Do you know what the symbols of the Holy Spirit are? discover them here

Do you know what the symbols of the Holy Spirit are? discover them here

Although the dove is the best known, there are other symbols of the Holy Spirit, which you can learn about through this interesting article, do not miss it and find out.

Holy Spirit Symbols

Of the Holy Spirit we have names, images and the firmness of his activity, but we do not have physical representations of this character like those of Jesus Christ, this occasionally overwhelms us and could confuse many people and make it difficult to identify with him, however it has the symbols of the holy spirit, as we all know it is as important as Jesus of Nazareth and God since they are one according to what the bible reflects.

The name of Holy Spirit means “Essence of God”, such is the best possible name of the one whom we love and praise with the Father and the Son.

The word symbol originates from two Greek words: “sun”, which means reasonable or fair and the word “balio” which means to pull; it actually means something that has been thrown next to something else, one next to the other, to speak and clarify the other, so a symbol can be said to be a seal that shows and discovers and finds a deep truth in a person. (Also read about the article  high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

The symbols of the Holy Spirit are given by God with the aim that we can understand more effectively what he wants to tell us and these symbols are like the language and way of expressing the holy spirit for us to understand his will in us.

The activities of the holy spirit are identified by a series of symbols that have been compiled through the sacred texts in the bible and passed from generation to generation for their understanding and knowledge, the conservation of the same meaning through history is due more than all to the Christian church. The symbols are as below:


The water implies the activity of the Holy Spirit in baptism; therefore, the baptismal water really implies that our introduction to the world after baptism is a rebirth given by the blessing of the holy spirit. (See also: Do ​​you know  who were Shepherds in the Bible,  before following Jesus?)

 The Spirit treated the waters satisfying life, the unrestrained earth was getting a reconfiguration through the treating activity of the Holy Spirit because where there is turmoil, disorder, sin and death, the Spirit gives life.

Even the first life is conceived from the waters by the Spirit, the heavy waters of the deluge submerge the transgression and sin of humanity cleansing the whole earth save a man and his family, the earth is restored until the end of time, the sin and malevolence have been submerged in the water and humanity is restored and reproduced once again.

The waters of the Red Sea, by the activity of the Holy Spirit, saved Israel from subjugation, God’s guarantee is a purifying water accompanied by a restorative spirit, water is an important natural element apart from its great Christian symbology regarding the holy spirit as it develops, creates, revives and decontaminates.

 It is lively, and it is the first to sustain us by being in the womb of our mothers, we could not live without it, it recharges the earth, encourages plants, imparts life, supports us and purges our spirit, the water blessed by the holy spirit quenches thirst for eternity and the Spirit is the provider of life. (See Article:  The power of prayer )

In Christianity, above all, water is a strong symbol of the holy spirit. It represents that believers, when baptized, are purified and have a new rebirth with a life consecrated to praise and glorify Jesus Christ as their savior and all their previous sins are forgotten.


The oil poured on an individual by an anointed person is an indication of decision to bless with the holy spirit through anointing faithful Christians, houses or objects with oil and filling them with the chosen calling and the sanctified holy spirit.

Whoever is filled with the presence of God and must anoint someone or something accepts a mission, a message, a duty from the Holy Spirit and whoever anoints himself with oil filled with the presence of God knows that his life is always cared for and transformed for his God. (See article:  Prayer to succeed at work  )

So it was with the lords of Israel, they were blessed as protectors of their people as for example David was blessed by Samuel; Aaron was blessed by Moses, similar to the special area of ​​the Temple of the Kings.

The prophets were blessed by the Spirit to boldly announce the words and the will of God, the blessed one is a servant, the blessed one is delegated for the declaration and is the protected one of God since he has a place with him, the blessed one complies, he serves and lives for Jesus with the help of the guidance of the holy spirit, in addition, in his name he speaks or acts.

“Christ” means “blessed” he is the incomparable anointed, son of God and the great prophet of truth and if Jesus is the one anointed by the Spirit to announce the gospel to the poor, and give freedom to the mistreated, the blessing It is a motion of the anointing through the oil that is consecrated to anyone who wants to receive it.

A faithful blessed Christian is chosen by God, he is endowed with a mission, the oil as a symbol of the Holy Spirit reinforces him in problems, repairs him from his illnesses, fills him more with the Holy Spirit.

The blessed get the Holy Spirit to manage their lives, is marked by his blessed seal and eternity is guaranteed after his death, all this is arranged by God himself, this blessed character would walk full of faith and confidence. The Spirit sanctifies us and makes us witnesses, followers, emissaries, preachers of Jesus Christ on the planet.


While the water implies the birth and productivity of the life given in the Holy Spirit, the fire symbolizes the changing vitality of the Holy Spirit demonstrations in the life of a believer since their being anointed by the holy spirit means that everything in your life will be peace and love, because it is not like that fire is also a symbol of the incredible holy spirit.

This is because Christians are tested by the devil many times throughout their lives, which implies according to them is that they are going through fire or through a test from which they will come out stronger since that fire that they later transmit through of his testimony, preaches and testimonies light up any darkness.

In any case, the most important thing is the flame of sentimental affection that believers have for Jesus Christ since it is a strong fire with a sustained flame that consumes every bad feeling in each man and only maintains a fervent love for Jesus that grows every time. more. (See Article:  The power of early morning prayer )

The flame does not tire, it does not rest, it does not go out because it is love, love for Jesus of Nazareth, the very flame of life, as for example while his believers were crossing the desert, the adoration of God assures them of everything evil and its fire did not stop to fulfill the will of God.

The Pentecostals need the flame of God consistently is they rise up constantly and fearlessly and go out to spread their faith and their love for God on the roads with a lot of fire provided by the holy spirit.

light and cloud

These two images are indistinguishable in the signs of the Holy Spirit, the Cloud, from time to time dim, in some cases resplendent, reveals the living God in many allusive images, in this way it tends to cover the amazing quality of its wonder.

There are many images where Jesus is shown among the clouds opening the heavens, which is a sign that he is offering paradise to anyone who wants to take it, due to its ethereal circumstance, its versatility in it, rays of light can also be seen that illuminate the images of Jesus and delineate him in his royal position.

The stamp

The seal is an image close to that of the blessing of the anointing and to tell the truth, it is Christ whom God has separated with his seal and the Father also stamps us with his seal, as the image of the seal shows the permanent character of the blessing of the Holy Spirit in the sacred celebrations of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders, this symbol has been used to express the permanent character imprinted by these three sacred celebrations.

Every Christian bears the seal of God as a symbol of the holy spirit while following Jesus Christ with his saved and the same is stamped on each of the faithful when they accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior in their hearts and confess him with their mouth and then confirmed at the moment of baptism and reiterated many times each time that a believer does not fall into temptation and decides to follow his path with Christ his savior. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )


The fingers of God are a great symbol of the holy spirit since with his fingers he formed the earth where we now live, in addition to that the tables that he gave Moses where the commandments are found were written with his fingers those are commandments that help us to keep us in communion with the holy spirit and therefore the fingers of God are seen as a great symbol of the holy spirit.


The hand is a symbol of the Holy Spirit because through these he has manifested himself a lot, for example through the hands of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit many people were healed and this was not only presented through the hands of Jesus but throughout history many miracles have occurred which have been by the touch of the hand of a faithful full of the holy spirit.

In the Letter to the Hebrews, the burden of the hands is shown in the large number of main articles, that is, the significant realities of their education are indicated by the divine radiation of the Holy Spirit and the Church has safeguarded this information in its holy customs.


The wind is a great symbol of the holy spirit since when God made walking after he formed him with his hands only wind so that he could live and when Adam lived he did not even know that he was naked because when God breathed his breath on that form he gave life to a holy man where the holy spirit dwelt and likewise he was with Eva his companion.

In addition, in several biblical texts it is specified how through the wind of prophets who blew on certain characters, the holy spirit passed so that it would dwell in them.

At present, it is widely observed how great pastors and prophets at the time of their evangelization or preaching revive many people just by blowing the wind of their breath since it is loaded with fire and the holy spirit.


It is the most realistic and surely understood emblematic representation of the symbols of the Holy Spirit, throughout the world it is known that way because towards the end of the flood, the bird unloaded from the ark by Noah was a white dove which returned with a leveled olive branch at the pinnacle, a sign that the earth is sustainable once again.

At the moment that Christ leaves the water in his sanctification or baptism, the Holy Spirit, like a dove, descends and rests on him, the spirit submerges and rests in the decontaminated heart of those purified through water, the image of the bird to propose the Holy Spirit is common in Christian iconography.

bible verses about the holy spirit

Find in the Bible in which representative reference the symbols of the Holy Spirit are spoken of:

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