The Powerful Spiritual Meaning of the Zamioculca Plant

The spiritual meaning of the zamioculca plant is well known, it is a good plant to grow indoors, it brings luck and wealth to those who cultivate it. But if you want to know more about the symbolism of this powerful plant, stay with me in this post!

What is the spiritual meaning of the zamioculca plant? 

According to Chinese feng shui, the symbolism and meaning of the zamioculca plant is associated with dedication, stability, growth, balance and personal development.

The zamioculca plant, also known as the money plant or tree of fortune, is indicated to have this plant inside the workplace, home, office or a desired one, it will bring fortune to the owner of the house and to everyone who lives there. 

Zamioculca is great for decorating the home as it is also included in the feng shui plant list, which means it can also provide positive chi to your home.

It represents growth, encouragement, dedication and its benefit can remove harmful air like xylene, ethylbenzene and benzene which stays indoors, which means it is able to clean the air or bad chi (energy) from the surroundings.

The physical and spiritual benefits of the zamioculca plant include:

  • Purify indoor air quality
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Feng Shui plant recommended to spread positive energy
  • Keep your mind calm
  • medicinal uses


The zamioculca plant thrives in large to medium-sized pots and can grow slowly, but the growth can be seen as strong, powerful, and consistent. 

Its foliage grows slowly and also grows to a height of 3 feet with time and with minimal maintenance. It has a slow growth but could get to last and better than many that survive yearly or 2 years.

The zamioculca plant has the power to encourage us

The growth of the zamioculca encourages us to follow a path that can take time, just like a zamioculca plant grows slowly, but in the end it reaches its goal just as you keep the momentum and find yourself at the top, just keep growing and this plant will encourage you to achieve your dreams and ultimate goals.

Spiritual Meaning of the Zamioculca Plant – Dedication

As the zamioculca grows with dedication throughout the year and does not lose hope even in drought conditions, likewise in life, it takes a lot of work and dedication to work and achieve something.

Proper guidance and a mind full of dedication that no matter what you have to fulfill that final destination.

Zamioculca – The plant of stability

Zamioculca grows repeatedly and with consistent dedication, frequency. It tells us that you can only achieve your life’s purpose if you keep going, dedicate yourself to it, be firm, work hard and don’t get discouraged.

Just keep growing steadily in your life and you can achieve many things that you want or dream of.

Is zamioculca bad luck?

The attractive, shiny foliage on the zamiokulca can represent how people are drawn to the sparkle of gold or the sparkle of diamond. 

Zamiokulkas plants are not bad luck, on the contrary, they bring a lot of luck, they can boost constant growth that can result in wealth. 

These plants are best for people who have arrived late from work, as they can tolerate drought conditions very well, as living without water or a minimum of liquid is their characteristic as a succulent.

No, they don’t bring bad luck and the opposite, they represent good luck and luck of growth in life.

Where should I place a zamioculca plant in my home?

If you have learned the spiritual meaning of the zamioculca plant and want to enjoy all its benefits, it can be placed in an indirect light source where it can receive minimal bright light for the foliage, although it does not need hours of light like other plants. require. 

You can place it in the bathroom, in the dining room, in front of the door and wherever there is strong light. 

If your window does not receive light or is in the shade of a tree or building, I suggest using fluorescent lighting. These are artificial lights to provide support for indoor houseplants.

It can be placed in the house near the window, the best possible location is the south-facing window which gets 2-4 hours of sunlight and then all-day shade or indirect light. They can grow very well indoors as they have minimal requirements, and even if it receives little light, zamioculca plants can grow successfully. 

Inside the house, the growth of ZZ plants is slow, but their leaves are shiny.

Why is the zamioculca plant called the money plant?

People believe that the zamioculca plant can bring good luck, bright fortune and prosperity. This is the greatest spiritual meaning of the zamioculca plant.

The texture of its foliage, thickness, and how it grows continuously with minimal care is what makes it a good feng shui plant. 

It is considered the money plant because its perennial growth can be associated with wealth, capital, assets and it can grow in low light and less water, which leads to long-term, stable life growth.

Now that you have learned the spiritual meanings of the zamioculca plant, what are you waiting for to get yours and enjoy all the benefits that nature brings us? 

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