Moorings and simple love spells with underwear

Moorings and simple love spells with underwear

The moorings with underwear, in addition to being very effective and powerful, are very simple and you will be able to see that the realization of the same the loved one is totally crushed on you and completely at your disposal and in this way nothing and nobody will ever be able to separate them. Do not stop reading this post that is very interesting and can help you if you are looking for a mooring.

Ties with underwear

First of all, we must keep in mind that underwear is an essential ingredient to make any type of love tie, since in these garments the personal energies of that person that you want to tie completely to you are totally impregnated, this time in post It will be dedicated to describing a series of moorings in which underwear is used as the main ingredient for moorings since, as mentioned above, it is ideal for love moorings.

It is important to point out that the spells or love spells where the underwear of the person who is also performing it are included can be said to be even more powerfully dominant and that twice the energy vibrations are being involved in them. Before performing any ritual for a love spell there are certain tips that you should keep in mind, pay close attention:

The first thing you should keep in mind is that both this ritual and any other should be done in total solitude and tranquility. It is essential that the moorings be done in total privacy, ideally it should be in your room or in some other place where you are totally at ease. alone and at ease, which is the most important thing so that the energies can flow in their entirety.

Finding ourselves totally alone when the spell is being performed is a way to avoid any type of interruption that could affect the result of the spell, in this way it is also recommended that moments before starting the spell, an energetic cleaning should be done. so that in this way the bad energies that can intervene in a negative way in the mooring are eliminated.

It is necessary that you get all the materials that are indicated to perform the ritual, you cannot believe that if one is missing nothing will happen or that if you replace it with another it will give the same effect, not each material has a purpose within the ritual and that is why it is paramount that all be used as directed.

At the time of performing the spell, you should be as relaxed as possible, there is no rush, we can take our time to concentrate and calmly carry out each step of the ritual and in this way we will be sure that we did everything correctly and not there is any mistake.

Positive energies must be created which are necessary for the moment of starting with the mooring, when we are with this whole process of mooring both our body and our mind are totally connected and in this way a series of energetic vibrations are usually generated which are Totally necessary for what we are doing.

We just have to keep in mind that to achieve a good result we must always be visualizing what we want throughout the spell since in this way it is possible to completely channel all the positive energies of the universe and if at all times we are thinking about what we want, we will do it. get.

All the instructions that are given to perform the spell must be followed to the letter, since it is of great importance to comply with each indication since each step has its influence within the spell and it is because of it that if we skip one or more the final result of it will not be what we want, for many spells it is indicated that they must be performed on a specific day and time and even in an indicated lunar phase.

Faith that we have during the mooring process is very important since we must be completely confident and sure that this love mooring that we are making is very powerful and effective, you must believe in yourself but above all the love you feel for that person. that you want by your side so that in this way you can throw all those positive energies into the universe and they are the ones trapped and thus a positive response is emitted.

Our intentions for which we are doing this ritual must be clear and our mind fully focused on what we are doing, so that in this way the objectives we seek to achieve are fully channeled since it is not possible that; today we have an intention today and tomorrow we change our minds and our intentions are totally different.

A lot of concentration and zero distractions are needed for the spell, our mind must be totally free of distractions and that is why the ideal is that we are 100% focused on what we are doing, that is, the love ritual, great advice What you can keep in mind is to have any electronic device turned off in this way you will not have any distractions during the process.

Although love spells are very effective and powerful, it takes a reasonable time for their effect to be seen, that is why you should not despair, be patient and do not despair, do not allow doubts to take over you because the spell can be be affected.

After all the steps to follow for the spell have been completed and you can say that the spell is complete, it is essential that you continue with your life with total normality, once the entire spell is completely ready, it is not necessary for it to continue hovering in our minds, we simply finish it and continue our lives with total normality and the spell will begin to give the results in just the right time, just as it was described in the previous point. Love spells take time, but this does not mean that they won’t work.

The materials to use

  • a mortar
  • Cumin
  • fresh jasmine
  • orange peel,
  • A photo of the man
  • Underwear of the loved one (if the garment is dirty, the tie is much more effective)
  • and a red candle
  • match oo lighter

Step by Step 

To start with love mooring, the first thing you should do is take the mortar and grind the cumin, jasmine and orange rind, once you have completely ground those elements, you are going to proceed to leave the powder that you find on the surface of the night so that the energies of the full moon fully permeate the dust.

To continue in the morning of the next day you are going to take the photograph of that loved one and you are going to wrap it with your underwear, and the powder that resulted from all the elements that you ground in the mortar you are going to sprinkle on the photo and underwear and you are going to leave it all day next to the red candle that you are going to light.

You are going to let the candle burn out in its entirety if there is any rest of it, you are going to proceed to throw it away, and the rest of the spell is going to wait for it in a safe place where nobody can find it and you will see in a short time the results of this effectiveness mooring

Tie of love with underwear to return

if you want that person you love so much to return to your side, the ideal is that you make a tie with underwear, so that this person returns with you and in this way manage to make your life again with that person and start your relationship from scratch this mooring is ideal for it. In addition to the intimate garment of that person for the mooring, urine is also ideal since it is an element with enough energetic force, that is why both elements for this ritual are essential:

The materials to use

  • 1 sheet of paper
  • 1 red pen
  •  1 green candle
  •  A few drops of your urine first thing in the morning.
  •  Match or lighter
  •  red cloth bag
  • 1 of your underwear

Step by Step 

Before starting explaining the step by step of how the tie should be made, it is of great importance to highlight that urine is not a seasoning nor does it work as an antidote that should be taken, it is simply one more ingredient for the tie, in addition to It works as an ideal conductor of energy since it is a fluid that emanates from our body and therefore is supercharged with energy:

The first thing we must do to start with the mooring is to take the intimate underwear and proceed to light the green candle and place it in front of your underwear.

It is very important that at the moment we are lighting the candle we are totally focused and keep in mind what we want, that is, we must be totally focused on that person and how much we want him to return to our side and never leave again, it takes a green candle since it helps to dissolve all the bad energies that can surround your love.

Then you will proceed to take the red ink pen and on the sheet of paper you will proceed to write the name of both, that is, your name and that of your ex-partner, and both names will be enclosed within a large and perfect heart. .

After the heart is ready with the names written inside it you are going to take the paper and you are going to place the underwear on it but first you must place a few drops of your urine on the underwear.

Followed by this you are going to take the paper and you are going to place three more drops of urine on it, then with great care you are going to fold the paper and with wax that spills the previously lit candle you are going to seal the paper.

Once you have the paper completely sealed with the candle wax, you are going to take the red cloth bag and you are going to proceed to store the paper inside it. It is very important that you take the bag and store it in your room where no one will use it. can’t even see.

Love tie for a second chance

You want to give yourself a second chance in love, this spell that you can see below is the right one for you and what you are looking for, through it we are going to ask for what we long for so much and that is to give us a second chance to love, pay a lot pay attention to the materials you will need but above all to the process of realization:

The materials to use

  • 1 undergarment
  •  1 white chalk
  •  1 photograph of the two
  • 1 glass jar with lid
  • 1 vanilla incense stick
  • Lighter or matches
  • 6 small red candles

Step by Step 

To start with the spell we are going to light the rose incense with the lighter or the matches, once the incense is lit you are going to proceed to make a kind of circles to purify the whole place where you find, we must always keep in mind How I told you in the advice in previous lines that the spells should be done in quiet places and free of distractions, so that in this way we can fully concentrate and our energies can flow.

Then you are going to take the underwear that you want to use for the spell and you are going to sprinkle it with 3 drops of essence of roses, then you are going to pass the underwear three times over the smoke that expels the rose incense, and with a strong voice and with a lot of faith and security you will repeat the following words:

Come to me, desired love. May love be part of our life. I thank the universe for it.

You must be totally focused or focused on visualizing yourself happy with the love of your life and that your entire relationship is going to go in the best way.

To continue with the spell you are going to take the glass jar and you are going to put it upside down so that it is impregnated with the smoke of the incense, followed by this you are going to proceed to place the underwear inside and cover the jar very well. You are going to leave your underwear in there all day, charging with energy and absorbing the spell.

To culminate with this effective and powerful mooring, what you have to do is put on your underwear the next day.

Love tie with intimate clothing to enliven the relationship

If lately you feel that the flame of love in your ration has gone out and nothing is the same anymore, you are afraid of losing that person you love so much, don’t worry, we are going to describe a powerful mooring to enliven your relationship:

The materials to use

  •  1 of your underwear
  •  1 pair of underwear
  • Paper
  •  Red pen
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Honey
  • 1 red ribbon
  • 1 white candle
  • Match

Step by Step 

The first thing to do is light the white candle with the match, it is essential that it is lit with a match since the energies will be affected if it is done with a lighter or also called a lighter.

To continue you are going to take the sheet of paper and inside it you are going to draw a big heart with the red ink pen, once the heart is correctly drawn you will be able to put the full name of your partner and followed by yours and this step of drawing the heart and writing their names you will have to do nine more times.

Once the previous step is ready, you are going to take the honey and you are going to pour it on the leaf and also sprinkle the cinnamon. Then you will proceed to fold the paper very carefully and while you fold it very safely and with a clear and strong voice you will repeat the following:

«I (your name) summoned the universe in his unconditional and immense love, so that (name of the couple) and I are united in true love, if it must be so it will be.»

You have to repeat this phrase a total of 7 times with the same security and always confine projected in your mind what you want so much.

To finish with the spell you are going to take the underwear and you are going to fold it in two parts, very well folded, it is important to mention that you are going to use the clothes tape to make a kind of bow and you are going to place this under your bed.

Tie of love with clothes to tie a man

You want to tie up that man you like so much and he doesn’t notice you, you don’t have to worry anymore, then you will find a very effective tie-up spell with underwear.

The materials to use

  • 1 piece of your underwear
  • Drops of your favorite perfume
  • 1 photograph of the man
  • Ground cinnamon

Step by Step

To begin, you are going to take the underwear that you want to wear in the spell and you are going to spread it out on some flat surface where you are going to perform the entire ritual. Then you will proceed to add three drops of your favorite perfume and you will form a kind of triangle on the clothes.

Inside said triangle you are going to spread the cinnamon powder, then you are going to proceed to place the photograph of this man that you are crazy because he notices you and is only yours. You are going to take a few minutes to visualize that this man is madly in love with you and that he comes to your home to declare his love for you.

Once in your mind you have visualized what you long for so much, you will proceed to repeat the following words clearly and concisely for several minutes:

“As I want to be yours, you will be mine, without any harm, if the universe wants it to be so, so it will be.”

To finish with the spell you will proceed to fold the underwear as if it were a gift, and both the ingredients and the photograph must be inside the underwear, once you have the clothes very well folded you will take the spell to your room and in You are going to keep it in a box where he cannot see it, much less touch it.

Prayer to San Cipriano for the return of your ex-partner to your life

By the strength that is given to San Cipriano and by the three souls that protect him (name of the loved one) will come dragged towards me (your name), he will come after me and super in love with much love, with great desire to come back and ask me for forgiveness and then unite as a couple and later in marriage as soon as possible.

San Cipriano, I have faith in your power so that you make him immediately forget any woman who haunts his head and once again I am the one who encompasses all his thoughts every day.

San Cipriano, stay away from… every woman who seeks to alter, that he thinks of me and looks for me now and in every moment, that he always wants to be with me, that he feels sure that I am his dream woman, that… he is not capable of living apart of me and that… he is eternally thinking and dreaming of me everywhere.

Right at this moment, whoever and wherever he is, he looks for me because his thoughts are on me.

When you rest, have dreams with me, and when you wake up you are eager to see me and in your thoughts, at every meal think of me, every step you take think of me, every and absolute thing you do is thinking of me.

That he always wants to see me, that he feels my perfume, that he touches me with affection, that… he wants to kiss me, hug me, protect me, take care of me, love me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the whole month and every year, always love me every again and be pleasant to hear my voice.

Saint Cipriano, convert… and make him feel a deep and unusual desire for me, such as no one has ever felt and no one will ever feel. That you feel comfortable only with me, that you feel desire only for me and that every part of your body is the absolute owner, that you only have peace of mind if you are by my side.

I thank you, San Cipriano, for putting my task to work and I will send a massive message to the world in your honor, as a method of payment for sweetening… and may he come in love, faithful, dedicated to me and very affectionate with the desire to feel My arms.
Pray 3 days and name it in 3 different places.

So be it, so it will be amen

Accompany the prayer with an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be, and above all, much, much faith, Saint Cipriano, and we will see how he fulfills us.

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