Powerful and Effective Devotion of the 3 Hail Marys

Powerful and Effective Devotion of the 3 Hail Marys

There are many ways to praise the Virgin Mary, among them is one that is considered unique for many Christians and that is the 3 Hail Marys . Her prayer is of the utmost importance since it raises her blessed power over the other people who come to her. This being useful in many aspects, since it grants that the virgin is always there to take care of her and even present at the moment of her death if she prays it daily. It is also a convenient and miraculous way because it increases the power of being totally grateful to the holy trinity. Which is the heart of the father, the son and the holy spirit.

The 3 Hail Marys

In the 13th century, the first time this practice was heard of was through a nun, the nun Saint Matilde, originally from Germany. That it was revealed to him when he prayed the Hail Mary and the very Virgin appeared to him, only because he was in the maximum encounter with death and she felt peace, since she appeared to him with a brilliant beauty, transmitting in that way how glorious it is God’s kingdom. Revealing to her that no matter how three times she prayed the Hail Mary, each of the three would have a significant meaning and impact on the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. That is why she should be prayed in this way.

She was not the only one who was conceived this gift or glory. Other nuns like Santa Gertrudis also made an act of confirmation towards this practice for having revealed it to them. And many others promulgated that it had to be exercised because they consider it sacred and unique in terms of the power that it has. Those who spread this devotion of the 3 Hail Marys are Saint John Bosco, Saint Alfonso María de Ligorio, Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.

The main objectives of the devotion of the 3 Hail Marys

  • Devotion tries to honor in the best way the powers that the Virgin Mary has
  • The domain granted by God for being the selected one to have his son
  • The judgment he obtained thanks to his son, Jesus Christ
  • And the piety that the holy spirit seized.

Effective novena of the 3 Hail Marys

This is about reinforcing the power of the Virgin Mary and thus allowing her to listen to us and protect us throughout our lives. Precisely as a protective mother, that she is in that way in which we all know her. May she be with us from this day. Until the day we die. It consists of 3 prayers and one that you can pray at the end of it. You can pray it even after finishing the novena. The following in the faith, never has any way to stop only if you want it to.

1st sentence

Oh blessed Mary. Holy Virgin. You who are unstoppable and that nothing that comes your way should be unrealizable. I implore you, for the conceived dominion that differentiated you from other mothers, just for carrying your blessed son. Please help me in my greatest times of need. Oh pious mediatrix, listen to those who are most helpless and those causes that they believe to be lost but that I know that with your power you can redeem them in the eyes of God. Help us! To be able to find the honor, mercy and good will of my humble sinful soul.

2nd sentence

Blessed Virgin Mary. You who are called in a very correct way as the seat of judgment since you had a highly elevated knowledge of the word of God. From her celestial and miraculous wisdom to be able to create her perfect children and the rest in this beautiful created world. You who know how gigantic my suffering and agony is. In addition to the forms of my poverties.

I surrender completely in your blessed divine hands. Virgin Mary. Without questioning yourself at any time, fully trusting your powers. So that in this way your knowledge accommodates everything in life that is disordered in the worst way, with a lot of control and tenderness, just as you are. pious mother. As always when I go to your aid and you come to him, without any difficulty.

3rd sentence

Oh mother. Please attend to my needs. Since for many centuries you have called yourself and many others as the pious mother that I know you are. Because you are always for me with delicate pity and generosity. Please Virgin Mary, forgive me for all those sins that have offended the sacrifice that your son Jesus Christ made for us sinners. Oh mother, I beg you, listen to me and grant me the honor of your mercy.

Oh blessed virgin mother. I know in my heart that I have not come to you in vain. Clemente, that everything you do is eternally good. Pious, that only you can be aware of the needs of the children of God. Sweet as you there is no Virgin Mary Help us!

(As already mentioned, you can pray this last prayer at the end of the novena and if you want you can continue praying it, it’s all a matter of taste)

4th sentence

Remember me as a person. Most Holy and Blessed Virgin Mary. Since at no time has any child of God who is in need and has resorted to your blessed powers, not been heard, quite the opposite, you have been there to remedy all suffering, sadness, misery and evils caused by injustice. And even in death, as bright as ever. Blessed mother.

O glorious virgin. That is why I am so confident in sheltering myself under your divine protection and under that which has been conferred on you by the Holy Trinity. I implore you to come to me with these blessed qualities. And leave me aside at no time just as you do not underestimate my pleas for this humble poor sinner who has done nothing but adore and venerate you. Mother, I implore you.

Virgin Mary, I will be here faithfully waiting for you. My faith in you is boundless and spotless. I will not let anyone change that, because your mother has helped me in a thousand ways in which I will always be grateful. So from this adoration pick her up and protect her so that when the time comes all your mercy is on her. You who have been blessed, adored and have been given the gift and glory of all the most holy. come to me Amen.

(You can pray a Hail Mary after each prayer)

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