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Virgin Of Juquila: History, Importance And More

“La invocation” deals with the names that pay homage to the Virgin Mary by Catholic followers. One of the virgins that is given dedication is the Virgin of Juquila or Our Immaculate Lady of Juquila. That by the manifestation of it is considered of great importance in the history of Mexico. Giving rise to her own place of worship or pilgrimage, festivals for her veneration, seeking through prayer to the Virgin of Juquila the spiritual renewal of people thanks to this virgin.

Virgin of Juquila

The patron saint of Mexico is the Virgen de la Juquila , her name comes from the population that has the same name, Juquila. Precisely in the city of Santa Catarina Juquila is her sanctuary, in the state of Oaxaca, in Mexico. This virgin represents a great devotion in the country and especially in the state in which she finds herself due to her powerful prayer to the Virgin of Juquila and the miracle that occurred in it.

She has a total of 2 million faithful followers making her one of the three primordial virgins of Mexico. And that on December 8 the festival of the Virgin of Juquila is held to commemorate in all aspects. Her story must be taken into account, since she is rich in tales of miracles and it is important to understand her in order to know and appreciate her.

This virgin has the second place as patron saint of the state of Oaxaca. She won’t have the top spot for her but she is so important to her people, so much so that they rally around her no matter what her obstacles are. She remains as the first patron saint of the city, the Virgen de la Soledad.

Origin of the city of Santa Catarina Juquila

It all started in the year 1272 when inhabitants of the Mixtec region, who are one of the oldest inhabitants of Mesoamerica until the Spanish conquest of Mexican territory, moved to the banks of an abundant river, which provided a good environment in conditions suitable for for life to unfold, which was populated and today is known as Juquila.

The city in 1526 was a place of vassalage, in which a vassal had a labor relationship with some noble or lord. And this is assumed because they are facts or stories told by the same people from there, whether they are elderly people, who pass from one generation to another. Perhaps this can be considered true.

In 1725 the city received the most notable title of the moment for the impact exerted by the Catholic religion in Mexico, it was to be the municipal heading and political district for the important religious events that were witnessed in the said city, related to the Virgin of Juquila .

Fray Jordan of Santa Catalina

He is an important character for the origin of the city since it bears the name of said lord. A native of Castañar, in Spain, of humble origins, he was baptized and received the name of Cristóbal, he was orphaned at an early age, therefore he did not have the resources to pay for his studies, the love for the Catholic religion was implemented from childhood thanks to his grandmother who made him pray with her every evening.

He learned to read from a man who paid him for his services as a worker, learning to read and write. He decided to have a career in the Catholic Church since he lived a life full of injustices and unfortunate events on the street due to his high poverty condition. He just asked for the apprenticeship of the Dominicans, in which he was gladly accepted.

In the first year studying, he was given the name of Jordán de Santa Catalina for his devotion in the profession, he did not disagree for having received such an honor. At the end of his studies in the church he began with philosophy and with a part of the theology career but he did not finish the latter until some time later because the opportunity arose to make a trip to Mexico.

In the year 1552 he became a priest and some time later his superiors in the clergy sent him to the state of Oaxaca. Here everyone realized the aptitudes he had, such as his understanding or abilities, as well as the virtue of holy faith towards religion, and he was appointed novice teacher.

Pioneer in terms of the service of the Catholic Church in the state of Oaxaca. His life was dedicated to spreading his knowledge to those most in need, so that they feel the emotion that filled him when he preached the word of God. The story of Jesus Christ and his purpose in the world as he got his for him.

His greatest contributions went to the indigenous people in the area for their initiation into the religion and that they will seek to follow it. Fray Jordán died on February 6, 1592, he became a historical symbol in the hearts of the people, so much so that his clothes and his memories are still preserved in the city.

History of the Virgin of Juquila

Always to know something well, whatever it is, history is paramount, otherwise it loses meaning, foundations and even faith. In the year 1854, specifically on December 8, Pope Pius IX decreed a Catholic dogma. They are principles of God that are considered true and cannot be questioned.

Named ” Ineffabilis Deus ” it proclaims that the Immaculate Conception affirms that the Virgin Mary is the only one to achieve freedom from original sin . So any effect of this would not matter for the merit of giving birth to her son Jesus Christ from her. The Virgin of Juquila is not the exception to the rule since she is an invocation of this, the good thing is that she does not fall short of history.

In 1552 a man named Fray Jordán de Santa Catalina. He was in charge of converting indigenous people to Christians, he preached the word of Jesus Christ and therefore he worked for the kingdom of God, which made him travel constantly and he was considered to be a Dominican friar.

This did not mean that Mr. Jordán had a lot of money, since when he had to return home he did not have this resource to pay his employees. Specifically, to a humble peasant who was an Indian from Amialtepec who had great appreciation for him since he educated him religiously and he had learned the Catholic religion very well.

So, as payment, he was rewarded with the image of the Immaculate Conception that was carved in the country of Spain, measuring 30 cm and 4 cm thick. At the moment of saying goodbye to her, he told her that he had to treat her as he had taught her, to venerate her. The Amialtepec Indian did not take long to fulfill the promise and took the image to his Jacal, from his place of origin.

Where the neighbors of these also went to pay veneration and it was little by little, that it was expanding from their community to the point that people from various regions went to see it, each one of them being guided by their spirituality about their needs and the most were answered.

The news of the image of the virgin reached the ears of a priest, Don Jacinto Escudero, who moved the holy image to the temple as a precaution, since mistakes could be made towards it as it was so unprotected. Being in the temple the number of people who went in search of her, increased considerably, especially pilgrims.

Miracle of the Virgin of Juquila

It was the year 1633 and winter was latent in the community. It is because it was decided to burn the grass of the fields that were dry. So that in spring the grass grew so green and the cultivation of varieties of fruits, vegetables, vegetables such as corn that was what the town was characterized with and even for the cattle at that time. The tragedy occurred when the fire spread towards the town due to strong winds. Leaving the temple where the image and the town are protected as a result of the fire, in ashes.

The miracle happened at the moment when the inhabitants approached after the terrible fire passed, hoping that something was not touched by the fire, since it took most of the houses in the area. Pleasant was the surprise when realizing that the chapel where the holy image of the clean and pure conception was practically intact. This event is known as the Great Miracle of the Virgin.

As a result of what happened, they transferred the image to the closest pilgrimage called Santa Catarina Juquila, which is why this virgin bears the name of Juquila. In the vicinity of the church there is a waterfall, which leads to a path to a cave. In this it is said that people who go with faith have seen it there. The water produced by the waterfall is miraculous and any request made to it with sincerity will be fulfilled.

 Characteristics of the Virgin of Juquila

The Virgin of Juquila is the Virgin Mary. And since this she has her well highlighted characteristics, at least on her face, such as sadness and anguish. This is due to when her son Jesus Christ was crucified and she was represented in that way when she was seen being helpless at the foot of the cross.

As for the Virgin of Juquila , she is not far behind since in her eyes she is assimilated with an intense and sorrowful gaze. Many of her wanted to change her skin tone, which is darker due to the indigenous culture of the area, but after much analysis, they considered that their culture was better reflected in the virgin. She shares a certain resemblance to another virgin from Jamiltepec but this one is white.

The physical way in which he dresses is with a tunic, which the mantle covers the shoulders and falls, he wears a crown. Her long black hair is spread over her dress, hands are joined before her chest as if she is praying. She has a variety of dresses with an extensive amount of soft colors but the main ones are white, blue and pink. Her embroidery is mostly gold with beautiful small stones that complement it.

The dresses should never wear such bright colors since she is a virgin and the identities of these are purity or chastity, not extravagance. A curious fact would be that at the time of the festivity of the Virgin of Juquila, on its novena. The changes of dresses in the virgin daily are expected since they represent her change, just like the requests we make to her on the date of her celebration.


The novena is a practice that is carried out with great fervor or veneration, which is carried out for nine days and during this time the people who practice it have to ask to obtain something in exchange for it. It must be taken into account that when this act is carried out, faith, commitment and determination are key for the novena to be successful.

When the novena to the Virgin of Juquila is exercised, most of the faithful believers in it, do it before the patron saint celebration of the virgin. This does not mean that you cannot do it at any time other than that, because you may be going through a bad situation or you urgently need divine intervention.

Whether it is not for any of these things, you can still do it for a common good that is not for you. Everyone needs an act of good faith, even praying for them. It is very important to have dedication to this, there are nine consecutive days. And devotion is paramount, if you really feel that this is what you believe and respect, do it. God and the Virgin of Juquila will listen to your prayers if you believe in her, faith has no claudication date only if you give it to her.

The prayer for the novena

Pious Virgin of Juquila, I kneel before your presence in favor of your miraculous son, Jesus Christ. I ask you mother, your blessed mercy, and may God be my redeemer. We implore your enormous divine grace of protection. So that in our hour of getting to death, we may be blessed by the almighty.

Our Lady of Juquila, help us to obtain God’s salvation. Mother of our Jesus Christ, sovereign of the catholic church. We beg you for uniformity and the expected harmony. Before the sight of all my fellow men I bow before your figure. Make the world a better place, full of peace and free from the harshness of life. Succumb to your blessed love and compassion, divine mother of us all.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila

Each religion is different and that is respected but what most of them have in common is to pray. It is practically something basic that we should all do. But that is only considered when you are going through difficult situations or to ask based on the needs of the person.

Praying gives the power of faith, of hope, of love. What is the most important thing, to pray when everything is fine and to continue praying for it to continue like this, that is a blessing. This will affirm that you not only resort to prayer in bad times but that you implement them for everything, that is joy in all its expression.

Prayer, as already mentioned, has power, which we attribute to ourselves and which are heard by them when our faith is unlimited. The Virgin of Juquila has a variety of prayers depending on the occasion. But you don’t necessarily have to follow them since the best prayer is the one that comes from the bottom of the soul, without reservations, without guides, just following your heart.

Many people believe that praying is for people who do not look for their things on their own. As if they will be satisfied that suddenly everything will be solved by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit. But this is not true, although we cannot see it, it does not mean that divine entities do not exist and that they see, hear, feel the events that occur in everyday life. Rather, they give opportunities for our prayers to come true.

These are the following prayers of the Virgin of Juquila (If you think you can pray another prayer apart from those that are going to be mentioned below with the Our Father or the Hail Mary at the end):

Prayer to the pilgrims

my mother Virgin of Juquila that with you my hopes are higher, for you life has meaning and you guide it. Protect us from all evil that comes. From this earthly world that the sins, the suffering and the injustices are distributed. If you see that we run to those hardships, enlighten us and save us with your divinity my mother. We implore you to protect us, us pilgrims, find the best paths and accompany us on our journey.

Protect those who need it most, who do not have enough to support themselves, and give back what is taken from them. Guide us through the time that allows us to have life. From sins cut our ties to them and from any of them (Then immediately make a request). Thank you, our Lord, and to the Virgin of Juquila for the fulfilled requests.

Your prayer for miracles

Praise be to you! Virgin of miracles, your very mother of Jesus. That you suffered from the pain, the anguish of seeing your son fall into the hands of death, of losing him. Only so that later you wrapped yourself in the joy of knowing that he came back from the dead, his resurrection. I implore you, blessed mother of all of us, to ease the pain caused.

I ask you blessed mother to eliminate suffering. And in front of your feet I bow so that, your will raised me up, with your love heal me. blessed mother. We strongly implore you to bless us with your blessing. Fill the empty spaces of us with your peace. Give us strength before adversity and heal our hardships before God our father.

Our lord, save the sovereign and mother. Miraculous Virgin of Juquila give us peace and teach us Jesus Christ. 

Prayer for difficult situations

Blessed Virgin Mary sacred you are for all women. We implore you blessed mother to fill with your light the families of all our brothers and mine. I implore you for the well-being of: (Here we add, in this part of the sentence, the name of a specific person or several, who are in serious health conditions. Make sure it is the full name). Bless him with your sacred compassion, mother of all, blessed you are the mother of Jesus, son of God. We implore you to hear our prayers and give us your blessing. 

Prayer to get a job

Our Virgin of Juquila, mediator in the face of problematic situations that arise, help me to be able to see the opportunities to have a job. Where it makes me feel especially connected to my humanity. And may my beloved family never lack anything in any circumstances, bad or good, of life itself. That I can maintain it despite the adversities that come my way and the people who come to me with bad intentions.

Even that I continue and improve my qualities or aptitudes in my work, always with my health and my will, intact. And that as time passes, little by little, to be useful to the people around me and to those who need it. Affiliate your blessed mediation for being related to the holy family, of which your kinship is the most important and I promise to expand your divine devotion in gratitude for your help. Amen

Prayer for spouses and family

Mother: Help us to have a home free from hardship with your blessed love, guide us on your heavenly path. You who can see it, give us the intelligence so that there is understanding among all. May peace endure and enmity have no space as we are blessed by you. Without selfishness, your teaching allows us to share. Having between us everything solved and thank you forgiven so that resentment does not blind us.

Being so united by your love that abandonment is not an option. May we implore you every day so that our days are better, with dedication and sacrifices for the common good. That at night the union between the spouses is greater. For you that our lives are intertwined and that they continue like this. From that bond that the children we seek follow in the footsteps of your guide, help us to educate them in your wisdom. Through difficult situations, comfort be present.

Love overflows so much to love and respect you as it should. And may happiness also make an appearance every day in our house. That together with God when looking for us on the great day, we are welcome in his grace.

prayer for love

Sacred Mother, your fervor and love towards us is as big as the world and infinite as the universe. She guided me before you blessed mother so that you guide me in your love and that those who are neglected take shelter in your power and your sacred compassion, she occupies my whole being with your blessing and enlighten me with your peace.

God save the sovereign mother, Virgin of Juquila , my mother. She grants your support and spiritual benevolence, to give us your love, unification and teach us Jesus Christ. Amen.

pontifical coronation

Before talking about this wonderful event, you have to have an idea of ​​what the pontifical coronation is. It is an act of expression towards God and Mary that highlights faith in the heavenly kingdom, in the eternal life that was promised to us, and the compassion or mercy that our Lord has for us. In this process, the crown of said virgin has to be blessed with several specific prayers and said virgin is dictated as the lady and patron.

In February 2014, it was known about the pontifical coronation of the Virgin of Juquila, with the permission of Pope Francis. Which is already counted as a historical fact for religion and above all for the image of clean and pure conception in Mexico. On the occasion of “Mary model and guide on the path of faith.” This, more than anything, was due so that the followers of this virgin and those who did not find the path of peace and reconciliation that the Catholic Church always tries to promote.

On October 8, the coronation of the Virgin of Juquila took place . For what was finally counted as one of the 26 coronations of the images of the virgin that Mexico has. Carried out by Bishop Christophe Louis Yves Georges Pierre, on behalf of Pope Francis, due to his position as apostolic nuncio, it is in charge of being a diplomatic entity of the holy church throughout the world. He was accompanied for the coronation by the Archbishop of Oaxaca, Monsignor José Luis Chávez Botello.


Precisely at 12:00 am at night, the welcome of December 8 of each year is expected. In which the feast of the Virgin of Juquila is celebrated . This party is full of typical music from the area, especially from the mornings or the songs made to this virgin. Their traditional animated dances and everywhere you look everything is very colorful.

It is one of the most important festivities in Mexico, although it should be noted that it is surpassed by the religious celebrations of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos, leaving the Virgin of Juquila in third position.

The festival of the Virgin of Juquila , even begins to be organized from November to the date already mentioned. That is why people come from before from all nearby places such as Puebla and Chiapas to the sanctuary in the city of Santa Catarina Juquila, state of Oaxaca.

Of caravans full of living flowers, motorized with the  images of the Virgin of Juquila and there are even people who cross mountains, rivers and regardless of climate change, tremble, thunder or lightning. Just to be able to see said virgin, commemorate and ask about her needs, that says a lot about this celebration.

On these dates it is important to go to mass, share with the community, try the typical dishes and attend the events that are planned in advance. At the end of this celebration, most of the people who come from various places bring images or carved structures of the Virgin of Juquila to their relatives.


This virgin is visited by thousands of people a year from many parts of the world at her sanctuary. On the day of her pontifical coronation, more than 7,500 people attended to witness this historic act. And that has more than 2 million faithful believers in her miracles.

People do and undo just to attend to see it. She is so fond of her that she is called by various nicknames, but the most common is Juquilita . They also represent her as the miraculous virgin. Simply, the Virgin of Juquila cannot be overlooked just by having thousands of affirmations from people who say that she works miracles, regarding her requests.

Importance of virgins in religion

Religion is based on fundamentals that give structure around an entity superior to the human being, which in most cases is influenced by where you come from, this does not mean that you have to agree with those beliefs.

The important thing about it is to be fully aware of the religion we are getting into. Such as Catholic, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism can be followed with the account. You need to feel so comfortable believing in some of them, inspired as they govern the behavior or customs of your life.

But in the case of Catholicism, we have the virgins, commonly it would be the Virgin Mary. She who gives us comfort and provides such deep hope when we find ourselves in this life full of difficulties or adversities. It should be noted that all the virgins are the very Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

And that the other virgins around the world such as Guadalupe, Fatima, Coromoto, among others. They have a different name because of the place where the Virgin Mary is manifested or where her miracle occurs. That is why during history there have always been reports of the various virgins and their importance.

It is that they consider her as a divine being, pure and chaste. Since she was the only woman in history who was a virgin before, during and after being the mother of Jesus and for that alone she already has a great impact on societies and especially in the Catholic religion she is a prominent figure.

Throughout the world, the Virgin Mary and her manifestations are celebrated in their respective places around the world, in different ways, customs that make each celebration of the Virgin and the corresponding dates unique. They also differ in the way they represent each virgin, for example: dresses of other colors, skin tone, facial structure, among others.

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