Prayer for the Business to Give Good Dividends

Prayer for the Business to Give Good Dividends

The Prayer for Business is one of the prayers made by merchants or people who have businesses in order to have blessings and prosperity in their sales, in obtaining customers and more. In the following article we will know some of these prayers that will help us.

Prayer for Prosperity and Blessing of Business, Work, Sales

I ask you, my eternal God, to bless my business at all times so that it may prosper in everything it does, that each business, each sale that is made, be a blessing, that each client leaves happy with the purchase they make or for I ask you for the service rendered to him in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Morning Prayer for my Business to Prosper

Getting to raise a prayer every morning for the business to prosper is of great importance. This, whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, before starting the day it is ideal that you put your business before God so that He gives you the direction you need.

Remember that God tends to be the best partner in which you can put your work, so asking him in prayer to bless him will undoubtedly work for you.

So I invite you to make these prayers in order to obtain God’s blessing in business and give you the wisdom and intelligence necessary to be able to manage business correctly and adequately. The sentence goes as follows:

Lord my God and Heavenly Father, I come before you with great humility and with your eternal generosity to help merchants increase business sales and I ask you to bless and multiply both customers, cash flow, capital , the investments, the profits and that in the case of the investments they are good, for which you my lord know everything.

I ask you my God that on this day and also during every day you give us the strength, health and energy to be able to attend to the business, that all the clients leave truly satisfied and that they return to the premises again since we sell at a fair price and of quality.

My Father, Almighty and merciful God, I ask you to help me so that my business is strengthened and develops. That I can pay all the debts that I have and that I contract. Since I have enough faith in you and I know that with your help I will get ahead, so give me a large number of clients every day so that my business can prosper.

My lord I am grateful to you because without you I am nothing and I can do nothing. I ask you again to make my business prosperous in a great way and that everything invested be multiplied. I ask you my lord love, abundance, prosperity to be able to help my employees, by increasing sales they increase benefits to all of us who work.

I thank you because I know that you have heard my plea, my pleas and my prayers. I am a favored being and I am very grateful for your blessing, sales have multiplied. I praise you Lord for all the favors granted. Bless us today and always, thank you beloved father I trusted you. Amen.

Powerful Prayer for My Business to Prosper

This is a powerful and effective prayer that will help your business to be prosperous and in this way obtain the success that you long for.

Oh great and sublime God, heavenly Father, on this day I placed each of my plans in your hands, I trust that only your Lord has the power to prosper and bless me, that’s why I beg you to free me from all evil, protect me from the envious and of those people who wish ill for my business, I beg you that your power be manifested in my favor from now and forever.

Oh God, I beg you to give me power to get ahead, also fill me with strength to achieve each of the goals I want to achieve, give me the wisdom so that my business is prosperous and that economic income flows freely.

Lord, thank you for your infinite blessings, continue to guide my path to success, I know that your word teaches us that you are the owner of gold and silver, that’s why I ask you to enlighten my life and that it may be full of blessings, that my business is the best of all, I know that nothing is impossible for you, that’s why I ask you to give me the strategies to move forward, and that I may receive what I so desire.

I beg you, my God, that your protection be over my business at all times, fill me with health and free me from all harm, make each of my goals have the success I desire, and that I may receive well-being and divine protection, for That in your hands I place my desires, trusting that you are faithful and good to help me at all times. Amen

Prayer to Attract Customers Fast

There is an effective prayer that will help you attract customers quickly and effectively, the only requirement is to have faith, then how to perform this prayer.

Oh holy Father creator of heaven and earth, I ask you to listen to this sincere and pure prayer, take into account, Lord, each one of my pleas, be my prompt help and give me the answer that I long for, today I ask you, Lord, to attract a great number of people to my business, may my finances be blessed by your power.

I beg you that each of the clients who come buy the products that I have for sale and that they feel happy with their purchase, that they are completely satisfied with what they bought and that they come back, I also ask you, great sir, to increase the clientele and each of the income is multiplied in a special way, it is you who provides me with the success and prosperity that I so desire.

Lord you who are powerful and great in mercy, I beg you to listen to my cry, only you know all things, be my strength at all times, may your mercy reach me and may I receive economic prosperity in my income. Amen.

Prayer to Bless a Business

I recommend that you pray this prayer for the business so that it is blessed and protected from all evil that can be sent to it.

Lord, I only trust you, that’s why I approach before your presence to before your throne my business which I put in your hands, because better place should not be. I ask for your great blessing, so that my business is prosperous in all things and in this way I can achieve the projects that I have come to propose.

I ask God, that my business becomes solid and that as the same tree is well planted bearing fruit, I ask that my business bear fruit, because you know well that the effort I have made is honest, therefore, I ask you my God that you renew my strength day after day, and that you give me good health my lord. I ask you my lord to protect this business from any kind of adversity and allow us to attract good customers. Amen.

Sales Prayer

This is a small prayer that is made in order that we do very well with the sales we make. So this prayer for businesses can help them make sales go up and multiply. The sentence goes as follows:

Holy Father, I ask you to listen to my prayer because in you, oh my God, I have come to put my faith and also my hope, because I know that you are the best ally I have and because you are my strong arm. I need your great help my God because without you I am nothing and I can do nothing.

I thank you my God for everything you have given me. I ask my glorious Lord to bless all my sales so that I may be prosperous. May my portfolio of excellent clients grow day by day. I ask you to guide decisions in business and at work, so that my clients are truly satisfied at all times and can come to give good faith, of the good service provided by me.

In this way I also ask you to increase the quality of the products. Amen

These are a prayer to bless a business , which can be of great help in your life.

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