The Young Saints Who Attained Christian Sainthood

The Young Saints Who Attained Christian Sainthood

Whenever we talk about saints, we think of older people who have passed or have gone through countless situations to become saints, which is a very great honor granted by the Catholic Church. Therefore it is so difficult to imagine that there may be a person of a young age who has said title. Yes, it is impressive but not impossible that there are young saints who achieved sainthood , this is because they did acts of extreme purity and devotion towards other people and towards the church. Or it is possible that the holy spirit or other blessed entities have also manifested themselves to convey a message.

Young saints who achieved sainthood

Being holy entails having qualities that are not exactly out of this world. Those are much simpler and more human, such as being a good son of God, having to be a kind person with anyone who approaches him, and above all, be the one who spreads the word of God to those who seek him or who are in need. The faith in these people towards the Catholic religion must be impeccable and pure. And who else than young people who are a representation of full purity.

We can all be saints. We can afford it if we want this title. Only by being true followers is it possible. No one for more acts that are not precisely good can be named in this way. When he redeems himself from all that he has done and fulfills a life dedicated to God.

These are some young saints who achieved sainthood:

Santa Maria Goretti

It all started in her childhood, as the daughter of a family that was very Catholic and had a strong faith. Even though they were very humble. She instilled this belief in him. She became so popular because when she reached the tender age of 11, she was seriously stabbed by a 19-year-old young adult, Alessandro Serenelli. The reason for this serious event was because she, Maria Goretti, did not want to have sexual relations with him.

She died on July 6, 1902 and before that happened, she pardoned her murderer, who was taken to prison. Alessandro, the time he was behind bars made him reconsider and realize that what he did was very wrong, he completely redeemed himself. So when he had served her sentence, he went to the house of the deceased Maria so that he could apologize to her parents for having killed her. He had to spend a few years for Maria Goretti to be granted sainthood and the one who witnessed for it to be given to her was his own murderer, Alessandro.

Saint Francis Marto and Saint Jacinta Marto

Sainthood was granted to them for their great works and collaborations with the Catholic Church. At least Francisco always went every day for long periods of time in the church since he felt sorry that God had to live always worried about the faults that humanity commits. Jacinta didn’t miss church either, especially when there was mass she tried to get all the sinners to receive communion.

They are also quite famous for giving testimony on May 13, 1917 to the Virgin Mary, in one of her apparitions. It is admirable that having such young ages as Francisco, 9, and Jacinta, 7, both have had their faith without fail. It is to honor these small but big at heart.

Saint Agnes of Rome

He was born in 291, from a very noble family in Rome. It is said that her beauty was such that she received multiple marriage proposals but that none of them accepted her since her body and soul were only for our almighty father, God. She got a punishment for that because one of her suitors was a very important man in Rome and when she found out that she was a Christian, she was sent to a brothel.

Miraculously, nothing happened to Inés that affected her virginity. This does not mean that there were not certain situations in which they tried to rape her but fortunately it did not happen and in this way as her punishment did not bear fruit so that those who only wanted her to be used condemned her to death. And she died a virgin and with her faith in Christ well intact, only 13 years old.

Holy Teresita

Her work has been so emblematic among all Catholics that they are even faithful followers of this saint. She was born on January 2, 1873, in France. And she is so adored that since she was 14 her prayers were for sinful people and those who did not believe in religion. Her whole life was based on charity and helping others. She died at the age of 24 on September 30, 1897, being a Carmelite nun and considered a doctor of the church because of her published books on religion.

holy sunday sages

Since childhood he professed his love for the Catholic religion, his dream was to become a priest but of course he was still too young for that. So he became her right-hand man, a faithful and helpful altar boy. After that he entered Don Bosco’s oratory and it was there that he began to help those in need. To impart the joy of religion, such as the tranquility of being sheltered by Christ.

He began to get sick and that is why he decided to leave the oratory to be able to take care of himself at home but unfortunately he died on March 9, 1857 at only 14 years of age. Leaving a trail of light in his wake and going to the heavenly kingdom of God. He being one of the young saints who achieved sainthood .

Saint Imelda lambertini

She was born in Bologna in the year 1322. Although she was very small, she already made altars for Christ where she stayed for long periods of time praying. Her great passion and desire was to have her first communion. Although since she was so small, there was no way since at that time the minimum age to do this ceremony was 14 years.

He never lost faith. So she pressured her parents to let her become a Dominican and it was then that she entered her convent, that she was the only one that was absolved from this rule of age. She enters it at 10 years old. And a year later the novices are presented with the opportunity to have their first communion. As it was for Imelda it was her great dream at the moment in which she was doing the ceremony, she suffered such a strong ecstasy that she died. Thanks to her, the rules regarding the age at which you could do such a ceremony were officially changed.

Santa Laura Vicuna

His story is quite tragic and admirable. This girl who was only 12 years old before she died, she had suffered abuse, violence all caused by the lifestyle that her mother led, but she never stopped believing in Christ and in her power. And that when she died she made her mom redeem herself for all her sins.

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