Learn how to make a prayer for sick newborn baby

Learn how to make a prayer for sick newborn baby

It is very painful to see a newborn baby suffering from health problems. We feel really helpless with a broken heart. In this post we will study how to raise a prayer to God for a sick newborn baby so that his blessings are poured out on both the baby and his family. Some interesting aspects of this type of prayer will also be presented.

Prayer for newborn sick baby

When a child becomes ill, the full attention of the mother and father, and of the entire family, is concentrated on seeking all humanly possible means to get him well as soon as possible.

This is much more alarming if it is a newborn baby who gets sick, because it anguishes even more when it is a child who has to suffer at such an early age.

There are many mixed emotions in those critical moments of pain when having to deal with such terrible news.

Our hearts break in this kind of tragic circumstances that can happen to parents of families, when a baby gets sick or is born sick. The pain is great, our soul is distressed and we feel hopeless.

Immediately, all the actions and decisions necessary to achieve the healing of the baby begin to be taken, such as:

  1. Take him to a specialist for examination
  2. Buy all prescription medications that are required
  3. Provide special care at home
  4. Distribute responsibilities among family members with respect to the patient
  5. Pray without ceasing for his healing.

In this post we want to refer specifically to this last point of prayer, which we consider very important and effective when we do it properly and from faith, since it is what will lead us to achieve what we so desire.

In this sense, some examples of sentences have been prepared for this type of situation.

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Below are some sentences that can be used as models to follow so that everyone can create their own.

sentence 1 

O Holy Father, Lord of great power!

You know me and you also know my heart and you know that I have always wanted to be a faithful adherent of your precepts.

I know that I have failed on many occasions due to clumsiness or ignorance on my part, but I have been able to amend and return to your path.

You also know my sorrows, just as you knew what your son Jesus felt when he was on the cross, in which he redeemed us from our sins to be safe and sound.

I come before you in these moments of great anguish and despair that I am going through, hoping that you will once again grant me your blessings.

Oh Holy Heavenly Father! Well loved by me. You knew of my desire to have a baby, which I asked you so fervently and you, with your infinite mercy, granted it to me.

I am eternally grateful for it!

But now, I need you because my little baby was born sick and I beg you with great fervor to cover my little son with your healing and protective mantle who is affected in his respiratory tract (mention the disease) and is suffering a lot from it.

Have mercy on him and, by the most precious Blood of your Son Jesus, heal him completely so that he can grow and live for your Glory, Lord.

I beg you, Beloved Father, that with your Holy Hands you touch him and keep away from him all that evil that afflicts him and he expects your blessing from you.

God heal my little baby [baby’s name] I pray to you Lord!

In the name of Jesus,Amen

sentence 2 

Heavenly Father, always kind, compassionate and merciful!

I am before you to ask for the health of my girl [baby’s name] who we have had to hospitalize due to the high temperatures that afflict her and do not give her peace.

I know that there are many who come to you for healing, but I also know that you are always ready to help those who pray with faith and glorify you.

Here I am prostrate before you in adoration and recognition of your great healing power.

Today I beg you to restore health to my little girl, who is dying.

Lord, I ask you with great fervor and also desperation to come to his room and put your hands on his body so that he heals.

Even when the medical reports say that he no longer has hope, I do not share them, because I only believe in you and in your mercy, oh Lord!

That is why, at this moment, I have decided to prostrate myself before you and follow only your Holy Word, which is the one that has power.

I will not pay attention to those who want to destroy my faith in you, because for me they have no credibility.

Only you, my God, are the one who with your wisdom and mercy can bring the total cure to my baby.

I will pray to you, great Lord, asking for your blessings for her and your blessing will be transformed into healing.

It will be a miracle for your glory, oh Lord! Therefore, in my heart I already believe it and so I declare it, that my girl is healthy.

She will rise up, grow up and become an obedient daughter for your Eternal Glory, my God.

I am grateful for his healing and because you never forget the favors I ask of you and you grant me, kind Lord.Amen

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Sentence 3 

Our Father, who art in heaven, but always near us!

Today I want to thank you for your blessings and also for having died for us on the cross to redeem us.

You are my Lord for everything you have created, therefore you are the only Savior.

I also want to thank you for the immense gift you have given me by making me the mother of two beautiful creatures.

I want to present them to you to ask for your intercession and free them from all evil, from all illness and fill them with more health, because they were born with a certain weakness and low weight.

I ask you, Holy Father, watch over them so that they overcome this condition and always enjoy good health.

Let them have a healthy body, not disturbed by any ailment.

For my part, I promise you that I will ensure that they are good beings, dedicated to you, always followers of your divine teachings and attentive to your Word.

I will educate them under your Holy Mandates so that they may always be praising you, adoring you and on the path that you have traced for us towards eternal life.

You know me, Lord, and you know that I have always been faithfully devoted, follower of your precepts and always ready to come to the aid of the needy, just as you have taught us.

Forgive my clumsiness, carelessness and failures. I have a lot to learn from you, that’s why I implore you not to abandon me, especially now that I have this responsibility with my daughters, who will also be devoted to you, for your Glory.

I ask you, Beloved Father, keep them from all evil, keep away any disease that the evil one wants to make fall on them. Do not allow any danger to lie in wait for them and make them fall into temptations.

But above all I implore you, my well Beloved Blessed Lord, give me the necessary tools, so that, with your help and advice, I can be the ideal mother that my daughters need.

Support me in this new stage that I begin in my life, fill me with wisdom, love, hope and energy to be able to give you the best.

Receive my eternal gratitude for my beautiful daughters, for their health, for the blessings that I know you will pour out on them, for my home.

In you alone we trust, my Holy Father!Amen

sentence 4

Dear Heavenly Father!

We always thank you for all the blessings you give us, but today we especially want to thank you for the blessing of being able to be parents.

Today we have been blessed by your Holy Grace by granting us this new creature.

Our baby is a miracle that has come to brighten our home because You, Holy Father, have wanted it that way and it is a great honor for us that you have considered us worthy of that miracle.

Thus, we can say that our baby belongs to you and we dedicate it to your Glory.

However, we want to put it in your hands and under your Holy Blessing to [baby’s name].

He was born a little underweight, so he requires your intercession and we trust in you that, by your holy will, he will recover and become very special.

We ask you, my Lord, to keep his steps, to cover him with the most precious Blood of your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Accompany him every day of his life and always show him your love.

We, as his parents, promise and commit ourselves to educate him under your Holy Designs, with your divine teachings so that he is a good human being, consecrated to you, forever.

We also thank you, Almighty Lord, for guiding us as parents to fulfill such a noble task of training him for your Glory. Please give us wisdom, patience and love so that we can instruct and correct it when necessary in a way that pleases and glorifies you.

We trust, Holy Father, that by your infinite mercy and love for all your children, you will grant us the joy of seeing our son grow up healthy, that you will allow us to instill your divine precepts in him.

We ask all of this with great faith and from our hearts today a little saddened.

May your Holy Will always be done, Beloved Father!

We want to ask your forgiveness if we have offended you in any way or if we have done something that has not been to your liking. We are deeply sorry for this and want to renew our vows of faith with you.

We declare that Jesus, your son, is our only Lord and Savior, who is the center of our home and our lives.

We praise and adore you, because you are a good God, who always wants good for each of his children, so we trust that we are in your hands and you will watch over our baby, so that he will soon stabilize and we can take him to our home, always according to your will.

We make this prayer in the name of Jesus.Amen.

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How should prayer be?

As we know, prayer is the best way to have direct communication and conversation with God, through which we can express our feelings to him out loud.

Through prayer we present to God our gratitude, our faith, but we can also talk to him about the concerns that afflict us and also make our requests.

It is necessary to point out that prayer must always be kept in mind, not only to ask for our needs, but also to express our gratitude to God for everything he has granted us; namely by:

  • Life
  • A new day
  • Nature
  • Health
  • The family
  • Especially for the most needy and afflicted who require the help of the Lord.

Now, the main thing that must be taken into consideration to make a prayer for a sick newborn baby is definitely the full faith that it will be healed.

Therefore, it is required that when we are praying for a sick baby, we must place our faith totally in God and trust that with his infinite power He hears us and helps us.

By having that unshakeable faith in God and understanding that his will is above all things, a supernatural peace will be achieved and our hearts will be flooded with the comfort that the Lord sends us, no matter what is happening around us.

Thus, we will thank the Holy Father for the good things that he brings us, but also for the not so good things that happen, which leads us to consider that everything happens for a reason that we cannot understand at the moment.

However, something tells us that God at some point will show why one is going through that sad situation, which makes one cling more to our Lord and Creator.

What is?

It is the one that we express to God when we find ourselves in difficult situations in which our health or that of a close family member is involved.

But we must not pray only when we are seriously ill. It can also be done when we feel tired, overwhelmed, exhausted, affected by some small but annoying pain in some part of your body, because our Holy Father is always available to us.

As long as we pray to God and ask with sincere devotion, He will answer our prayer for healing and give us a quick solution.

Hence, by entrusting God through a healing prayer and asking for the well-being of our children, we are placing their lives in his hands, and in his care.

In this specific case, we are referring to the prayer of faith for the healing of a baby, which is raised to the Holy Father, who is asked to lay his venerable hands on the little one so that he can give him the cure he deserves.

When this type of painful situation occurs, it is essential to place all our faith in God and fully trust that he will respond properly. He is the one to comfort parents and all affected relatives.

In addition, the Lord will give the protection, love and care required until the little one is healed, because without a doubt, there is no disease that He cannot cure. God has all the power to accomplish this by covering you with his healing mantle.

To make this type of prayer, we can be inspired by what Mark 9:23 tells us about the power of the one who believes.

In the Bible we find many quotes related to healing and healing, which can very well serve us in those moments of anguish. It is recommended to read them with great faith and devotion so that we can connect with the Lord and send him our prayers.

The prayer for a sick baby can be done regardless of the child’s age, whether it is near or far, or whether it is a common or deadly illness.

In these cases, the most important thing, as has already been said, is that it be done with great faith, repeatedly every day until the baby heals completely.

As parents, we want healthy children, that we can help them in their growth, in their studies, games, academic and professional achievements.

We want to be able to see them get married, that they prosper as good citizens, attached to the divine Christian laws and that they have descendants for our enjoyment.

For this reason, it is very sad and painful to see how little he has a health problem and suffers for it.

However, we must constantly pray, trust in the Lord, who is the one who will give us the necessary strength to cope with the sorrow of the moment and that, with his blessing, the baby will heal and will be the good man or woman that God wants us to be. May it be for your Adoration and Glory.

It is therefore essential to keep us in prayer and through a prayer explicitly dedicated to the Lord, it will be possible to restore the baby’s health and, thus, achieve what we so desire.

It is a battle that we must face, without losing faith that God can work a miracle in our baby.

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When to do it?

When it comes to health, there is no specific time or date to ask the Almighty for his intercession for a sick person. Therefore, it is most convenient to do it constantly and always with the same fervor and gratitude, as expressed in the 1st letter of Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Whether for a common illness or a serious illness, prayer can and should be done at any time and place. Above all, we should pray even more when we feel that our strength is failing us, that we are going to faint from despair, that we are going to fall into despair.

In those situations in which we feel the need to yearn for God’s support, his spiritual strength and his calm to continue, it is when we have to pray with greater confidence with the latent desire that we are going to see our loved one totally restored.

God is our doctor par excellence, because he attends emergencies when he is asked with devotion so that the body is healthy.

It is like a healing doctor who, without distinction of any kind, can heal everyone in the family and friends, when we ask him in heartfelt and fervent prayer, no matter where they are, or in what difficult circumstances they find themselves.

In summary, it is always a good opportunity to make a healing prayer, because the Lord is always ready for the requests we make and at our disposal if we require it.

Because it is necessary?

Normally, prayers are made to the Almighty God when it comes to health problems, so that He takes pity on our sick person and pour out all his blessings and achieve his speedy and full recovery.

It is necessary to pray in such a way as to entrust to the Heavenly Father, the healing of our sick loved one and by praying we are sending him our vitality and energy so that they align with God’s blessings.

The Holy Father is the divine intercessor who will replenish the strength required by the sick and helpless body of our family member. He, listening to our prayers for the restoration of health, will respond with due healing.

Here, then, is the need to pray with faith, on our knees, on behalf of the needy person, in such a way as to obtain the heavenly help of the Almighty.

Overcome the obstacles 

Sometimes when we pray to God, we are presented with obstacles that discourage us and make us lose hope. It is necessary to take into account certain aspects that block our fervor in prayer. Let’s see what those obstacles are:

  • When we pray asking for the healing of a person, we must raise our pleas based on the way the Lord will receive them, because we must remember that we must not look with our natural eyes, but with the spiritual ones from our heart, because it is how He understands and pleases the Glorious Father.
  • Even when the doctors give us, based on their analysis, their not very encouraging opinions, we must persist in the Word of God, which must prevail over that of the doctors.
    • Medical opinion is not ruled out, but it is in second place, and what the Word of God says will be above what we can see and hear.
  • Our human beliefs must be diminished and our faith in Christ strengthened, as well as the power of his strength in us.
  • Do not deny God, despite the difficult and painful circumstances you are going through.

In this regard, it is pertinent to recount here the story of Job, a biblical character, who, as we know, was a very rich rancher, with a comfortable, comfortable life. He had a happy family with a wife, 7 sons and 3 daughters, as well as numerous friends and servants.

It is said that he lived in “the land of Uz”, belonging to the kingdom of Edom, where he was well known for being a faithful devotee of the Lord and very pious with the needy people of the town.

The Old Testament Book of Job is where Job’s life is outlined.

It is related there that on one occasion Satan came before God to indicate that the love that Job had for him was only because of the blessings and privileges that the Lord Father had given him and not because he really loved him.

Therefore, to prove Job’s integrity, God the Father gave Satan the opportunity to corroborate what he says about Job through a test, in which Satan could touch all of Job’s assets, his family, his cattle, etc. but not his life.

Next, Satan began to stalk Job, causing him many misfortunes, such as diseases (scabies), the attack on his servants, the death of his cattle, loss of property, poverty, rejection of his wife and even the death of his children.

Mangy Job, in disgrace because of Satan

At the end of the test, Job proved that his fidelity to God was genuine and, despite everything he lost and suffered, he emerged triumphant, because God restored twice what he had lost, as well as his previous happiness, except life. of his first children, although he had others later.

The question we ask ourselves is that how was it possible that after everything he lost and happened to him, he has remained faithful to God, adoring him immensely. The answer is because of his unwavering faith in the Lord.

Well, in the same way, God the Father asks us to also trust as Job did, in that He will grant what is requested if we pray fervently, sincerely and constantly until we achieve the healing of the sick newborn baby.

It is required to be certain that everything that happens is for a reason and that the Will of God must be respected at all times, trusting in His mercy and in the miracle of healing that will be achieved for His Glory and Honor.

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