with faith. It is also important that we sincerely thank him for his enormous kindness and strength to get us out of the darkness. Thanks to Jesus Christ is that we are held by his hand guided to the right path.

On many occasions when we do not understand that God’s time is perfect and that we need God’s strength to live in peace, we submerge ourselves in a darkness that leads us to have little faith. When faith falters, people are taken to an abyss that does not allow them to achieve the required happiness and harmony.

For this reason we have to have the strength to meditate and achieve faith again. What allows us to be happy and achieve each of the dreams that God outlined for us right at the moment of birth.

Our Lord always takes our hand and leads us to the path of good. We must thank him and let go of every problem that leads us into darkness. For he is so merciful that he loves us eternally.


I ask my dear God to be with me. Since I know perfectly well that you are always present in me and do not allow me to forget you. Forgive me for abandoning you easily. Stay with me, because it is very easy to weaken me. Give me the strength not to fall so often into the abyss. (See Article:  Psalm 91 of the bible a night prayer )

Stay with me because you are my engine of life, without you I have no strength to be taken to the side of good. You are the light of each dawn, without you my world reaches darkness. I ask you Lord to guide me towards your will.

I ask you to give me the opportunity to hear your voice and follow you. I always want to love you and always be with you. I implore and wish to be faithful to you forever. I want my soul to be with you forever. May I be your consolation and the nest of love, amen.


Depression can take our spirits away and it is a battle that must be resolved. It is even if you do not have enough faith a burden of the soul that will have a lifetime if not handled correctly. (See the article on prayer for my husband)

It is important that we always keep our faith in mind and be able to open our hearts to the Lord. We must ask for help and in this way be led to the maturity that faith envelops us and in turn get us out of that abyss.


My dear heavenly father, I implore you that your presence embraces me and lifts my spirits. May your powerful hand fill my family and me with your love and mercy. Guide me from my man when making any decision.

I ask you to save me from the emotional misery that is present in my life. Do not allow sadness to kill my believing soul in your courageous love. Get any evil plan procreated by satan towards your children to be reversed.

Allow my heart to be filled with the courage and firmness to move forward without fear of losing, because I am walking with you. Do not let the voices of the evil one eager for us to fall under doubt succeed.

You are my engine, the one who never leaves me alone. You are the creator, the only one who can do everything. There is no one more imposing than you, you are the king of kings. It helps that my soul always keep in mind that you are for us and your time is perfect. It is you who loves us.

I implore you to pour out your peace and wisdom upon us, filling her with good health, happiness, and financial stability. You are my heart, the king of the universe. The only being who will always love me. Let your word be respected. You are my glory and when you are in my life any problem ends, amen.

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