Prayer for him to call me and ask me for forgiveness now

Prayer for him to call me and ask me for forgiveness now

The prayer for him to call me and ask me for forgiveness can be used for various purposes, one of them is to achieve inner healing by forgiving that person who once hurt us; Another reason is to attract that loved one who has separated from us and we can’t find a way to attract them. In this article you will read this and other prayers that have a loving meaning.   

Prayer for him to call me and ask me for forgiveness

The introductory paragraph denotes that, contrary to what many think, these types of sentences do not always have a bad intention. Since when we use them to excuse an affront it is synonymous with liberation and healing.

In this sense, we will break the ties with that person who hurt us in the depths of our hearts, allowing us to believe in human beings again, whether it is a love, a family member, a co-worker or a friend.

In other words, by forgiving we close cycles and open ourselves to new opportunities to fully experience our emotions and feelings. That is, we are happier.

If we fail to excuse others, the wounds deepen, preventing us from moving forward, it is like a wall that is about to fall and threatens to destroy us.

So, even if rage eats away at you, learn to recite the prayer for him to call me and ask me for forgiveness, this way you will know how to forgive yourself and others.

Do you want to know more about the importance of forgiving? If so, we invite you to watch the following video that talks about this topic.

Other meanings of this prayer

Of course, the one who recites this prayer does not always have such a good and noble intention. Sometimes we are moved by passion, the desire for revenge or the desire to have someone who has already left by our side.

These actions are not entirely objectionable, since it is well known that when we love we do everything possible to make the relationship work fully and, failing to achieve it by traditional methods, many resort to prayers, rites and spells.

In this sense, the prayer for him to call me and ask me for forgiveness is very famous among men and women who fervently want that loved one to return to their side soon.

For this, they pray to God, to Jesus Christ, to the saints, to the Virgin or to any divinity or character in which they believe with frenzy. It all depends on the faith and religion that each person professes.

In this way, to solve love issues, prayers stand out to: San Antonio, San Cipriano, San Marcos de León, the goddess Aphrodite, the virgin knot-breaker, Saint Helena, Saint Death, soul alone, among others.

This article will allow you to know many of these prayers, if you want you can pray it as it appears here or you can make a transformation that fits the requests you plan to make.

Does the prayer for him to call me and ask for forgiveness always work?

Numerous people give positive testimonials about it, affirming that these prayers always work, especially if they are accompanied by good vibes and faith.

That is why we recommend that you think very carefully about what you want to achieve and if you will feel happy with the closeness of that person you say you love. You should also think about how she will feel. Will she like coming back to you?

It doesn’t make sense for you to say the prayers, forgive each other, get back together, but feel awkward being around each other. It is important at all times to maintain communication and express what you feel.

On the other hand, if the problem that afflicts you is the product of infidelity, ask yourself if you can forgive the person who hurt you and return to live by his side as if nothing had happened.

Some couples make it, others don’t. The latter, after the prayer for him to call me and ask me for forgiveness has the desired effect, they turn their lives into hell due to the jealousy they suffer.

Different love sentences

Below, we present several prayers, each with the intention of solving a specific love situation. Read them carefully.

Prayer for him to call me in 10 minutes

This prayer is prayed in desperate cases, when you want immediate effects, you just have to pray with faith at the time you need it. It is a simple but powerful prayer, because it is addressed directly to God.

Dear Father, today I implore you to help me in this difficult situation in which I find myself. My heart cries wounded and disconsolate in the absence of my loved one.

I beg you, my Lord, to intercede in this event and release me from my torment. I just need to ask you to call me soon, in your mind there will be no peace until you hear my request.

Call soon I ask you, at the end of this sentence my love will ring. My God, I trust you because you have always been my shelter. That is why I am aware that you will guide his mind.

He will call me, he will call me. At this moment he will come to me. May everything be for the best and soon I can see it. 

Prayer for him to find me in 10 minutes  and ask me for forgiveness

This prayer is very similar to the previous one, only it is not asked to call you but to look for you directly, another difference is that it is addressed to San Cipriano.

It should be noted that some people are afraid to pray to this saint because they consider it to be bad, since it is often used to do evil to other human beings.

However, the use you want to give it depends on you, the prayer for him to look for me in ten minutes and ask for my forgiveness addressed to San Cipriano that we transcribe here has not been made in bad faith, on the contrary, we only want to help you to reconnect with him. love.


Venerable San Cipriano, I implore you to take my hand, guide me on the right path to find my destiny. Kind sir, be my guardian. Guide me today and always to attract him with my mind.

At this moment I ask you to transform his destiny, to come to me quickly to take over his mind. May he implore my forgiveness and beg me for love.

Let him come to me, let him come without a noose to catch him. Our love will last for all eternity. Lord, do not give him peace of mind until he can be by my side.

Blessed Saint Cyprian, make (Say the full name of the person) come to me quickly, I give him ten minutes to show me all his love. I promise to venerate you and only listen to you.

Your steps guide you to my door find, at dawn, in the day and at dusk also your eyes will want to see me. His body will want me and only think of me.

At the end of this prayer I will see my request granted, for that I thank you, beloved Cipriano, always take me by your hand. 

Prayer of despair for him to call me

This prayer is popularly known as the prayer of despair. According to those who understand the matter, it is powerful and the results are seen almost immediately.

It is prayed when we feel rejected, abandoned and we are sad. Focus on what you will read next:

My Lord, my broken heart, you do not know how much it has cried. He is cramped because he is not by my side. There is sadness in my life because today love does not shelter me.

That’s why I come to you because I want to be very happy, take away this despair and this desolation, bring me my love soon. That is why today I ask you to hear this cry that increases in daily life.

I beg you beloved Father, restless their hearts and minds so that I may be present in them. That he can’t sleep, think or eat until he can see me. Despair him, despair him until he comes to my side loving and repentant.

Make me come back now I want to see him, kneeling and meek as a little lamb. Sir, sir, hear my request. May (Say the name of the person) get desperate and come to me so that together we can be happy.

May he come, may he come soon so that he finds rest in my arms and in my body. I promise you my Lord, to be your most faithful devotee, every day I will pray because I have achieved my favor only for you beloved Father. 

Prayer to San Antonio to call me

If you pray this prayer to the saint who has granted so many miracles of love, you will see how soon you will receive that call you are waiting for.

At this time, at this moment, I invoke you Saint Anthony because I need your help to calm this pain that my heart suffers. You are the saint of love, that’s why you understand my affliction.

I come to you on this day that my heart awaits just a call from that person for my beloved. Have her call me right away so I can be on her lap.

Let (Say the name of the person) come to me and speak to me, so I will know from his mouth everything that my body provokes. I will be loved, I will be desired by that being that today I want to calm this yearning.

San Antonio who calls me, who looks for me, who needs me forever in body, soul and mind. Make me unable to sleep until he comes to me.

When he comes, let him feel with immense pleasure, let his passion clothe me and his lips touch my body. Help me San Antonio to receive your call, at night, during the day or at dawn.

Holy beloved in you I trust that you will hear my prayer, granting me what my heart asks for. Thank you thank you thank you. Amen.

In the video that we offer you below you will be able to listen to another version of the prayer to Saint Anthony so that he calls me. In the same way you can also make your own interpretation of the prayer.

Prayer for him to think of me, call me and come back

As I think of you, you think of me, as I wish you, you wish me. Wherever you are, wherever you go from your mind I will not depart. The energy will be so great that soon you will call me and you will arrive here.

My Lord Jesus Christ, hear this prayer that I make, I beg of your power so that soon I can see (Mention the name of the person) together with me.

I promise to make you happy because I don’t want to see him suffer, when he is by my side he will only be loved. That he thinks, that he thinks of me and even wants to come here.

Only you with your power make my heart understand, I no longer want to live in this eternal suffering, that’s why I beg you, transform this situation. Make him pick up the phone, call me and apologize, that’s the solution.

Illuminate my path with your light and tell me if he is my destiny, if so make him come back, love me and wrap me in his arms. Guide my heart to find a solution to what distresses me today.

Almighty Lord, I want to offer you thanks for everything you give me, I have health, I have a house, I have a job but I lack your love, grant it to me my Lord. 

Prayer for you to dream of me tonight

The night is over and he is not by my side, that’s why I want to ask you to take me to his side to dwell in his dreams that in case they have no owner. When her eyes close, may my face come to her mind so that she dreams of me just as she does with the moon.

The darkness of the night will be my protector and I will see how he dreams of me at all times. The soft breeze envelops him whispering my name, I’ll be there tonight and I’ll never go away again.

That he think of me, that he dreams of me, that he loves me like never before. For all eternity with me she will fall in love. I will be well reciprocated because I have deserved it.

Everything will be for the best without anyone getting in the way, no spell can erase the love that unites us. Tonight he will love me for all eternity.

I ask you my beloved God, grant this request that comes from my heart. I promise to love him and venerate your holy name. Amen. So be it.

Can all the prayers be said?

Of course you can pray all these prayers, note that, although they differ from one another, they also have many similarities, so do not hesitate to repeat them with the certainty that what you ask for will be achieved.

The prayer for him to call me and ask me for forgiveness is as powerful as the others that we mention here, remember that its effectiveness depends on the faith and devotion that you put when you pray it.

As a final phase, we recommend that you choose a cozy place to pronounce these prayers, if you wish you can light a candle and an aromatic wand to complement the prayer ceremony.

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