What is a Spiritual Retreat? and its classification

What is a Spiritual Retreat? and its classification

If you have no idea what a spiritual retreat is , but you are at that point in your life where you would like to get something more substantial from your life, connect with your surroundings and achieve peace with yourself, maybe it is time that you consider the possibility of making one, and in this article we want to put you on the right path.

What is a Spiritual Retreat?

It is a great opportunity to take a break from our daily lives and take a break to rest and find oneself. Carrying out a spiritual retreat should have the purpose of meditating, moving forward, and weighing the way in which we are facing our life. In its duration, we will have moments that will give us the clarity we need to face the challenges that life offers us and to find our inner peace.

Why do a Retreat?

Life goes by very quickly. Technology certainly makes our daily lives easier, but it also causes us a lot of stress. Probably our body is not prepared for this type of agitation and breaks are increasingly necessary. For that reason we have to find a time and a space that allows us to get away from the noise and have a period of peace to be with ourselves, that will give us the strength we need to continue our path through life.

How to choose the best retreat?

If you want to know the experience of a spiritual retreat, we recommend you start with a retreat that lasts a weekend, which provides you with the calm and pause that your mind requires. Carrying out an individual spiritual retreat is an excellent opportunity to get to know your inner self.

10 Reasons to make a Retreat

  1. You will be able to disconnect from the activities of daily life
  2. You will get some time to reflect
  3. You will get to know yourself more
  4. You will be able to rest on a deep level
  5. You will have the opportunity to find your true self
  6. You will learn and appreciate the little things in life
  7. you will be creative
  8. You will recharge your energies
  9. You will be able to rejuvenate and strengthen your spirit
  10. You will be able to give a new approach to your personal or professional life

Online Retreats

Thanks to technology, you can do a spiritual retreat online, which will give you the following advantages:

  1. It is easier and more comfortable
  2. It will not force you to travel, saving time and money
  3. You will get the concentration you need
  4. Your ability to concentrate will be increased by being alone focused on the practice
  5. You can do it anywhere
  6. You can choose the place that seems most comfortable to you to carry out the practice
  7. You will acquire habits
  8. You will be able to internalize practices in the same space where you live daily
  9. You will travel from your own home
  10. You will be able to follow the practices that take place in spectacularly magical places around the world

Withdrawal Types

Among the kinds of spiritual retreats that exist, we can find Catholic spiritual retreats , Buddhist spiritual retreats , countries where it could be considered almost a tourist activity, as is the case of the India spiritual retreat . There are also retreats that specialize in certain types of people who are dedicated to religion, such as a spiritual retreat for priests , a Jesuit spiritual retreat or a Christian spiritual retreat. That is why we want to help you choose the one that you think suits you best.

Personal growth

Personal growth is directly related to your well-being, to what is healthier. Well-being or healthy can be defined as the ability to adapt to the environment, to the environment in which you live. Health, according to this definition, is not directly related to disease or pathology, this means that it is not necessary to be sick in order to later become healthy, hence the expression “to heal in health”. And spiritual retreats have historically been considered perfect spaces for personal growth.

Among them we will find:

  • Emotional cleansing workshops
  • Team work
  • Activities based on therapeutic techniques
  • Yoga


A specialized Yoga retreat is considered to be a gift that we can give ourselves, since it will help us in many aspects: they help improve our physical fitness, improve our flexibility, relieve tension, give us greater awareness of our body, your energy will increase and, above all things, we will obtain a great inner peace.

A retreat that focuses on Yoga can be of many levels, both for regular practitioners and beginners. For this reason, it is advisable to ask before registering, to find out if the chosen retreat is suitable for our level, although in most retreats many levels coexist without problem.

In a yoga retreat we will be able to:

  • Work the body and mind
  • Practice yoga
  • group classes
  • Rest


It is common knowledge that our daily life forces us to face a lot of stress. This agitation causes us great exhaustion, both physical and mental. Employment, personal matters, everything is getting complicated. The time will come when we will need to stop and escape from the daily routine, to focus on our well-being. When we are at this point, a rest retreat turns out to be the ideal option to find that disconnection that we need so much. There are many activities that can be done to relax and restore balance between body and mind.

Another advantage of doing a spiritual retreat is that:

  • You will find time for yourself
  • You will not have to do activities
  • You will enjoy the environment
  • you can do meditation

The etymological meaning of the word meditation is that it refers to the practice in which it is possible to enhance attention and awareness in the present moment. Meditation aims in practice to reach a mental and physical state of serenity, inner peace, concentration and also creativity. In short, it is about making a trip to your interior, silencing the external and internal noise.

Through meditation, we will be able to:

  • dive into yourself
  • Connect with the present
  • Enter states of deep calm


The Detox regimen is based on the removal of unnecessary toxins from our body, effectively increasing the functioning of our body and helping it eliminate what it does not need. Within this same context, the Detox diet helps you fall asleep better, improves rest at night and helps you lose weight naturally.

By following a Detox regimen, we can:

  • Clean our body
  • balance our emotions
  • We will learn new healthy habits

conscious journey

The way of traveling is changing to the same extent that the mentality of the people changes and awakens consciously. There are many individuals who are not happy with the mass tourism model. They are people who seek a fuller, more meaningful, transformative and deeper experience. Individuals want to return from their trip feeling different, more aware of their lives and their surroundings.

Traveling with awareness we will achieve the following:

  • Feel the energy of the place
  • Know the environment with awareness
  • You will be able to make trips that will transform you

5 Spiritual Places that will change your life

Generally, the words travel and spirituality are related, especially when you go on an adventure looking for yourself. If you have gone through a difficult stage in your life, you want to make a change or you just need fresh air, thinking about doing this type of spiritual journey turns out to be a great option to develop as a person or to overcome some wall that stops you.

There are almost as many types of traveler as there are types of backpack. There are those who travel to earn money while they do it and manage to travel the world completely, others to party, other people want to learn, some visit all the tourist sites, there are those who seek extreme experiences or there are those who just want to enjoy nature. There are even people who start traveling and get stuck in the first place they arrive.

For sample you can go through the blogs of 100 different travelers that you can find on the web. But if what you want is to be able to take a spiritual journey, in this section of the article we will show you 5 ideas of activities and destinations so that you can be inspired for your next vacation.

If you feel that your life can no longer be repeating the same thing every day and spending most of your time in front of a computer, executing an activity that does not satisfy you. If you no longer feel like waking up feeling bad about going to bed with a mega hangover you got somewhere. If you also don’t want to race from one place to another to see a bunch of monuments or bask in the sun on a tropical island, it is very likely that your motivation for traveling right now is something else, much more focused on doing a spiritual journey and achieve your personal development.

There are many conscious communities in which many spiritual seekers come together and it is very easy to meet people who are on the same path of discovery and personal development. Below we will propose some ideas that you can take into account to plan your next vacation.

Rishikesh (India) – TTC de Yoga

If we are referring to a spiritual retreat, the first destination cannot be other than India. This country cannot leave anyone indifferent. There is a lot of dirt, misery and poverty everywhere, but there are also dreamlike landscapes and monuments and wonderful people. It is a very fun country to travel, where you will find an adventure at every turn.

In the north of India, at the foot of the Himalayas, is the mecca of Yoga. Rishikesh, which is a holy city, to which Hindus go on pilgrimage. There are many asrhams for you to choose from and quantities of courses of all varieties and types of Yoga.

The most popular course is the TTC (teacher training Course) which lasts 200 hours. These courses run regularly between 4 and 5 weeks, intensively. There are 6 to 8 hours of class a day, 6 days a week. There is no problem with what your level of Yoga is. It does not matter if you have been practicing for years and want to become a teacher, or if you have just started and want to enter fully doing this activity.

This is the perfect choice for you to learn anatomy, philosophy, meditation, breathing and everything that Yoga really is, which is much more than the postures that we are used to or that we have observed.

The initial cost of the simplest courses is around 1,000 dollars, increasing depending on the level, the duration and if you want it with or without accommodation. Of course there are courses in Spanish, but you will be able to access many other courses if you can take them in English.

This spiritual retreat to India will take you along the path of Yoga, which will mean a before and after in your life on a physical, mental and emotional level.

If you want to be sure, you can check the following information that will help you decide

Yoga is an activity for you if:

  • You want to improve your Yoga practice.
  • You intend to spend as little as possible and get certified.
  • You have no problem with dirt or misery.

On the other hand, yoga is not for you if:

  • You can’t sit still for 5 minutes straight.
  • You get overwhelmed by the crowds and the monkeys.

How to get to Rishikesh:

The best route you can take is to fly to New Delhi. Once there, you must take another plane to Dehradun, which is an hour from Rishikesh. Another option is that you can take the train that takes between 4 and 7 hours to arrive, and that would be a way to start relating to the Indian culture. If you are one of those people who does not like to mingle with the people of the town, you can take a taxi, for which you will have to haggle very well and if you get a cost of €70 you will have done very well. There is also the option of finding courses that include transport to the Ashram in their offer for those who like comfort.

Mazunte (Mexico) – Silent Retreat

If you don’t want to make such a long trip, we also find options on another continent and we go to Central America. Next to the Pacific Ocean, in a beautiful jungle, there is a spiritual place located in Mexico that is very special. This is the little town of Mazunte. If what you really want is to know yourself, there are very few things more effective than spending ten days without talking. They are called Vipassana retreats, and there are many Buddhist centers and monasteries around the world that offer them, they are free but they are very demanding.

There is another Silent retreat which is held in a school called Hridaya. In this retreat class, in addition to spending 7 hours a day meditating, you will practice Yoga and receive a spectacular teaching, based on multiple traditions, involving Sufism, Kashmir Shavinism, Yoga, Tantra, even Christianity or Judaism.

These are teachings in which you will learn that we are all the same and that our essence must be pure love. It also has very tasty food and at noon you can go swimming in the beautiful beaches with big waves of the Pacific Ocean.

The cost is quite affordable, the atmosphere of the place where the classes are taught is beautiful and greatly encourages spiritual growth and forming ties with your heart. The course is taught in English, but you do not need to speak English, not even Spanish, because you will be silent but understanding is highly recommended.

Doing an analysis about what you are looking for, a silent retreat is for you if:

  • If you have noticed that you are a person who does not stop talking, that you listen very little and want to improve that aspect of your personality.
  • You want to do a Silent retreat, but Vipassana makes you very apprehensive.
  • If you want to get inside yourself and see what’s in there.
  • It is an option if you are looking for places for Catholic spiritual retreats .

On the other hand, a silent retreat is not for you if:

  • You have oars for the bugs, because the school is in the middle of the jungle.
  • You need to eat meat every day as the menu is vegetarian.

How to get to Mazunte:

When you arrive in Mexico City, you can take a plane for less than 100 dollars to Huatulco and from there you have to take a taxi for around 15€. But you should ask the airport taxis for the price, but if you don’t have a lot of luggage and walk to the gas station that is 300 meters from the airport, you can take a taxi that will charge you only half.

Pedreguer (Alicante) – Buddhist Monastery

In this destination we return to Europe, on top of a hill that has a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. There is a giant monastery, in the town of Pedreguer, between the cities of Valencia and Alicante. And although we are talking about Spain and it seems unbelievable, it is a Buddhist monastery. Buddhism has become one of the most popular religions in the world and it is not a coincidence.

Its monasteries are open to anyone. Also, keep in mind that Buddhist meditation is one that most people practice. You are allowed to visit any monastery. In this one that we are recommending you in particular, they teach courses of many types, both on meditation and on the Buddhist path of spirituality.

This monastery is a very special place, but like this there are many more monasteries and Buddhist centers scattered throughout Spain.

The Buddhist spiritual retreat is for you if:

  • If you are in search of spiritual retreat centers in Spain.
  • You are interested in the way Buddhism sees the world.
  • You want to spend a little season dedicated to yourself, away from the world.

Instead, this type of withdrawal is not for you if:

  • If mantras get on your nerves.
  • The most you can spend with yourself is 5 minutes.

How to get to Pedreguer:

The closest city is Denia, which is almost the same distance from Alicante and Valencia. In a vehicle you can reach the same Buddhist center. But if you are going to use public transport, it is better to talk to the Buddhist center so they can arrange to be picked up in Denia or take a taxi from there.

Koh Phangan (Thailand) – Tantra

This time you have to take the eastern route. Towards an island where thousands of young people gather every month to dance under the full moon. This is the island of Koh Phangan, which also hides a conscious community. Koh Phangan is one of the most visited spiritual places in the world. It is a tropical island with clear waters and jungle everywhere, but it also has the largest number of offerings of spiritual growth courses and workshops per square kilometer in the entire world. Perhaps it only competes with Ubud in Bali.

Among the course offerings are Yoga, Chi kung, Rebirthing, martial arts, dances of all kinds and everything you can imagine and some other courses that you would not be able to imagine, you can find it there. At the AGAMA school they periodically offer workshops and courses in which you can start on the path of tantra and that will allow you to advance towards enlightenment, accompanied by your partner and enjoying conscious love.

Tantra is for you if:

  • You want to live in a conscious community.
  • You want to rediscover your sexuality.
  • You are interested in a spiritual path in which you can also have a great time.

But tantra is not for you if:

  • You have chosen the path of celibacy as spiritual growth.
  • You have something against people who chant mantras dressed in white.

How to get to Koh Phangan:

There are several options to get to this island. You can take a plane from Bangkok to Koh Samui and from there you can take a ferry. You can also fly to Surat Thani and from there a bus will take you to the ferry. There are also night train and bus services that you can hire in the capital. Once you are there, the best thing you can do is rent a motorbike, for about 100 bhat a day you can move around the island and reach Sri Thanu. If you don’t like riding a motorcycle, there are also little trucks that do the activity of taxis and take you anywhere on the island.

Útila (Honduras) – Free Diving

Back in America, but now we are going to the Honduran Caribbean. It is an island where they are bilingual, but you will not be able to understand anyone, the Spanish that is spoken there is incomprehensible and the English has a great pirate accent, because in that place there are many descendants of English buccaneers, so it is still it is more difficult to understand.

The island is full of young people from all over the world who go diving in the morning and drink beers in the afternoon. It is, without a doubt, the cheapest destination in the Caribbean to do the PADI certification courses. Among all the diving activity there is a natural oasis. The Free Diving school guarantees that with only 5 days of course you will be able to go down to 30 meters with a single breath and you will be able to hold up to 4 minutes underwater.

This sport is a mixture of meditation and yoga, because you are required to be very relaxed at all times. You will learn various techniques of Pranayama, the yogi technology to control the Prana or universal energy in your body.

It is a perfect sport to learn to break the limits. It is also the proof that many of the things we believe constitute barriers that we have imposed on ourselves and that with just a little will and correct methodology they can be broken without problems.

This diving activity is for you if:

  • You like to visit the bottom of the sea.
  • You want to learn to master your mind.
  • You feel like crossing a sunken ship at 23 meters with one breath.

On the other hand, diving will not be for you:

  • You suffer from claustrophobia.
  • You don’t even like to touch the bottom in the pool.

How to get to Utila:

You can take a plane from Tegucigalpa, Roatán or San Pedro Sula to the small airport on the island. You can also get to La Ceiba by bus and from there take a ferry.


spiritual retreat can be an experience that will change your life. Here we have only referred to five places, but there are many places to do spiritual retreats . For example, many people consider taking a spiritual journey to Peru to be almost mandatory. Certainly there is a huge attraction to travel to Cusco, since it is a place full of energy. The visit to Machu Picchu is also amazing.

Another destination that seems mandatory for spiritual journeys is Tibet. It is a place full of a special aura and where everyone appreciates how close people are. And furthermore, it is still the cradle of Buddhism.

Taking a vacation as a spiritual retreat to connect with yourself, learn and advance on your spiritual path is one of those good decisions you can make.

If you want to dedicate time to yourself, this is a good option. In these environments you will be in the company of other people who are doing the same path with you, this will make growth much faster. Pick a place you like, an activity you want to delve into, and go for it.

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