For him to think of me and dream of me, an effective prayer

For him to think of me and dream of me, an effective prayer

Love is definitely a feeling that can lead us to commit any act, as long as we wrap ourselves in its wonderful pleasures, even if it is not fully reciprocated. In this article, you will be able to find everything you need about an effective prayer so that he thinks of me and dreams of me , since the angels can intercede so that our loved one goes out of his way for one, do not stop reading it.

Prayer to think of me and dream of me

Every prayer for him to think of me and dream of me must be made with good intentions, with eyes of love and light, but mainly with enough faith and the conviction that it will have the desired effects; In this sense, we must begin by invoking the powers of love and of the first dimension, where the essence of light became light to blow trumpets of love within the heart of the loved one.

All the beauty of the angels and the powers of attraction, seduction and love will be with the person who performs the prayer, so that the person who loves himself so much (his name must be mentioned) cannot resist such power and strength. In this order of ideas, the light of the angels will be extremely strong and they will no longer be able to be away any longer.

The angels will bring your name to your ears, and will take your spirit and heart with great sweetness to leave you loving, friendly and willing to be in the presence of those who truly love you. Making him (mention his full name), think of you (mention your full name), at all times as if by magic.

Everything is thanks to the power of the angels, who will announce your name and from then on it will be your image and presence that will take over their thoughts, as real as the Sun, the moon and the stars. So is the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food that sustains us. There will be no rest for the loved one, from your arms and your lips while they are away, because there will be no more pleasure than feeling that life is not funny if they are distant.

What you want to achieve with this prayer is that the loved one will have no meaning if he is not with his girlfriend, he will beg for her presence and cry every time he is absent. Thus, he will feel thirsty for her and hungry for her to be by her side, because he will feel the sweet pain of love and passion that will penetrate her most intimate feelings, to drive him crazy with love. From this very moment, that person (mention his name), will feel a feeling as strong as the fury of a Lion, and his desire will increase like the force of thunder.

These inexplicable and powerful emotions will remain in him, who will shout to the world all his love and the firm conviction that he always wants her by his side. With each passing day the desire for her will increase markedly, and then he will yearn for her presence and the warmth of her body. He makes no sense to fight when her hearts already belong to each other, because fate wants them both to be together, pleasing and rejoicing each other. Let us remember that the power of love is stronger than any resistance, and sooner or later it will give in to the angels.

Finally it is declared, sweet love (mention the name of the loved one), that this is how it is going to be and this is already done, maintained and consummated by the guardian angels, since by the forces of true love, all the cosmic energy goes to provide infinite and lasting happiness. As long as it is special for both of them, they will be happy because that is how destiny has wanted it.

an effective prayer

All people when they are in love, are capable of doing anything as long as their ideal person can reciprocate, and thus live together a beautiful love story. Among those things that lovers do, is resorting to supernatural or mystical means, in order to unite the forces of the universe so that their designs are fulfilled.

There are a large number of prayers, prayers and prayers, which are believed to have the power to wake up the loved one, so that they realize and search for true love within their being.

It should be noted that these prayers must be based on true love, without bad intentions, because if so, the results will be contrary to what is wanted. If they are based on good intentions, faith and pure love, the angels will surely listen and intercede so that love knocks at your door. You have to remember that if destiny wants two people to be together, sooner or later they will achieve it, and the universe will conspire in favor of this cause, you just have to be patient and strong.

Prayer to the Archangel Saint Michael

A prayer for him to think of me and dream of me, which is believed to be very effective, is the one entrusted to Saint Michael the Archangel. It is believed that this character can help you dominate that loved one forever, since with its powerful blue ray it can make him or her stay with you, and that his or her thoughts are directed at you at all times of the day and night. the night. It should be noted that the most important thing is to have enough faith and count on the power of it. The prayer for him to think of me and dream of me, which is made to Saint Michael the Archangel, is as follows:

In the first place, the name of the powerful Archangel Saint Michael must be invoked, who is the prince of heaven and darkness, as well as warrior of all the angels and archangels that inhabit the heavens; you have to approach him with faith to place your heart in his hands and ask him for a precious favor. At that moment, express directly what you want: to be in the mind of the loved one (mention their name), to have the happiness of being able to remain in their memories and be the solution to each of their problems, as well as being the unique or unique able to heal their wounds.

On the other hand, we must allude to the fact that Saint Michael the Archangel knows what love is, since he fought to save Jesus, and he takes care of us, protects us, fills us with love and can help us achieve the wishes of our heart; Thus, we must ask him, through his infinite mercy, to help and intercede for us in order to quench that thirst for love and desire, because only he can achieve it.

Later, he is asked to please create ties between the person who performs the prayer and his lover, ties that are big like the Sun and strong like storms, as well as abundant like stars and beautiful like rainbows, that said ties be reflected in a true love that at the same time is strong and lasting, so that you keep it in your thoughts at all times.

Mention should also be made of the desire that such ties be loyal, particular and exclusive, that is, that the loved one only loves the one who is praying so that they think of me and dream of me, and only think of that person every hour, his main memory and his only love. The Archangel Saint Michael is the lord of the blue light, and in that prayer he is asked to listen to the prayers of a desperate lover, who from the depths of her heart wants a sincere, pure and good love, to make him happy and dedicate each of his days.

The love that you want to reach with this prayer wants to make you understand that it is a unique and wonderful feeling, and that there is no one else that can fill you with so much happiness, you want to touch your heart and stay there for a long time; For this reason, San Miguel is the only intermediary who can go to the side of that person so widely loved, and whisper the purest feelings of the one he wants to share with her the rest of his days, for life.

Prayer that you think of me now

There is another widely used prayer for the loved one to think of you at this moment, that is, right now, that if it is done with enough faith, it will give fruitful results. This is a powerful prayer for you to think of me and dream of me right now, and every moment from now on, here we show it to you.

In the first place, mention the name of the person for whom the prayer is being made, that is, the loved one, and indicate out loud that all the devotion is directed towards him or her, who is loved with all the heart. heart because it is the living representation of love, of the whole life, the ideal person.

It should be mentioned that you love him with your heart and with your life, every second and every moment, and pray that he think of you with as much devotion as the one given to him, since it is an invocation so that the person who makes the prayer comes to your thoughts immediately.

This prayer so that he thinks of me and dreams of me at this moment is made by invoking the souls of purgatory, and they are asked that the loved one cannot get us out of his mind, we must mention his name, so that he always thinks of us and his mind has no rest from our memory; In addition, it should be noted that we want him to want us by his side every time he breathes, that he loves us more every day and so be it for life.

The good thing about making these prayers is that we can adjust them to our requirements and needs, so that the desires of our hearts can be expressed, such as being with the loved one and that they also want to be with one, that during the day just want to be accompanied by our presence and feel impregnated with our love.

And that during the night he dreams of one; For this, these souls are invoked so that they can enter their mind, and intercede so that the person who makes the prayer lives there and does not leave at any time, and that they be the only one capable of remaining eternally in their thoughts and , therefore, in his life, no one else.

In this prayer, the person who performs it asks with faith that all the goodness and love of the loved one be granted to him, that he loves him exclusively, misses him every time he is not there and needs him madly, that he loves him until I could not do more and always want to have her close, to look for her, to call her, to visit her and just want to know about her, because she is the person you love with all your heart and with all your strength.

Then it is time to thank the souls in advance for listening attentively to the petitions, and they are promised that love will forever be granted to that loved one, and thoughts will be directed to him and no one else, for so your heart and your love will be safe.

It is also promised that the loved one will not cry or suffer again once his love is delivered, his heart will be safe and he will always find the necessary answers to solve his problems and concerns, because you will love him with all the strength of the heart.

We must ask aloud, mentioning the name of the loved one, to look for us, to look for us at this moment and continue giving him an order and naming him as many times as necessary, so that he looks for us desperately and his soul does not be calm until you find her, for this the souls in purgatory are asked to whisper in her ear so that she undertakes that search for love, which will be unique and unconditional.

Thus, we want the loved one to look for us and find us in everything that their eyes can reach: the Sun, the Moon and the night; to direct us all your thoughts, desires, desires, to be touched and in the morning look for us to be able to offer you the warmth and warmth of sincere and lasting hugs.

Finally, the praise to the souls of purgatory is reiterated, to help us in our desperation of wanting only for ourselves the person we love so much, because we sincerely desire, yearn for and miss. We ask you again to look for us with total exclusivity and direct us each and every one of your thoughts, as well as all your concentration, desires and devotion, that in your mind there is no room for anyone else and so be it for a long time, amen.

Prayer for him to think of me and look for me madly

As everything that is related to love is something that is born from the depths of hearts, it is not something that can be forced or demanded, because everyone is different and has different tastes; however, there are certain things that can be done and implore the angels, the saints, the souls to intercede and help us plant the seed of love even in the most reluctant heart.

As long as you have enough faith and implore with all your heart and sincerity of soul, you can make an effective prayer so that you think of me and dream of me, and these supernatural beings listen to your requests and will make your loved one think seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. In the same way, if you believe from the depths of your heart, you can achieve it, because there will be no day or night when your loved one thinks of you madly, and only wants to be by your side.

It is necessary to vehemently believe and have absolute faith in these prayers, in their effectiveness because they are powerful, strong, beautiful and will attract the loved one as soon as possible. It should be noted that it is very necessary to pray with good intentions, without wanting to harm anyone because the angels listen and if you have bad wishes, everything can be reversed and the consequences would be unfortunate and dark.

Below you can learn an interesting prayer for him to think of me and dream of me madly and desperately look for us, which will surely have effects quickly and effectively.

Prayer to Saint Cyprian

The first thing that should be done at the moment of making this prayer so that he thinks of me and dreams of me and looks for me desperately, is to mention the name of San Cipriano three times followed by ours, and it is said directly that today we come before him very afflicted or afflicted, since the person who loves us does not think enough of us. In this sense, we seek and implore his help, help that only he can provide us since we want to get that person to love us and look for us desperately.

It must be said directly that it is what we want, that the being we love, mentioning his name, come running desperately into our arms and that he cannot control his emotions and feelings, so that he needs us every day of his life, mentioning the name of the one who emits the prayer three times, so that our name and smell enclose him in his circle in which he can only think of us uniquely and exclusively.

Next, San Cipriano is invoked, swearing to him that on this day, firmly saying the date and time and mentioning the name of that person, that he is loved with all his heart since he is the living representation of love, the other half, life, being, for what is owed to him forever since he has been persecuted in this life and in previous ones, and therefore we want him to finally reciprocate our devoted and sincere love.

San Cipriano can achieve everything, therefore this is an intention of light and we have the firm conviction that it will help to fulfill this objective, that the person heeds our call. Thus, the name of the loved person must be mentioned and express the great love that you have for him, from today and forever; That is why we want and order that from this day on he loves us and searches for us desperately, we grab his soul to ours and condemn it to restlessness as long as we do not have it by our side.

It is very important to name Saint Cipriano repeatedly and tell him, ask him and beg him to think of us, to call us and to look for us, and if he cannot find us, his soul may despair because he only wants to be by our side.

It is asked that the adored person love us well and sincerely, and that every night he only wishes to be in our arms and that it be exclusively so, that he be excited only with our image in his thoughts, that he does not think of any other person in this world. and that the only destiny you want to achieve is the one that directs you towards our love. What we want most is for that person to look for us madly today and that he will never be far away, amen.

It is necessary that once the prayer is finished, it is time to locate yourself in a quiet place and meditate by visualizing that person desperately looking for us, we must see him as desperate as possible and thus be able to transmit all that energy. You have to believe from the depths of your heart that this prayer will have the desired effects; Therefore, after visualizing that person in his desperation to look for us and be close, you should send him a message or make a call in which he is told the following mantra, which he quotes verbatim:

There are things that never leave your mind, including me, once I enter your mind you can never get me out.

Prayer to Maria Padilla

This is one of the prayers that lovers make to make the loved one discover and express their deepest love, so that they think about them and look for them at all times. In this order of ideas, Saint María Padilla is going to be a great ally who will make sure that person writes to her and expresses her desire to be together, that she opens her heart and can show her all the love that she feels.

It should be borne in mind that this and all prayers should be performed from the light and with all the good intentions, when there is truly a feeling of pure and clean love.

This prayer, so that she thinks of me and dreams of me, must begin by saying Hail Pomba Gira María Padilla de las Siete encrucijadas, beloved and sweet little mother, on this day a desperate, lost daughter turns to her and has been betrayed by love, since the person he loves so much cannot reciprocate.

With a great affliction and with a broken heart, you are begged that love and despair be lodged in the soul, heart and mind of that person who loves you so much, and that this feeling grows as the plants grow with the help of water, just as shadows from the Sun are born, as grass grows on earth and rainwater falls on all of us.

María Padilla is asked for the loved one to despair and not be able to control their desires and need to be together, because it is about increasing their desperation to find the love and strength of the one who is praying, that they have no peace nor calm until the member in which that true sincere love can correspond.

Like a mother, we turn to María Padilla so that that man or woman loves us and shows us, because it is already tiring to be under the shadows begging for love, a love that is loved and deserved, which is ultimately going to be the best of life. life for both.

Then mother María Padilla is asked that this person, mentioning her name and surname, cannot eat, sleep or think until she can reciprocate her love, because we need her love and at the same time feel a deep need to be together. . We must mention that we want to be present in your life, in your future and in each of your steps, that you love us, that you need us and that you do not find peace with any other person, because only we can give you all the love and satisfaction. what you need to be completely happy.

It must be repeated that the powers of the Pomba help us and guide us so that that person thinks of us every moment and every instant, that he looks for us in his memories and calls us, writes to us and looks for us, and of course that he finds us every time and when it is not possible, to get desperate and ask for one to the point of looking for us at home.

What is desired is that his thoughts be on our side all the time, and said prayer is made with love, faith and hope addressed to María Padilla, and ends with the mention of the name of our beloved telling him how much we love him and wishing think of us from this day on, and for all the days to come.

Prayer to always think of me

It is evident that when you love a person so much what you want is to be on their mind each and every day, we want them to always think of us and for this we have a series of tools that you can go to in search of some extra help.

In this sense, there is a beautiful prayer that is made so that that person always has you present in their thoughts, which is dedicated to the Black Francisca Ramírez, who will help achieve that love that is so desired, and also that that person thinks and wants to be with his girlfriend every moment.

This prayer begins by invoking the Black Francisca, my black today she is sought, her beauty is admired, her kindness is admired and her love is felt, for this reason the woman who performs the prayer appears beautiful before her, regal and strong to reflect her virtues, like a woman who loves herself and that is the only way she can love others. Because the black Francisca is also a virtuous woman, they go to her to ask her for a favor, to help fulfill the desires of her heart.

The first thing is to express to the black Francisca that she is totally and madly in love with a certain person (her full name must be mentioned), he is the great love and it will always be like that, but she still does not know it, so she is asked to she who intercedes to make him aware of that feeling, to make him think of her every day of his life and to never be calm when he is far away, so that he only wants to be in her presence surrounded by her immense love.

Part of the ritual consists of spraying a little perfume in the air and, immediately afterwards, expressing out loud that this aroma is offered so that it can be brought closer to the man who loves oneself and it will remain engraved on his nose and in his mind. , to persecute him and make him always think of his great love for the mythical power that this black woman has, he is asked with faith and the conviction that he will comply with what is asked of him, he will be an intermediary between these lovers .

The black woman is also asked that this person who performs the prayer become totally desirable to him, and that his heart does not want anyone else in his bed, neither in his house nor by his side; that every second is drawn in her mind and she cannot concentrate on anything or anyone else.

In this sense, we want the man in question to imagine his beloved touching her, desiring her and kissing her, as well as to consider her his only woman, owner of his horse and that there is no room for any other on the face of the earth, that thinks of her and only her.

All faith and hope is placed in the black Francisca because only she knows how much she has suffered for love, as well as how much she has been needed; so the dreams of her lover are in her hands to help her in her desperate request for her to think of her and miss her the man she wants so much from her.

Prayer for him to think of me and come back

When we are in love, we live in a cloud and we want with all our hearts that it last us forever, because we feel happy, loved and there is no room for sadness; but love is a roller coaster, where sometimes we are at the top almost touching the sky, and suddenly we go down without having enough time to react.

However, losing a love can be considered a very strong blow, which can sometimes leave us devastated and afflicted, a very uncomfortable situation both for the person himself and for all those around him.

In this order of ideas, a person with a broken heart may be able to do anything to recover the loved one, and to make him understand that only in his arms can he be completely happy. In this section we bring an extremely powerful prayer that will make that person return to your arms, regret having left you and consequently want to be by your side every second from now on, never to leave again.

It is pertinent to emphasize that this prayer must always be made from love and light, with good intentions and based on pure and true love. If it is done with bad intention or based on vindictive desires, the prayer will not have the desired effects, on the contrary, it will attract misery and sadness to your life, because love is a feeling that cannot be played with, and you should also be careful what you wish for.

It is very important to know that love cannot be forced, because it is a feeling that is born from the depths of the heart and we do not choose who to love. However, if you are certain that that person is for you, and will be happy only with you, review this sentence so that he thinks of you and returns to your side, because when love is true sooner or later it returns; in this sense, you just have to be patient and hope that everything will turn out well.

Prayer to Archangel Chamuel

In the first place, the powerful Angel Chamuel is invoked, who is the possessor of the pink flame; today we will turn to him a little sad but with the firm conviction that he can help us achieve what our hearts desire, since it should be mentioned that he is in love and the heart is broken because that person is no longer there, he moved away on our side and we really want him to come back. This powerful god of love is cried out to help recover the loved one and guide this person on the way back.

It should be expressed to him that we have a broken and hurt heart, we need his help because we love that person very much and what we want most is for him to be by our side, so we ask him to believe us and trust in the purity of our feelings, to that he send his angels to meet both of us, and that the man we love (his full name must be mentioned), thinks of us with all his might and understands that leaving was a big mistake.

As well as wanting to be here again in this and in all lives, so that we can then be able to give a new direction to the relationship.

Chamuel is asked directly that this person needs us, loves us, loves us and wants to always be together, that we be the only person to whom he is willing to give his love in body and soul, so that no one else gets in his way. thoughts.

We must bear in mind that everyone is free to make their decisions regarding love and the woman to love, but on this occasion we want Chamuel to make him understand who is his best choice, who truly loves and respects him, so your life will be more beautiful and simple based on reciprocal love and mutual help to grow together.

Finally, Chamuel must be thanked in advance for his help in interceding with the loved one, since there is no other being who can achieve it. Thus, it is known that love is an inexhaustible source of goodness, so we want it to stay with us and that together we can form something for life, not temporary or ephemeral but truly lasting, so that it thinks of us very much every day. only find peace in our arms.

Prayer for him to think of me and call me

When we are in love we want to spend all the time in the world with that special person, but when we cannot be close, then what we most want is to know how they are, what they are doing and what is going through their thoughts; In this sense, we are in constant communication taking advantage of all the technological means to which we have access today, such as calls, text messages, email, and many others.

There are certain tricks to make that person we love always keep us in their thoughts, and call us frequently; Among them, there is a powerful prayer that is used to make our love call us on the phone as soon as possible, to be able to talk for a long time and to be able to express all the love they feel for each other.

The most important thing when performing these rituals is to have enough faith, and to do it with all the best intentions without intending to harm anyone, since love is good and seeks to make people feel good.

Getting true love can be a somewhat complicated task, but if this prayer is made to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, she can help us get that love that is so desired, to make the loved one so happy and live in harmony for the rest of life. It is important to have the phone in your hand from the moment this prayer begins, in order to transmit as much energy as possible and wait attentively for that person to make the long-awaited call, which will not take too long because this prayer is effective.

Prayer to Aphrodite

The goddess Aphrodite is an emblematic character, who even today is believed to have certain powers in terms of the union of couples. That is why, on this occasion, a powerful prayer is proposed for her to intercede with her loved one, which must be done with faith and good intentions in order to achieve her prompt results.

This prayer to think of me and dream of me, as well as to call me, begins by calling on the goddess Aphrodite, who is powerful and beautiful and has granted the women of this earth infinite sensuality and power of seduction. , with which they can attract men but, if something is missing, this prayer is invoked.

In this sense, Aphrodite is asked to help us to finish entering the mind of the loved one, and stay there for a long time; that things turn out for the best and that it will always be a reciprocal and reciprocated feeling. As goddess of sensuality and love, she begs that said man think of us with the same devotion that we have for him.

What you want to achieve with this prayer or prayer so that he thinks of me and dreams of me, is to be able to appear in the mind of the man he loves every morning as soon as he wakes up, to be the first thing his eyes see and that for the rest of the day he has a single memory, that of his beloved. In this sense, he is asked to intercede to get him to profess his love for us at all times, during the morning and when he is working, even eating, where he is overwhelmed by the memories of the moments they have lived together and that they fill him with laughter, peace and love.

Thus, the constant need to look for his beloved arises in him in order to achieve the necessary tranquility, and at the same time he feels a great and strong love, which allows them to always be together and live a beautiful story where there is no room for the sadness or painful moments.

In this request, Aphrodite is asked to be overwhelmed in his moments of solitude by the memory of his beloved, so that he always needs only her and no one else, because in his heart there should be no room for any other woman; that he only loves her and misses her, and her life away from it is full of sadness, loneliness and anguish.

At that moment of the ritual, the person can raise his phone and name Aphrodite as a carrier pigeon, to rob him of using his phone to call her and manage to talk to her, and to despair deeply because her voice is the only thing that gives him the peace enough. You have to mention the full name of the man you love, and ask him to do whatever it takes to be by her side, so that he thinks about her, looks for her and realizes that without her love he is nothing and could be calm.

Finally, the goddess is thanked in advance for the favors to be granted, with the full certainty that she will make it possible.

Prayer for him to think of me and dream of Santa Muerte

Another of the resources used by lovers to attract the loved one is to say a prayer to Santa Muerte, which of course depends on the faith and devotion that each one possesses; This is a very effective prayer for you to think of me and dream of me.

In this sense, in the first place, the powers of the Holy Death and the three vigilant souls are invoked, so that this person (his full name must be mentioned) now comes after his lover, and she has to say her own name. ; this is repeated several times to increase the power of it.

It should be mentioned that this person is going to come crawling and full of desire and love, in love with the aim of coming back and asking for forgiveness for his lies, and that he is going to come back to ask her to be his girlfriend and a little later to Propose to her, as quickly as possible.

Santa Muerte is asked to grant the power so that the loved one forgets and definitively leaves any other woman who crosses her path, to get them out of her head so that all her attention belongs to the person who issues the prayer. , to whom he will return to be declared and stay by his side.

The person who performs the prayer so that he thinks of me and dreams of me, must mention his own name and that of the loved one, to ask the Holy Death to attract him at all times and in all places, to divert his attention from any another woman and that he loves her and no one else but her, because he must be certain that she is the perfect woman for him, that he always has her image in his thoughts at all times, and that he cannot live far away for more time.

This prayer ends so that he thinks of me and dreams of me, asking Holy Death that the loved one wishes her and dreams of her at bedtime, when eating and when taking any step, that only her image be the one that reaches the thoughts; that he understands that no one else is capable of loving him so much, because they are made for each other.

Prayer so you can’t sleep thinking about me

This is another of the prayers to make the loved one think of us at all times, even at bedtime; It is a prayer for him to think of me and dream of me, it begins by explaining that due to certain misfortunes, the souls of both are not yet united, but it is only necessary for the forces of destiny to intervene, for the sake of that situation. change for the better.

It must be affirmed that once the sentence is finished, that person will dream deeply about her, there they will love each other and their ties will end up uniting once and for all. Thus, when he wakes up, he will be deeply in love with the one who has been waiting for him for so long.

The dear man is asked aloud, pronouncing his name, to listen to these words so that love blooms in both of them from that precise moment, that the forces always reach him and fill him with those flowers of love, so that every time you close your eyes, spray your face and immediately transmit the image of the one who has loved you for so long, so that you think about it and dream about it from this very night.

prayer for him to come back

When we are in a relationship, the first times are usually rosy, but in most cases, the inevitable comes later. In this sense, when one of the two people gets bored or loses interest, she usually decides to walk away and start a new life with someone else. For the part that is left alone, this can be an extremely devastating and sad situation, since it is a resounding change that gives her life a complete turn; therefore, in many cases all existing resources are used to get that person back to our side, among them we have this prayer so that he thinks of me and dreams of me, also so that he comes back.

There is a prayer that is believed to be very effective for the loved one to return to us, so that he realizes his mistake and reconsiders. In the first place, the powerful queen of the Sayas must be invoked, so that she intercedes and makes (mention the name of the person who left) return, since she is loved and needed at all times, since her presence is the only thing that generates peace and tranquility.

The person who makes the prayer so that he thinks of me and dreams of me, wants that person to always be by his side to love him, take care of him and adore him, that he always be well in his presence and company.

He is asked to allow both people to be together again, that their love blossoms again and that all the love that can still be given to him can be given to him, since the reasons for his departure are unknown. You are asked to remove from your thoughts everything that makes you move away, clear your mind so that it returns and thus together you can enjoy each of your days.

The queen of the Sayas is asked to come and bring with her the loved one (mention his full name), to whisper in his ear how much is needed and to return to achieve the happiness of both, to grow together and start from scratch. again. Because only together, will they be able to achieve the happiness that is so longed for.

If the loved one left because of other people, the queen of Sayas is asked with this prayer to make him understand that only by his side, will he be able to achieve the tranquility and peace necessary for his growth.

Erase from your thoughts anyone who wants to stand in your way to eternal happiness, may you always be the person who says the prayer (must mention their own name), who is forever in your mind and in your dreams, may each breath be for her and no one else.

Prayer for two people to fight

Many times love relationships come to an end because another person got in the way of both. When this happens, the breakup is usually very painful and causes discomfort and sadness in those who are left behind, which leads them to repeatedly wonder where the mistake was. To try to correct the damage, they generally seek to do everything possible, to separate them or to make the person who left come to their senses and realize her mistake, to return to her partner’s side.

However, on many occasions pleas are not enough, and people resort to other means to get the person they love back to their side, or at least away from the person who took them.

This is a prayer that is made so that two people fight or get upset, and later separate so that he can return to the side of the one who truly loves him. It should be noted that this prayer must be made so that he thinks of me and dreams of me with faith and without ill-intentioned feelings, only with the belief that he is his true love and the best thing for his life is to be by your side, not with her. .

Prayer for them to part

As the purpose is to separate that other person from the side of whom we love, we present ourselves before heaven with the purpose that the prayers are heard and also reciprocated. With all our hearts we wish that that person whom we love so much (mention their full name), never again meet (mention the name of the other person), we want irreconcilable differences to arise between them that produce their separation loving, so that they are away for the rest of their days.

What we want to ask for is that both have no more contact, and if it is inevitable then that it not be by virtue of any bond of friendship and less of love, because we want that prayer to be broken forever. In this way, we want the prayer to be heard and that those feelings stay in their hearts, so that they move away and understand that they cannot be together, because fate does not want it, and we want everything to come true very soon.

Through this prayer we want them to understand that they cannot be together, because being apart is the best for each one. He asks the angels to intercede to keep these people away, the plea rises to the highest of heaven and is expected to be fulfilled, because there is enough faith and hope of his power.

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