Parents' Prayer for the Protection of their Children

Parents’ Prayer for the Protection of their Children

The Prayer for Children is very powerful because if it is done with a lot of faith and trust, it will be able to have a positive effect on the person or child for whom you are praying. Find out how to pray this prayer in the name of Jesus.

Prayer of the Parents for the Children

Oh great and powerful God, on this day we give you thanks for your infinite blessings, and for our children, We feel joy for your perfect protection, only you are good sir, that is why we raise this prayer to you, to beg you to remove from our lives all worry, all fear, may our children receive your wisdom, and may be guided at all times.

Help us to have the patience to teach them and also to instruct them with love on the path of good. That we can be an example for them, and that we know how to correct them, although at times it seems so difficult to do so, that’s why we ask your heavenly father to help us, since for you there is nothing impossible. Thank you for hearing our prayer, Amen.

Prayer for the Children

Oh great and sublime Lord, we humbly beg you to enlighten the minds of our children, that their lives be guided by you, and that they may learn more about your sacred presence. Please my God, let them reach salvation. And may they live according to your eternal purposes.

We beg you to support them with your strength, and that you fill their whole being, that they may faithfully fulfill their Christian vocation, allow the love of God to become visible in their lives and that compassion be present at all times, so be it. , Amen.

Prayer of Protection for Our Children with the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Oh God and eternal father, in the mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we beg you to completely cover the lives of our children, Lord, only you can free their lives from all evil, we ask you at this time to completely cover the conscious, unconscious , subconscious; (say the name of the children), also cover their physical and spiritual being with your precious blood.

At this time I declare that the Blood of Christ frees the life of (say the name of the children), from all accidents, inside and outside of school, from all accidents in the workplace, and even at home, that The mantle of God is over their lives, taking care of their whole being from everything that does not come from you, Lord.

I declare that the protection of the Most High God frees (Say the name of the children), from suffering any kidnapping, or from suffering from any type of disease or Influenza; that is in the air, I cover your lives with the blood of Christ that has power.

Thank you Lord because the life of my children is covered and protected with the Blood of Jesus Christ, you continue cleaning their paths, and completely removing all evil from their surroundings, that at all times be your mercy manifested in their lives, removing with your power all work of evil

I declare that the powerful blood of Christ, breaks all curses, pronounced towards the lives of my children by any teacher, classmate, or any other person with authority, sir, I declare inoperative all forces of evil that want to attack their lives.

Oh beloved Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for your goodness, I beg you to fill my children with blessings, to manifest your power over them, provide wisdom in each of their decisions so that they can set a good example at all times. Through this prayer for rebellious children , may they always remain obedient to us, their parents, and to you. Amen.

Prayer for the Protection of Children from the Forces of Evil

Heavenly Father, I declare in the name of Jesus that is above all names, that I cancel all evil power that wants to attack the life of (Say the name of your children), I declare that no negative influence affects their lives, I cover each one of their areas both physical and emotional with the blood of Christ, in this hour I cancel everything that does not come from you God, and I declare free the life of (Say the name of your children), I cover your whole being with your powerful blood.

With the authority of Christ I declare that I cancel all works of evil, and I cover the lives of my children with the blood of Christ, at this hour I bind and break all influence of evil spirits that want to attack their lives, I declare that the blood of Christ has power to deliver and break every work of the enemy.

I declare that the plans of the enemy towards my children are completely annulled, God in the name of Jesus I ask you to remove everything bad that wants to separate them from your path, I beg you, Lord, that the light of the true gospel shine on all your being, and that can manifest your presence.

Heavenly Father, only you are great and wonderful, worthy of glory and honor, at this time I thank you for your wonderful presence, I beg you to continue guarding my children at all times, send your angels to guard them, and protect them in all their paths, each of the things they do is under your protection.

I also ask you, Lord, to provide for my children each of the things they need, that each area of ​​their lives be filled with your presence, place Christian friends on their paths, that they talk to them about you, that they have good influences and be of help to their spiritual lives.

Once again, I thank you, God, for the great privilege I have of being (Father or Mother); continue to manifest your wisdom and divine grace over my whole being, help me to set a good example for my children, that at all times I can speak to them according to your sacred word.

Give me the wisdom that I need to correct them and that I can offer them the understanding and care that they need, Lord, only you know the great responsibility that you have given me, it allows me to be a better (father or mother) for my children.

My God, I ask that your heavenly designs be manifested in my children, I beg that your purposes be established over them at all times, that they be completely filled with you, anoint their being with your beautiful and sacred presence from now and forever, Amen .

I declare that through this prayer of protection for the children once again over the lives of my children the mantle of God and its protection, that the wisdom of the Most High fills their being, Lord I also ask you to place fear of God in their hearts May they follow your path and serve you with love.

Lord I place my children in your hands, thank you for your infinite blessings, I know that your precious blood will cover them at all times, Amen.

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