Prayer of despair so that you think of me now

Prayer of despair so that you think of me now

If you like the many prayers, I invite you to continue reading this article, here we will be showing you the Prayer for you to think of me now, my loved one and many more prayers, hoping that they will be of total pleasure for you.

Prayer for the loved one to desperately seek you

Getting that being that you love so much can think only of you and look for you in a very desperate way, it is not as easy as you think, but in reality there are many prayers that can make this possible, these beautiful prayers can make that being Dear, I only have thoughts for you 365 days a year, becoming your most allied companion every day of your life.

It should be noted that you must be careful what you wish for, the universe is full of many surprises, that is why you should only pray to be happy yourself or to achieve the happiness of others, but never pray to hurt others. the others, since this without realizing it can be returned to you.

Prayer to Saint Cyprian

Oh Saint Cyprian, Oh Saint Cyprian, Oh Saint Cyprian! I (your name is said) come to you today full of pain and sadness, because the man I love does not think enough of me, I seek help from you, the help that only you can give me, I want my lover to love me and I searched desperately. I want (name of the loved one) to come running into my arms, to come desperate, that he cannot control his emotions, that he needs only me, (say your full name three times) that my name and my smell enclose him in a circle where he thinks only and exclusively of me».
« Saint Cipriano, I swear to you on this day (say the date and time) that I love (here you say the full name of the person you love) with my heart, who is my peer, my love, my life, my being, I owe myself to him forever, I have been chasing him in this and other lives and today I want my love to reciprocate, your Saint Cipriano, you can do everything, my intention is of light and I know you are going to help me, I love you too much (repeat the name of the being beloved) I love you always, and I force you on this day to love me, to despair, I tie your soul to mine and condemn it to restlessness if you are not by my side».

«Saint Cipriano who thinks of me, Saint Cipriano who calls me, Saint Cipriano who looks for me and if he does not find me he despairs, Saint Cipriano who loves me well, Saint Cipriano who is the only one in his life, Saint Cipriano who night you want to have me in your arms, San Cipriano that only gets excited thinking of me, San Cipriano that the only woman he loves is me. San Cipriano that his life has no other direction than my love. Saint Cipriano who desperately looks for me today and who never goes away from me again».

When you manage to finish this sentence completely, it is the moment when you begin to think and meditate about that person, so that you begin to search desperately, try to imagine your loved one in a very desperate way so that he or she can transmit that energy through your thoughts. When you feel that you have already done all this in the correct way, start calling him and once he answers you say the following: « There are things that never leave your mind, including me, once I enter your mind never again. you can get me out.” The results of this prayer you will see immediately.

Prayers to get him to think of me

Prayers are sets of supplications made by the different believers of God, through these much can be achieved, we must bear in mind that if you want to make prayers so that your loved one is by your side, you have to consider and understand that these prayers are not some kind of tie or magic trick, but yes, they have an extraordinary power if they are performed in a very correct way and requested with faith. If your faith is much greater than you can imagine, when you pray, then you will have your loved one by your side when you least expect it.

Next we are going to show you some prayers that you must make if you want to have that person by your side, a  prayer so that he thinks of me at this moment , a prayer so that he thinks of you desperately and many more prayers. Always remembering that you must do it with a lot of faith, hope and love, so that it can come true for you.

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel 

«Powerful Saint Michael, prince of heaven and darkness, warrior of all the angels and archangels of heaven, today I approach you and put my heart in your hands to ask you for a favor. I want you to help me to always be in the mind of (here is the name of the loved one for whom it is requested) I need to be in their memories, be the solution to all their problems, that I be the only one who can heal his wounds”.

«You know what love is because you fought to save Jesus our Lord, I know that you take care of me, I know that you fill me with love, I know that you will help me, I ask you to please intercede for me, to give me your mercy. , your help, Archangel Michael, I am thirsty for your love and I want you to be the one to help me quench that thirst . This is a prayer to think of you now , so that the person you want by your side can think more centrally and return to your side.

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel so that you think and come back to me

«Dearest prince of heaven Saint Michael the Archangel, you who are the warrior among all the angels. At this moment I humbly approach you and with my hands on my heart so that you give me tranquility and peace, so that you heal my wounds. Oh! Lord of heaven, you who are next to God protector and only want love for all I ask you to intercede for me. Saint Michael Archangel, quench my thirst for love, may my love relationships be lasting and true. At this moment I ask that (name of your loved one) look at me with eyes of love, that his thoughts and his time be mine, that he only wants to be by my side.

Lord, hear my requests. My heart is pleading waiting to be worthy of your favors. That you give me a simple love, with a pure and good heart. I want to fall in love and be happy. That’s why I ask you to help me reach his heart so that it belongs to me. Amen”. I want you to please create ties between us, as strong as storms, as big as the sun, as beautiful as rainbows, as abundant as  stars , that the love we feel is strong and true and that always, always think of me .

I want these ties to be loyal, to love only me, no one but me and only me, help me so that (the person’s name is placed here) love me please Miguel , love me, love me wish, that he only look at me with love, that he think of me every day of his life, that at every hour I be his main memory. I want to be his only love. Lord of blue light, please listen to my requests, today one of your  desperate daughters speaks to you , I speak to you from the heart, I want you to make me deserve a good, simple, pure love, give me the satisfaction of loving him and making him fall in love, let me make him happy.

Help me to touch his heart little by little and to remain in it for a long time, help me to make him understand that I am his love, his only love, let no one make him happier than me. Go to his side and please Miguel I will whisper that I love him, that I love him too much and that I will be with him all my life. Amen”.

Prayer for you to think of me in the nights and in the days

«My Lord, all my devotion is for you, I ask that (in this part the name of the loved one is placed) always keep me in your mind, that I do not depart from her for a second, that at all times you find me in your thought. That he only feels affection, love and passion for me, that no one else comes to the thought of him more than me (in this part the name of the person who performs the prayer is placed). May my voice and my presence be his longing, may his thoughts be only for me as well as his feelings and goodness ».

Oh! Lord make him love me not to hold back, I wish he misses me and is by my side. That he looks for me, visits me and feels the need of me». I hope in you sir, and for listening to me, Amen». This is a beautiful prayer to think of you, that being you long for so much to be by your side. It is a beautiful prayer that you can make at any time and in whichever part you find yourself, you must make it with great faith and hope so that it becomes a reality when you least expect it.

Prayers so that the person you love always thinks of you

This beautiful prayer has the purpose that you love that person very much and you are praying, only have a thought for yourself at every moment, at every moment even when you are busy, and that in your mind no other thought passes to another person, and that he be able to look for you to create a more serious and constant relationship with you.

« Now, at this exact moment I wish that (in this part the name of the person to whom it is prayed is said) you come to me from wherever you are. That your thoughts are only for me, that in your concentration only I appear, so that you realize that you only need me in your life, so you must come to me immediately. At this moment, (here the person’s name is said again) he bows down and without pride comes to me, come or call me in a desperate way to ask me to be by your side forever. By your infinite power God.

When we are deeply in love or in love with a loved one we always want to be able to stay in his head at all times and at all times, this can be achieved, only prayers should be made so that he thinks of you desperately, that is why today I bring for you at this time a prayer that will make that being only have thoughts for you.

Prayer to the Souls in Purgatory so that the loved one thinks of you right now

«My entire devotion goes to you, I am doing all this for you my love. (In this part the name of the person is said) you are my love, my person, my whole life, I love you , I love you with my heart , I love you with my life, I love you every second, I love you every moment, think Much in me, as I think of you, be as devoted to me as I am to you. Souls of purgatory, I ask that he not be able to get me out of his mind that (again the name of the person is said) always think of me, that his mind has no rest from my memory, that he always love me more each day, that each time he breathes, he wants me by his side.

«I want to always be with him and that he wants to be with me, that during the night he dreams of me, that during the day he just waits to feel my affection , my love , put his hands in his mind so that he cannot get me out of there, that never again think of another person other than me, I want him to be with me, only with me, with no one else. That all his goodness be for me, that his love be for me, that he only loves me exclusively, that he loves me until he can’t, that he always misses me, that he always  needs me , I wish that he misses me my love, that he wants have me close, that he calls me, that he looks for me, that he visits me, that he just wants to know about me».

«Thank you souls  for listening to me, I promise you that I will always love him, that my mind will not have room for anyone else, that I will only love him, that his heart will be safe in my hands, that he will not suffer again, that he will not cry again , who will always find in me the answers to all his problems, who will love me with all the intensity of his heart. Look for me (name of the person) look for me now, I order you (again the name of the person you love) to look for me, don’t be calm until you find me, at this precise moment ( name the person again ) I order you to search, souls of purgatory, order him to search for me».

May he look for me in the sun and find me, may he look for me in the moon and find me, may he find me at night, may he dream of me, may he yearn for me, may he touch himself in my name and only in mine. That in the morning look for me and bring me your love to have it in my hands. Blessed souls of purgatory help, I love him, I want him for me, I wish him  from the bottom of my heart that he looks only for me, to stay in his thoughts forever. That in your thoughts only come to me, that you can’t think of anyone but me. May your concentration only be dedicated to me, may I always be the love of your life, Amen.»

Prayer to Santa María Padilla so that she only thinks of you

Santa María Padilla was born in July 1361, she was a noble woman, and recognized for the romance she had with King Pedro of Castile. Santa María Padilla will be from this moment your most faithful Saint and ally, since this will be the one in charge of making the person you love become a being very desperate for your love, who will want you to be the one who accompanies him or her. always accompany everyone, and who will be with you until your deathbed. To achieve this, you must pray to this Saint with great faith and in a very correct way. Below we will show you how you should do and which prayer to do:

Hail Pomba Tour María Padilla of the Seven Crossroads ! Beloved and sweet little mother, today I come to you, like a lost daughter, a daughter betrayed by love, an afflicted daughter who has a broken heart, today I come to ask you that love and despair grow in her mind and heart as the plants with water, as shadows are born from the sun, as herbs grow on earth, as rainwater is received on earth».

« That he is so desperate that he cannot control himself, that he needs me, my love, my strength, that he has no peace if it is not for me, that he has no peace if it is not for me. Mother I love him with all my being and the only thing I ask is that he loves me too and that he shows me. I am tired of living in the shadows, begging for his love, a love that I want, a love that I deserve, an incredible love that I know will be the best of my life.

« Mother I ask you that (In this part you must say the name of the loved one in full) he cannot sleep, eat or think without my memory invading him, that he needs me that he wants me to always be by his side, to the point that he despairs for looking for me and making me be there with him, I want to be present in his life, in his future, always in every step that he looks for me, that he loves me, that he needs me, that he does not find peace if it is not for me, that he does not have life if it is not for me, that he may not have peace if it is not for me».

« May the powers of Pomba help me and guide me and make sure that he thinks of me at every moment, at every moment, that he is always with me, that he looks for me in his memory, that he calls me, that he writes to me, that he looks for me and that he always finds me, when he does not find me that he despairs, that he asks for me, that he comes to my house, that he only wants me, that his thoughts are on my side all the time, I make this prayer with love , with faith and waiting for your help my little mother. (Repeat the full name of your loved one) I love you, I love you, I love you, now think of me, think of me, think of me, this and every day of your life.

Prayer to the Black Francisca Ramírez to make her think of you all the time

When we realize that we are deeply in love with a person, the only thing we want is that they also feel the same way about us, and we are totally stuck in their thoughts just as we are, but we never know how to make this come true. That is why today I bring you a great prayer which is full of great power, which will help you to make that person think of you all the time.

« Oh my Black, today I look at you, today I look for you, today I admire your beauty, today I admire your kindness, today I feel your love, I hug you and pamper you, today I become beautiful before you, regal and strong like you, today I remember you how much I love you and that I love myself, I know that because of the love we have for each other we are going to help each other, my dear black woman, I want to ask you a favor and I know that you are going to help me»

«Negra Francisca Ramírez, I am in love and lost with (the full name of the loved one is said) I know that he is my great love, that he will be forever, but he still does not know it, help me black to make him aware of that, to make him think of me every day of his life, that he never be quiet far from me, I offer you my perfume today (spray a little of your perfume in the air), and I ask you that this smell enters his nostrils and stay there for a long time, let that smell chase him and make him always think of me, I ask you to help me my black girl by your mythical power».

« I ask you to make me desirable to him, that his heart does not want anyone in his bed but me, that you draw me in his mind every second, that our memories fill his mind and he cannot concentrate on anything but me , that he imagines touching me, kissing me, desiring me, that I be his only woman, that his Paso horse is mine and that of no one else, that if there is another that takes her out of his life, that he thinks me black, please think of me» .

« Today I put my faith in you, because I know that you know how much I have suffered and how much I have needed it, I leave my dreams in your hands because I know that you will help me my black love, you are my friend and you are going to help me my black, think me Black, think me!” Amen. You should say this last part in a very strong voice and repeat it as much as you can, keeping in mind that you have to have a lot of faith for this to come true.

Prayer to Archangel Chamuel

« Powerful Archangel Chamuel, possessor of the pink flame, today I come to you a little downcast and sad but with the firm certainty that you will help me, I am in love and my heart is broken, that person is no longer there, he is gone and I want him to think in me, I want it to come back. I cry out to you, oh mighty God of love, to help me recover his love, so that it is you who guides him back to me »

« My heart is fissured, hurt today I require your help and I know that you will give it to me, I love him, I love him very much and I want him to be with me, today I ask you to believe in me and in this love, to send your angels of love to both of you and (In this part you must say the full name of the person you love) think of me, realize that leaving us was a mistake and that you want to be by my side again in this and every life, today I want to ask you to please help me so that he comes back, that he comes back and we can give our love a new direction».

« Chamuel, that he thinks of me, that he needs me, that he loves me, that we are always together, that I be the person he wants, that no one else gets into his thoughts and that I be the woman of his dreams, he is free to choose is true, but I am his best choice because I love him, because I respect him, because with me his life will be more beautiful, it will be simpler, we will support each other and everything will be fine, I am his love and I want him to be with me forever”.

« Thank you Chamuel because I know that you will help me, I know that I could not turn to someone better, love is an inexhaustible source, may your love stay with me forever and that together we can create something for life, that you think of me and that you search and that without me you will not find peace». This is a prayer that is normally made when we lose a love, becoming a greater pain for us, that is why we want that love back by our side.

This beautiful and powerful prayer will make your loved one want to return to your side and look for you desperately, it will also make that being only have thoughts for you, and feel totally sorry for having left you. It is a very beautiful prayer that you have to do with a very good intention, so that it can have a good effect on love.

Prayer to Aphrodite for the one you love, call you

To achieve that the person you secretly love can call you is a very difficult task to achieve, but it is not impossible, since there are prayers that can make this being call you in a very easy way, taking into account that you should do with faith, because if you do it without faith, then this prayer will have no value, and it will not do you any good. You must make this beautiful prayer to Aphrodite the great Goddess of love, this goddess is the most important when it comes to love, ask her to make that love call you in what you least think of.

« Oh beautiful and powerful Aphrodite, I am your daughter and with the sensuality you gave me I have managed to attract the attention of a man and I love him, but we still need to be together, today I ask you to help me finish entering his mind and that I cannot get out of it for a long time, I ask you with love to help me, that things between us turn out for the best. Aphrodite goddess is sensuality and love, I ask you to make this man think of me with the same love that I think of him.

« That in the morning when you wake up my memory is stuck in your mind, that it be there for the rest of the day, that when you open your eyes you see me. I ask you to love me during mid-morning, to remember me when you work, and that memory fill you with love, laughter and peace, that you need to talk to me and look for me to be calm, that you feel that great and strong love that I feel for him, I refuse to let him think of me, I refuse to accept that we are no longer together.

« That loneliness torments him with my memory, that being alone he needs me, that being accompanied he needs me, that if he has another woman, that this does not cause any good effect on him, that his life without me by his side, is full of suffering, pain, anguish, please only miss me. Here is Aphrodite (pick up your cell phone) here is this carrier pigeon, let him use his, to call me, to try to talk to me, let him get desperate to the point that hearing my voice is the only thing that gives him peace. Aphrodite that (name of the beloved) without (here you say your full name) cannot live and that she does whatever it takes to be by my side. Infinite thanks mother because you have listened to me»

When you finish the sentence, you have to repeat these words as much as you can so that your request is made faster, “ Let him think of me, call me, look for me, let him realize that without my love he is nothing.” You have to pray this prayer with too much faith, and it is very important that you remember that you must have your mobile device in your hand, this is done so that the phone is totally consecrated with your energy, and that person is able to call you as quickly as possible. .

Prayer to keep you in his deepest thoughts and dreams

Over the years, we have heard many stories about love, even battles have been fought in its name in the most remote times, since love is a feeling that is capable of moving every cell of the human being. When we fall deeply in love we are able to give everything with our hearts, and we always wait for that love to be reciprocated in the same way. But as time goes by we end up realizing that we are all totally different, and that some love more than others.

When we realize that we do not have the response of love that we wanted, we begin to feel a little frustrated and not loved in its entirety, it can be so painful that we can become very depressed because of it. That is why today we bring you prayers that are capable of making that loved one love you again like the first time, and the thoughts and dreams of him are only you as the first person. You can make that sentence in the following way:

love prayer

« From my heart full of love, I make a call to the powers of the first dimension,  where the true light is found and it becomes light, to knock on the doors of your heart. And may that harmonious sound gently reach your senses, enter your soul without disturbing your life,   just to reach you pleasantly and fill your heart with all my good wishes. So that you only think of me, that just being far away you cannot resist and you always want to be by my side»

« The Angels with all their power and beauty with their love and power of seduction will be on my side and on yours  (mention the name of the person) this power will be immense and irresistible for you  and in this way the Angels will keep you by my side side with a lot of strength, with a lot of love. The angels whisper my name in your ears, they will gently take your spirit and your heart in their hands, making you the most loving, affectionate, kind and receptive man of my presence with you, (mention the name of the person) you will only think of me (mention your name) always and everywhere as part of your life, as if the magic were working».

« The Angels will be the ones sent to announce my name and in this way my image lives in you  in your thoughts at every dawn and every night that are true  like the blood that runs through your veins, like the air that enters your body every second. . I wish that from this hour and from this moment, my beloved (mention the name of the person) your thoughts and all your wishes are only for me (mention your name) that you only want to look at me, hug me, be by my side, with my lips that without me your life has no meaning or happiness. You will only pronounce my name, your senses will miss me, your tranquility will be alone by my side. Nothing will make sense unless I’m by your side.”

« Anxiety takes over you, if you are without me you will need me, you will yearn  for me you will feel that you miss me, you will want to be close to me  you will feel the sweet pain of love for me inside you penetrating your soul and your emotions. Your fight will not make sense if your heart is already mine, the truth and the path are only by my side,  only together will we achieve the joy and pleasure of being together,  you will not have the strength to deny it because it is the superior energies that order it , it is your destiny”.

« In this way I decree, predict and affirm that our love must be forever  in this way my guardian angel maintains and consumes it,  you and I will be happy and what we have will be special for both». This prayer must be performed with a lighted candle, and once the prayer is finished, it begins to repeat it again up to three times so that it is more affective.

Prayer to dominate a person

Next we will show you a powerful prayer that will help you dominate that being in a matter of minutes. This prayer is addressed to the spirit of despair, in which you can invoke many dominating Saints. This prayer will help you if you are also in love with a person and you want her to feel the same way about you.

« Powerful indecisive spirit, I ask you today to help me, despair made spirit, today I invoke you, spirit of  Don Juan da Conquista  come to my aid, spirit of love, come to me, spirit of Saint John Miner, run to my aid , powerful spirit of the four winds, paths and places. Powerful and just spirit of San Marco de León, powerful and furious Santa Martha, pious Spirit of Santa Elena From  Jerusalem».

« Spirit of San Salvador de Horta, Spirit of María Cabeza, enchanting Spirit of Salvador de Horta, spirits full of goodness and benevolence, today I ask for your help, I call on you and order you to help me. Master of the five senses,  thoughts of judgment , will and living spirit, today I come to ask you to help me dominate: (name of that person) I ask the saint of this day».

« I ask the saint of the day on which this person was born and the day of the saint on which I was born. My guardian angel, his guardian angel. I conjure this candle so that there is nothing in his mind that does not involve me, that his body needs me, that his  sexual member only gets excited with me, that his head only thinks of me, that his hands only want to touch my body, that his feet only want to walk to me, that their thought, judgment and will, only be for me. Grant me spirits the power to  dominate your will , that (name of the person) only think of me, desire me and want only for him, or saints, I only ask you to help me and give me your love because I deserve it Amen.

Prayer for the loved one to return to your side

«Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, I ask you King of Kings, mirror of purity, I ask you with all my faith, that you influence (say the name of the person), so that he returns to my side and that, even if he feel very distant, think of me and feel the need to come back to me. Grant me Lord Jesus Christ my desire that I ask you so fervently and make me return. Show him the way and let him know that our happiness depends on his appearance. Amen”.

Prayer to Saint Helena

«Saint Elena, my affable queen, you who suffered an ordeal in which you suffered with three nails, three nails you brought, one for your son Constantino , another you brought from the waters of the sea, to give health and protection to the navigators, now you I ask that you give me that third party, to nail it in the heart and mind of (person you want), so that he does not have peace in his heart. I give you my body and soul, (name of the person) come to me without anything separating us, without barriers, that you want me in body, in soul, that you return humiliated, that you fall at my feet, that you ask for an opportunity to be with me, Santa Elena help me».

« Saint Elena, may your light be the one that guides me in this terrible darkness that I feel, so that every day you are the one who accompanies me, may I  come in love like the first time you saw me, I confess to you saint Elena this love, like a dog. With this powerful prayer I need to get the love of that person, who loves me, who returns to me, powerful saint, I ask you to see in us the image of your love, place this love in front of me again on our path» .

«Now dear Santa I promise you that if you bring him to my side, I will stop (here you must say something that you like very much) for a week, so that you can see that the love I feel is stronger than the vice, trusted in you dear Saint Helena, I truly trusted you and with my heart, I trusted you queen of love, I trusted you dear, I trusted our love». You must perform this prayer for two consecutive weeks, in this way you will find that that loved one returns to your side quickly.

Prayer to Queen Sayas

« Oh powerful queen of the Sayas, at this moment I ask you  to intercede and return to my side to (name of the person)  because I love him and I need him with me,   I need his presence to be able to be calm, in peace. My mind and my body are not at ease,   I need to know about him, what he is doing, where he is, if he is alright. I wish that he is always by my side   to take care of him, love him and adore  him that he is always well and loved by me.

« Today I ask you to allow me to be with him again  so that our love blossoms again  to give him everything I still have for him,  I need him to return because I do not know the reasons why he left. Remove from his thoughts everything that takes him away from me,   cleanse his thoughts and make him come back  so that together we can enjoy our lives.

« Come to my Queen of Sayas, and bring with you my loved one (the name of the loved one is said) whisper  in his ear that I need him, that he come back in search of his happiness  and mine, so that together we begin to grow again  That with me he will only have peace and tranquility  tell him that only by my side will he find the happiness he seeks so much. If he has left because of other people, make him understand that only by my side will he achieve his growth and tranquility. Erase from your thoughts any person who wants to interrupt our path to eternal happiness, may I (your name) always be in your mind and in your dreams, may every halo of your life be for me.

In this prayer you will begin to realize how everything begins to return to its place, that is why you will notice how your loved one will want to return to your side, taking into account that this is not magic, this is a prayer that is made with a lot of faith and love. With this beautiful prayer you can also ensure that abandonment does not knock on your door, since this is usually a strong and potential tool so that love is always on your side.

Prayer for two people to fight

Lawsuits are always our main companion when we have a relationship as a couple, whether for love, mistrust, children, food, parents or many other things, there are countless reasons to start a lawsuit in a relationship. There are very few relationships that you see full of a lot of happiness, where the fight is not part of their daily life, and there are couples that are of a balanced level, that is, there are fights and there is pure happiness. Many times for these reasons we can feel envy which leads us to become bad people.

There are also people who are capable of envying your relationship a lot, for such a reason that they want your loved one by their side, and are capable of doing everything possible to separate that relationship, their evil is so much that they make different prayers to achieve it. that they fight all the time, thus achieving that little by little the love they have is lost, if you are one of the people who needs one of those prayers, then I will show you how to do it:


«Today I find myself before heaven to raise my words and these are heard and in the same way reciprocated. From my heart I wish that (name of the person you want to separate) is never in contact with (name of the person’s partner), that a terrible discord arises between them and that this situation manages to separate them from the rest of their days. That they cannot have contact and if this happens, that it is not to consolidate any kind of friendly bond, that friendship is broken forever.

« From this moment I wish that my request is heard and that from this moment everything I ask is embedded in your hearts, that everything materializes soon. Together they should not be, separated is better for each one and I want to witness this separation. At this time I raise my plea to the highest and look forward to my request being fulfilled through the power of my faith. Amen”. As time goes by you will begin to see how these couples will begin to fight in a very noticeable way for all the people around them.

This is a prayer full of evil, which we must avoid doing and always remember that every bad thing that we can wish for another person is going to come back to us at any time in life, if you today feel that you have to do evil to someone. someone, well, I invite you to reflect again, to think about it deeply if this is really what you really want. Remember that only God knows how he does things, and we are just simple servants of him, focus on more important things, on things that are really valuable.

Do not feel hatred or envy towards others, and always have a positive mind about things, value yourself every day that passes, do not waste your time on insignificant things, fight, strive and be brave. If you consider yourself an intelligent person, I invite you to really fight for what is important, for your goals and your future, do good so that you always receive good. God is the only one to be able to change man.

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