Jesús Malverde and his prayer for money

Jesús Malverde and his prayer for money

The prayer to Jesus Malverde for money is one of the most powerful and requested prayers to this saint. If you want to know all the prayers that you can pray to get a job, prosperity or improve your current economic situation, then continue reading this article.

Prayer to Jesus Malverde for money

Before explaining the prayer to Jesús Malverde for money, we believe it is important that you know a little about Jesús Malverde, who he was and his favors.

Jesús Malverde is venerated by many people, although the Catholic Church does not officially recognize him as a Saint and expresses that he does not have what they consider a “virtuous life”, however, the cult of him has spread not only throughout Sinaloa but also outside of it.

Many people have built chapels in Culiacán, Tijuana, Colombia, Los Angeles, among others, with the intention of being able to pray to Jesús Malverde for the money and other favors they wish to ask him for, as we have mentioned, he can also help us with labor issues and loving.

He is known as the “Generous Bandit”, others also call him “The Patron Saint of Narcos” or “the angel of the poor”, in other words, Jesús Malverde is considered a kind of “Robin Hood”.

His pseudonym “Malverde” originates from his nature, he was a thief, a robber of the roads (evil green) and his multiple robberies among the green thickness of the forests, with the sole purpose of giving desire to the poor, so who earned this nickname.

Malverde dedicated his life to stealing from the poor, to help the helpless and unprotected (the poor). It is affirmed that the death by hunger of his parents and victims of abuse by landowners was what motivated him to act in this way in his adulthood.

After Jesús Malverde passed away in 1909, many thugs, bandits and gangsters prayed to Jesús Malverde for money and began to attribute “favors granted” to him, which is why he began to gain popularity among ordinary people as well. .

The death of Jesús Malverde is not very clear, some say that he was caught by the police and executed, others say that a colleague betrayed him in order to collect the money offered by the government for his capture. Another version is that he received a bullet in a confrontation with the law and that it caused gangrene.

Malverde’s protection is also attributed by many drug traffickers or immigrants who want to cross the border and by praying to Jesus Malverde for the money they automatically feel safe and protected.

Also, he is considered the patron saint of lost causes and the guardian of the poor when they are judged. Now, after knowing a little about its history, we will proceed to share the different prayers and their meaning.

To ask you for a financial favor

Powerful Jesús Malverde, at your feet I surrender with my greatest humility, faith and love towards you. I ask you, merciful and generous Malverde, to help me with this misery that seems to have no end. Please grant me the favor I ask of you.

Help me oh, Malverde, to you who always grant us victory, I beg you, to support me in this difficult moment for me, so that I can provide my family with sustenance and daily bread. You know perfectly well that I am a hardworking and honest man / woman, therefore, do not abandon me.

I am completely and completely desperate, but I know that you are compassionate, kind, generous and do not abandon the poor and helpless.

I will not stop begging you for your help because I know that you always listen attentively to my pleas and I declare myself your servant. Guide me and help me, I ask you.

I make this prayer to Jesús Malverde for money with all the faith of my heart and with all my devotion for and towards you. I ask you to give me comfort, strength and wisdom to face this situation in the best way and emerge victorious from it.

My plain and despair are sincere, so bless me and help me. Help me right now and have mercy on me because my intentions are good. Be my light and my hope among so much darkness and despair, in the midst of so much anguish and suffering of my body and heart.

Your charity and generosity have no limits, as well as my faith and devotion towards you. Take away all sadness, anguish and suffering from my life and grant me peace, joy and good fortune. I need peace in my soul, I can no longer with this torment that makes me suffer every day, I feel that I live in an eternal hell.

I thank you, and here I am once again, reciting your prayer to Jesús Malverde for the money and I have no doubt that you will grant me the favor, for that, I thank you, powerful and kind Jesús Malverde.

petition for prosperity

Powerful soul, I make this prayer to Jesús Malverde for money with all my faith and all my devotion, because I know that you always listen to the poor and helpless and to those who ask for your support. I beg you to help me with this request that I make to you.

When despair seems to wrap us up, turning to you and your help is the only thing that can offer us peace and comfort. You are great, generous and you always support and gave your life to favor the most helpless and even after your death you continue to do so and I thank you for it.

I am aware of what you have done for others, of your generosity, therefore, I ask you for my prosperity, that you remove from me all energy that is preventing money, abundance and prosperity from reaching me and flowing naturally.

Protector of the badly marked, of the rejected, of the poor and the humble, I beg you to listen to my request, that even in the midst of this great pain, anguish and fatigue I have managed to find the strength to ask for your help.

To you, who did justice for the poor in your own way, I beg you not to abandon me in these moments of uncertainty, hunger, despair and pain. Take pity on me and my family and help me change my fortune.

You and only you Jesús Malverde, can give me the sustenance I need at this moment, oh saint, I surrender to you and I cry out to you. And I thank you for the favors received, here express your request from your heart.

Recommendations for praying to Jesús Malverde

There are some recommendations that we can follow to achieve that state of peace that we need and connect better then in our prayer to Jesús Malverde for money , love, or whatever we want to ask him for at the moment.

  1. In every home we can always find (or set) a place that is sacred, quiet and breathes peace. Accompany it with a figure or image of Jesús Malverde.
  2. Light a green candle  and let it burn completely. This will serve as an offering and thanks.
  3. When praying the prayer to Jesús Malverde for money  (or any other request you want) remember to do it with devotion, great faith and with the conviction that your request will be heard and Jesús Malverde will respond positively to it.
  4. Jesús Malverde will always fulfill your wishes, so every time you finish a sentence, thank him.
  5. It is important that the prayer to Jesús Malverde for money (or any other request you wish) be made in peace and solitude. Allow yourself a one-to-one connection with this kind and generous soul.
  6. Set a specific time to make your prayer to Jesus Malverde for money (or any other request you want). A fairly good time (and recommended for this) is in the morning.
  7. Perform your prayers for 7 consecutive days (minimum).
  8. Your request will be materialized as long as you make this prayer with faith and devotion, this point is extremely fundamental.
  9. Jesús Malverde always values ​​our prayer. What does this mean? That depending on the strength, faith and devotion of prayer he will attend to our plea. It is not praying for praying, it is doing it with genuine faith.
  10. When you make any prayer to Malverde keep your mind blank and connect with him, with your desire.

Prayer to Jesus Malverde

Jesús Malverde, oh, powerful and merciful, kind and generous soul, grant me the joy of being heard in the midst of my despair. Take pity on me and help me with nobility, humility and blessings. Today, more than ever I need you, your blessings and favors. Hear my pleas.

Prayer to Jesús Malverde to get a job

Santo Malverde, grant me that job that I need so much, or just to get money and be able to support my family, but also to improve myself and provide service to others. To you, I surrender overwhelmed and request your protection.

Prayer to Jesús Malverde to ask him for a favor

Oh, powerful soul, I surrender to you, my great lord, so that you can ease my pain and offer me your protection. To you, who are so close to the Father, help us in the midst of so many difficulties and listen to this humble devotee.

I know that I am a sinner, but please, I beg you because my soul overflows with joy and my life is good and happy. Immediately, we make our request, three (3) Hail Marys and three (3) Our Father.

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