Youth prayers for night and day

Youth prayers for night and day

We all know that prayer is valuable for Christians, and this has become part of everyday life. The prayers for young people is not to distract them, but it is an ordinance of our Lord to propagate his relationship with God and for spiritual growth, this will help to lead the days with greater tranquility and wisdom.

The Catholic prayers dedicated to young people are of great importance, their inclusion allows them to drain and instruct themselves to speak from their hearts.

What is the purpose of prayer?

In a way, prayer is one of the most mysterious aspects of the Christian journey. There are times when young people wonder: if God really listens to his prayers, if prayers really have any results for our lives, what is permissible to pray about, how should one pray, and so on. So why do we do it? It is very simple to explain.

When we decide to pray we do not do it to convince God, much less to get what we want; the reason why we should pray is so that God’s will and his purposes are in our hearts. We pray primarily to God to guide us to put into practice his purposes (Matthew 6:10 says; Your kingdom come. Your will be done, as it is in heaven, so also on earth.).

Prayers for young Catholics

Today we find ourselves in a society that is difficult to deal with, and it is the youth who have had to deal the hardest with these things that little by little steal the peace of young people. The Catholic prayers for young people   that we will present to you are so that youth do not lose their essence, much less religion and love for God.

Prayers for young students

“Beloved Jesus, good and kind; obedient and always generous,

Since you were little you have preached the word of your father and you have been able to take it everywhere,

where your heart tells you; you who are the savior son of the Virgin Mary,

You have never reproached your father for anything and you have carried his love as your shield.

Today in my name and in the name of all the young people of the world,

I pray for myself and for them,

so that every place where a young person is today can glorify you

and that despite the problems of the world know how to distinguish what is good and what is not,

and you, who are always by everyone’s side, grant us your blessing.

Father, you are the guide of youth,

my youth, the one I live today and every day,

you are the greatest proof of true and pure love,

of warm and brotherly love, I know that your mercy is eternal and I decide to take refuge in you;

Lord you are good, kind, unique, loving,

you are the protector of all humanity and guide of all young people,

I trust and believe in your immense mercy and love,

Forever and ever,Amen.”

Prayer for my son the student

Father and Mother, focus through this prayer when you feel the need to pray for your son so that he does not drop out of school and achieve his goals.

“My Lord Jesus Christ,
listen with humility to this humble prayer
of a mother who loves her son with her heart;
Take care, I beg you, of my son,
always accompany him in this stage of his life;
intercede so that he can value the importance of studies
and aspire to be a good person who has big goals and dreams;
do not allow him to fall into bad friendships or see something tedious in studies;
that he does not follow bad examples;
fill your mind with optimistic ideas and never allow it to give up;
give him strength to overcome any obstacle
and lead him on the right path to be a good and profitable man.Amen.”

Prayer for high school students

Student of the plea to Christ so that your dreams of growing are always in his hands.

“My Blessed Christ
before you I come today to ask you this day
to protect (name person)
so that he continues with his secondary studies
and never gives up on his performance;
take care of him Blessed Christ, from bad temptations
that he does not lose focus or get lost,
in concupiscence or in vices;
make sure that he continues to be straight and studious
that he is respectful of his classmates and teachers
and that he always stays by your side and honors you with his performance. ” 

Prayer for the student before an exam

Student about to take an exam. Look to Christ for his blessings and success academically.

“Merciful Lord Jesus Christ
illuminate the soul and mind of (say name)
and bless him with your divine grace today
because he is about to take an exam
and I call on You, my Lord,
to intercede for him and give him peace of mind. and lucidity;
allow him to emerge victorious from his challenge
so that you can be aware of how wonderful and powerful you are
and continue on the path of your love and devotion
because your will is always done;Amen. ”

Short Christian prayers for young people

This prayer is especially for those moments of anguish, when young people feel lost and go through hard times:

 “Lord, I am here before you to ask your forgiveness if I have offended or failed you at any time,

if I have forgotten your love for me, forgive me;

Jesus, thank you because you are always with me to listen to each of my pleas and words;

At the same time, I ask your forgiveness because sometimes young people do not know how to value everything you give us,

I ask you for wisdom to understand your will.

Lord, I ask you so that today’s young people can follow your path,

so that tomorrow when we are adults we will be the best people,

Thank you sir for listening to me today,

help me to love you even more, to value you more and to love you moreAmen.”

Beautiful Prayer of a Teenager to God

Continuing with the prayers for young Catholics, we present a prayer entitled “Beautiful Prayer”:

“My father,

I ask you for the young people who are the hope of the whole world,

I do not ask you to remove corruption, but to remove them from it.

Holy Father,

do not let the young get carried away with evil and petty ideologies,

make them discover the most important thing in life: not to have more or power, but to serve more and love more.

Father, teach all the young men of my youth,

in which I grow, that the truth is good, liberates,

breaks chains, drives away injustice and makes men good.

Father, I wish that each of the young people have a big heart,

full of love, universal and speaks all languages,

that the color of the skin does not matter to him but the love.

Father, teach all the young people of this generation to be good,

kind, since they do not know the borders,

that they love their brothers as much as you love us,Amen.”

closing sentence

Prayer for all those young people who we want to see grow and improve in this generation:

“To you Lord, I address myself with all that I am,

what I live and what I bring to you, from my trust to the love I have for you;

Lord, for your son Jesus we are here today,

In search of your love and happiness, I know that with all your spirit you love us,

you encourage us, encourage us and teach us to walk the path of good;

Lord, make us all recognize your path and follow each of your steps,

make us good people, honest and full of love for giving,

to each one of our brothers, to each family, to each street child,

to each young person who lives a difficult moment, make us people in your image and likeness;

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,Amen.”

Young people require God but also their parents or an adult who accompanies them for strength and encouragement because it is we, the elders, who provide them with that source of wisdom as well as being the intermediary between them and God. Let’s pray for them.

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