Dreams About Hummingbird: Meet the change of life!

Dreams About Hummingbird: Meet the change of life!

The Legend of the Hummingbird will surely mark a before and after in your life, if you do not know it, this is the opportunity to know about it, and how this beautiful bird can influence our lives through its legend. We invite you to learn about the Legend of the Hummingbird.

Hummingbird Magic Bird

As we know the hummingbird is a small bird but with great strength, all of us who have had the opportunity to observe a hummingbird near us have been able to appreciate the vivid and iridescent color of its plumage, the speed of its flight, the control of it no matter what speed it flies at, it can ipso facto stop.

It uses its anatomy to reach its delicious nectar from the most remote place of the flower, without damaging the flower that feeds it, on the contrary, the flowers receive it with gratitude since it is a bird that contributes to pollination, therefore, it helps to the permanence of the species on which it feeds. It is an endemic bird of the American continent, so we can find it living in total freedom from the lakes of Alaska to the incredible and distant Tierra del Fuego.

Another of its characteristics is that its heart beats so fast that there is no other living being until now that reaches the number of beats per minute of a hummingbird, which are more than a thousand and its wings move more than 90 times per second, this allows them to perform a perfect flight, to hover and remain static, to fly backwards, they dominate the air in an extraordinary and unique way.

As we can see, the hummingbird is a species with qualities that inspire stories, myths and legends, for its colourful beauty and way of living with its environment, for its contribution to the balance of nature and maintenance of life on the planet.

Within cultures, the hummingbird, also known as the hummingbird, is considered a magical and divine being, it is also known as one of the animals of power. Now that we know a little more about this wonderful and mystical bird, we are going to learn about the beautiful legend that arises from it, about the conception of life and death.

The legend of the hummingbird

This beautiful legend has its origin in the Mayan civilization, which called the hummingbird ts’unu’um, it tells us that the hummingbird was born from the light dust of the jade stone that a Mayan Indian blew when he carved the first arrowhead, when I blew it the dust flew in the wind. The hummingbird was born from the good intention of people and acquired all the manifestations of the energy of the universe, it is a messenger that brings us good wishes and carries our thoughts.

The legend of the hummingbird also tells that when people die, the soul of those who departs to that other essence, gently detaches from their body, the gentle breeze lifts it and then allows it to fly placidly and freely until it chooses a beautiful flower, to protect yourself.

That flower will serve as a shelter, and from there you will see the days and nights go by, receiving the rain and protecting yourself from the wind with the petals that protect it. The Legend of the Hummingbird says that the flower allows the soul to purify itself, the perfume itself and connect with the land where it was born.

That is why the hummingbird is associated with the souls that take refuge in the flowers, it brings its messages of good omen, good wishes, of the love they feel for those of us who still remain on this plane. When we see a hummingbird and remember someone who is no longer with us, it is the message delivered and our thoughts will be carried by the hummingbird and delivered to our loved ones.

After knowing this beautiful legend, your life will have changed, you will no longer see the hummingbird just as a beautiful bird, but as the greeting of the soul of a loved one, who came to visit us. This will comfort his soul, he will know that he is protected and that the good omen accompanies him on his way.

Personally, I have had pleasant experiences with this beautiful and tiny bird. It always allows me to recognize the soul of my parents. I bless them and send them my unconditional love. I can feel their presence in that hummingbird that visits me.

On one occasion two hummingbirds entered my house without any fear, they walked through it as if remembering all the good things that we lived in it, when they left, I could not help but have a smile on my face and my soul felt light as the flight of the hummingbird. I am sure that from now on, the presence of the hummingbird will not go unnoticed, it is a very special bird that brings us the memory, messages and love of our loved ones and brings ours to them.

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