Prayer of The Mighty Hand for the Difficult

Prayer of The Mighty Hand for the Difficult

In this article you will be shown and taught everything related to the miraculous Prayer of the Powerful Hand , which is capable of getting you out of any type of negative situation that you are going through in life, so that the paths of love are opened for you. , work and happiness, this as long as you pray with great faith and conviction, faithfully believing that all your prayers will be heard, attended and conceived.

Effective Prayer to The Powerful Hand

The Powerful Hand prayer , as its name indicates, is very strong and it is also very effective at the same time, therefore, it requires great responsibility and commitment without forgetting that it must be carried out with great faith and conviction, because unfortunately there are cases where they show no real belief, so the sentence has no effect and is passed over.

It is very important that if you pray this prayer that you believe in how true and powerful it is, so that during your prayer it will guide your voice and help you so that all your prayers and needs are heard and fulfilled before the Most High. When carrying out this type of prayer, spiritual strength is essential, since without it all the power it possesses will not manifest.

This prayer can be performed for various purposes and to make different requests, although it is usually done especially in difficult cases, to keep toxic and malicious people away from you or due to sentimental or economic problems.

Guide to the Mighty Hand Prayer

Anyone who wants to make a request for the prayer of the powerful hand must pray it for 15 continuous days, although the vast majority of devotees who have made it say they get what they ask for after 8 or 10 days, but even so it is recommended to follow it praying until the required 15 days are completed even though you already have your request fulfilled.

“Here I come with the faith of a Christian soul to seek mercy in such an anguished situation for me.”

«Do not forsake me and the door that opens is your powerful hand that wants to open in my way, be your powerful hand, the one that closes it so as not to enter it, if it does not suit me or leave it open for me if it has to return my long-desired peace of mind.”

«At your feet I leave this plea, which makes you a soul forced by destiny to great sufferings that you can no longer fight, if your powerful hand does not stop the law of reason. (here the request is said) My God, forgive the mistakes I have made during this existence, which I am facing, give me the strength to endure the bitterness of my life. Amen”.

Image of the Mighty Hand

The subject of this image of devotion was painted towards the end of the 19th century, it comes from a Christian iconography of great antiquity and long duration. At that time, the images of the Virgin, Christ or the saints brought from Europe since the 16th century, were frequently adapted locally for the citizens in the pictorial representations made in the American continent. Over time, regional adaptations ended up possessing a wide and varied visual repertoire. Such is the case of how this small oil painting titled The Powerful Hand appeared, which currently belongs to the Arocena collection, thanks to a very generous donation from an individual.

In tradition, the powerful hand is shown as a giant hand, facing forward with the fingers fully extended, while on the palm is shown a stigma (a wound, made by a nail) which represents the hand of the crucified Christ. This in turn symbolizes the manifestation of the five powers at the same time, where each finger of the hand represents Saint Joachim, Saint Anne, Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary and Jesus, while the symbol of the seven lambs that drink from the blood of Christ, derives from the Apocalypse of Saint John while in turn is related to the symbolic language of the Eucharistic allegories. 

Its temporality cannot be deduced exactly, since the production of this type of painting was extremely abundant from the 19th century, around 1880, since it declined significantly during the following century. The name of the painter is also unknown, which is not strange, because on many occasions in those times, this type of work was not signed, so we can assume that the work was acquired by a direct commission or it could have been bought from a more or less established and reputable picture painter.

In either of the 2 cases, if we do not take a closer look at the powerful hand , we notice that the author applied oil painting with great delicacy and skill, while at the same time incorporating complex symbolic elements, coming from iconographies dating back to ancient times. very old, something that not just any painter can do.

The best prayers to the Powerful Hand

Since you now know what the powerful hand is, we will share with you a large number and variety of powerful prayers of love, to attract, keep by your side the person you love so much or move away someone you no longer want to be in your life and You can even attract good luck and / or ward off all the bad.

Prayer of the Powerful Hand to attract the loved one

Next you will know and learn the effective and miraculous prayer of the Powerful Hand with which you can attract to you, that special person that you like so much and yearn for with all your heart, since with this prayer you will get that person you love so much to begin to think permanently of you and even try to find you in different ways to be with you.

“In this precious moment I invoke the mighty hand of God
to come into harmony with me and my spirit.

I come surrendered and humiliated before your feet, asking for mercy
so that you grant me the incomparable Powerful Hand to offer
me your help and protection in this difficult situation that I am facing.

I need your help blessed powerful hand so that
(name your love)
fall madly in love with me

You who with your power can do everything, I need you to dominate all your thoughts
so that she / he can only think of me.

Blessed powerful hand, I need you to tie her up and guide her to me so
that she comes humiliated/and in love/or surrendered at my feet.

Let it be your powerful hand, the one that guides his steps so that he crosses paths with me
and let it be your powerful hand, the one that indicates the path that I must also follow
so that in your most holy name we can both coincide .

Blessed powerful hand, you who can do everything
Allow  (name of your love) to go crazy for me
that when he goes to bed, and when he wakes up his thoughts are for me.

Make him want to see me, listen to me, and smell
me that he wants my body as much as I want his
I have always left my problems in your powerful hand

That is why I bring you this sincere plea, because I know that
to heal and to achieve, what only the dead achieve.

That is why what I want to ask you today, blessed powerful hand
is the hand that can guide me, to live my love with  (name of your love)

Do not allow any kind of evil to reach us

Separate us from falsehoods, deceit and lies
with the power of your mighty hand

Guide me so that I can also help my neighbor
and stay away from the bad path.

Your blessed powerful hand, make me get the truth
and get me the love of (name your love)  so that my heart has peace. Amen”.

Prayer for the impossible and difficult cases

The following is a prayer to the Powerful Hand for impossible love, although it will also help you get the luck and enlightenment you need to solve any kind of problem you find yourself in. This prayer is very popular among believers, so much so that it has become traditional for many peoples, especially in the Caribbean. It is worth mentioning that before making this prayer you must have a picture of the Powerful Hand at hand every time you pray the prayer, which lasts for 15 continuous days.

«Here I come with the faith of a Christian soul to seek mercy in such an anguished situation for me. Do not forsake me and the door that wants to open in my way, be your powerful hand, the one that closes it so as not to enter it, if it does not suit me or leave it open for me if my long-desired peace of mind is to return.

At your feet I leave this plea, which makes you a soul forced by destiny to great suffering that you can no longer fight, if your powerful hand does not stop the law of reason. My God, forgive the mistakes that I have made during this existence, which I am facing, give me the strength to endure the bitterness of my life. Amen.”

Prayer to the Mighty Hand to drive a person away

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel the need to get away from a person permanently and you want a person to get away, here is a prayer that you should pray for 3 days in a row, and that problem you have will disappear from your life forever. complete.

«Blessed Powerful Hand of Jesus Christ, you who can do everything
, you who always help people in the
most difficult moments of our lives, that is why
at this moment, I resort to your presence, so that it is
you putting your powerful hand in me sentimental life, because
the truth is that I want to distance a person from her, and not because I don’t feel anything, but because I love him so much
that I don’t want to hurt him more than I can do him, I say this sir, because I know how I am , and because
sooner or later, I will end up moving him away from my path, be your sir, putting the exact words in my
mouth, to be able to do things as they have to be, so that that person leaves without pain, and to
that in his life, he does not hold a grudge against me, so that he can find someone totally better, and that
at all times, make him happy, I know a powerful hand that you can help me in this request,
because I know that you can do everything, or also, be you making me change my attitude, be you
allowing me not to move people away from my path, when I am beginning to love them, help me
Lord, because this is something difficult, I know that with your help, I can overcome calmly, but only
if you are by my side, because with your hand, I can get out of problems, thank you once
again for listening to me, I ask you to fulfill my request, in the name of Jesus. Amen”.

Prayer of the Powerful Hand to attract good luck and ward off all the bad

This prayer must be performed for five days in a row to have the effect you want, it is extremely powerful and in addition to helping you solve your hardships and bring you the best of luck in every way, it can also provide you with the best protection and help. as long as you do it with devotion and a lot of faith.

Oh! Powerful Hand, I come to you at this time to ask for your divine mercy, in you I place my hopes and in you I place my faith, because you are great, you are strong, you are powerful and you are always present in the face of needs.

Oh! Powerful Hand, you who represent divine power, give us security and grant us immense benefits, take me and protect me under your protection every day of my life.

May your great power take away all my anxieties and everything that oppresses me, especially when suffering and sadness touch my heart, when problems and needs want to take over me.

Do not allow evil to take over me and my loved ones, keep me away from anyone who wants to hurt me, make me invisible in their eyes, keep away all envy and evil, take away jealousy, rage, selfishness, grudges and betrayal and with great humility and faith I request before you, that you help me to have good luck so that prosperity comes to me.

I pray to my Almighty Father, to bless me and forgive all my offenses and sins. I wish no one or do harm to anyone, I just want you to send harmony in my home, health, luck, love and prosperity, I want hatred, any bad thoughts, malicious people to move away from it and send the infinite space to all my enemies.

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