Prayer to Saint Charbel to get money

Prayer to Saint Charbel to get money

You are in a difficult moment in which you need a job or money, so read on and discover the Prayer to Saint Charbel to get money in the most difficult moments of life.

Prayer to Saint Charbel for Money

Since our ancestors, all people have always gone through a time where money is urgently needed, despite having a job, in the same way we feel that what we earn is not enough. For this reason, many people go to San Chárbel for help to get money quickly. The prayer to Saint Charbel for money that is usually used is:

“O well-known saint!

Venerable friar, Saint Charbel,

Summoned by God to exist in solitary confinement

And imbued by the luminosity of the Eucharist, sparkle our lives with your enormous dawn,

Give us illusion and consolation in fatality and with your breath invigorate

our trust and expectation.

Saint Charbel, blessed son of God, you felt the torture of body and spirit

To go glorious to paradise, give us a hand in the inconveniences and concerns,

Protect us from any misfortune and miseries that hinder and hinder our progress.

Saint Charbel, wonderful saint, I call to you with all the freedom of my being

To request your always magnanimous help, I ask you to participate before the Lord

So that I can reach the money I ask to resurface as soon as possible

From this bad financial environment that overwhelms me and causes so much uneasiness:

(ask for what you want)

O mighty Saint Charbel

A single sign from you to Jesus Crucified, our Savior and Liberator,

It is totally enough for Him to pity my being and

urgently bring to my attention.

Saint Charbel, full of sympathy and virtue, you who so conquered Christ and

the Holy Eucharist, that you were nourished by the Word of God, that you resigned to all that

That he managed to get you away from Jesus Christ Redivivo and from his Most Holy Mother,

Transfer my application to Them, let me see my difficulties resolved as soon as possible;

Help me to love Jesus and Mary eternally, extend my faith,

Make me never lose the illusion and that carrying out the will of God

I can get the Paradise Homeland. Amen”

For the Money to Surrender

This prayer is usually used more than anything in cases of great need in which a person has a serious urgency, so with this prayer you must have a lot of faith and trust so that it will be heard and Saint Charbel can help you and guide you on the path you must be to make the money you have yield. The relevant sentence is:

“Oh, Sacred Saint, influential religious in the eyes of the Supreme… I must tell you that I am kneeling at the foot of your Altar, with a white ribbon in hand to thank you, which surely, you will have to offer me (Make your request)

Oh, Miraculous Patron of Mortal Sufferers, who surrender to the plants of your abnegation, I need you to give me a hand to provide me with money that will be my salvation! You are venerated among all the saints… Extend your hand to me, as a sign of protection!

Listen to my prayer full of sadness… I need the money to give up and reach me, to pay my debts and support my table… Oh, Saint who understands the miseries of so many brothers, who venerate you!

My businesses have gone bankrupt, I have no profits and the will that I put into my actions are not enough, Blessed Saint Charbel! I am defeated, my soul cannot bear this immense misery and cruel indigence! I beg you, Holy, Religious and Virtuous, Father of my faith!

Lebanese monk, intercede for me! Your Mercy will arrange the Miracle, in the hands of God… You already know me… My prayer is profound and sacred… I deserve your Grace for placing my faith at the foot of your statue… And of your Miracles… Oh, adored Saint… I am your faithful servant!

Simple and Kind you are from this Heaven where you shine, Holy, for your beatitude! If I get the money that I desperately ask for, nothing will be stronger than my devotion… I will try to imitate you in your attitudes, Sacred Virtuoso, Saint Charbel Loado, listen to the beating of my heart! Amen”

To Get a Job or Get a Promotion

Many people, when looking for a decent job or getting a promotion, entrust themselves to Saint Chárbel so that he can help them. In general, when praying this prayer, one should pray with great confidence and faith, and a white candle should be lit before start looking for a job or before leaving for work. The sentence needed is the following:

“Do you hear the plea I bring, to the mysterious eyes of your soul? O Holy Saint Charbel! I need a job that meets my needs… That brings respite to my meager finances… and to my well-being!… That’s why I pray to you this afternoon, desolate and with dreams, because I know that your help will come!

Contemplate my shortcomings, work I ask you for better income, they can clarify the situation of my finances, which do not stop falling! The bills are piling up, and my table is empty of healthy foods, which I don’t have in my cupboard… oh, I implore you, Saint Charbel!

You who know so much about the suffering of the soul and the body, Blessed Charbel, Saint, I invoke you with deep love! Grant my life a better position… a decent job, with ample support, that grants me sources, of a better life!

I will honor the position that makes me feel again, part of the environment that fights and goes out of its way! O Saint Brave, beloved Saint Charbel! I put my prayer next to your lap… With a ribbon hanging around my neck and my written desire, I promise you, Saint, (make your promise). O Benevolent, beloved of God!

You, are fortitude, fight and bonhomie, oh, Pious Saint, who better than you, to understand me?… to bless me with your containment! Glorious at your Altar, you listen to the prayers of so many believers who already ask you for the Grace of a job, as I do, this afternoon, Lord!

Enlighten the soul of those who give me an honest job… I will have to fight to have a position that makes me proud, that fills your Grace and that your Miracle has not been in vain! Oh, Mercy I ask you, Lord!”

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