Discover the prayer to win money in the casino

In any life situation, the help of the Almighty is always required, that is why a Prayer to win at the casino would be that special request made to obtain the necessary help, in order to cover those needs for well-being and family happiness. If you want to make a profit in many circumstances, here you will find it through prayer. Continue reading and you will see.

Powerful Prayers to Win at Games of Chance

Whether in order to win or even lose, there are many people who have chosen to exhaust all those resources that are necessary in order to obtain fortune and luck in their favor. Being that they even practice powerful prayers to win at games of chance.

Being that a prayer to win at the casino , it fulfills a fundamental job, in terms of attracting all that is luck in any type of game, and to win money.

O great spirits of fortune, spirits who are good, generous and kind. I come to you today, in order that you keep me company, in each of the games that I now begin to play. And may they fill both my home and my family with good luck. And may all our goods be increased with your help.

Likewise, I invoke you, so that all the projects I have may prosper, grow and also function in the correct way. As well as, so that they drive away all the fears of my soul. Thank you because I know you are already helping me.


Effective prayer to attract luck in games of chance

Aces that make up grace and fortune, you who are in charge of surrounding chance. That they are full of light, and that they bring with them good luck and hope. They also decide where the dice that is thrown should fall, and to whom the victory belongs. In addition to that they have the power to make the choice of each deck that has to win the best play.

I respectfully ask you to accompany me in the coming hours so that I can win when I make my moves. And that I can take victory to my home, and the product of everything I have won. That, in all the games, the money comes and walks in my direction.


How to be lucky in games of chance with a prayer

This prayer is dedicated as an amulet to win at the casino , since this prayer is dedicated to the gods and kings that correspond to fortune and money. So that you can be at peace in each of the games.

Here and now I invoke the gods of fortune, as well as the kings of divine grace. That they are the dominant ones in stealth of each step that corresponds to luck and justice.

I ask you to keep me company, at this time, this moment and this place, (say day and date). In each and every one of the games, that I am going to play. To be the only and legitimate winner of each of them. So be you, my guide and luck at all times. Thanks. So be it.


For those who like to pray to obtain its benefits, I also invite you to know the best prayers to Saint Cipriano , which is very miraculous, and will surely help you in your tribulation. Pray with faith and you will see.

Prayer to win money in all games of chance

This is a prayer that is dedicated specifically to God, almighty and merciful, the one who will show how to be lucky in the casino, through the prayer to win in the casino, which we will say next.

Oh my almighty God, great and loving. You who live and reign forever, please let me, your faithful servant and disciple, be helped to fulfill his wishes. So give me the help to bring to my home the exemplary victory, worthy of a son of yours who kept his faith in you.

May you be victorious in every game. So make me a winner, just like you are. May fortune and money be granted to me. To bring my family a life full of joy, love and happiness.


Prayer to win money, games, sweepstakes and more.

It is always a golden dream, the fact of winning in all individuals. Being that the mind is filled with illusions. It is always desired to win, to see your favorite teams win is very exciting.

We will see that, by praying to win at the casino, it is possible for luck to take over us, and we obtain the expected victory.

Prayer to win an award

Father illuminate my path, that through chance I manage to get this award, and that it be so that it fills my life with the greatest satisfaction. As well as peace and happiness. Being that I wish this award for my peace of mind, and that of my family. Since it is not about vanity or presumption, but to obtain what I require to be happy, together with my loved ones. Thank you because it has already been fulfilled. That’s how it is.


Prayer to win a lottery

Powerful Father, you who always support me in my needs, I ask you, with the sole intention of giving my family, and myself, all the greatest tranquility and stability in the world.

I ask you to help me select the correct number, for me to win in this draw. And achieve the great desire to provide tranquility and happiness to my loved ones. For the common good, I ask for guidance. Thank you because I know that it has already been fulfilled. That’s how it is.

Prayer to win the pool

I come to you with humility, to request that you hear my pleas, because money is not enough for me. But I know that you are with me, and that you will give the reward of everything positive. For luck to be with me, and I have to earn enough to make my life peaceful, together with those I love the most, that is what I ask. Thanks. That’s how it is.

Prayer to win a game

I come to you, before giving myself to a very big challenge, to ask you not to abandon me at any time. And that you help me win this game that I am now going to play. Therefore, it clears and eases my mind and thought. And fill me with energy and courage to succeed under your auspices and protection. Thanks. I trust you. That’s how it is.

Prayer to conquer a football match

I come to you Father, so that you intercede both for me and for my team, so that we can be victorious, in the face of the important challenge that we now have. May our thoughts be those of triumph and victory. Holding your hand, we trust in this triumph for you and for you. Thanks. That’s how it is.

Prayer to win a trial.

Just and divine judge, intercede for me, so that where I am I may be protected by your hands. That the bad neither see me nor find me. Deliver me from injustice, and give me victory over the evil that wishes to harass me. Because I know that you have already helped and protected me, I thank you. That’s how it is.

Prayer to receive money.

Father, since life is not easy, money is required for it to be lived in peace and tranquility. That is why I make an effort, however, this effort is insufficient. So I ask for your help, so that there is flow in the money that comes to my life. Through work and good. Thanks.


Prayer for me to do well in the casino.

I have to ask you Father, to fill me with the luck I require, to favor me in the game. I need to pay off debts and support my household. So I ask you, guide me to win the game that I now undertake. In order to solve all the problems that afflict me.


It is recommended to accompany the prayers with an Our Father, a glass of water and a gold-colored candle, so that the money flows.

Prayer to San Cono to win at the Casino.

Saint Cone, Lord of Luck, I come to ask you to favor me in this game that I am now going to start. That the current situation of instability be dissipated. And that I can win through you, in order to pay all the debts, and free my mind and heart from so much anguish.

Also, give my family the quality life they deserve. I ask you to give me money, luck, work and love. I trust you. Thanks. That’s how it is.

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