Good Prayer To Despair A Man In Minutes

Good Prayer To Despair A Man In Minutes

Most of the time we find ourselves wishing someone would think of you the way you think of that person. More than anything when that person is a man, and particularly they don’t convey their feelings like that in the way that women do. We always imagine if he is thinking enough about you or not. That is why the prayer to make a man desperate in minutes is the ideal one for you if you want to have your man crazy about you. And that he treats you like a queen always aware of you.

Prayer to despair a man in minutes

This prayer is very good for those women who feel that they are going through a difficult situation as a couple. Or if you find yourself completely in love and you think that the other person in the relationship, which in this case is the man, does not feel as in love as you do. This will also give you control in the relationship.

And it is not necessarily something that is considered bad since you can manipulate their feelings so that they do not overwhelm you. Everything has to be perfectly balanced. The energy of both will be maintained in the best way in this way. Not that one will give more than the other. There are several versions of prayer to make a man desperate in minutes , they are the following:

Prayer so that in thought you are desperate

I who invoke you by the name of our almighty father. Spirit of thought. Your spirit of overwhelm. And also to you spirit of exasperation. I use them to cast an enchantment on that man I love. Hear my call and help me to have it under my control. To be able to overwhelm and exasperate all the sense of him.

By the time you listen, just listen to me. When you see, only see me. The moment you feel, only feel me. The moment I smell something, let it smell only me. And that your taste is preferred to mine. That in the thoughts, will of ( Please enter the name of the man, whom you want to despair ) be only for me ( Please enter your name ).

So I grant this enchantment to the Guardian Angel of ( Please enter the name of the man, whom you want to despair ), for the sacred day on which he decided to take his first breath on this earth, which is the day ( Please enter the day, month and year of the birth of the man, whom you want to despair ). Like the day of his baptism. The day God has him in the heavenly kingdom.

Grant me spirit of thought, spirit of overwhelm, spirit of exasperation. That ( Please enter the name of the man, whom you want to despair of ) cannot be serene. In turn, he cannot and does not want to eat, drink, go out. That everything you are thinking about is me ( Please enter your name ).

Only when all he can think about is me and he’s desperate for it. For my love and my attentions. Towards my caresses and that this hooked by my sex. I want to the point that it enters me by itself. Being your employer.

Prayer for the thought of San Marcos de León

In the name of everything heavenly and more than anything towards our god. Pious and condescending. That you show yourself in the most loving ways that can exist for man. With all your shining light and mastery that you exercise through your words and deeds.

Oh dear San Marcos de León. You who are a judicious spirit. Pattern of the mind and its thoughts. Since you are glorious in terms of your power. You who are a just and vindictive divine being against those who do evil.

  I beg you that already like you, you are aware of all those thoughts, desires of the soul and heart. That you help me so that the dreams of ( Please enter the name of the man, whom you want to despair ) are only dedicated to the almighty father in heaven, and that here below on earth for me.

Your authority and your precious emblem. Saint Mark of Leon. That where he is and with the person with whom he is. He doesn’t get any kind of peace. Not harmony. Don’t feel like eating, drinking or even going out. Less be with another woman who is not my person. So with the holy trinity I tie you. In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. Amen.

Prayer to San Cipriano for longing

Saint Cyprian. You who can make people change and the ability for the heart to change its mind too. I am praying with immense faith today to beg you to help me, I have not come to you before and I would never do it for something like this, if I were not without other options.

O Saint Cyprian. Glorious of the glorious. I implore you to intervene and place in his heart, thoughts of ( Please enter the name of the man, whom you want him to yearn for you ) so that he can be distressed and make his attraction so strong towards me. Make it impossible for him to stop, the growth of his longing for me.

With your power, alter the course of his thoughts and his heart in unimaginable ways only as you can achieve it. Do everything in your glorious and blessed hands, so that ( Please enter the name of the man, whom you want me to yearn for ) turns out of his mental faculties and yearns for me eternally. Thank you San Cipriano. Amen.

Prayer to despair a man in minutes to Aphrodite

beloved aphrodite. You who are the only goddess in whom I can trust this supplication. Since you are the supreme goddess of all loves and of love itself. In you I prostrate because I know that you are the only one who will listen to my prayers and how you are so kind to others. I take a step with total blindness to anything else.

You who are always on the lookout. And mending hearts that are badly broken by people who don’t value love. It is for the same reason that I come to you. I need you to help me divine goddess. Oh protect me in these things of love, always eternal goddess of love. He decided to throw me away as if he were a despicable object, without showing his face or respecting me as I deserve. And after that he treated me as if I had never been a part of his life. How much pain

I beg you goddess Aphrodite, help me in the least you can with this pain, I can’t stand it anymore, you, like no one else, know how much I must suffer from a broken heart. First pacify him with your divine power. So that later you intervene in that man who has done damage.

Aphrodite, beloved. Use your divinities so that ( Please enter the name of the man, whom you want to despair of ) cannot, nor does he want to do absolutely anything. That I don’t eat, that I don’t even have anything to drink. Even if he can’t fall asleep because of the tormented thoughts he will have about me. And may he find himself more desperate every day to find a way to return to my side.

Make me suffer all my pain. This suffering I feel because he is not with me. That he misses me, every day, every hour, every minute. I need him to suffer just like I am. And that he realizes that he needs me, as I need him. That we will be an eternal couple, until the day we die. I know that everything is in your power, divine goddess Aphrodite.

Prayer to despair a man in minutes to the spirit of despair

Oh mighty wavering spirit. I beg you to help me today. The agony transformed into a heavenly spirit. On this day I conjure you soul of Don Juan da Conquista, give me your protection, you who are the soul of lovers.

And to all other spirits listen to my pleas such as; San Juan Minero, San Marco de León Santa Martha, Santa Elena From Jerusalem, Spirit of San Salvador de Horta, Spirit of María Cabeza. That they are surrounded by pure mercy and compassion for human beings who are sorely in need. I conjure you to help me.

You who are tutors regarding the five senses of the human body and even the soul. I beg you to give me the power to control my mercy ( Please enter the name of the man, whom you want to despair ) I implore the divine saint that this be your day.

Whoever is the saint who was present the day that man was born. May he also help me. And the divine that was in mine. So that together they are inseparable and join forces, by my request. These words are made in body and soul. So that there will never be any empty space in your body or in your soul where I am not present. That his earthly body is so tied to me, that he only feels sexual pleasure when he is next to me, with no more.

As well as his soul that even feels me when I’m not with him. Don’t stop thinking about me. Remember every detail of my person. My laugh, who only laughs when I’m with him. His eyes, which only look at him with devotion. The heart, which only beats for him. I need ( Please enter the name of the man, whom you want to despair ) to feel the same despair that my soul feels, like a mirror. Grant me from his spiritual domains so that I can have his love as much as I deserve.

Prayer for a strong thought

Spirit of thought. The one that can only be located in the mind of ( Please enter the name of the man ). I implore you and I beg you that everything, that idea that comes to your head or when you are dreaming, everything is about me, nothing more. And that with the help of the emblems of San Marcos de León may ( Please enter the name of the man ) finally be linked to my person or chained so that they listen to the chains in the depths of his soul and remember my. Remember me. By the father, the son and the holy spirit. 

Prayer addressed to Don Juan of thought

similar to mine I implore you to come to me, my equal. I beg you that through this powerful prayer, do not listen to any other than mine, in anyone else, just me. So that in these moments you can only have me in your thoughts. And that so much thinking overwhelms him in the way that I am. So you can bring it to me. So submissive to my pleas. Amen.

Prayer to despair a man in minutes to the lonely angel

You who are soul and makes you spirit. I cast a spell on you ( Please enter the name of the man ). I need you to come to my side. Because I name you and make you my domain, my kingdom that no one else can touch. I who charmed you, with my body in ways that no one else can do, only I provoke desire in you. There will be no rest in your days to come from the torment to which I subject you. Your serenity will not be something you cannot even feel. Not until you come to me. Kneeling down and begging for my forgiveness. Your humiliation in front of everyone will be your forgiveness and shelter from what condemns you.

In this way I go through these needles in the beginning and in the middle of this candle. So that your mind and heart are crossed with the idea of ​​my person. You will not be able to hide from your sentence. So when I finish with the prayer you will forget all that woman who has passed through your life and that only I am present in her. I will be your only past, present and future.

So I summon the Guardian Angel of his day in which he came to this world ( Please enter the day, month and year of the birth of the man, whom you want to despair of ). Ah that Angel who protects this day in which I am making this prayer. And to the Guardian Angel assigned to ( Please enter the name of the man ). Submit all three of you to bow at my feet.

That spirit that makes light and illuminates everything in our lives. I implore you to enlighten that man’s mind so that all he remembers is me. As well as all the material that he has, he passes it to me. Leave him without the serenity that I know he will need.

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