Meet the Wonderful Prayers for Love

Meet the Wonderful Prayers for Love

Love is usually a difficult subject for many people, motivated by this today we bring you the Miraculous Prayer for Love , in addition to a collection of prayers dedicated to helping those people who have difficulty finding their other half, We invite you to read this article for more information.

What are Prayers for Love?

It is common to find prayers and prayers which are addressed to a saint or a deity, we leave it in the hands of these entities to fulfill our request or intercede before God the father so that this prayer is fulfilled. Taking this into account, we could consider that love prayers and spells are not far from each other. What do they have in common? because both are a petition full of faith and hope that we launch to Almighty God so that he fulfills it.

In the following article a series of prayers and prayers will be related, these have already been used previously by people who have needed help in love, these prayers could be considered simple, they can be practiced at all times and at all times, the more faith there is in the heart of those who practice these will be fulfilled, it should be noted that you cannot use the power of a prayer to manipulate or harm a person, so you have to be careful with what you ask for.

Powerful Prayer to Saint John

Powerful Saint John, you who were so skillful and are known as the patron saint of conquests in love, help me enter and stay in the thoughts and in the five senses of

(The name of the person we want to love us is placed in this part)

That he/she only has eyes for me

(In this part of the sentence goes our name)

Do not stop thinking about me; love me, that his mind and his heart are only mine. And that, if he were to leave my side, he would have no peace other than coming back to me. So be it.

It ends with the prayers of three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.

Sentence Analysis

The purpose of this prayer is to ask Saint John to intercede for us so that the person we love corresponds to us, it can be seen that in this prayer the personal qualities that he had at the time of conquering are recognized and therefore his help is requested. In addition, it is also requested that if the relationship ends, it can be repaired.

The ancient Prayer to the Goddess of Love

Oh! Great goddess of love, you who kindly intercede in the hearts of mortals, I invoke your light so that

(In this part of the sentence the name of the loved person is placed)

be always by my side to enjoy eternally together. Likewise, that with your powers of infinite love you bring

(In this part of the sentence the name of the loved person is placed)

soon by my side

For this prayer, a photograph of the person you love and for whom the prayer is being made is required, a red candle must be used and there must be no other lights on.


You can see how this sentence takes more work than the previous one, motivated by the fact that it requires certain clothing, in this case a red candle and a photograph. As in the previous prayer, it must be taken into account that no prayer, however effective it may be, will be taken into account if it affects someone else, the power of prayer is for pure heart desires, it is not to ask for things bad towards other people.

Prayer to San Cipriano to recover a love

Oh! Venerable Saint Cyprian, who with your infinite power intercedes so that the love of (In this part of the prayer the name of the person for whom you are praying is placed) return to me asking for and imploring forgiveness to return to me again imploring love. . In his prayers he will ask me (In this part of the prayer the name of the person who performs the prayer is placed) to return to that beautiful relationship we had. Beloved Saint Cipriano keep away from the path of (In this part of the prayer the name of the person for whom you are praying is placed) the women who want to separate us and try to get in our way. May only by my side find happiness and never want to leave.

Reflection and analysis

This prayer to San Cipriano can be seen that more than to fall in love, it is for that loved one to return to us, in other words, there had to be a relationship prior to the use of this prayer, it can be seen that the prayer not only asks that the loved one returns, but also asks that this person return to us crawling repentant for what he did, therefore, this prayer must be used not with a heart full of rancor, but with a heart ready to forgive.

Prayer to San Marcos de León to tame the couple

Evil man, cruel man, you who will put your knee on the floor next to your beard, because before you saw the light in this world, the ejido saw it, who, although dispossessed, gave me his unconditional encouragement. I invoke San Marcos de León to tie your hands and feet to tame the heart of

(In this part of the prayer goes the name of the person for whom we pray)

in the same way that you calmed the beasts of the mountain, calm down and attract my

(In this part of the prayer goes the name of who is praying)

so that he cannot be separated and that only by being by my side he finds peace.

About this prayer

It can be seen that this prayer is used so that the loved one for whom we are praying, lowers his guard a little and is not so dominant, instead, the one who will dominate will be the one who is performing this prayer, particularly this prayer would be used in case of already being in a sentence, but it does not serve to dominate other people, in other words, it only applies to your partner, it does not apply to third parties.

Prayer to Saint Anthony for love

Oh, majestic and potent Saint Anthony. Whom God chose as our intervener in our anguish and despair of our lost material wealth, today I come to you so that you can help me solve a problem that torments me and hits my broken heart.

Oh, glorious and dear Saint Anthony, blessed protector and bestower of love to lovers, I ask you to intervene and carry out the union and reconciliation of (In this part of the prayer goes the name of the person for whom you are praying) and ( In this part of the prayer goes the name of the person who is performing the prayer).

Saint Anthony, I beg you to remove from his mind all doubt, jealousy, anger, reproaches and anguish caused by the distance that is becoming closer between us, inject into his mind the morphine of our good memories, show him all the love that kept us together in those moments and let him abandon his pride and forget the reasons for our distance, make him pick up from his drawer the true love that we both gave each other day after day.

You, who are capable of finding lost objects, make me find (In this part of the prayer goes the name of the person for whom you are praying) You, that the proposals that are requested in your name be accepted, make that (In this part of the prayer goes the name of the person for whom you are praying) accept mine again (In this part of the prayer goes the name of the person who is praying). You, who integrate peace and tranquility in couples, grant me the joy of reconciliation and the grace of harmony with (In this part of the prayer goes the name of the person for whom you are praying).

Saint Anthony, miraculous saint, come before me and help me, I implore for help, protect our relationship with your protection, do not allow absolutely anyone to hinder our lives, scare away (In this part of the prayer the name of the person goes by which is being prayed) everything and those who now take it away from me, save me, I implore you with my soul and my heart, in this great complication and that I urgently need to leave, do me a favor to:

(In this part of the prayer, what is expected to be achieved with the prayer is asked with enough faith and serenity).

I implore you, dear San Antonio, to link, to tame that your united love our spirits and our hearts forever so that we become just one, and do not let someone or something be able to separate us.

Saint Anthony, my beloved father, do not ignore or divert my hopeful request, today, more than ever, I need you, I know that everything that for us is impossible in you and your will is attainable, that’s why I beg you to heed my call , and listen to my anguished reason for you to give it a quick solution.

Saint Anthony, noble in word and deed, saint of miracles, saint of blessings, you help all those who come in your name with faith, I place all my hopes in you, make the love of (In this part of the prayer goes the name of the person for whom you are praying), introduce yourself in this great complication, that, thanks to your gigantic compression, be heard and grant me what I so desire and need. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen. Pray three Glorias, three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys. Do the prayer and all the prayers for nine consecutive days.

Reflection, analysis and opinion of the prayer

As you can see in this prayer, the main idea is that Saint Anthony, through our prayers, works the miracle of saving our relationship, also so that our partner returns to us in case he has left, unlike the other prayers. prayers for love, this prayer to San Antonio is a novena.

They are considered as  Prayers for Impossible Love , all those prayers in which a loved one is asked to return to us, in this case Saint Anthony is asked because he had the joy of being personally chosen by God the father as the one who could intervene in the face of our desperation or anguish.

These  Prayers to Recover Love have in common that a saint is asked to intervene for us and grant us the miracle, just as there is this  Prayer for the love of Saint Anthony , there are also prayers for many other saints such as the  Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi for love.

As can be seen in this prayer, Saint Anthony is asked to please intervene between the people involved in the relationship so that the love that is believed lost can be reborn. San Antonio is asked that his intervention serves to eliminate any doubt or negative feeling that the couple may have, but for the person who performs the prayer to work, he must be equally calm.

Presumably, in addition to negative emotions, they also want to eliminate the distance between the two members of the relationship, this distance can be literal or it can also be a metaphor to refer to the coldness with which our former partner treats us.

San Antonio is given the ability to find objects that are believed to be lost, in other words, it can also be applied as a way of referring to the relationship. The saint is asked that all the proposals that are requested be fulfilled and that the person for whom the prayer is made, accept the proposal of the one who is praying, all this taking into account that the one who is praying only wants a reconciliation.

It can be seen how in almost all the prayer the name of the person for whom we are praying is repeated, this is motivated by the fact that faith in the prayer is reaffirmed in this way. You can also see how this prayer highlights the fact that all those who only want to damage the relationship get away from our loved one.

This prayer does not only ask for our partner to return, it also asks that in a certain way he tame his personality a little, so the relationship could be much more bearable for both parties. San Antonio is asked not to ignore the request, this is motivated by the fact that whoever is praying has a heart full of faith to be able to make the request.

Finally, this prayer closes highlighting the qualities of the saint and all his merits, he is asked to intercede again for us, but this time it is clarified that the intervention will be before God the father and before Jesus Christ his son, like all prayers. This ends with the prayers of the Our Father and Hail Mary.

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