Wonderful Prayer to Saint Charbel for Difficult Cases

Wonderful Prayer to Saint Charbel for Difficult Cases

Saint Charbel, is one of the most devoted saints that Catholics have, he comes to offer his faithful great blessings and protections. Discover in the following article everything related to the Prayer to Saint Charbel, as well as the Prayer to Saint Charbel for love and much more.

Prayer to Saint Charbel

Saint Charbel becomes one of the most represented saints for Catholics, so many devotees invoke him in prayers so that he comes to their aid. In the year 1851, at the age of 23, Maklouf began his journey to become a Maronite person. He began as an apprentice in a Maronite convent and was given the nickname “Sharbel”. In the year 1853 he is able to conceive solemn vows and by the year 1859, he is selected as a priest.

He consecrated his whole life to God, to the church, to amendment and also to worship. He comes to stand out for his oratory and thaumaturgy, the grace of healing. For each of his religious, this type of gift came to remain until after his death.

After beginning his life as a Maronite man, Chárbel left everything in the past, his home, his family and even his inheritance. He wanted to dedicate his entire life to exercising the ministry.

He spent about 16 years in the Convent of San Marón located in Annaya and very early he moved to the Hermitage of San Pedro and San Pablo. In the year 1898 he becomes ill in the middle of his mass. He dies a few days later, specifically on December 24, at 70 years of age.

Chárbel came to be veiled in the cemetery of his own convent. They say that after he passed away, amazing lights seemed to sprout from his grave for several weeks.

Prayer to Saint Charbel for Difficult and Desperate Urgent Requests

Blessed Saint Charbel, the Saint of all and for all; the great Martyr of the religious life that you come to fill all men with your blessings, the chosen souls that you came to feel in the call of the Lord and led a kind of life so exemplary monk and hermit, delivered to prayer, as well as fasting and penance. Get a kind of miracle to work in his life to be able to measure and remedy this difficult and urgent situation:

(At this time you will ask with great faith what you want)

Get us what is the healing of the body and soul and together with you is that we proclaim his wonders and he is praised and glorified for all eternity. Amen.

What is the Prayer to Saint Charbel?

One of the greatest and most important prayers to Saint Charbel is this, and it is not a simple one, but it is the most significant, which is to be able to request some kind of miracle for your life. At all times they come to feel the great need that we demand a kind of impossible fact in the existence of the person, and they come to be inclined to ask Chárbel for it.

Oh! Revered Saint. You who came to walk all your life in solitude, in a humble and isolated chapel. That you did not get to ponder in the world nor in its many joys. That now you find yourself calm at the right hand of God the Father. Please, we ask you to mediate for each one of us so that He may enlarge us with his consecrated hand and help those in need.

Look at them with great mercy, grant them the grace of (at this moment the supplication is made) that we urge you, and please help them to be able to do good and at the same time prevent all kinds of malice. So they demand your mediation at all times and especially in the arrival of his death. Amen…

Life and Work of Saint Charbel

A man named Youssef Antoun Makhlouf is better known as San Chárbel, he was born on May 8, 1828 in the regions of Bekaa Kafra, a town located in northern Lebanon. He became a hermit and also a Maronite believer.

His father dies when he was only 3 years old. His mother remarries, but this time to a religious man. Makhlouf grew up in a family that was very devout and from an early age he himself began to show a great interest in religiosity and also in the church.

Importance of Saint Charbel in the Church

As it is well known, in the Catholic Church all the saints are usually worshiped and they have the habit or custom of making petitions for their different qualities. Saint Chárbel does not become inequality, however, the way to get to beg the requests is usually a little different from what usually happens with the other Saints.

Saint Chárbel should be able to write the petition on a kind of tape of any color except black or white so that he will not be overlooked to intervene before God for his cause.

This kind of custom became popular charity in the historical focus of Mexico City, since it is precisely in the Maronite Cathedral that this occurs. One day a faithful alarm, given by discomfort that was not cured, began to have to implore to be able to ask for God’s compassion and coming to notice the painting of Saint Charbel, he asks for his prompt help.

However, she resolves so much concern to leave her application in writing so that she never forgets it and, not finding a piece of paper to write it down, she writes it inside a roll of ribbon that she ended up buying at one of the many haberdashery that they usually wrap in said Cathedral.

Prayer to Saint Charbel to Obtain Favors

God, so great and infinitely holy and also glorified in the midst of each of your saints, You who inspired the holy monk and also hermit Charbel to dwell and die in perfect union with Christ Jesus, giving him the strength to be able to renounce world and at the same time make triumph from his hermitage, the heroism of his monastic virtues:

  • Poverty
  • Obedience
  • Holiness

We implore you to grant them the grace to be able to love you and also serve you by continuing their example. Almighty God, You who have come to manifest the power of Saint Charbel’s intercession through his countless miracles and favors, please grant them the grace (ask for the grace you desire) that is implored to you in this prayer. Amen.

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