Novena to San Alejo to keep away what you don't want in your life

Novena to San Alejo to keep away what you don’t want in your life

Among the prayers that have been virilized today that are related to the saints, is the so-called ninth to San Alejo to remove what you do not want in your life. It has become very important for those who are devoted to it. Well, it contains a lot of power. This prayer has represented a lot of importance in times of stress in life.

Prayer to Saint Alexius

My dear San Alejo, you who have the power to remove what I do not want to find in my life. I ask you to grant me the desire to end all the bad that surrounds me that is related to (say the full name). That is why I bow to you with the request to remove (say the full name) San Alejo. May my path without this person be even more full of prosperity.

I ask that this toxic person leave my life in the same way he arrived. Don’t let us have to share things with each other. May we not meet under any circumstances.

San Alejo separate us under any kind of situation, you who are the saint of miracles. I beg you to grant each element of importance that my request has very soon and that I may thus have a much calmer life, full of prosperity and peace without this unwanted person.

I thank you because I know that you will attend to my call blessed Saint Alejo, as payment I swear to spread your miraculous attitude with your believers and in this way make yourself known to many more people, amen.

sentence 2

Glorious Saint Alejo, you who have the power to grant distance, allow me to have the miracle of removing everything bad that generates bad circumstances in my life. You are the one chosen by God to improve the lives of those who believe in you through the power to push away.

San Alejo keeps away the evil that surrounds me and doesn’t let me develop properly with being good. May my path be full of goodness, peace and a lot of harmony, in order to develop a calmer and more connected life with God, amen.


After making this prayer, it is recommended that you pray three Our Fathers, in addition to three Hail Marys and finally, three Glory Be, with great faith and gratitude. It is important that this entire procedure is carried out for nine days in a row. It should be clear that the days should not be interrupted under any measure. Well, if it happens, you will not achieve what you want.

What is a novena?

Many believers wonder what a novena is, this word comes from the Latin “novem” which is described in Spanish as nine. This means that this type of prayer stands out because the believers who perform it pray for nine days without any interruption.

This type of meditation allows you to ask the Lord, virgin, saints and angels, any type of request that is extremely special and important to fulfill in your life.

What is it for?

The novenas are prayers that focus on asking the saints to pray for us, in search of solving the difficulty that we are suffering as a person. The novena of San Alejo is performed so that the saint intercedes for his believers and keeps him away from all evil that afflicts him, and in turn grants him an environment with much more positive energies.

This type of novenas can ward off unwanted people, lovers and even black magic. Although the specific topics are these, they can be adapted to many topics that require distance in the life of the believer.

This type of prayer is considered a very ancient tradition that originated in the time when the apostles walked the earth spreading their love for Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Jesus instructed his followers to pray for his ascension to heaven, which allowed this prayer to be performed for nine days without a break. These nine days are directed by the faith that one has in the Celestial Father and Saint Alejo.

How should a novena be prayed to San Alejo?

What is needed is to pray daily putting all the faith from the heart. It is not required to always pray at the same time, we simply seek what is most comfortable for the believer.

After that, it is recommended to pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary, sometimes even more prayers are used, depending on what is being requested in the novena that is being performed.

It is important to keep in mind that the novenas are not magical spells, that is why when saying them they should not be related to this type of act. They are simply sentences that allow you to have a correct connection with San Alejo that ends with the desired results.

It is important to know that God is the one who controls the universe and that is why you should always keep in mind that our Lord is the one who goes hand in hand with the miracle that Saint Alejo accomplishes for us, because the Lord is love.

If you miss a day, you should skip it altogether and say two of the daily prayers in one day. In addition to this, one must always be one day behind all other prayers. (Be sure to read the article prayer for love with holy death )

Novena to San Alejo to keep away what you don’t want in your life

opening sentence

My dear Saint Alejo, you who were able to turn your back on wealth with the intention of living in humility and connection with our beloved Heavenly Father, you who lived in precarious conditions and still never stopped trusting the word of our Lord, grant this servant of the temple of God the search for our Father.

Grant me the wisdom required to understand what is the purpose that my Lord wants for my life. For I know that my path will be blessed through the correct development of my virtues.

You who have the power to connect with the Lord ask him to guide me in every important decision for my life, seeking to reach the kingdom of God at the time he requires my soul. Keep away from my life all that problem that afflicts me San Alejo, don’t allow me to have a bad life, that’s why I beg you to keep all the bad things away from me, amen.

First day

Beloved Saint Alejo, you who are a miraculous being, who managed to connect in life with the glory of our beloved Heavenly Father, I ask you to help me overcome my problems, because I know that you are the only one who can help me to keep them away.

I ask you to listen to the cries that afflict me, you who are connected with our Almighty Lord, I ask you for my soul and that my faith will always increase not decrease.

Do not allow the people who harm me, dear San Alejo, to remain in my life, that together with God these characters with bad intentions leave, that these people have no power in my family or in any area of ​​importance in my life, In the name of God and you Saint Alejo, amen.

Second day

San Alejo, you who are the saint of my devotion, in these moments I pray for myself and for the desire I have to fulfill a request of importance for my life. I beg you today San Alejo that (full name of the person) does not continue causing bad times to my house, family and myself.

I implore you Saint Alejo to intercede for me before our Heavenly Father, so that this ill-intentioned person disappears from my life. May the Lord bless every step I take on the path he has for me. (He knows more about where God is )

Allow my wish to be fulfilled, that I commit to having a life of submission, because you are the perfect example of humility and love for God. I submit to you and to the will of Heavenly Father, amen.

Third day

Glorious Saint Alejo, you who are famous for giving love and surrendering yourself with devotion to the will of God, you who gave your life to the goodness indicated by the word of the Lord, intercede for me with your enormous compassion.

Today I humbly come to ask you, because I am a great believer that you can help me, because I know that you will have the power to intercede before our Lord, with the aim that they understand what my enormous concern is.

I ask for your collaboration because I have big problems with people who have negative charges and can ruin my life if they continue to be part of my environment. I beg you San Alejo intercede for me, he makes my life improve.

That these negative beings stop interacting with my family and myself. I ask you to have a calmer and happier life with my loved ones, without any type of being that generates bad wishes in my life, in your name San Alejo, amen.

Fourth day

Saint Alejo, you are the reflection that the Lord gave us to understand the dominion and power that our dear Heavenly Father has in our lives. Well, thanks to that, you managed to perform miracles in life, since you opened your heart to the Lord and took care of helping everyone who was poor.

I ask you Saint Alejo, look at me because I am just a poor servant of God, I beg you to put an end to every element that torments my existence and allow my life to generate in my goodness and with it I can help to put an end to any negative element that can end my life. a quiet life.

Allow that, like you, this brings love and commitment to God, that no type of problem related to people who want to do bad in my life can make a dent in my being.

Today I ask again that you remove from my life with God all those who wish evil for me and mine. May all negative beings move away from my loved ones. Allow San Alejo to have a happy life, away from any kind of being full of many bad energies, amen.

Fifth day

Saint Alejo, you who are a faithful, humble and devoted saint to our dear Heavenly Father. I ask you to show me your mercy Saint Alejo, I know that you are the only one who can alleviate my moments of anguish.

I ask you Saint Alejo, listen to my cries and in this way intercede with our Savior Jesus Christ, so that in this way my steps are guided and in turn blessed with his merciful power.

I implore your power San Alejo so that you keep away from my path all those characters who want my life to be full of difficulties. May no more toxic people appear in my life, capable of stunting my happiness. Do not let them know about my life and my future projects, in your name and that of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sixth day

Saint Alejo you who are a being of great importance and you are a saved person who possesses the power to perform miracles in the lives of the faithful. I ask you to have the kindness to intercede with God for my life.

I implore my problems to be miraculously solved as only you know how to do. I ask you with humility and kneeling before you to fulfill this request that is so important to me. (Be sure to learn more about  faith in God )

That people with bad intentions (say the full name of the people) please remove him from my life, my family and also my home. I implore my life to be much better and full of better energies, in the name of Saint Alejo and my Heavenly Father, amen.

Seventh day

Glorious and kind Saint Alejo, you who have great compassion and wisdom, allow my life to improve and all evil beings to move away from me. Today I ask you that my requests do not get empty spaces. That in these moments with great anxiety in my life you manage to relieve me.

I implore you to give me the grace to receive your favors my dear Saint Alejo, I implore you to help me and intercede for me before the Lord so that I can ward off (say the full names of the people) because they are toxic people in my life. Keep your bad energies away from me and my family, so be it my dear San Alejo, amen.

Eighth day

Saint Alejo, you who are a saint that God commissioned to help everyone who is in danger, I ask you to help me achieve the miracle of keeping people who represent evil away from the path written by the Lord for me.

I implore you not to reject my request and in this way kindly intercede in my life, to obtain what I want without any problem. Today I seek in this novena an improvement in my life.

Saint Alejo, may you, together with our Heavenly Father, have the kindness to help me get rid of (mention the full names of the people) because they are people with great evil and, in turn, bad intentions in my person.

I implore you to be close to me at all times and give me a lot of happiness as a person and my family, so be it my dear Saint Alejo, together with our Savior Jesus Christ, amen.

ninth day

San Alejo you who are the saint of my devotion, you who are the one who can with all adversity that afflicts me because you are one of the most precious and important saints of our church.

I ask that with your wisdom and also with your compassion you allow me to be guided by the Lord to fulfill the destiny that was assigned to me at birth. Let the Lord bless me with his great mercy.

Give me the strength and courage to face with great wisdom all the problems that afflict me and in this way remove them from my life in the most prosperous and peaceful way that can exist for me. I surrender to your will and that of the Lord.

Intercede for me so that my worries cease to be part of my existence. I implore you to grant my request San Alejo I ask you to keep me away from any evil act caused by (mention the full name of the person) because they are people who do not do me any good.

I ask you to give me love and happiness, that the evil one who is living inside those who want to end my tranquility, disappear because my faith and love for the Lord know how to fight correctly, keep evil away San Alejo, amen.

Novena to ward off bad neighbors

It is important to mention that before the prayer that is made to San Alejo, with the aim of warding off those neighbors who are considered undesirable in our lives. It is recommended to pray this prayer every day and then end with a prayer of the Our Father as the Hail Mary.

My dear San Alejo allows my wishes to be fulfilled. I beg you to intercede before my Father and the Savior Jesus Christ to forgive every wrong act I have committed. Accept that I open my soul to give myself to the Lord in the same way that you, Saint Alejo, gave yourself in life to the word of the Creator.

I promise never to sin again, I beg you to grant me the desire to drive away that neighbor who does not have good intentions. In return I offer you my life to your works and kind works full of good deeds that free my soul from sins.

I San Alejo recognize your kindness and mercy, that is why I bow before you in search of improving the conditions that allow me to get away from those neighbors with bad energies, I trust in your kindness San Alejo, amen.

First day

It is recommended that after performing the initial prayer, the first prayer of the day should be performed. After doing it, it is necessary that with great faith you proceed to pray three creeds and three salves.

Glorious Saint Alejo, you who gave your life to our Lord, allow my great obedience in the word of God to generate wisdom in my life and eliminate all bad energy around me that tries to end my peace of mind, as is the case with bad neighbors. .

Allow me to have your virtues, fill my life with kindness and positive elements, I implore you to soon move away from my life those negative beings, so be it my dear San Alejo, amen.

Second day

For the second day you need to make another prayer that is related to San Alejo. This must be done with great faith and in turn the process of the second day must be completed with the creed, save her and also the Hail Mary.

My dear San Alejo, you who in life were virtuous and obedient to the word of the Lord. Today I come with this novena to implore your divine glory to keep me away from those neighbors who do not have positive charges for my family and for myself.

I implore you to intercede for me, before our Father the Creator, allow me to be granted favors that allow me to have a good guide that allows me to develop my path in the correct way.

May the salvation of my soul be conceived, allows me to overcome all the problems brought to me by those who do not wish the good of my family and myself, protect my life from all evil, so be it San Alejo, amen.

Third day

This prayer should be performed just on the third day that you are performing the novena. After the request, it is recommended to pray the Creed and also the Hail, all with the aim of improving communication between you and the Creator, Saint Alejo.

My glorious Saint Alejo, you are the one who demonstrates what God professes as a Good Samaritan, it is you who had divine inspiration in life, which allowed you to have a true communication with the Lord, intercede for me and protect my soul by moving me away from evil .

May you find reach the divinity that God grants to his most faithful children. Allow me to begin to develop your virtues through a positive environment, where the bad energies of my neighbors are rejected.

I beg you to grant me patience and humility that allows me to praise the Creator and you, Saint Alejo. That through you I have the favors I wish for my life. Today I ask you with faith, because I know that you will help me solve my afflictions, so be it, amen.

Fourth day

It is recommended that on the fourth day of the novena you use a picture or figure of San Alejo. In addition to this, it is necessary that you pray with great faith in front of this representation of the saint.

At the end of the prayer, it is recommended that the request be made as sincerely as possible with great faith. Accompanied by an Our Father, a Salve and also the Hail Mary, this is the best way to end.

Saint Alejo, you who possess glory, allow my sorrows to be condoled. May every memory of suffering be disappeared from my life at the moment in which I begin with obedience to the word of the Creator Father.

Allow me to have the nobility and kindness required so that all my requests are fulfilled, because I need the wisdom to ask them intelligently, without harming anyone.

Keep me through your intercession to God from all evil. I implore you to allow me to get away from ill-intentioned people, as is the case with my neighbors, do not allow them to cause me any bad time, give me the strength to move forward, so be it, amen.

Fifth day

It is extremely important that when praying to San Alejo you do it with a lot of faith, in addition to that, it is necessary that you explain in detail the request that you want to make. At the end of it, it is recommended to pray a Hail Mary and also a Gloria.

My glorious Saint Alejo, I ask for mercy and protection. I ask you because I know of your goodness. Forgive every moment in which I move away from the virtues that the Creator Father grants us in search of having a better relationship with him and his word.

I ask you, remove from my life those neighbors who have bad intentions because they feel envy, terrible feeling and judged by the Lord. I beg you to intercede on my behalf before the Lord at the time of my final judgment, in the glory of God Saint Alejo, amen.

Sixth day

The last three days in which you are performing the novena to San Alejo, which aims to ward off ill-intentioned neighbors. It is recommended that you light a candle next to the figure or stamp of San Alejo. In addition to this, it is recommended to pray with great faith when making the request. To conclude, pray the Our Father and Hail Mary.

My glorious Saint Alejo, in you I trust my eyes that are hurt by so much crying, I ask you to give me the strength to move forward through kindness and faith in our beloved Heavenly Father. (Do not stop knowing how to maintain a communion with God )

Allow my request to be fulfilled, keep away those bad neighbors who intend to end the beautiful life that God gave me. I want to be a servant of God, who commits himself in the same way that you did, give me the grace of your virtues, so be it, amen.

Seventh day

It is recommended that this day a candle be lit and a picture or figure of San Alejo is placed in front of it, in order to pray and ask for your request with great faith that God and San Alejo will fulfill your wish.

That the request is very clear and concrete and that faith is the door to its success, to culminate it is recommended that you pray the creed and also the salve.

On this seventh day, my glorious and blessed Saint Alejo, allow me to keep in mind the joys that God gave you in life. Allow me to become a servant of the Lord and of your unrestricted presence. Make my faith develop virtues related to wisdom, kindness and humility

May my doors open to improving the connection with the Lord, may I skillfully fulfill the word of God. Let the prayers performed be well received in the kingdom of our Creator. (See: New Testament )

Grant the joy of seeing my wish materialized. I beg you that those neighbors with bad energies for my life, disappear from my existence, give my life good moments, because I have faith in your mercy. Forgive all evil caused in life, so be it, amen.

Eighth day

On the eighth day of the novena, it is recommended that the candle that is lit before the prayer is lit a little more. With the objective that the request is specified correctly. After performing the entire prayer, it is recommended to end with the prayer of a Hail Mary and also a Hail.

My mighty glorious Saint Alejo. On this day I ask for every element that can cause sadness in my life. Do not allow these bad energy moments to affect my relationships and affection for others.

Lets learn to understand the judgment that the Lord has on us, his children. May heaven give me the inspiration of your grace and may I assume with great faith the destiny that our Creator has for me.

I beg you to keep those ill-intentioned neighbors away from my family and also from myself. May my soul be purified by faith and love in the Lord and my body open to the will of the Lord, so be it, amen.

ninth day

On the last day it is necessary to light the candle from early hours. Later, the prayer must be made and the reason for it must be specified through your request. After finishing with this, you should pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and last but not least a Glory Be.

My glorious San Alejo, on this last day of this novena. I reflect on all the moments of sorrow and relief that you had to live on this plane. I also implore the clarity that God gave you in life and the development of that great and beautiful goodness. Like that humility so good for those who needed it.

Allow you with your mercy and love for others, do not enter the darkness, always allow my life to be surrounded by positive energies that they manage to obtain from my humility and kindness just as you grant it. (Learn more about prayer for the brothers )

You are the witness of many truths and the lover of the word of God that is needed to cover humanity with the teachings of the Heavenly Father. You who are a holy prodigy, grant me the miracle of keeping ill-intentioned neighbors away. That they want chaos from my life and that of my relatives.

Today I declare myself devoted to you my dear San Alejo. Well, I know that you are a heroic saint full of beautiful virtues, you who were blessed by the merciful and powerful hand of the Lord, so be it, amen.

Novena to drive away a person

When you want to get rid of a person who causes damage in your life, where you have tried to carry out various means for that person to move away naturally. No need to use any spiritual means but this has not worked. It is recommended that you use a novena of San Alejo, where you specify each day that you want to keep that toxic person away.

San Alejo is a kind and humble saint who will be able to help you with his power to ward off that toxic being that does not give you anything good in the development of your spiritual life and connection with the Lord.

To start with a Novena to San Alejo, it is recommended to start with the prayer in which the request is made and then end with a prayer. These types of prayers can be performed both day and night. Before sleeping or when waking up.

You should seek to connect with San Alejo and have a lot of faith in his achievements. This is the best way to achieve a favorable result for the request you are making in your prayer.

This type of novena works to ward off toxic people who do not do good for your environment on a spiritual level. It is necessary that no kind of evil be wished on these people despite their wickedness. Well, the law of God does not indicate that. However, it is positive and recommended that you remove it from your life.

It is always good to maintain humility and kindness in your life, it is in this way that both Saint Alejo and the Lord will listen to you. This prayer should be prayed for nine days, after which pray the Our Father, Hail Mary and also the Glory.


My dear San Alejo, glorious and blessed, you who are the worthy example of love towards your neighbor. That you were faithful all your life to the word dictated by our beloved Father the Creator. You who gave and served humanity without expecting anything in return. I come before you with devotion and humility.

I am devoted to your goodness and humility, because thanks to that you won the love of God and your title of holiness. My blessed and glorious Saint Alejo, these nine days I bow to you because I know that you are the only one with the power to help me. I beg you to remove the undesirable person who wants to put my life in chaos.

This person misbehaves with me and has caused me a lot of pain. He allows him to walk away from me without any problem in return, it is through this that I can continue to grow spiritually.

Second part

San Alejo, keep (say the full name of the person) away from me so that I can obtain the peace I need to develop and evolve as a person. My dear San Alejo, glorious and blessed, I ask you to teach me a little about love. That you gave your neighbor in life and allow me not to hold a grudge against this evil person in my life.

Allow me to learn to tolerate people and in the same way I can safely distance myself from those with undesirable behavior towards me. My glorious and blessed Saint Alejo, you who are at the right hand of God. He intercedes for me in his eyes and forgives all my sins.

I implore you to teach me to be an honorable person and thus be blessed by the Lord. Let my life be happier and full of grace. I thank you San Alejo for your unconditional support, because I know you are listening to my prayer, so be it, amen.

Novena to separate two people

This type of prayer should be performed for nine days, without any interruption. It can be both when waking up and before going to sleep. To end the prayer, pray an Our Father and also a Hail Mary. It is necessary to have a lot of faith in San Alejo for this request to work correctly.

Blessed and glorious Saint Alejo, you who are the saint with the power to keep unwanted people away from people’s lives. You who are able to remove from your believers all the negative aspects that surround you.

I beg you to remove (say the full name of the person), please San Alejo. Keep it out of my way, so that in this way it develops and evolves as I know that God has it written for it.

That (say the full name of the person) not do more harm to (say the full name of the person). I beg you San Alejo to disappear from his life (say the full name of the person) just as he entered his life.

Second part

I implore this negative being to get out of the life of (say the person’s full name). That they do not have the possibility of sharing anything in common. Do not allow them to be together, eat together, sit together, live together or sleep together.

Don’t let him feel rejected, disgusted or disgusted, just walk away from him. San Alejo blessed separates (say the full name of the person) from (say the full name of the person) definitive.

You who are a miraculous saint Saint Alejo. I implore you to grant my wish very soon, as it is necessary for (say the person’s full name) to return to his family soon. I thank you because I know you will attend to me and I promise to spread your teachings.

May (say the full name of the person) reappear in the life of my family and situations as unpleasant and painful as this case do not arise again. I implore you Blessed Alejo, so be it, amen.

Novena to ward off enemies

This prayer must be performed for nine days without any interruption. It must be day or night, the really important thing is that it is done with faith. In addition to this, it is recommended to use a stamp or figure of San Alejo. At the end of the request pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Gloria.

My glorious and blessed Saint Alejo, you who are a very adventurous saint. You who were a faithful and pious believer in the word of the merciful Lord. Do me the favor of staying away from those who are my enemies.

You are the blessed saint who has the mission of warding off all the evil that surrounds the children of the Heavenly Father. I beg you to be invisible to those who consider themselves my enemies. Keep away from me every act propitiated by Satan.

Take me away from the one who considers himself my enemy. Do not allow treacherous, lying and harmful people to surround me. May those who sow tares in my life disappear. Do not allow any kind of evil magic, sorcery or spell to affect me.

I beg you not to allow anyone to bind me, bewitch me or harm my life through negative energies imposed by the evil one. Free me from any improper act, from gossip and gossip. Don’t let anyone who wants to see me sunk come near me.

Keep me away from any act that represents envy and the evil eye. Do not allow him to be close to jealousy or grudges that lead to betrayal. Hide me from those who want to cause my downfall.

Blessed Saint Alejo, you who are the man of God. Bring my soul closer to the Lord, so that his goodness and mercy may bless my soul, so be it, amen.

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