Prayer to the Blood of Christ for Disobedient Children

Prayer to the Blood of Christ for Disobedient Children

The Prayer to the Blood of Christ for the Children is one of the most powerful prayers because of the great power that the blood of our beloved Lord Jesus has, which cleanses, purifies, heals and protects from all evil. In the following article we will know everything related and some prayers about the Blood of Jesus Christ for the Children.

Prayer of the Blood of Christ

Among all the elements that exist, the blood of Christ tends to be one of the main and the most important there is and that is why there is the Prayer to the Blood of Christ for the Children and for many other things. This is one of the elements that continues to be alive to this day since it is still present in the wounds in the hands of our beloved Lord who rose from the dead to bring peace and eternal life.

The faith of the human being in it is what truly activates it so that it acts on what we are asking our Lord to do for us and that his blood flows out of love for us. Whatever request you have, if you believe in the power of the blood of Christ and that it possesses unparalleled power, the Lord Jesus through His Blood will grant us our requests.

The prayers of the blood of Christ can be made anywhere, the only thing that really matters is that the person has faith so that the miracle that he is going to ask God, Christ and the Holy Spirit is performed by his Grace and your favor, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

What is the Blood of Christ Prayer for the Son for?

The prayers in which loved ones (relatives and loved ones) are entrusted, will be guided along the good path of good, this means, along all those paths in which they can find a total rapport with the Lord Jesus and to be able to live in an intimate relationship with its wonderful teachings.

Praying for our beloved and Lord Jesus Christ to cover our children with his precious blood, will grant them a very large and very powerful mantle of spiritual protection so that they are covered from all adversity, illness, impurity, storm and also from any kind of evil that wants to seek him out to harm them.

With the Prayer to the Blood of Christ for the Children, you father will be able to make your children or son calm their character and guide their steps along the good path of good and the beatitudes of his word.

 With the help of this great prayer, I assure you parents, father or mother, that if you do it with all the faith you have and hope in God, and with the authority that you have inherited as a child of the creator of heaven and from the earth she will be able to protect her children with the help of our beloved Lord Jesus.

Are Prayers Powerful?

Many people may wonder: Are Truth Prayers Powerful? The answer is yes, prayers have great power over the spiritual and earthly world since many things can be achieved through them. Prayers addressed to God are heard by our beloved heavenly father, as his word says:

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask according to his will, he hears us.”

1 John 5:14

There are also many other Bible verses, such as:

“In my distress I called on the Lord; I cried out to my God, and he heard me from his temple; My cry reached his ears!”

Psalms 18:6

  • As far as we can be sure of some, all prayers that are addressed to God are truly powerful.
  • If you pray to him with great faith in what you are asking for, you will have everything you are looking for.
  • Have enough faith and believe in the Almighty Our Lord Jesus Christ.

“That’s why I tell you: Believe that you have already received whatever you are asking for in prayer, and you will get it.”

Mark 11:24

What is the Importance of Praying the Blood of Christ Prayer for the Son?

The great importance of prayer is that with it you can talk to God and tell him about all the difficult things and problems or even the inconveniences you are going through. On the other hand, through the use of prayer you can come to thank the creator himself wholeheartedly to God for all the blessings he has bestowed on his life.

Praying is one of the main foundations of an evangelical Christian to be able to carry out a long healthy life in Christianity and also in the peace that the Lord Jesus Christ himself gives us. The prayer to the Blood of Christ for the children is the one that will bring upon our children the great blessings of unimaginable protection of the eternal sacrifice of our beloved Lord Jesus.

His blood is the element of greatest power for the purification of a believer that has ever existed, for this reason performing the Prayer to the Blood of Christ for the Children will bring the necessary well-being for our boys.

As we have already described, the Blood of our Lord Jesus has so much power that it can be for protection, for healing and for many other things, thanks to the enormous sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross of Calvary we can have access to this blessing and that the same in that place was not poured out in vain. Rather, it was poured out to cleanse the sins of all those who repent and believe that Christ is the only Lord and Savior of our lives.

What is the Prayer to the Blood of Christ for the Son?

The prayer to the Blood of Christ for the Children or Child in which it is carried out with great love, can be carried out so that the parents themselves may need God’s help to be able to control their children if they are rebellious, if they are out of order, if they are in trouble, if they are far from the case and want the divine protection of Jesus to reach them, among others.

The truth is that each of the prayers must be made with faith and love, believing that the favor of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ will answer us. The Prayer to the Blood of Christ for the Children says as follows:

Blood of Christ Prayer for Children

Oh Holy and Eternal Father, I come before your presence to ask you to incline your ear to me, I am distressed, I ask you, my Lord, to look at the condition in which my son walks, I ask you please to keep him away from the bad company that surrounds him and that he never fall into the consumption of drugs or alcohol, that he never stray from his studies.

but that he stays in them, I ask you with all my heart or God my father, I ask you by the power of your precious blood the blood of Jesus, sir I ask you please to make him a good person, what a way for your ways and never deviate from them.

My Father, I ask you at this time to cleanse the heart and soul of my child, to remove from him all resentment, all anger, strife, anger, hatred, anguish, loneliness, all pain, sadness, all evil through your precious blood. May he be transformed and changed into a new person with a clean, pure, holy heart, full of good, love, patience, well-being, joy, tranquility, kindness, without resentment, without pain, who always loves his neighbor that wherever he goes he transmits the love of God, I ask that his spirit be molded and that you protect him.

Oh Father God full of great mercy, you my lord who knows everything, sees everything and knows everything, I ask you to teach me and my wife to be good parents I ask you to give us wisdom, truly we want to be better parents, I ask you to help me to be much more understanding with them, I know how old they are and that it is a period in which they tend to be much more restless and/or rebellious.

I ask that the blood of Jesus be covering him/her wherever he/she goes, where he/she studies, in his/her room, everywhere it is over him/her, protecting him/her from all evil that wants to come against him or her. I thank you, my Lord, because I know that you have heard my plea and my prayer, O holy and eternal father of glory, I also ask you to cover my spouse and me with the blood of Christ against all evil that wants to attack against of us. I ask you from the depths of my being. Amen.

This Prayer to the Blood of Jesus Christ for the Son can be performed in the company of the father or mother or together with the son for whom he is praying. Children are the most beautiful and beautiful thing that can happen to a couple. They are the fruit of the love of 2 people who love each other, who are received in this world and fill us with love and joy with the trust in God that everything in life will turn out well.

However, there are moments in life where as parents you do not usually get to touch, live experiences and situations that are not very pleasant and that is when the cry of a mother or a father to God, to Christ the Holy Spirit goes away. to become the only hope for them and also for us. Asking God for our children is the most courageous act of love that can be done in life.

Prayer of the Blood of Christ for the Son

Love tends to be the main foundation that Christ came to bring to our lives, so we have love for our parents, for our partners, wives or husbands, for relatives, however, there is a great love that softens all women and all men who have the joy and blessing of being parents, and that is love for their children.

There is no greater love for a son than the one that God himself gave when he sent his only son to earth so that everyone who believes in him will not be lost anymore, have eternal life as the book of ” 1 John ” says. 3:16 ” and that we can be by his side in the kingdom of heaven where there is only peace, happiness, love for ever and ever. Amen.

Blood of Christ Prayer for Difficult Cases

Oh blessed Blood of Jesus Christ!, the blood of my Lord that was shed on the cross of Calvary in order to save all humanity so that they do not perish and have eternal life next to the heavenly father who is seated on your great white throne, I ask my Lord that through your blood you cleanse me, wash me, purify me, transform my life, forgive me from the depths of my heart I ask you.

At this moment I ask you to fill me with your presence, that your precious blood enters the depths of my bones of my flesh and cleanses me of all impurity, washes my mind of all impure thoughts, that is not straight before you, fill my heart, purify it, heal it (if it is sick), I ask you on this day oh my lord.   

My Lord, I ask that your holy and precious blood be on my work, my house, my family, my children, my spouse, my spouse’s workplace, my children’s school, that your blood May it be the one that frees us from all evil, from all the snares of the enemy, the devil and his demons, since they do not support the great power that the Blood of Christ has, that every day we are covered with it.

That every day that protection is found over our lives, our goods, that in the most difficult moments or cases your blood frees us from any slavery, chain or yoke that wants to tie us to poverty, misery, scarcity , to illness since your blood can only offer us, Eternal life, divine health, protection in all areas, I ask you my God that the Blood of Christ be over my finances in the powerful name of Jesus I ask you.

Thank you my God because I know that you have heard my cry, because I know that in your time you will respond to my prayer that I have raised to you on this day and that your protection will never be lacking in our lives, I ask you In the mighty name of your beloved son Jesus Christ. Amen.

The blood of Christ came to flow at the moment in which he was giving his life for love to all humanity and in it is where the great power of God is concentrated to be able to grant us the miracles we need. The Bible says that Jesus did not give a little of his blood, but he shed every last drop of his blood that was in his body.

When the Roman soldier saw that he died on the cross, he stuck a spear in his side and water and blood came out of this wound, the human body is made up of 60% water and about 6 liters of blood, so Jesus already having no more blood because he had already spilled his 6 liters of his body, only the water it contained began to come out.

This prayer to the Blood of Jesus Christ for children or for difficult cases can be made in the company of a friend, a family member, the most important thing is that you have to believe what they are asking for, since this is what it will guarantee that the prayer made to God will be effective and that he will respond.

Prayer to the Blood of Christ to Expel Problems

Problems, in most cases, tend to lodge within people and do them a lot of damage. They spend whole nights awake just thinking about the moments of problems that they have and this is what brings as a physical result the enormous discomfort that attacks the person’s body.

The power to expel problems from our lives, from our property, houses or even from nearby families tends to be an act of great importance and in this the power of the Blood of Christ is what can truly help us. . So I invite you to pray this small but powerful prayer and believe with all your heart that God is going to give his answer and that it is on the way. The sentence goes like this:

Lord Jesus, in this hour I give you all the glory and all the honor, today on this day or night (as the case may be), I give you all praise and all adoration, oh Heavenly Father you who sit on your throne, oh Lord Jesus, you who find yourself seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us advocating for us before our eternal father, I ask you at this time to incline your ear and listen to the cry I make to you.

I ask that your precious blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary where you gave your life for me, for my children, my spouse and my relatives, that precious blood that heals all illness, that cleanses from all sin, that just as The people of Israel were protected from the spirit of death because of the blood mark that God himself commanded your servant Moses to place on the edges of the doors of the houses so that such a spirit would not enter that home.

That today the blood of a lamb is not needed because the holy lamb has already been sacrificed and its blood is much more powerful, at this moment I place your precious blood on the boundaries of my house, on the windows, on the door, in each room, at the main entrance of the house, at the gate or garage, on my property, throughout my house, in my vehicle, on my children or son, on my spouse.

May that precious blood of Christ keep away from my life and from my family and from all my possessions all evil, all problems that want to attack me, that nothing takes away from me what you have given me, that your protection be over us and over everything that we have covered, that nothing attacks us, that no type of problem reaches us, all misery is gone, all poverty is gone, that for tomorrow every problem that there was will no longer exist.

I firmly believe it, because your word says that whoever only has faith as a grain of mustard seed will tell this mountain to move and throw yourself into the sea and the mountain will move and throw itself into the sea. Thank you my father, thank you Lord Jesus because I know that you have heard my prayer and I know that you will never leave me helpless, I ask you for all this, oh my beloved or Holy Father in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

Protection with the Blood of Christ

Lord Jesus, in your great and holy name, and with the power of your precious blood, we seal every person, any fact or event through which the enemy wants to harm us.

With the power of the Blood of Jesus we seal all destructive power that is found in the air, on earth, in water, under the earth, in fire, in the demonic and satanic forces of nature, in the abysses of hell, and also in which we are moving today.

With the power of the Holy and Powerful Blood of Jesus we break all kinds of interference and action that the evil one wants to do. I ask you, Jesus, to send your angels to our homes and workplaces to protect everything that is ours.

With the power of the Blood of Jesus we seal our house, everything that lives in it (the people who are well there are named), the people that the same Lord sends to it, as well as in the same way the food that we consume, and to the goods that he generously sends us for our sustenance.

With the powerful power of the blood of Jesus we seal all land, doors, windows, objects, walls, floors, the very air that is breathed, and in faith we place a blood line or a circle around our families. With the power of the blood of our beloved Lord Jesus we seal the places where we are going to be that same day, and the people, institutions or companies with whom we are going to deal, (each one of them is named ).

With the power of the Blood of Jesus we proceed to seal our spiritual and material work, the businesses of the whole family, and the vehicles, the air, the roads, the transit routes and any kind of means of transport that is going to be used. .

With the Blood of Christ we seal the acts, the minds and also the hearts of all the inhabitants and the leaders of the national government so that your peace and your heart may reign in it. I thank you my Lord with all my heart for your precious blood and for your life that you gave on the cross of Calvary, since it is through them that you are saved and I am preserved from all the evil that wants to come against my life. Amen.

This prayer of protection with the Blood of Christ is of great power! We can ask Christ to protect us with his blood as a kind of cloak of protection that is over us and around us so that the snares of the evil one do not reach us. Neither to us, nor to our families, goods and friends.

Prayer for every day

In the mighty name of God the father who sits on his great Throne, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit, I ask that, with the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, I seal and protect my conscious, unconscious, subconscious , just as I seal and protect my reason, my heart, my feelings, my 5 senses, my body, my mind, my soul and my spirit.

All that I am, all that I get and have, all that I can, all that I love, all that I know, is completely sealed and protected with the mighty power of the blood of Jesus. My God I ask you to hear my prayer that raised this day or night to you my Lord.

I also seal my past, my present and my future, just as I seal my plans, my goals, all my dreams, illusions, everything I want and undertake, everything I start, everything I think and do, is sealed. and protected with the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

I also seal my person, my family, all my possessions, like my house, my job, my business, my family tree, before and after, everything is well sealed and protected, with the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

Making the Prayer to the Blood of Christ for the Children for every day has to be done with great faith. This is usually a custom that can help us maintain active faith in the family as well as tending to promote spiritual and physical unity between each of the members.

It can be done in the morning so that you can present the day to Almighty God. You can make some kind of prayer sequences of about 9 days or simply make 1 spontaneous prayer. The most important thing is that you don’t stop doing it.

There are ages where faith usually seems easy to break and it is at such times that daily prayers are the ones that begin to bear fruit in them. Asking that, through the Blood of Christ, the day we live be blessed is of great importance. The prayer to the Blood of Christ for the Children must be done with great faith and with the power that Christ will answer the prayer.

Blood of Christ, Prayer to Ask for the Children (Protection, Help, Peace, Well-being)

I ask you, my eternal God, that at this moment you incline your ear to my cry and supplication for my children, I ask you, my father, that the powerful blood of Jesus Christ be upon my children, that the blood of your beloved son that was shed on the cross of Calvary this envelope (say the name(s) of your children) for protection.

May your precious blood cleanse them from all sin, free them from all yoke, heal them from all illness or disease, may your precious blood be on them at all times, separating them from all evil. I declare a bloodline around my children, that no weapon formed against them will prosper, that no demon will touch them.

I declare a blood line around my children of prohibition to the demons so that they do not approach them so that they do not touch any of their belongings, that your precious blood grants them peace, well-being, I ask you Lord in the powerful name of your beloved son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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